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  1. If the game was only 1 half, the first half, we’d be pretty good
  2. I guess our guards from the rest of the year are back. These guys don’t care when the other team is showing them up and making fun of them. No heart.
  3. Too bad there’s replay. Young would get a good one in the sack and I wouldn’t care if I had 4 fouls already. I’m tired of getting punked
  4. We can’t have these slow down half court sets. Why do we kill our own momentum???
  5. Based on the varied viewpoints on this thread, I think it goes to show how difficult it is to get a coach that will get us back to the top. There is definitely one situation that has the perfect timing when an established coach is available or catching lightning in a bottle with an up and coming coach. I think IU should listen to who has interest first instead of allegedly how they focused only on Archie in the last search. Not sold on Drew, but was surprised to hearhe’s been at Baylor for 18 years. I get the IU guy philosophy, but who is established head coach and can hit the ground running?
  6. Pathetic. No way Archie survives this. No way
  7. Why have you not changed your offensive approach when it’s clear that the current one has not consistently worked in the BIG why can you not motivate your players to play hard and instill confidence
  8. Too little, too late for this program. Archie is playing the fiddle while the city burns and the players have given up. Sad, very sad
  9. It will be very telling what IU thinks of basketball and us fans after this year. If Archie gets another year, it will continue to be painfully obvious they don’t care about either...
  10. Archie should be glad covid has kept the fans from seeing these games in person. I’m afraid there would be some ugly fan sentiment at the end of games...
  11. Disappointing that after 57 years of living and breathing IU Basketball, I’ve relegated to waiting for a tweet on my phone to give me the final score to determine if I’ll watch the replay or not. Not how I want it to be...
  12. Al will be in the starting lineup 2nd half, guaranteed
  13. I don’t see TJD returning. I don’t think this year has gone the way anyone wanted and no guarantees next year will be measurably better (sadly). I heard someone say you can make quite a bit of money playing overseas, so why not get out and start a professional career? It’s not like we’re going to go from lower mid BIG to NC
  14. I’ll weigh in, the BIG has historically had quality players, quality teams AND quality coaches. The level of competition is not abnormal, it’s just that we also longer have the level of player and coaching needed to compete. Having Indiana guys is great, but a stud PG and shooter is required to win consistently. Maybe the AD doesn’t care but they’re losing long term fans like me who used to live and breathe IU bball, but now have do much apathy for the play, I’m just getting tired
  15. Here’s the problem...EVERY team in the BIG knows if you punch us in the mouths early, we wilt. Why not play tough and put it on the refs to call? We don’t have enough players who care to mix it up and ultimately hate to lose
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