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  1. I actually checked the forum after mine posted to make sure you didn't post it while I was putting this together haha. Hopefully he commits soon and gets it over with!
  2. Wiltfong gave us a crystal ball pick with a confidence level of 7 today. Currently 78th overall in the 2023 class.
  3. Wild start. Matsuyama needs to at least birdie 2 to get himself going.
  4. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/playerrankings/_/position/inside-linebacker/class/2022/view/position
  5. That crap drives me nuts. If it isn't caught live and on review it isn't blatantly obvious that someone gained or tried to gain an advantage, play on.
  6. One thing that is sometimes annoying about golf is the black and white rules. Sometimes it is great to not allow room for interpretation, but man, this would suck. He had no intention of doing anything wrong, and what he did didn't help him at all. He should have been more careful, but I hate seeing a guy fighting for the cut penalized for something only because a camera happened to be zoomed into his ball. If you can't see it from a full speed, non-zoomed in shot, does it really matter? https://golf.com/instruction/bunker-shots/abe-ancer-penalty-2021-masters-picture/
  7. Really happy to hear some reports on Evans. Couldn't find any videos of him, so he's been a complete unknown. I love hearing all the people talking about how big his leg is. I loved Whitehead as much as anybody, but he usually wasn't one to boom one. Get him at midfield and he was probably the best punter in college. Wasn't really one to flip the field though. I'd love Evans to get to the point where he can somewhat consistently hit 50+ yarders, but I'm sure there will be ups and downs in year 1.
  8. I do them every once in a while. I actually have that exact jar. I traded up for a tiered setup that allows more varieties to be grown at once. I would highly recommend it if you get more into doing different kinds of sprouts. It is really fun to try different varieties and be able to mix them together.
  9. I had been wondering about him. Glad to hear he's looking good. I could see him having a role in the next year or two.
  10. I was thinking the average last frost day was around the 25th, but I could be wrong. I usually shoot for having things ready around April 20th. That way if the extended forecast looks good, I can start transplanting. If not, I can usually keep them in for another couple weeks and be alright. I think I was about a week late on getting my seeds started this year. I don't think they'll be ready by the 20th, but by the end of the month, mine should be ready to go. Last year was rough. I started to set my pots outside for a few hours in mid April, and then things got cold and I had to br
  11. I'm going to throw some seeds in the ground in the next couple days. Might get lucky and stay warm enough to get them to grow. A couple seeds are really cheap, so only out a few cents if it doesn't work. If it does work, I won't have to worry about transplanting as many things.
  12. The seedlings are coming along well! Might try to get them in their larger pots in the next week or two.
  13. Didn't know that. Looked it up, and it apparently has to do with some disease they're an intermediary for. They can get it and easily transmit it to white pines.
  14. It took me a minute, but I made it through your igpa atinla! Arigato!
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