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  1. We were supposed to have 2 DE visit next week. One cancelled his visit, and the other one committed to another school this weekend. That makes it seem like Mayala told the staff on his visit, and the staff told the other two guys they don't have an offer anymore.
  2. The biggest positive for me was that we shot the ball with confidence today. You could see that all of our players thought every shot was going in. Glad to see us hit close to 50%. I didn't even mind Hunter's falling sideways 3 off the side of the backboard. It was one of the ugliest shots you'll ever see, but I think sometimes we are too hesitant and don't shoot with any confidence. Hopefully we keep playing loose and shoot like this moving forward. I thought the coaching was pretty good. I've been pretty critical, but not many issues after today. I wish we would have gone inside more in the 1st half. I think we were scared of Smith and let that keep us from taking it inside. We adjusted well to that. My only major issue was the Hunter turnover against the press. No reason to have a lineup of Rob, Green, Hunter, Smith, and TJD in the game when we know they are probably going to press. On top of that, we had Rob take the ball out, so of our 4 guys on the court, only 1 of them has much experience with the ball in their hands. Would have like to see either Al or Franklin in instead of Hunter. At a minimum, have Hunter take it out and get it to Rob or Green and let them break the press.
  3. I agree. I don't see any way the math can work unless somebody was taking a cut of it.
  4. It breaks down to $14794.52 per day. Even if you counted scholarship players, walk ons, coaches, trainers, managers, and everyone else, that is a crazy high amount of money. Let's say this was for 200 people, that is $74 per person per day. Even if there were 1000 people to feed, that would be just under $15 per person per day. Something seems fishy about spending that much money on groceries.
  5. Defensive end visiting this weekend. We were going to have Corbet Mims visit next weekend, but 247 shows that he is no longer visiting. Good sign for us getting Mayala? He would definitely be a guy who would need a year or two in the weight room before seeing the field, but he appears to have good athleticism. Kind of similar to Madison Norris. Probably not as much speed, but skinny, athletic defensive end with a lot of potential. Player profile Hudl highlights
  6. I love that we return so much on both sides of the ball, and not just on one side. Really only have to replace 4 or 5 major players and a few role players from last year. Cronk (Bedford), Stepaniak (Powell), Littlejohn (Crider), Hale & Westbrook (Whop, Ellis, Marshall, Williams, Brown, etc.), Jones (Miller), Justus (Campbell). The only thing I see is possibly a slight drop on the OL and at LB. I think with Miller, McFadden, Cam Jones, Allen, Bonhomme, and Cam Williams, we should be fairly solid at LB. I think our starters on the OL will be good, but I worry about our depth. In a year or two I think we'll have great depth there, but not sure if we will for this year.
  7. Everybody knows Purdue is going to win the West.
  8. With him going to Iowa, this sure looks like a case of him wanting to play tackle, and us not having a spot for him. Not that Bedford and Jones are necessarily better than Cronk, but it would be tough to take one of those guys who knew they'd be starters next year, and move them to the bench. I would guess, like most have, that we wanted to move him to guard, but he wants to stay at tackle. At Iowa, he'll be replacing a likely top 10 pick, so if he can show there isn't much drop off from Wirfs to him, that could be a big boost for his draft stock. I'm sure he had a lot of options, so since he went to a school we don't play next year, I definitely don't have any ill will towards him. Hopefully he kicks butt next year and gets drafted.
  9. I would love to have him back as a grad assistant, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him be a grad assistant for Fresno State if he does indeed go there. Tough to pass up the opportunity to work under a top offensive and coaching mind. I would imagine DeBoer would welcome him on as a grad assistant after next year.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I've been as negative as anybody about this team and Miller, but it is more an indictment about where Nebraska is. I just don't think they are at all good. If we were to play today's game 10 times, I think we should win 8 or 9. For whatever reason, this just has a feeling for me like it is going to be a game we play well.
  11. Yes, but I think that was more of an anomaly than an expectation. There was no way that game should have been that close.
  12. Finally got some time to look into this, and it sounds like it is a really good hire. I thought safety improvement the last couple years was lacking, so hopefully some new blood in there can really help. We need a better pass rush to help our safeties, but we also need our safeties to cover better to help our pass rush. Hopefully Jones can help our safeties get rid of some of the big plays they gave up last year. In 2014, Jones was the National DB coach of the year along with Dave Wommack. That year, the Ole Miss defense allowed only 8 touchdown passes and had 19 interceptions. Jones was also at FAU this year, so hopefully he can help our Florida recruiting even more. We need to get back to getting 7+ guys from Florida like we were doing before this year. I would think with the added Florida connections, 8 wins, and a good showing in a Florida bowl, we could have another really good year recruiting Florida in the 2021 class.
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