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  1. Leathernecks

    New OC possibilities

    One thing would be certain. Whoever followed Ronald would have some big shoes to fill!
  2. Leathernecks

    New OC possibilities

    I wouldn't be a big fan of it either. It's just too much of an unknown. Could be great, but could be terrible. I love what Hart has done as the RB coach, but who knows if that will translate into being a good OC. I've heard some names I'd like a lot less than Hart though. My perfect scenario would be to hire a good OC from outside the program and have them mentor Hart for 2 years. Hopefully by that point we'll be playing well enough that the OC will move on to bigger and better things and we can promote Hart to OC.
  3. Leathernecks

    Jack Tuttle Press Conference

    It wasn't until late April when Patterson for Michigan was declared eligible, so I'm thinking we might have to wait a while. This is the only news I've heard from sources so far.
  4. One worry I have with Archie's system is that sometimes he seems to put an emphasis on defense at the detriment of the offense. He almost seems the opposite of Kevin Wilson. Wilson didn't care about defense and thought the offense could win 49-47 while I feel like Archie thinks we can win 20-18. McRoberts is the perfect example of this. I looked up some stats, and I was blown away by how inept he's been on offense. I knew it was bad, but wow. He's played 204 minutes in 12 games, and has taken 11 shots for a total of 11 points. That is just over 2 points per 40 minutes. In conference play, he's played 111 minutes, and is 0-4 with no points. Barely better than Fitzner's 2-16 for 5 points. McRoberts has yet to shoot a free throw this year. I love all that he does for the team, and I wish his effort would rub off on some other players, but I don't get why he's averaging close to 20 minutes per game. He has a role, but more as a 5 minute guy, not a 20 minute guy.
  5. Leathernecks

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Here are my 3 biggest questions/concerns after tonight's game. Not freaking out about Archie or anything like that, but I'd love an answer to these 3 questions. End of first half. Romeo makes 2 free throws with 14 seconds left. We have McRoberts and Fitzner in the game for their last possession. McRoberts picks up their best player 30 feet from the basket and gets burnt, Fitzner is way to slow to help and gives up an easy dunk to put them back up by 9 and give them momentum going into halftime. Why were those two in the game, and why was McRoberts on their best player? Why didn't Moore get more playing time? He isn't perfect and can make some mistakes on defense, but he had 5 points and 3 rebounds in 5 minutes and gave us a spark. Also drew 2 fouls. Why doesn't he get a chance? After we didn't hustle back and gave up an easy rebound dunk when Archie was screaming at the guys on the floor, did anybody get taken out? I honestly don't know, and I deleted that crap so I can't go back and check. I know Smith didn't hustle, Romeo got to the 3 point line and stopped and let guys run by him. The under 12 timeout came shortly after that. Did any of the non hustlers get taken out?
  6. Leathernecks

    New OC possibilities

    I don't think he wanted to wait 20 years.
  7. Leathernecks

    New OC possibilities

    I'm surprised it has taken this long and we still haven't heard anything. I don't know if that's a good or bad sign, just thought it would have happened by now.
  8. Leathernecks

    New OC possibilities

    I don't have any issue with wanting to keep our assistants when talking to Canada. He would have only been here for a year or two max. No need to gut the whole offensive staff for a guy who is just going to kick us to the curb at the first opportunity.
  9. Leathernecks

    DaQuon Green

    Wow. That was unexpected.
  10. Leathernecks

    New OC possibilities

    Rod Carey, the Northern Illinois head coach appears to be leaving for Temple. A lot of people think Canada could be a front runner for being the next NIU head coach.
  11. Leathernecks

    New OC possibilities

    I would be fine with Canada. He wouldn't be my first choice, but he'd be a definite upgrade over DeBord. The recruiting dead period goes thru January 10th, and with the AFCA conference getting over, I would guess we'll hear by the end of the week. Recruiting offensive guys would be tough without an OC, so I'm guessing we'll want to get that done soon.
  12. Leathernecks

    DaQuon Green

    I haven't heard anything. Classes started yesterday, so I would imagine we'll know really soon.
  13. Leathernecks

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    And they Cody Parkey the extra point.
  14. Leathernecks

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    I've wonder about that too. Hurts did it in the SEC Championship game.
  15. Leathernecks

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    Wow. Almost turning into a blowout. It's Alabama though, so I wouldn't ever put anything past them.