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  1. Romeo Langford

    You wouldn't. Self, the head coach, did not show for a scheduled meeting with the Langford family. He did not show. To me, as a player, that would make a difference in how Self feels about this recruiting importance.
  2. Romeo Langford

    Bill Self did not show up at NA last night. Jerrance Howard represented Kansas, as Self was dealing with some Billy Peston issues. I'm thinking that is a good thing for IU.
  3. GG is a perfect fit with the Fightin' Corn Dogs. IU, not remotely.
  4. What needs to change...

    " 4. Al freakin' Durham welcome to the starting lineup. Loved what I saw from the freshman last night. I think he may be that diamond in the rough player that Crean mined out of no where every few seasons. Has some of that Oladipo attitude and this team needs that badly. " IU will NOT win with Al Durham playing meaningful minutes. Al is a poor outside shooter, is not physical and just not ready for B1G level basketball. Wishful thinking. Like it or not, Robert Johnson has to step up for IU to be competetive this year. Green,Newkirk and Jones should share the other starter minutes. Hartman better be a helluva player, or IU will struggle. I am also counting on JSmith to get better as the year progresses. Who knows on Newkirk/Green at PG, but Durham is not the answer this year at pg.
  5. Darius Garland

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Darius' mom in Gary? Is it the stepmom in Nashville? Bloomington is the perfect midpoint, if that is the case.
  6. GG is a solid fit with the Fightin' Corn Dogs. Glad he's there.
  7. Where is Grant Gelon ????

    GG is playing at State Fair this year. He has committed to Missouri State for next season, his jr year, 2018-19 season.
  8. Grant Gelon

    Ault was chosen ahead of Jaraan Cornell (pu) and Michael Lewis. Ault was a midmajor talent but more voters knew of him due to Warsaw location.
  9. Romeo Langford attending Late Night with Roy

    French Lick is awesome. The 2 finest hotels in the Midwest are in the valley. The West Baden Hotel is a wonder of the Midwest.... World class golf course. Larry Bird momentoes all over town. Great casino, and friendly help. A must visit if you have not already been there.
  10. Dakich - Did anyone comment on this?

    I agree. DD is a knowitall antagonist many times on the radio and a bully all of the time in real life. When DD first started on the radio, I enjoyed his show. He evolved into a bully over time on the air waves- I guess he thinks it helps his ratings. Intimidating and trying to fight or humiliate many callers just turned me off to his show. I honestly have not listened to his show once since bball ended. I have not missed it. Kent Sterling on 1430 is much more informed and interested in IU sports, and treats callins with respect.
  11. Broilees strike out, again, on Indiana high schooler.
  12. Larry Bird in college-I was fortunate enough to see 5-6 games in person. Plus most games were on Terre Haute tv his senior year. Bird did it all. Damon Bailey in high school.