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  1. Just like they were at the top for Pack? 🤣
  2. What did his brother say?
  3. Thats what happened when boiler fans found out this latest news.......many of them boilered-up in their pants.
  4. It's actually Putin's fault........just like the high price of gas
  5. Please don’t confuse him by stating facts…..he would rather stay in fantasy land.
  6. These refs and these announcers are pissing me off
  7. Maybe they should just hire you then, since you seem to have all the answers. How many games have you won again?
  8. I would Suspend Howard for the rest of the season (given the severity of the situation and the fact that he's had previous issues with similar (Maryland last year) situations. I would Suspend Gard for 1-2 games.......Krabbenhoft for probably 1 and any player that threw punches 3 games.
  9. Totally agree with everything here. Let's wait to see if each University and the BIG10 do the right thing........my guess is that they won't.
  10. Howard didn't have to lift his mask and say "I'll remember that shit" either -- that's what caused Gard to try to get him to stop so that he could explain why he called the timeout.
  11. Geronimo is killing us right now
  12. Part of the reason that this works against us so often is that Trayce does not hustle when it happens and instead just tries to time it so that he can get a block.
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