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  1. Wisconsin's backup also tested positive.
  2. I can't stand OSU, but I can't ever root for PSU. Go OSU...I'm going to go vomit. Also, if PSU loses, we'll hopefully have a 2 game lead on them in the East. I would love a top 3 finish.
  3. The rural area where I live, people are just being stupid. There's a pretty chance our school will have to go remote soon because of a school near us being dumbasses.
  4. Thanks for letting me know who not to pick
  5. I know I might end up looking stupid on Saturday, but I just think we match up really well against Rutgers. Our run defense was solid outside of Clifford scrambling. The rest of the team (taking out the TD we let them have) had 117 yards on 34 rushes for an average of 3.4 yards. Where we can get in trouble on defense is against a solid OL who can open up some holes and give the QB a lot of time for receivers to get open. We're athletic enough and our DB's are good enough that it is tough for individual receivers to beat us without having a lot of time to get open. Vedral can run a little,
  6. I was dying Saturday when Millen kept going on about that.
  7. Right! After an early touchdown, Nebraska got outscored 52-10. Sounds like a great team to me 🙄 They also got hosed on their crossover games. @OSU, and PSU at home. I love it.
  8. I think people are getting thrown off by just focusing on the pylon and out of bounds. I have heard numerous people say it hit out of bounds before it hit the pylon. Well, yeah, but that has nothing to do with it. I think the view looking straight down the line at a little elevation shows that the nose crossed the line before the ball hit.
  9. I will say, no matter what happens Saturday, I look forward to Rutgers moving ahead of MSU and Maryland and being competitive again. I don't have any issue with them. MSU has had clear issues, and after how Maryland handled the death of their offensive lineman a few years ago, they're getting what they deserve. Add to that the issues Locksley has had in his past, and they're in that bottom tier of respect for me. Looking forward to seeing Schiano get it going again.
  10. We were favored by 27.5 last year against Rutgers.
  11. Not really surprised by that line. Rutgers is going to be a lot better this year, but they don't have the players yet. If we can keep it to 0 or 1 turnovers, we should be alright. MSU didn't protect the ball at all. I could see the over happening, but only if we cover. I don't think they have the offense to score much if our defense plays like we did yesterday. For it to be close, I think it will have to be a low scoring game. Rutgers had 5 three and outs yesterday. Get a lead, force Vedral to make plays, and take advantage of him trying to force the ball.
  12. I'll be rooting for OSU because I can't stand PSU, but a PSU win might mean that our game against Michigan is for 1st place in the East.
  13. My team is finally playing like I envisioned coming into the year. DJ Moore and AJ Brown are having big games, Golladay played well, Bernard had a big game. Keanu Neal had 11 tackles and a sack. On pace for 205 which would be my biggest week by about 50 points.
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