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  1. PPG is a gateway stat. Next thing you know, you'll be quoting points per possession. From there, we might as well sign you up for rehab.
  2. You better watch out. You go a little bit further, and you're getting into the analytical side of things.
  3. From the little bit I was just reading, I guess there were a ton of people holding short positions expecting the price to go down. On a subreddit that has a lot of day traders, everyone started talking about buying when someone on Twitter posted about the stock going down to $20. There were enough people on that subreddit that once they started buying, the price started going up and all the short sellers panicked. They couldn't get rid of their shares fast enough, so it got where everybody was trying to buy. People who wanted to get in on the momentum, short sellers trying to close their p
  4. A company like NVIDIA would be a decent option. They're not solely dependent on 5G, and they've been a solid stock for a couple years, so they're a fairly safe play. Qualcomm would probably be a good option too. Not sure what is out there if you're looking for smaller companies that might hit it big.
  5. Can't imagine it stays at these levels for long. It will be interesting to see what happens as the news grows about trading the last week. In 2 and a half hours today, it went from $89 up to $159, back down to to $61, then back up to $84. Insane movement.
  6. Touched $100 this morning. Really like how this stock has been doing for me, and really like where it is headed. Up about 75% in 6 months. Also got into Livent (LTHM) that is a lithium company. I think they have a lot of potential with the increase demand in EVs. They have a deal with Tesla for an increase in battery production for 2021, so I think they have a pretty good floor.
  7. I'm a firm believer that a coach has a big hand in a team's motivation. There's a reason we have had very few poor showings from our football team. Those kids will do anything for Allen, and we come to play every game. The lack of consistent effort and motivation of our basketball team is really startling. The inconsistency happening for 3.5 straight years screams major troubles to me.
  8. Tennessee fans better hope not. That would be a terrible hire.
  9. Making the playoffs 3 times in Detroit should get someone into the Hall of Fame.
  10. I sacrificed one of my future children to the football gods in overtime of the PSU game. Well worth it!
  11. I've been saying for a while that he's the #1 recruit I want for next year. Having a stud guard would be huge. He'd be our highest ranked OL by a lot. On 247 he'd be our 9th best recruit in their rankings history. Cronk is our highest OL at 18th best. I'd love to hear if anybody has any insight too. Really interested to know what our chances are here.
  12. Maybe they'll ban themselves from any CFP or NY6 game for next 10 years to save themselves the embarrassment in advance.
  13. I remember hearing about him a while back, but it seems like there hasn't been anything about him lately. I kind of figured that meant we were out of it, but I looked into it a bit, and it looks like he just has a quiet recruitment. Hardly ever tweets. He did have one about being open to playing WR or CB in college. No new crystal ball info on him either.
  14. To regularly compete with OSU, I would agree, but I think we can compete with anybody else in the B1G with the top of our class having guys around 200 nationally, and only a couple guys outside the top 1000. And when I say compete with OSU, I mean regularly line up and go toe to toe. Have a game we win, or one that the lead goes back and forth. Have that happen almost yearly. I think our coaches are good enough that we can find and coach up our talent to compete with everybody else, but OSU just has so much talent. I would love to get recruits like Curry and start to move closer to compet
  15. Hopefully the year off helped Ball get his head back into things. As a freshman, I thought he would be a guy who might leave early for the draft, but I was pretty disappointed in his play last year. He went from 75 tackles as a freshman, to only 45 as a junior. Made a couple dumb penalties last year too. Hopefully he's ready to prove himself in his senior year. I will say, he was really good at getting to the QB on blitzes. He had a few sacks he missed, but he was about the only guy who would get pressure last year. Would have liked to have seen him with all the blitzing we did this
  16. Here's our list of DBs/huskies for next year. Layne, Matthews, Taylor, Mullen, Burgess, Ball, Williams, Fitzgerald. That's a pretty sick 2 deep. There were a handful of younger guys who saw some time and have some promise. I know Sanguinetti has seen some play, Bonds got into some games this year as a true freshman.
  17. Curry is one of those guys that I don't even really think about for our recruiting class. I don't know if we're on that level quite yet. I think we've definitely moved our ceiling up the last couple seasons, but there's a big jump to get a recruit in the top 100. A guy like Strickland is a perfect example of how much we've moved up. A few years ago, I would have laughed if someone said we had a legit shot with a top 200 guy like him. Now, it wouldn't surprise me at all if we got him. I think it might still take another year or two of being good to have a legit shot with some of those
  18. I was hoping for 1 of Fryfogle/Whop, and 1 of Jamar/McFadden to come back. We hit on both, replaced Whop with Matthews, replaced Crider with Carpenter, and had pretty good luck with the rest of the seniors. I'm really happy with how things worked out.
  19. Here's an article I was just reading about the deadline. It lists us in the winners/losers section for NFL early draft entrants. We're under status quo. So cool that our football program is good enough to be included in these lists. There's probably 50 or so teams on it, but still cool to see. Here are teams of note for our schedule next season. This was based on what they lost or didn't lose to the draft. Winners Minnesota Status Quo Cincinnati OSU Losers Iowa Michigan PSU PU
  20. From what I'm reading, it sounds like the early entrant deadline was yesterday. Seniors have until March 1st. So McFadden should be returning is what I'm getting out of that.
  21. I've always felt that Archie just assumes players are going to give 100% every play. At smaller schools like Dayton, you get a lot of guys who were passed up by bigger schools and have a chip on their shoulder. Those guys don't need a coach to motivate them to play hard. A guy like McRoberts would probably dive on the floor or take a charge in a father son game. He didn't need that extra push. I feel like Archie was probably that way when he played too. At the B1G level, a lot of players are different. A big part of your job is motivating kids. During practice, during games, getting th
  22. In a few years, it will be interesting to see studies that look back on different measures countries took. It is so tough to do on the fly because things are constantly changing, and we're still in the middle of things. I would guess within a couple years we'll have decent data on the effectiveness of lockdowns, mask wearing, and other measures countries took. There should be some really interesting studies done in the next few years.
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