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  1. With the way the salary cap is in the NFL a GM can only do so much. You have to prioritize positions and the money is going to be dispersed between them, especially when bringing in a QB that is paid what Wentz is. You can't just add everywhere.
  2. How soon before he's calling the USC AD daily? He's clearly not fit for this. Poor Trevor Lawrence should have pulled an Elway/Eli and refused to go to Jacksonville. Would anyone have blamed him?
  3. I know the lag thing, but it wasn't even close, and the lag thing is stupid. If its at zeroes it should be a delay of game. I'm sure my own teams have benefitted from this at times too.
  4. This is the play where SF iced the game. Notice the play clock?!?!
  5. Typical Eagles, drive down and cut it to 6 with about 3:50 left and then can't get one freaking stop to get the ball back when you know SF is just trying to kill clock.
  6. The 49ers fumbled on 2 plays in a row and on both the Eagles were called for personal fouls 😡😡
  7. Why are all of my teams getting completly hosed by the refs this weekend? First IU and PSU, and now the Eagles. The Eagles forced a clear fumble and returned to about their 40 but the refs called a crap personal foul on the hit the caused the fumble. The RB completely lowered his head as the Eagle was tackling causing his own helmet to helmet hit. So they gave the ball back the SF +15 yards. I hate this rule.
  8. Jalen Hurts coming back down to earth a bit against a real defense. He hasn't been bad but has been more of what you'd expect, just above 50% completion percentage and the Eagles are struggling to finish drives. Only 3 points midway through the 3rd.
  9. Man, the Eagles have been completely outplaying the 49ers but only had a 3-0 lead to show for it. Then let the 9ers March down the field 96 yards to score a TD and take the lead into halftime.
  10. Ugh, the Eagles ended up not even scoring on the possession at all. A 91 yard play and came away with no points.
  11. Eagles just had a 91 yard pass play and didn't score on it.
  12. Huge win for PSU! I think most of you know, I grew up in PA and IN, so am an IU basketball fan and PSU football fan. Though I root for IU in every sport (I like IU football too, but PSU is my team), really only football for PSU.
  13. That PI was bmskightly borderline, though it was PI, but PSU deserved that call.
  14. Agree, it should be changed immediately. So many of these "targeting" are because the offensive player dipped his head at the last minute when there is nothing the defender could do. Make it two targeting penalties before ejection.
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