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  1. Well I want to to say sorry for rant earlier. I love IU basketball and can't stand the way we played this year. If you can't get up for any game when you have IU on your uniform why come here at all. I'm 66 years + and would like to have IU back to where we are a Blueblood program. I'm dealing with a wife who has had a colon perforated over 5 mo. ago and didn't plan on watching this effort by the players or the staff. So again sorry for the rant still proud to be a member of this board GO IU
  2. This is pathetic. Nothing seems to change! Coaches,players,and posters fighting among them self.Have a good summer. I'm out of here
  3. I was thinking that the added length to the 3 point line should be a plus to IU. Some of the other teams might shoot them like we did all year long😉
  4. Was this going to be a 4 man class? I know some insiders have said this and maybe why CAM is still recruiting. A 3 man class if Romeo stayed, So maybe Cam already knows of a transfer Sorry to take away from the fishing😉
  5. How about Powers Hamburger Shop!! The NBA teams would travel by train and get let off at my home town of Waterloo. Tommy Heinisohn from the Boston Celtics said they would drop us off among the corn fields in the middle of nowhere and take us to the Green Parrot restaurant and a couple of teenage hoods would take us to Ft Wayne. I think a bus would take them but Tommy might have rode with 1 of the hoods once or twice .
  6. I pretty much agree with you. But as both of us being IU homeys. I think the IU label and the injuries that IU has had and the end of the year winning. IU should push back a Furman or Belmont. Do either of those team win twice against Mich. State or even once.
  7. Beverly? Brooks date is Friday
  8. Just to put my 2 cents in. I hope you pick IU
  9. Didn't Iggy play on a pro team for a year?
  10. Romeo meant more for IU than Iggy for Mich. Not sure every team focused on Iggy like they did Romeo
  11. I thought Juwan would be no lower than 2nd team
  12. We are so much healthier than last time we played them. Rob and Juwan went like 3 for 16 from the floor not going to happen this time .
  13. If I remember Juwan and Rob had poor offensive games last time we played OSU. I don't expect that to happen this go around
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