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  1. I always think the good thing about playing a team that has a great defense and average offense is that one great play could change the game. One interception, one fumble, or one long pass could be a big play in a low scoring game. In our first meaningful game, I wonder if we'll pull out some things we haven't seen yet. More creativity on offense, more things on defense to disrupt their offense. I'd love to see us try some new things against their defense. I don't see us being able to run the ball against them, so we'll need to outsmart them to put up very many points.
  2. I'm much more optimistic than most...if Penix plays. I know people haven't been happy with how we've played, but we haven't really played a meaningful game yet. MSU is our first one. SP+ is liking us so far, so hopefully they're on to something.
  3. I would think it would be soon. They mentioned during the game that he was the emergency 3rd string QB which is why he dressed. Can't imagine they would have put him in, but I would think if it was more long term that he wouldn't be out there dressing and listed as the 3rd stringer.
  4. I'm not sure why Tuttle hasn't gotten any time yet. This could be his last chance to get into a game this year unless there are injuries.
  5. Glad to see the defense finally make some noise. Got some pressure and forced a turnover. We need to get back to forcing turnovers like we did last year. That's only the 3rd one this year.
  6. Wisconsin up 28-0 now. I might wander over to a Michigan board for some fun Harbaugh bashing.
  7. I didn't see that, so thanks for the heads up! He didn't look terribly hobbled, so hopefully he'll be able to get back in this game.
  8. I always think of the year Sudefeld got hurt. He threw a deep one to a WR (Wynn?), and they just dropped it. Later that drive, Sudfeld goes down. At least Hale hopped up pretty quick, so hopefully just took a knee to the leg or something like that.
  9. If it wouldn't have been such a floater of a pass, we would have had a TD and a healthy Hale.
  10. I obviously want Penix back and at 100%, but there is part of me hoping we hold him out of this game. Give Tuttle a chance to throw 10+ passes, and let us run the ball 40+ times.
  11. I've been really disappointed with our offensive line. I expected the experienced group we have to be better, but they improved a lot as the season went on last year, so I'm hopeful we see a big jump from the beginning to the end of the year this year.
  12. I agree. Ramsey is fine. We know what we're getting, and a little extra time won't make much/any difference for him. Whether Penix can play or not, I want to see Tuttle in there for multiple series. I would like to see him in at some point before mop up duty though. Against EIU, he came in when we were way up and didn't get a chance to run much of the offense.
  13. At least it shouldn't require surgery. If it did, he probably would have gone under the knife already. These sound kind of promising.
  14. I'm not nearly as negative about him as you are. We're 3 games into what could still be a really good season. We've won the 2 games we should have won, and lost the one we should have lost. We haven't gotten to the games that will decide this season. He's done a lot to improve the program, just needs to make a bowl. There's still plenty of time in my opinion.
  15. It isn't like that happened under Allen. We have had the most pathetic results of anyone in the country for the last 30 years. We literally have the most losses in NCAA football history. I think the fact that we're upset about a blow out loss to one of the best teams in the country says a lot. For years, this loss wouldn't haven't been a blip on the radar. It would have just been expected.
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