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  1. Hopefully the pelican that ate it didn't mind. I didn't trust that fish haha.
  2. Here's my garden progress. Plants aren't as big as I usually like them, but I don't think it will make much difference in the long run. Everything in there was started from seed except a few peppers, one tomato, one tomatillo, and the onions.
  3. Top 10 most improved defense and offense last year.
  4. I took a trip to the Mississippi coast a couple years ago and caught this thing. I thought it was going to fly away.
  5. I also had oregano come up from last year's plant that went to seed. It was a huge bunch of oregano, so I cut it off and I'm going to try drying it.
  6. We finally got dry enough that I could get my garden planted. Still kind of clumpy when I tilled it today, but we had a chance of rain so I had to get them in. My tomatoes are looking rough from the inside and outside of hardening them off for about a month, but they're starting to come out of it. I was too tired to think about taking a picture, but I will take one tomorrow. I got a ton of things planted. If you picked a random vegetable from a list, there's a good chance I planted it haha.
  7. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I looking into getting something to be able to make coffee if I ever need to. I came across the Aeropress. Seemed like an interesting concept.
  8. I grew up surrounded by woods, so I have always loved to camp. Same with fishing, but I never got into hunting. I've taken close to 10 trips to the Quetico with my dad to go camping and fishing. Such a gorgeous place with some amazing fishing.
  9. It looked awesome in the bowl game. If we can play at that level or better this year, we could be a top 25 defense this year (and maybe even better next year). My biggest issue with last year's defense is that we didn't have many big takeaways. I think that's what we need to beat OSU, Mich, Wis, and PSU. We likely aren't going to routinely force those teams to punt and kick field goals. We need to get some pressure on the QB, cause forced throws, and create big plays.
  10. I would not have guessed we'd be top 10 on this list.
  11. I just watched the 1st half of one of their games (this one), and Taylor was only sent out on a route once. It was on a 2 point conversion at the end of the half, he faked a block and was wide open, but the QB sailed it over his head. The rest of his time in, he blocked every play. As for his blocking, it was a little hit or miss. He seemed a little rough blocking in space, but when he had a guy lined up across from him, he was really solid. I wonder what they're planning for him weight wise. Leave him at 270, bulk up to almost be a 6th OL, or slim down a bit to be a little quicker. I will say, for being 270, he didn't look heavy at all. A lot of that 270 looked like muscle.
  12. There was some talk about him starting with this post. It wasn't on the recruiting board (I blame @Seeking6 lol). Another thing I like about this signing is that he's a 1 year guy. We don't have many available scholarships for this coming class, so this won't hurt our recruiting for next year. Since we had the scholarship available for this fall, might as well use it on somebody.
  13. I do an experiment in my chemistry classes where I have them bring in their favorite drink besides water and we go over how much sugar is in each drink. I have a few bags of sugar, and make the kids weigh out how much sugar is in their drink. In a 12 oz can of Pepsi, there are 39 grams. If you've never seen how much sugar it takes to get 39 grams, try it sometime. A 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew has over 1/2 pound of sugar in it. It's fascinating/scary how much sugar is actually in drinks. I also gave up pop about 6 years ago. I didn't really lose any weight, but I feel so much healthier since I did it. It would be interesting if there is any connection between sugar and severity of Covid-19. Some people consume insane amounts of sugar.
  14. Here is a really good article about Evans. It is written by someone in New Zealand, so some of their descriptions of American football is a little funny. He says he is a punter and kickoff specialist. He also finished high school last year, so he'll be a couple years older than most freshmen. Somewhat similar to Whitehead. He's enrolling in January, so with the couple extra years and a spring of practice, he should hopefully be ready to replace Whitehead next fall. There are also a couple videos in the article. First time I've seen any videos of him punting. Seems like he really focuses on the technique and not just hitting the biggest punts possible. I'm assuming at the Prokick Academy they get pretty good fundamentals.
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