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  1. Guess these guys aren't getting traded for each other. I wasn't hoping they would, but it was one of the options when it seemed Sabonis was upset.
  2. Love it! For about 5 years I've been doing 20 pushups every hour at work. It's great in general and really beneficial during those times that for whatever reason I'm not currently working out.
  3. Exactly. And, we're not saying he can't be an extremely valuable and important/impactful player to this team. But, as we all know coaching is about putting people in the right position to succeed, and unless he's improved drastically in many of those areas, then IMO (though as someone said yesterday Archie's opinion is all that matters) the best position for Justin Smith to thrive, succeed and impact the team is as a forward where he's setting screens, slashing to the basket, and finishing. A guy that defends like crazy, hits the boards, runs the floor as a receiver, not a ball handler, and finishes plays with his athleticism. I don't think putting in in a position to create plays with ball handling, passing and decision making in traffic is putting him in a position to succeed and help the team, again unless he's improved dramatically, which is possible.
  4. If Dakich wants to talk about people being weak (not the term he used), then why hide what you're being suspended for?
  5. Everyone knows this is my favorite topic, so I'll jump in 😀. For those that think Smith is a 3 (really a wing), how comfortable are you with him spending 20+ minutes per game in a role where he is coming off ball screens to penetrate, make decisions with the ball, handle it in traffic and be a play creator offensively? Not someone finishing from slashing to the hoop, but someone handling the ball off ball screens and being a decision maker with the ball in traffic and whether or not to shoot, penetrate or deliver it to the slashers. Because, that is what the wing (or 3) is responsible for. This is why so many of us are adamant that he's not a 3. Being a "3" isn't just shooting from the perimeter when you're open, it's being one of the core play creators and ball handlers. It's being a decision maker with the ball and a decision maker in traffic. I'll be the first to admit I'm wrong if he has improved in all of these areas and is capable of it. That would be great. But, not only has he not shown these skills yet, he's actually shown he's pretty bad at those skills.
  6. I’ve watched the TD pass to the PSU tight end multiple time, there isn’t a ref that would ever call that pass interference on the offense. Both players were hand fighting, the PSU tight end did not extend his arms, etc. That is never called PI. But either way, there was no home cooking in that game. Pretty big calls were missed both ways, and pretty good calls were called against both teams.
  7. Agree. Not sure why he hasn’t stuck. When I see him play, he seems very similar to someone like Gerald Green.
  8. Right. Losing to the preseason KenPom #17 team without our starting backcourt (returning pg and senior leader) is pretty encouraging. TJD will only get better, Brunk had a strong line, sounds like Franklin was impressive, Hunter's line was strong, minus the turnovers. Free throws are worrisome of course.
  9. Michigan dominated the last 2 and a half quarters of that game.
  10. The Penn State touchdown wasn’t pass interference, that happens on almost every play like that, he didn’t extend the arms, which is what usually gets an offensive PI. Are you talking about the final 4th and 3 where the Michigan kid dropped the TD? There were good and bad calls both ways. On Michigan’s last touchdown drive the entire thing was set up by a 30+ yard screen play that was opened up by two blatant Michigan holds right in front of the ref that didn’t get called. And on the 4th down QB sneak on that drive there was no evidence he ever crossed the goal line. I thought the refs were solid overall, both teams had some bad calls go for the, and against them, but in no way did it seem like PSU got home cooking. I do think PSUcwas lucky to get out of there with a win. Michigan dominated the line of scrimmage, but PSU made plays when they needed them and Michigan made a lot of mistakes.
  11. I thought both were called correctly, and overall the officiating has been good in this game.
  12. This is one topic where I wish Fred Glass would be more creative. Would I love IU/UK to be home and home? Sure, that would be fun and great for the game. But, where college basketball is going is these larger event style showcases in the preseason. If I'm Glass and the home/home is a non-starter for UK and two games in Indy is a non-starter for IU, then instead of walking away I'm proposing something creative. You guys don't want to play in Bloomington and we don't want to play in Indy 2 out of every 4, so how about we take this thing on the road? The 8-year cycle goes: Year 1: Indy Year 2: NYC Year 3: YUM Center/Louisville Year 4: Dallas Then you go: Year 5: Indy Year 6: DC Year 7: YUM/Louisville Year 8: Vegas Let's turn this thing into an event. Every 4 years there are two games close by for the fans (the Indy game placates Cal) and every 4 years there are two games in cool, fun cities that you can build recruiting pipelines and/or fans might want to go visit. Make this a made-for-TV thing that put IU (and UK) in the spotlight. Maybe in the years where you're playing in random cities there's an undercard game (Texas vs. Auburn in Dallas for example). Instead of everyone walking away because they're mad they're not getting their way, let's get creative and find a win-win.
  13. I guess it's semantics, but is it really a miss if a kid looks at IU and sees Phinisee starting and playing 30mpg the next 3 seasons, the team will have Durham and Franklin as well, and the program looking to bring in a 5* point guard in the following class, then see's A&M doesn't have a point guard and he could potentially start there from day 1? I guess it's still a miss, but IMO that's a much, much different miss than say what happened with Brooks or if we don't get Garcia. Those are misses. This was a probably just not an ideal fit.
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