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  1. 2018 coaching vacancies

    should be interesting. I bet crean regrets not recruiting Trendon Watford while at IU. No chance at the Georgia 5 star.
  2. Romeo Langford

    Maybe this has already been covered, BUT, if you have Roku or firestick, there is a free ihsaatv app that you can download and watch a bunch of live and archived tourney games. Keion, TJD and Romeo games were live yesterday and are archived. You can also watch archived complete games of RPhinisee, AHemenway and DAnderson. Awesome on HD bigscreen, rather than a computer....
  3. Romeo Langford

    Archie is doing the mind osmosis thing here...."IU Romeo. IU..."
  4. De'Ron Davis update

    I actually thought that I was hit with a golf ball. That would have been something as I was playing indoor hoops at the time of the injury.
  5. Romeo Langford

    Langford is the real deal. 6'5 with great athleticism, incredible leaping ability and unlimited range on his shot. He appears to be a great team player and has an unflappable attitude on the court. Whoever gets him, and it will be for only a year, has a 20 plus ppg scorer from day one. Have you seen him play in person? That might help in your evaluation.
  6. Romeo Langford

    good point.
  7. Plus, Dean Smith took Jordan out for a long span in the game, and Jordan only played 26 minutes . Jordan was 6-14 in that game. MJ got anything that he wanted, but missed several good looks. DD did nothing special, but has milked a ton of credit over the last 33 years. In the next game, Elite 8, DD then got the ball stolen when he turned his back while dribbling in the final 25 seconds versus Virginia, costing IU a Final Four. DD doesn't talk that up much.....
  8. Romeo Langford

    Romeo is on the Mt. Rushmore of the best ever in Indiana High School. McGinnis, Bailey, Robertson and Romeo. Sorry Larry, you are on the Indiana College Rushmore
  9. If he is at MSU, then I am sure he is practicing with the team. If so, this is a smart move by GG. Kinda screwing over the Fightin' Corn Dogs though.
  10. Today vs. Yesterday

    This year's IU team would argue against that!
  11. Did Gelon already transfer at semester break to Missouri State? I poked around but found nothing in my search. Maybe one of you internet savants can find out. Stan Robinson is the sixth man for NCAA bound Rhode Island, and hit the game winning 3 against Duquesne. right handed.. DDavis is having a solid year for Houston. Mike Davis' son committed to play for Kelvin Sampson and Houston next year-ironic?
  12. Romeo Langford

    Romeo had 38 points tonight as NA drilled Jasper 87-43. For those of you that don't feel that Romeo can impact with his outside shooting-he had 8 3s tonight. Four of those were NBA range and beyond. He is the real deal in every way.
  13. Could GG have already transferred to Missouri State? I know he was a good student. Maybe he enrolled and is practicing with the team.
  14. So what is the matter with having 2 combo guards for a year. IU and all other teams have at least that many on the team.
  15. Franklin, a 6'5 junior combo guard, has offers from Xavier, O$U, purdue and Butler among others.