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  1. Packers and St Louis Cardinals. When we're playing bad, Indiana basketball.
  2. I watched a little bit of his hudl video, and he definitely has some skill. Seems like a really good runner. One clip had him throwing it 50 yards off his back foot, so the arm strength is there too. I like that he seems to have potential and isn't a guy who's ceiling is 3rd string QB.
  3. It shows Hart and Shelby as the recruiters for him on his 247 page. I can't wait to see who Hart, Williams, and now Watley will pull in next.
  4. Player page Seems to be down to IU and Iowa.
  5. After watching his highlights, I'm guessing we'll put him on the defensive side. He's listed as a WR in some places, but it sounds like we want him at corner. After looking a little more, it appears that he used to be teammates with Williams, but not any more...until next year! https://hoosierhuddle.com/hoosier-blog/three-star-dbwr-lemuel-neely-watley-commits-to-hoosiers-over-michigan-state/2019/6/22 https://n.rivals.com/news/indiana-hoosiers-land-commitment-from-lemuel-neely-watley
  6. Highlights from his junior year. http://www.hudl.com/v/2Av6Sm
  7. This appears to be an extension of the Rashawn Williams commitment. He's also from Detroit. Different schools, but he has retweeted a handful of things Williams has posted including when Williams committed. I love having multiple guys from that area. It should help keep the guys committed, and help us get more visibility in the area.
  8. I might have found a new least favorite B1G coach now that Urban Meyer is gone. In my opinion, PJ Fleck seems like a real snake oil salesman. A recruit claimed PJ Fleck texted him every 30 minutes. He also said he heard stories that Fleck would lock recruits in his office and turn over an hourglass and tell the recruit they only had that much time to commit. Ihmir Smith Marsette committed to Minnesota only to change his mind and commit to Iowa 3 days later. Noah Shannon committed to Minnesota and change his mind to commit to Iowa within a few weeks. Those two guys look like they could have been pressured into a commitment they weren't comfortable with. Minnesota just had 8 commitments in a 3 day stretch, so has he turned the pressure up even more? It will be interesting to follow this year's class to see how many decommit. Last year they had 8 decommits, the year before they also had 8 decommits, and they already have 2 this year. His first year, he took over in early January, and after he was hired, they had 13 decommits that year. Some could be new coaches, but some were much later in the year. For reference, we have had 10 total over those three and a half years (2019, 2018, 2017), and 3 of those 10 ended up recommitting to IU. I've heard a few other minor stories that add up to look bad. Fleck just seems extremely sleazy from what I have been able to find.
  9. Lovie's seat at Illinois must be so hot he couldn't even be on the list.
  10. I'm trying not to get my hopes up for 7 or 8 wins, but we do have a ton of potential this year. If DeBoer can make a significant impact on our offense, and our defense improves with age and experience, the opportunity is there to surprise people. I don't know if I'm quite ready to bet on it at this point, but I could easily see it happen. With a better offense, we could have pulled off at least 2 more wins each of the last 2 seasons. I'm really hoping DeBoer and Penix/Tuttle can pull off a few more wins this year.
  11. Most people said that before last season too. I think we could survive with another 5-7 season because I do think we wouldn't have negative momentum yet. Just stagnant. I think 2020 is the make or break year. The schedule looks a lot easier that year too. A lot would depend on how we played if we miss a bowl this year. If we go 5-7, and are real close in most of our other games, I think we'll be perfectly fine. If we're 5-7 with a lot of blow outs, then we could be hurting a little bit. With this year's tough conference schedule, we could be quite a bit better as a team than we were last year and still be 5-7.
  12. I can't wait for audition #2...crap!
  13. I was watching and kept wondering what bird he would have. Bald eagle, some crazy tropical bird...he totally sold me it was a real bird! He was hilarious!
  14. PSU has had 4 guys decommit the last couple weeks. Probably just guys changing their mind, but you have to wonder if there's something going on people aren't happy about. Maybe Brevard is second guessing his commitment.
  15. Having gone through the PSU game and watched all of Penix's throws, he is night and day different than Ramsey. He still needs to learn when to put a little more touch on the ball, and when to try to force it in or check down, but my goodness he's got insane talent. He's going to be so tough to keep off the field.
  16. I found the exact time of the picture. Here's a link to the full game footage at the exact time of the play.
  17. Might be onto something here. The one in the link looks different, but it is made by the same guy and looks like it could be a similar idea to what you have. tot cup listing What the hell is a tot cup
  18. That's what I'm thinking too. The other things of his I saw in a quick search were food related like a sugar shaker, sugar tongs, and a soup ladle, so an egg cup would go along with that.
  19. Or a quick screen where the QB catches and get the ball out to the WR as soon as possible. I Googled him and that was the only picture like that I saw. Kind of funny that's the first one that pops up.
  20. And he committed last July which was a few months after the crystal ball pick for Miami. It looks like the staff is making a push for him, and it seems like we get our guys when we do that. I'd love for the staff to be able to convince him to commit early. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/acc/university-of-miami/article230159184.html “I want to commit in August,” Denis said, “but if I don’t feel like I’m ready by then I’ll just wait it out until signing day.”
  21. I've been most impressed with how Allen has raised the level of the bottom of our classes. There used to be a lot of guys near the bottom that were lucky to have any D1 offers. Now basically every recruit we're bringing in has at least 1 Power 5 offer. We also seem to be doing a good job getting guys who have their ranking and offers go up after we get them. I think the staff is doing a good job of finding talent before others can which is what we need to do. The Ballou and Rhea talk was in a speech Allen gave a couple weeks ago. I can't remember if it was linked anywhere here, but it is a good listen. There would definitely be some ups and downs with a RS Fr quarterback, but where we're at as a program, we need to shoot for the ups. We can't get to where we want to be with a consistent 5 (out of 10). We are better off with somebody who is sometimes an 8 and sometimes a 2. The way I see it, we have 3 non conference games that we should win 90+% of the time, a Rutgers game we should win 75%, a Maryland game that is probably close to a toss up, PU, NW, and Neb that are probably 60+% loss games and then MSU (maybe should go in the previous group), PSU, OSU, and Mich. Maryland and Rutgers are really the only two games poor QB play could lose us that we should probably win, and the 3 non conference games we should win with a walk on QB. The other 7 games are games that a hot QB could carry us to a win. Ramsey can't get hot. He plays a steady luke warm. I think that is a great quality to have from a backup, but we need a game or two where Penix or Tuttle plays like an 8 and carries us to an unexpected win. 2020 looks to be a much more favorable schedule than this year. Like you, I'm hoping for 6 wins this year, and then I'm hoping for 7+ the following year. That is just the hope though, so even with 5 wins again this year, I still like the direction we are headed.
  22. I think the offensive line will be a positive surprise. I think Debord's predictable play calling and Ramsey's lack of downfield passing really put a lot of stress on the OL. Ramsey's internal clock seemed to tick a little fast too, and I thought he left the pocket too early some times which led to holds and sacks. I think with Deboer and hopefully Penix or Tuttle, that predictability will be cut way down. Deboer has always had a really solid OL, so I see them being a surprise. For the DL, I'm really not sure. We don't have anybody who stands out as an anchor on the line. We have some decent depth, but a lot of our talented guys are pretty young. I think we have a good defensive backfield which could give them a little more time to rush the passer, but I'm not sure how we'll hold up against the run. If Juan Harris can come in and be a stopper, that would be a massive help. Besides him, we need one of the younger guys to step up and turn into a playmaker. If that happens, it could be decent, but if not I could see it being a little below what we'd like.
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