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  1. BGleas

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Exactly. People always seems to misunderstand what actually happened. The NCAA hardly did anything to us. What brought the program to its knees was that Sampson didn't care at all about the character of the players he brought in and basically disregarded academics and the drug policy. Then Dakich and Crean came in and basically kicked everyone off the team. If Sampson had a team of talented guys that were high character guys that got good grades and didn't get in trouble, Crean could have come in and not skipped a beat. It would have allowed Crean to do what Archie did, keep the team and recruiting class in tact, but an even more talented group. Not defending Crean's coaching, just the transition would have been completely different had Sampson just had quality guys, it really had very little to do with the NCAA.
  2. It was my bad. I misinterpreted your post. Gotcha now
  3. BGleas

    De'Ron Davis Trending Up

    I think I've done it in some post-game threads, but I'll chime in here and say I wrong about De'Ron. To clear it up though, I never said he didn't have talent, just said the style of play wasn't right for him and that the game has moved away from plodding centers. But, I'll drink my medicine because I was wrong and De'Ron to this point is adding way more than I thought he could. I think some of it is that he's got better defenders that are more comfortable in the system around him, so while he still struggles at times with help/recover, he's being exposed much less this season which is key to him being on the court. He's also done a great job on the block offensively, adding a dimension that has helped this team when the offense stalls. Again, I was wrong. Also, I couldn't be happier for Davis. It was never personal, just a style of play thing. But, I watched him in several of the offseason videos from IU and he always came across as a tremendous kid who loves IU. Really happy for him!
  4. Gotcha, I think I maybe misinterpreted Artesian's post. Thanks!
  5. BGleas

    Ethan Morton (2020)

    One thing I hope to get back to are some guys that play with emotion and aren't afraid to talk a little and and get the arena hyped. You don't want an entire roster of those guys obviously, but a few guys with some attitude are good. Even Hulls wasn't afraid to get in some guys faces. Right now it seems like we have so many laid-back guys.
  6. He is and has been from everything I've read and heard from Archie and the former players. I'm not really sure where Artesian got it from that Archie isn't in close touch with former players.
  7. BGleas

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Agree on the arena point, as another thing that worries me a bit is that this is our first neutral court game. Obviously we've played at home and on the road, but neutral court isn't the same as the road. It typically takes some time to adjust to the more cavernous NBA style arenas and we already struggle to shoot from distance. While not the same as a real game, it is good that we scrimmaged at Banker's Life.
  8. He talks about it, he just doesn’t go on campaigns selling it. I’ve heard numerous thing from Archie and former players about how they text each other regularly, and I recall some connected posters talking about how former players are coming to practices and games more than ever now. But yes, to your point, Archie doesn’t use it as some sales campaign like a previous coach.
  9. Wasn't trying to give you a hard time, so my bad if it came off that way. But, even given the limited part of the transcript, of course Archie knows we need to work on free throw shooting and of course they have been. Agree though that the free throw shooting is maddening. Hopefully they get it straightened out. One piece of criticism I had during the end of the Louisville game was why Archie didn't put Durham and Green in, two of our better/more reliable free throw shooters, in place of Smith and Morgan when Louisivlle was in press/foul mode. Despite the two misses late, I do think Langford has improved the last few games, as has Davis, Phinisee and a few others. Need to get Smith and Morgan shooting better and we'll be in good shape.
  10. We have to stop assuming these coaches are idiots. You don't get to become the IU basketball coach by being a moron. It's not like Archie got the text and went 'wow, I had no idea we should be practicing free throws, I didn't even know we were shooting them poorly. Thanks, Dad!"
  11. BGleas

    Butler Pregame Thread

    We're 29th in the country in 3-pt field goal percentage defense.
  12. BGleas

    NBA Thread

    The dynamics are different when you're making more than your boss and more valuable to the company than your boss. Pro sports is not the same things as working a regular job.
  13. BGleas

    NBA Thread

    Yeah, they’re just playing more cohesive, had some lineup changes, improving chemistry and the schedule softened a bit.
  14. BGleas

    NBA Thread

    My C’s have won 6 in a row!
  15. BGleas

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    I would bet for the most part that their SID's fill in the polls for them and then maybe (emphasis on maybe) run it by the coach before submitting. Maybe even more than coaches, because they don't have to watch opponent game film, etc., SID's are probably only watching their own teams.