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  1. Zach Lowe said on his podcast that the Celtics and Ainge were never that high on Myles Turner and also weren't high on adding the remainder of his $80M contract to the books. Lowe said that in the event the Celtics did work something out with Indiana, they already were scoping the market to flip him. If Ainge was super high on Turner he would have taken that deal and this would be done. But I said this earlier in the thread, the way everything went down it tells me Ainge never really wanted Turner that much and they felt they had no need for McDermott, so to get a deal done was going to
  2. Would love to see Lander gain confidence and become really comfortable by Big Ten season. Imagine Lander and TJD putting Cockburn in the PnR all game long.
  3. Good points! Beyond players, I'm looking for an IU team that plays with purpose, plays with confidence and emotion, plays with pace and plays like they're on the same page and understand what they're trying to do as a unit.
  4. Just sat down to watch some bball and catching a few minutes of OSU. EJ Lidell looks like a tough, tough player. Illinois St isn't great, but he's dominating the paint offensively, playing with purpose and tenacity down low.
  5. With the reclass and him being so young, I think we're all a little gun-shy in putting the expectations too high for him. But I agree, he probably has the most raw talent of anyone and is in a position that can transform a team.
  6. No. If someone leaves Georgia after the first semester, Tom Crean cannot use that scholarship until next year (2021-22)
  7. I'm glad you said this. If the team is flat or doesn't look dominant right out of the gate, I hope we don't have the normal panic. Both teams are hitting the court for the first time this season and doing in a very unusual circumstance with no fans, etc. I'm just anticipating some oddities and uneven flow of play.
  8. This is a hard year for who I'm looking forward to. It's been a while since IU has had so many guys with big upside but at the same time the potential to also be sort of average as well. I'm looking forward to seeing Hunter, Phinisee and Race healthy and if they can make a leap. I'm looking forward to seeing how good Franklin can really be. I'm looking forward to seeing just how elite and ready Lander is, and I'm looking forward to seeing Geronimo's athleticism, how ready Galloway really is, etc. I don't mean to leave Leal out either. The upside is high but a lot of "if's" need to
  9. Gotcha. Absolutely agree Durham and Franklin are combo guards. But, I'd say they're not point guards though.
  10. Not to nit-pick, but I've never considered Franklin a point guard. Can he handle some ball handling duties? Sure. But he's not a point guard.
  11. Agree completely. While I would love for him to be "ready" as I think it elevates the ceiling for this team, this is still the first time in four years that Archie has two true point guards on the roster, so even if Lander is the backup it's still a luxury Archie hasn't had before and Lander still brings a new dynamic.
  12. I don't know what Archie is going to do, but for me it's sort of the same as Durham. I love Durham and Brunk, they're both valuable parts of this team on and off the floor. But we also pretty much know what their ceilings are. I think it would be better for the teams overall outlook if guys like Race, Lander, Hunter, Franklin, etc. are able to beat them out, and not beat them out because we hope they've developed, but because they're realizing their potential. Imagine having Race, Lander, Hunter, Franklin, Geronimo, etc. really, really developing to the point where IU can two quali
  13. There's something about this freshmen class that gives me a 2010 (Vic/Sheehey) and 2015 (Bryant/OG/Morgan) vibe. The players are completely different but just the impact this class can have. I'm not sure it will as early as an impact right away, but it feels like this will end up being an important class.
  14. Absolutely! We went to ECF Game 6 with him as the starter.
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