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  1. psychobat

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I hope so. I can't stand Calipari and don't understand how all these kids are so enamored with him. Just would really hate to lose a player like Brooks to that slimeball, but I know its going to happen sooner or later.
  2. psychobat

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    That's somewhat depressing. Sounds like Kensucky will be a VERY legitimate player for Brooks.
  3. psychobat

    Romeo Langford

    No way in hell would I want Darius after all the crap his family pulled. Also seems like he’s not exactly a choir boy - after getting suspended for locker room antics.
  4. psychobat

    Romeo Langford

    If he can shoot as well as people say he can then he’s a no-brainer. Come on over to IU young man.......we need shooters bad!
  5. psychobat

    Romeo Langford

    Did the Taylor kid from Evansville play HS ball in Indiana? If, so that would help in sending Indiana kids the message that if you’re from Indiana then IU Is THE place to play college basketball.
  6. psychobat

    Romeo Langford

    That’s funny right there.......I don’t care who you are.
  7. psychobat

    Romeo Langford

    Apparently Meyer has switched his pick for Garland now too. Both to IU!!!!!!! This is starting to really get me excited.
  8. psychobat

    Darius Garland

    Supposedly Jerry Meyer has now flipped and says both Garland and Romeo to IU
  9. psychobat

    Romeo Langford

    Looks like Romeo is planning on coming to Hoosier Hysteria on Oct. 21. That is also the date that Garland is supposed to be visiting. Here's to hoping the stars line-up for both to be Hoosiers.
  10. Man, I hate the games that are on BTN+. At least we can watch them a couple of days later on BTN.
  11. Long time lurker....first time poster. I have really mixed feelings about this. I think it opens up a big can of worms and will allow for even more shady shenanigans by some of the more crooked programs in the country. I do feel, however, that if a coach leaves then all/any players that want to go somewhere else should be allowed to transfer somewhere else and be eligible immediately. p.s. I really enjoy this forum.