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  1. Yeah, I don't disagree. I just think it's a message much better send behind the closed doors of the locker room. At least some of the specifics. Should have kept the message much more high level.
  2. Yeah, he basically said, XJ has his head on straight now and Race and I have got him. I kind of cringed when I read it. Again, love the leadership, but not sure that was a great way to frame that publicly. If I'm XJ I'm kind of not happy with that. I know XJ made his own bed with the speeding thing and NW incident, but again some things should stay in the locker room.
  3. Yeah, I mean we can blame Phinisee, Lander, Stewart and Durr for these cryptic tweets, but TJD created this drama yesterday. Nobody was talking about the NW debacle, everyone was past it and over it, but TJD brought it back up. I love that he's trying to step up as a leader and take sort of ownership of the program, but I think yesterday was actually a misstep for TJD.
  4. The real issue is that the four who made comments on Twitter aren't the only four who were suspended. There are still guys on the team that were in that group and guys on the team who missed time for other reasons. Do they feel the same as the four who could comment on Twitter because they're not on the team anymore? There could still be guys on the team who feel the same way as those four. Again to be crystal clear, I don’t disagree with how TJD feels, I do however think it was a misstep in leadership to air these things out publicly.
  5. There was just no reason to go back to the NW thing.
  6. Love that TJD is coming back and am really excited for next season. He's going to go down as an all-time great Hoosier, if he isn't already. Where he'll finish in the all-time statistical rankings and if they win big this coming year will cement his legacy. With all of that said, I actually didn't love his comments yesterday. Some things are meant to be kept in-house and I think the NW debacle and his views on what drug suspensions should be fall into that category. If I'm a teammate or even Woodson, I'm kind of looking at TJD a bit sideways today. The "kick them off the team" crowd probably loves these comments, but that's fan message board stuff. TJD has kind of painted Woodson into a corner here in terms of punishment for stuff, and as a teammate I'm wondering what TJD is going to air publicly and what he isn't. I don't disagree with TJD, I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm saying some things aren't meant to be kept internal and TJD kind of broke that code, and again his comments on what punishments should be could cause some locker room issues down the line.
  7. The defense is much better when our 2nd Team All-Defense Center is playing. Miami needs to play basketball and stop fouling.
  8. Miami is legit fouling constantly though. Lowry and Tucker are basically still in the league because they just hack the entire time and know the refs aren't going to call them all.
  9. Robert Williams just makes a massive difference for the Celtics. Partly because he's so good, but also partly because it means Daniel Theis doesn't play.
  10. Guys, Let's keep it to debating the posts, not the poster. We have some really good debates and conversations in this thread, so let's not derail it with getting personal. Thanks! - BGleas
  11. I think Kyle Lowry is my most hated NBA player. That's all, just needed to get that off my chest.
  12. I'm not sure why everyone thinks Galloway is a finished product? Dude would be a monster if he can fix his shooting, which was showing signs of improvement before the wrist injury.
  13. I disagree on the NBA thing though. Yes, he'll need perimeter skills to sniff the NBA, but it's not just Draymond Green that plays a small 4. The NBA is moving that way. PJ Tucker plays the 4 for Miami, Jae Crowder plays the 4 for Phoenix, Grant Williams plays the 4 and sometimes the 5 for Boston, Nicolas Batum plays the 4 for the Clippers, OG plays the 4 for Toronto, Robert Covington played the 4 a lot for Portland before being traded to LA, Patrick Williams plays the 4 for Chicago, and so on.
  14. I feel like we would give up a massive amount of transition 3's with a TJD, Race, JG lineup.
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