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  1. Oh what a day. Great commitment to log onto twitter and see!
  2. Been awhile since I have made it to a game in the Hall (2010 maybe) and am blanking. Anyone know what row on the main level you start to get cut off by the balcony and can't see the scoreboard? I assume even with the renovations that is still an issue?
  3. This kid has the potential to be really really good, just from following the MN prep scene. It is pretty amazing, but the MN high school basketball prospects have really taken a huge jump, which is why you are seeing so many offers from big programs. In regards to Pitino, this year is going to be big for him. He kept a few of the top guys home in this class, and will need to show improvement. Issue he currently has with local guys is a lot of speculation about his job security is already starting, a bad year could keep these top guys away not knowing who the coach will be. Also, don't discount Race and his ability to help with connected with the MN guys. The basketball community is very tight here, with all these kids living within an hour of each other so they have gotten pretty close. Race could become the wild card if a guy is down to IU and another big time school or two with any relationship he or his family (or past coaches) have with each other.
  4. Anyone else seeing Jared Jefferies? Is there another Jared Jefferies that spells his name this way (instead of Jeffries like the former IU player)? That is literally the only IU link I have seen in any of this. Also, if this is a balance sheet as of 2015 it is conceivable a lot of the older players on this list were given more money but are paying it back and this is just their current balance.
  5. Well, at Minnesota Reggie Lynch is basically off the team despite no criminal charges being filed (and for the record I am not against his suspension).
  6. Mckinley Wright was his if he wanted him. Had committed to him at Dayton and hoped to follow Archie to Indiana. Archie told him he would be better off elsewhere. That's a point guard that would be nice to have on this team. The flip side (and maybe what Archie was thinking) is having him in this year may have made it more difficult to recruit point guards in future years.
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