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  1. I watched Designated Survivor this winter. I loved season 1 and enjoyed season 2, but I thought season 3 was awful. Way too much politics for me. I couldn't even make it through it. Just didn't care about the whole election thing they went for that season. Some Netflix shows I've watched lately that have been good were Stranger Things, You, and Money Heist. I wasn't sure what to expect from Money Heist since it is in Spanish and dubbed over in English, but I thought it was awesome. I got used to it quickly, and barely even noticed their mouths didn't match up with the words. Season 4 comes out April 3rd.
  2. I thought Ball did a pretty good job blitzing last year. There were a few times I think he was too excited and missed some opportunities for sacks, but he seemed to get into the backfield pretty well at times.
  3. I saw he was looking to get up to either 280, or over 280. Can't remember which I read. I wondered that too when I read he expected to play at DT. From watching highlights, it seemed like a LB usually lined up outside of him, so he was almost playing like a DT in a 4-3 even though he was technically an end in a 3-4. Wouldn't be surprised to see him move around a bit. Hopefully Peoples will be able to get more of a pass rush out of the whole line. I think he emphasizes it more than what Hagen did. Head and Bryant have shown some potential. Like you said, Robbins and Murphy were good recruits. I'd love to see Norris get some time too. I would think at this point he has to be getting close to the point where he can physically compete. Outside of those guys, we have pretty good depth that can come in and hopefully help out. I'd like to see us get some better pressure with blitzes too. It seemed like we didn't do a great job utilizing blitzes. We had a few times the blitzer would get to the QB, but I would like to see us send more blitzes to occupy blockers to give our DL less bodies to deal with. I think we have the DBs to press guys so the QB doesn't have an easy out.
  4. That's what I'm thinking too. Unfortunately without having spring practice, he won't have as much of a boost as he could have had, but I agree that he has a really good chance to play a lot this fall.
  5. I saw where Swann is expected to play at DT here. He played end a lot for Stanford, but they ran a lot of 3-4. A combo of Swann and Johnson at DT could be a really good combo, and they can both get to the passer. Throw in Elliot who has been solid and Sio who was looking good last year, and we will have a excellent 4 man rotation at DT. I'm hoping they stay healthy to allow Damajhe Lewis to redshirt, but I think he might be too talented to keep off the field.
  6. Before last season, he was the highest rated defensive player in the PlayStation Player Impact Rating. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=27434833 https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/page/PSimpactrating0819/introducing-new-way-rate-college-football-players
  7. Nice! I figured it had only been a matter of time for him, so glad to hear he's officially pulled the trigger. He had 5.5 sacks last year, and 4.5 the year before. Both of those numbers would have led our team for that year, so hopefully he can help with our pass rush.
  8. No idea. I don't have any info on any of the guys we're recruiting. We took a ton of OL this year, so I would guess that won't be a big focus. I think we'll put a big emphasis on defense. We also could use some TE depth with the uncertainty around Hendershot and losing our incoming TE (grades I think?). I'm guessing we'll have a really good shot at getting Steinfeldt at TE? Otherwise, I don't know on anybody.
  9. They're not WR, you guys even after them
  10. I think especially for Allen. Come in with Penix and Tuttle as seniors, redshirt as a freshman, and have the chance to battle with Williams to start as a RS freshman. Same idea for McCulley, but as a RS sophomore, so still really good timing for him too.
  11. I took a couple years of Spanish in high school, but never got past that. If you spoke Russian, I'd expect your life to be like Teddy KGB from Rounders. Check, check, check.
  12. Anybody know what our chances are here? Would be a huge commitment if we end up getting him.
  13. Anybody here speak more than one language? I've been thinking about trying to learn another language for fun, just curious if anybody else has done that and what your experience was.
  14. With the markets being up today, I would be surprised if it got finalized today. I'm guessing tomorrow it will get finalized to try to boost the markets up again. Unemployment numbers come out Thursday, and they're going to be ugly. Markets will probably take a hit that day, so they'll probably release the package tomorrow to give markets a head start for Thursday. Just my guesses.
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