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  1. A lot of people thought Clemson might be leading, but he cut them off his list.
  2. Tate Martell immediately eligible He transferred in January and is already eligible. Transferred due to lack of playing time and made up any little reason he could find to justify it. If Tuttle is ruled ineligible, it will blow my mind.
  3. They had last week off for spring break, so nothing lately. Hopefully more updates this week.
  4. I've been saying since our coaching search that Bennett's system isn't built for the tournament. This isn't a case of bad luck. It is a very clear trend at this point. 10-8 career record If he never lost to a lower seeded team, he "should" have been at least 20-8 0-3 against better seeded teams (average margin of defeat of 24.3 points) "Upset" in other 5 tournaments. All 5 losses to teams at least 3 seeds worse. Combined record as a 1 seed is 5-3 1-1 as a 2 seed 1-1 as a 3 seed
  5. I would love to see us get in, but I have to admit, there's part of me that doesn't want it to happen. First, I don't think we deserve it. I don't think 17-15 (8-12) and ending the season going 5-13 ever deserves to be in the tournament. For as big of a disappointment as this season was, I don't think our players and coaches deserve to make the big dance. Second, I always like seeing the some of the smaller conferences get teams in. I'd rather see a 26-5 Belmont team get in over a team that finished in the bottom half of a big conference. That doesn't just go for us, but for some of the other bubble teams too. Oklahoma, OSU, IU, to a lesser extent Florida. I'd much rather see VCU, Belmont, Lipscomb, UNC Greensboro over those teams. I can't change my way of thinking just because we happen to be in that group this year. I really don't think we'll make it though. IU team sheet Team sheets for all teams
  6. Got a little time to watch some of his highlights, and he seems like a good candidate for the husky position. Good instincts, quick enough to cover some guys, solid tackler. I really like this pickup. I think his ranking should go up, but now that he's committed to IU, nobody will ever go evaluate him again, so who knows.
  7. He made a very Wise choice!
  8. Practices have been going on for a few days, and here are some articles I've been able to find. Help add some articles here as you find them. I'm ready for football season to be here already! https://indiana.rivals.com/news/indiana-hoosiers-football-explosive-plays-emphasized-early https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/indiana/2019/03/06/iu-football-qb-peyton-ramsey-welcomes-competition-no-1- spot/3080837002/https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2019/3/5/football-nfl-networks-rhett-lewis-delivers-humble-hungry-hard-lesson.aspx
  9. I saw his tweet earlier and thought he could have committed. Then I saw it was just that he was in town for Junior Day haha.
  10. We offered Tiawan's younger brother yesterday. With Trayvon being a beast, and Tiawan looking like he's going to be a stud for us, I like that we're offering him early.
  11. I know you can never have too many QB's, but it kind of worries me that we're adding all these walk ons. If we have Ramsey, Penix, and Tuttle all available, how many more do we really need? A couple to run scout teams, but what more than that? I just hope it is for depth for the scout team and not because Ramsey is transferring, Penix might not be ready, or Tuttle might be ineligible. It just seems weird to have so many within a few days.
  12. I don't know how Wisconsin let him get to the rim, but finally!!!
  13. I don't know who sat on a horseshoe in overtime, but I hope they don't poop it out...nevermind.
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