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  1. iufaninand

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    I think it all boils down to we expect the players to care as much as we do as fans. At least for tonight, they’re weren’t enough on the floor that did
  2. iufaninand

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    I think we’re going to struggle all year long against teams that can shot from 3. You can’t trade 2s fir 3s all game long and win. Again, I think we looked best when Romeo was pushing the ball. Half court, stagnant offense is exactly why we start slow and 3 of the 5 players look disinterested. Why has Rob not taken a shot fir 2 games? You can’t tell me his confidence has taken that big of hit since being injured. I think they’ve all been told to pass until Juwan or Romeo can get an open shot. That leads to a lot of apathy for other players
  3. iufaninand

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Understood and I think it’s worth trying. He has some work to do and he’s a freshman, but how can it be any worse?
  4. iufaninand

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    I don’t understand why we can’t play with a little up tempo offense? It’s obvious that he’s running everything for juwan and Romeo in a half court set. Everyone knows it...the opposing coaches know they only have to shutdown 2 players. If he can’t find some shooters we’re in for a long season. Play some on the bench please!!! I don’t understand why Fitzner minutes can’t go to Clifton??? How worse can it be? McRoberts is a shell and should be relegated to cheering from the sideline.
  5. iufaninand

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    But that assumes that Fitzner has the strength to bang underneath. Even a casual observer can see now why he lost his starting role at St Mary’s. It can’t be any worse to let the young guys get experience
  6. iufaninand

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    This...someone HAS to get on board. We can’t expect 2 guys to carry us every game. Fitzner is the weakest player on the team and is clueless. He should not be playing in the big10
  7. iufaninand


    I just wonder if the protocol is based on an NCAA standard or if every university is allowed their own interpretation. I don’t want this to affect our players long term, but if IU is being more cautious than other universities, it’s going to be difficult to compete. I must admit I’m really struggling with how long the recovery is taking. O can’t believe these guys do t want to out there playing, which to me says it has little to do with what feedback their giving the doctors. At this rate, we need to start having them wear boxing headgear...
  8. iufaninand

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    As long as DG is leading this team we’re going to struggle. Is there anyone that can feel comfortable with his ability to make smart decisions on a regular basis?
  9. iufaninand

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    ...or Jeff George’s mom 😂
  10. iufaninand

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I don’t understand Archie’s post game comments about his frustration with the team not moving on offense at the beginning of games? He is the coach...either draw up plays that require movement or bench some guys. I would think the tempo is dictated by his play calling. If fir one think this team would play better at a little quicker tempo
  11. iufaninand

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    We cannot win with only 1 person playing hard
  12. iufaninand

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Romeo is totally out mentally
  13. iufaninand

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    I’m not sure we can always be competitive running the shot clock down and getting only 2s. I hope that cam is not too stubborn to make some adjustments
  14. iufaninand

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    I think he wants to see how this new group of players grows under Archie’s system. I know as fans we want to see the Ws, but I think as a player they want to showcase their abilities for the next level. If I’m not sure I want to focus hard on defense, I’m not sure I want to play for Archie
  15. iufaninand

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Same here. A friend and I, along with various others have never missed a HH. I remember the first RMK midnight madness that was basically a practice. It’s come a long way since then!