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  1. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts while I've been walking my dog lately, and one I heard a couple days ago was talking about mindset. It said changing a couple words can make a huge difference. Instead of saying you can't have something, say you don't have something. I never thought about it, but it makes so much sense. About 7 years ago I gave up pop for new years because a few of my students did it and they wanted me to join them. At first it was, "I can't have pop," and it was really tough. I haven't had one since, and now "I don't have pop," and I don't even think about it. Instead of "I can eat healthy," change it to "I do eat healthy." I'm in the same boat as you, so this coming weekend, I'm going to go through my kitchen and getting rid of anything unhealthy. Also going to try to plan my meals. A lot of my family has struggled with obesity and unhealthy eating over the years, so it is something that is really tough for me to kick.
  2. I thought we were just going by percentage. I'm killing it!
  3. In my dynasty league, we're individual defense, and Tee Higgins now has as many defensive points for me as Darius Leonard. Can all of you Colts fans tell Leonard to start making some plays?
  4. That one on Fryfogle to start the 2nd half was inexcusable. Right in front of a ref. That crew yesterday was just bad in general. They let so much go and missed so many calls.
  5. I don't think teams get targeted specifically, I just think there is a major bias towards higher ranked teams. In yesterday's game, there were 3 in play penalties. The McFadden and Allen hits on the QB, and a Cincinnati defensive holding. Everything else was before or after the play. I'm sorry, but you can't tell me that in around 150 plays, there wasn't a single offensive holding on either team, or defensive pass interference (our 1st drive of the 2nd half there was a blatant one on 3rd down). On the one play, Allen is literally grabbed and thrown to the ground during the play, no holding. Then the guy dives into him helmet to helmet while he's laying on the ground, no replay. I think calls on the field are usually more incompetence and bias than corruption, even if they do favor higher ranked teams usually. Calls from the booth however, I have zero confidence those aren't corrupt.
  6. It seems to be getting a lot of talk the first few weeks this year, so hopefully a change is coming in the offseason.
  7. I am so tired of these targeting calls. The guy was going to reach out for the endzone, so he dove at him. It's targeting by the rule, but it is such a garbage rule. It should only be an ejection if you really light somebody up. Here's an example of what a targeting ejection should look like.
  8. And we definitely have the talent to win more than 6 games this year, but our schedule is brutal. We play 4 teams currently in the top 10. Plus @ Michigan, and MSU will be ranked next week. At this point, I'd be happy with 6 wins.
  9. I said before the season, I think the most important thing for this year is to avoid the blow up year. 6 wins isn't what we all want, but anything that gets us to a bowl will keep at least a decent amount of the momentum going.
  10. I do wonder how long they stick with Penix if he can't shake the rust. I expected him to have some rust, but I didn't think he'd look like a Ford Pinto that has been sitting vacant in the backwoods of Kentucky for the last 40 years.
  11. We definitely did a lot of good things today. Unfortunately we just shot ourselves in the foot at all the wrong times.
  12. You could tell we changed mentally when McFadden went out.
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