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  1. You da man Mile. Thanks.
  2. Since we have so many leapers we should out rebound every team we play. We may actually have to the way we shoot the ball😅
  3. Haven't really seen much on Summer workouts etc from our beloved Hoosiers. Anyone have any updates on how the guys are progressing?
  4. What good does it do to have a 48” vertical when you have a piss-poor attitude? He rarely plays hard yet gets opportunity after opportunity. Would not hurt my feelings at all if he wasn’t here next year. I will gladly eat crow if he actually makes a turn around next year and uses his athletic ability on a regular basis.
  5. Who is the dark haired ref that thinks he needs to call a foul every time st Francis has the ball? He SUCKS!!!!!
  6. We’ve fallen in love with the 3 ball tonight
  7. Trying to stay positive but this is getting ridiculous
  8. That’s been one of my main gripes with Archie. He has talked a lot about things (like we need to find a way to get “insert name” some playing time, etc., but never does it.) Don’t get me wrong though, I think he’s the right guy for the job......just needs to learn to use “ass, meet bench” more when players aren’t giving maximum effort (but I think he’s done a better job of this later in the season, particularly with Smith)
  9. Hopefully they’ll show up
  10. Here’s hoping they play with a big chip on their shoulder.
  11. 7 pm Tuesday on ESPN......let’s goooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. They haven’t really shown a whole lot of that this year, at times
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