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  1. What good does it do to have a 48” vertical when you have a piss-poor attitude? He rarely plays hard yet gets opportunity after opportunity. Would not hurt my feelings at all if he wasn’t here next year. I will gladly eat crow if he actually makes a turn around next year and uses his athletic ability on a regular basis.
  2. Who is the dark haired ref that thinks he needs to call a foul every time st Francis has the ball? He SUCKS!!!!!
  3. We’ve fallen in love with the 3 ball tonight
  4. Trying to stay positive but this is getting ridiculous
  5. That’s been one of my main gripes with Archie. He has talked a lot about things (like we need to find a way to get “insert name” some playing time, etc., but never does it.) Don’t get me wrong though, I think he’s the right guy for the job......just needs to learn to use “ass, meet bench” more when players aren’t giving maximum effort (but I think he’s done a better job of this later in the season, particularly with Smith)
  6. Hopefully they’ll show up
  7. Here’s hoping they play with a big chip on their shoulder.
  8. 7 pm Tuesday on ESPN......let’s goooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. They haven’t really shown a whole lot of that this year, at times
  10. Everything's in green. Must be MIchigan State!
  11. I saw the quote, if it's the same one you are referring to, and it actually said Brooks "is not not going to IU" ----- don't know if it was a typo or what, but that is what it said.
  12. Maybe they should be chanting it to Glass himself
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