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  1. I love this kid already. I really think he’s going to provide the emotional lead that this team desperately needs. He gets it and wants to see the program back on top
  2. And the problem is the longer you let it take over, the worse it gets. Someone or something has to change it NOW
  3. What is Derons excuse tonight? Tired, injured, sick, ate a bad taco? He’s moving like he ran 25 miles before the game
  4. How many takes do we need to realize you have to go hard at the rim
  5. Amazing the difference in intensity and flow of the NCAA tournament games and our slow, plodding, lifeless, out of shape team. I guess that’s why we’re in the NIT
  6. I’m not denying there is coverage, but how much run is given to the NIT by anyone in the media? IIRC, most on this board wanted to just go home if we couldn’t play in the NCAA tournament. I’m not mad at him, I’m just saying it would be human nature to be more careful when the outcome is an after thought to something bigger
  7. I think that Romeo is indeed dealing with back issues. If we were in the NCAA tournament, I think there would be a greater effort made to play. Since we’re not, it’s easier to nurse an ailing back when there’s no high national exposure of the games
  8. I think the only thing to do st this point is pack Trayces game tomorrow night wearing IU gear and cheer him on. Let’s focus on the guys that WANT to be at IU
  9. I’m with you on this. I really think that some guys have a hard time handling adversity when you’ve always won. seems he struggled with bigger, stronger, faster. I’m glad I got to watch him at IU. I just expected more of a Game in game out dominant impact on the team
  10. I wonder what Trey Lyles would say if he could do it all over again? Did he enjoy his one year with the team down south or would he have preferred playing for IU and actually being remembered in his home state? It seems to me that a kid growing up in Indiana has to be willing to endure a lifetime of irrelevance to this state if you go down south. In contrast to being known and loved your entire life here. Just wondering...
  11. Like many of you I’m sure, I’ve been collecting the men’s basketball calendars through the years. My oldest is from the 1991-92 season. I’ve stated to display them in my office and realize I have some years missing. Would anyone have the smaller calendars between the years of 2010-2015, that you might have an extra that you would be willing to part with? i have some extras of the large calendars during the same general period that I would be willing to swap...
  12. At least we finally saw some emotion from Archie. Maybe everyone’s making drastic changes
  13. We’re getting the effort now. It’s just come too late. Lots of opportunities missed, but it’s hard to beat circus shot after circus shot
  14. why couldn’t Archie get their attention after the Nebraska game? I’ve heard national hosts who played for other NCAA teams in the past day they would have run in the next practice tilll they puked after that game. Is archie not allowed to reprimand the players for bad performance and they know it? Glass is a knight sycophant but he already got rid of one coach in football for player treatment...no inside info. It just seems like there may be something on the administration side as well
  15. It’s too bad we couldn’t have played with this energy all year. It still would be a frustrating season, but at least we could have won a few more. I can’t remember an Iu team fir some time that just can’t score. The best analogy of our execution in games is like pushing a boulder up hill for 40 mins
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