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  1. There's a grand canyon between the top 5 and bottom 5 on our schedule this year. I just want 1 of the top 5 this year.
  2. I do like that we have 5 chances to knock off a really good team this year. Hopefully we can at least get 1.
  3. What type of breakthrough is he looking for? I'm sure 8 wins wasn’t as much as he wanted, but for most of the fan base that was a pretty big breakthrough.
  4. I think the Wellman hire is big time, but I can't state how much I love the Cam Josse hire. That dude is an absolute beast. He seems kind of like the Rhea of the Ballou/Rhea combo with Wellman being the Ballou. I strongly recommend people check him out if they haven't. Dude has the smarts and scientific approach of Rhea, and can still explain things in their simplest form. I think the Wellman/Josse combo is going to do great things. Edit: some of our other "athletic performance" coaches are excellent too.
  5. I Googled "Purdue scouting report" and this was all I got.
  6. Our schedule is average difficulty. Someone explain to me how Rutgers has a brutal schedule and ours is average. We literally have almost the same schedule except we play @Minnesota and they get Nebraska at home. I guess the author just expects us to be so good we take Rutgers' schedule from average to brutal. Or he just sucks at his job lol.
  7. I get your point, but I don’t agree that you can pick out one game and predict a season's outcome from it. The same could have been said about MSU last year. This year even more, but upsets happen. I mean, look at Purdue's record against OSU lately. Purdue has the longest unranked streak of any Power 5 team (had to get that dig in!), and they have beaten OSU quite a few times lately.
  8. I used to think Hoeppner was our perfect coach, but I think Allen takes everything he did up a notch. I think Hoeppner was going to be the best coach we've had in my lifetime, but Allen is the absolute perfect fit here. I think his biggest thing, which you mentioned, is that he is humble. He's always looking in the mirror at things he can do to improve. That's pretty rare in the egomaniacs club known as college football. So many things I appreciate about him. Remember before last year when some people questioned how good he was and complained that we didn't do a search for a head coach? I think he's shown why a search wasn't needed.
  9. The Michigan game might almost be the reverse of that though.
  10. That's what I was wondering. As long as we take care of business against MSU like we should, I think it is an advantage. Now, if we lose to MSU I'll be pissed and complain that the game got moved, but I think we take care of them this year wherever the game is played.
  11. I think to beat OSU we'd need a lot of breaks, but I don't put Wisconsin in their category. I don’t know how to put it without sounding inappropriate, but once Penix starts punching people in the mouth, all bets are off. He can take us from needing a lot of breaks to not needing many/any breaks.
  12. We have a really solid team all around and the best depth I can remember. I really think Penix is going to be what pushes us over the top. I do think Wisconsin will be our 2nd toughest game, but if we can get a couple early stops and put up some early points, we'll have a shot. I don’t like our odds coming from behind.
  13. I didn't realize until now that the location of the Mich and MSU games flipped. We're now going to MSU, and hosting Michigan.
  14. Preach! We return almost everybody from an 8 win team that a lot of advanced metrics placed in the top 25 last year. If we don't beat at least one of OSU, PSU, Mich, Wis, and Minn, I'll be a little disappointed. We should be able to hang with at least 3 of those teams.
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