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  1. If I was a decent QB, I'd have a hard time going to one of the top tier programs. Even if you're elite, the timing not work out right for you and you might get stuck behind an elite guy a year ahead of you. Or they might bring in the next Peyton Manning in the next class. Going to a mid to low Power 5 school or even lower, there's a good chance that you'll be the man. The QB spot is unique because for a lot of teams, there's only 1 guy a year who gets significant playing time. If you're the backup, you might not even touch the field. Other positions, you can either be moved around or get a lot of playing time as a backup and still get a lot of playing time. I think that shows up looking at this year's draft class. The first site I chose has top the QBs from USC, Washington, Oklahoma, UCLA, Louisville, Oklahoma State, Washington State, Richmond, Marshall, Western Kentucky, Florida International, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Virginia, Toledo, etc. There are a couple top programs in there, but for the most part, they are guys from lesser programs. It gives me hope that Allen will be able to bring in a high 4 or even 5 star QB sometime in the next few years. Even if he keeps getting good grad transfers or a transfer like Johnson I'd be stoked. So far recruits have been buying what he's been selling, so I think the QB spot is his best chance to make a splash.
  2. Leathernecks

    2018 Indianapolis 500

    I've never been, but on a slightly related note, a friend of mine and former baseball coach of mine ran the Indy Mini half marathon recently. I saw a picture of Facebook of him kissing the bricks and all that fun stuff. Check a couple days later, and find out he had a massive heart attack half way through the race. Just happened to be lucky enough to be running next to a nurse who administered CPR and saved his life. Had to have double bypass surgery earlier this week. I'm not in the Indy area, but I've seen a handful of newspaper articles and newscasts from the Indy area that he's been able to post to his Facebook. Quite an inspirational story, and such a good guy. I'm usually not a big fan of watching it, but I'll definitely turn it on for a while to see if the guardian angels are still on turn 1.
  3. Leathernecks

    What do you hear ?

    Thanks! I used this one so you can slide the bar to change it a little bit. It's a fun one to mess with. The arguments that ensued were pretty fun.
  4. Leathernecks

    What do you hear ?

    Laurel. I played it for one of my classes and they were pretty split on it.
  5. Leathernecks

    MLB discussion

    It's too bad Pollock can't stay healthy. He's one of the better players in baseball when he's healthy. Arizona has been struggling lately too, so I could see them falling back a bit. As bad as the Dodgers have played, they're still only 8 games back, so they could still make a run at it if they start playing better.
  6. Leathernecks

    MLB discussion

    Wild play just happened in the Cubs and Braves game. Freeman stole second, ball kicked off his leg into left. Went to 3rd and got sent home. Schwarber's throw is caught by Contreras as Freeman is basically stepping on his glove. I think if Contreras isn't there to catch it, Freeman probably steps on the ball as it's going by. I'll post the video when I find one, but kind of a crazy play all around.
  7. Leathernecks

    MLB discussion

  8. Leathernecks


    I think 2 things will be huge this year compared to last year. Our new strength and conditioning program is going to pay massive dividends. Sounds like an immense upgrade compared to what we had before and should help keep us fresh later in games. It should help with the strength of our offensive line too. I also remember seeing that some of Ballou's specialties are in speed and injury prevention. Having another year with a head coach who cares about special teams should be a big help. Wilson couldn't care less about special teams, and it will take some time to fully get past that. Overall they weren't bad last year except for a couple games where they were disastrous (damn you Maryland!). We now have Inge as a Special Teams Coordinator, so that area should only improve. I wasn't sure if we should expect a drop off with Oakes graduating, but check out this video of our new kicker. Even without a rush, that's pretty impressive. https://twitter.com/chuck_campbell3/status/986341552892141569
  9. Leathernecks

    MLB discussion

    I think the bidding for Machado, Harper, and Kershaw this offseason is going to get crazy. I don't think teams will be able to slow play it as much as they did this offseason.
  10. Leathernecks

    MLB discussion

    Would be the first time since 1976. http://www.latimes.com/sports/dodgers/la-sp-dodgers-reds-20180512-story.html
  11. Leathernecks

    MLB discussion

    The Dodgers have lost 3 in a row, 6 of their last 7, and 13 of their last 18. Teams played during that stretch: Miami, SF, Arizona, SD, and Cincinnati. Only Arizona is over .500, and Miami, SD, and Cinci aren't even close to .500. Rough stretch for the Dodgers.
  12. Leathernecks

    Nick Tronti Transferring

    It's nice to feel good about our depth at QB for once!
  13. Leathernecks

    Nick Tronti Transferring

    The way I see it going this year is Dawkins starting, Ramsey being backup, and Penix redshirting. If it plays out like that, they might both think they've got an edge going into the offseason. I could see them both fighting it out in 2 years and either Penix transferring or Ramsey using his grad transfer after his RS Junior year.
  14. Leathernecks

    MLB discussion

    Here's why Harvey will never be dominant again. Not a good trend.
  15. Leathernecks

    Morgan declares for NBA draft

    This dude would posterize Travis Henry.