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  1. Thanks, HH. I really appreciate it, buddy! Fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks so much, Mile! That means more than you know.
  3. Figured I’d finally chime in on this thread. If you read the Coronavirus thread you know I lost my job at the end of May. While I’m still looking for the next gig, some good news is I have a 3rd interview tomorrow with a company and a 2nd interview Monday with another. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, I’m working on marketing consulting, and long term potentially turning it into an agency. My main thing is marketing strategy for direct-to-consumer/eCommerce small businesses and start-ups. Things like mapping out the overall strategy and executing email marketing automation, customer acquisition and retention,, campaign management, FB/IG advertising and web optimization. Below is a link to my website that I just launched if you’re interested in checking it out or know of anyone that could use my services. www.bmgdigitalco.com.
  4. I realize I've leaned into this thread pretty hard. But, I can't imagine spending this much time and energy defending a largely corrupt industry and defending the people at the very top of the industry that have a ton of smoke around them. Seems to me that someone like that would have to have to pretty large agenda.
  5. You'd have to be horribly negligent and naive to have your prized recruit's family move to your campus' town into a million dollar home, and all have sweet rides out of the blue, and have no clue about it.
  6. http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=Did+Anthony+Davis+get+%24200%2C000+to+go+to+UK%3F
  7. So all of these guys are getting paid. Zion's family all of the sudden has sweet rides and is living in a million dollar home in Durham, not where they're from and in the same town as Duke's campus and Coach K is oblivious and has no idea? Did Coach K direct the payments, most likely not. But, he had no idea that Zion's family all of the sudden moved to one of the sweetest homes in town? You are extremely naive.
  8. Funny how out your way you go to defend UK, yet you want to bury IU and Langford. Go do your own research, there are tons of articles out there on it.
  9. Once again, a shoe company funding an AAU program is not the same in terms of eligibility or NCAA rules as Zion Williamson's family moving into a million dollar home in Durham or Bill Self signing off on $60,000 going to Silvio De Sousa.
  10. Yeah, you're wrong again. Shoe companies funding AAU programs, even those run by parents of recruits is perfectly legal. I'd figure you, being a bastion of "proof" would be up on those types of things. Adidas funding Langford's AAU team, in the view of the NCAA, is not even remotely similar to Anthony Davis recieving $200K in cash or Zion Williamson's parents moving into a million dollar home in Durham.
  11. Who on this board has said Adidas didn't pay the Langford's? It's common knowledge that Tim Langford was paid by Adidas to run their AAU program. It's legal in terms of the NCAA.
  12. Give it up. I said he took money from Adidas. Just like many UK, Duke, UK recruits and other top recruits. I'm curious why, as a supposed IU fan, you're so into defending Cal and K, yet quick to talk about Langford? And regardless of who you are a fan of, you're really into defending a largely morally corrupt industry.
  13. You can't prove Tim Langford was telling the truth in that article.
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