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  1. Agree. I also read somewhere some fans showing concern because Kauffman said he talks to IU coaches every other day but Mohammad said he hadn’t talked to them in a week. I’d bet Archie and staff are in more touch with the guardian than they actually are with Mohammad in this case. Each recruitment is different and this one seems like the guardian is keeping a tighter lid on access to the kid, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  2. Who knows who wins, but like you said the Nuggets had the lead at the end of the 1st and then all of the sudden the Lakers get 25 free throws in the second quarter. Howard came in and the refs completely let him play the goon/disruptor role, yet called Jokic for the fouls when Howard is instigating everything. The refs completely took Jokic out of the game. We don’t know who would win, but the refs made sure the Nuggets didn’t have a chance.
  3. Geez, then they call Jokic for his 4th foul 40 seconds into the 3rd quarter.
  4. Denver called for 20 fouls in the first half and the Lakers attempted 32 free throws.
  5. Geez, the Lakers have 2 of the top 5 players in the league, they don’t need the refs bailing them out. They’ve taken 25 free throws in the first half including 17 in the second quarter. The refs completely took Jokic out of the game, allowing Dwight Howard to come in and shove and push, while they ignore it, then bait Jokic into quasi fouls. Completely jobbed him. Jokic, Murray and Milsap all called for 3 first half fouls.
  6. I don’t know if they come back and win the series or not, but I agree that this is basically nothing. One, because these things happen, media and fans just blow them out of proportion, but also and mainly because of who the two main guys involved were (Smart and Brown). Those are two of the most respected guys in that locker room, if not the two most respected. Teammates love them.
  7. I’m excited that Langford is a Celtic because of the IU connection, etc., but it is tough watching how well Tyler Herro is playing knowing that Herro is who Ainge really, really wanted and Pat Riley scooped him up one pick ahead. Something has just seemed off to me with Langford since his year at IU. Ultra talented, but something missing, and then of course snakebitten with injuries as well.
  8. Yeah, would be a huge difference. Maybe the difference. But bottom line right now though, the Heat just want it more.
  9. I said in the first round I was so excited the Celtics held onto the 3rd seed so we would avoid the Heat. Honestly, I would have rather played the Bucks. The Heat are damn good. That is a really well constructed team. With that said, the Celtics are playing bad yet still right in all these games. Part of the bad play is due to the Heat of course. They're just so talented, skilled, deep and play so hard. Kemba played better tonight, but it's going to be really hard for the Celtics to win with Goran Dragic severely outplaying Kemba Walker. Kemba is getting crushed in that matchup. We
  10. Kawhi was just as bad, but unfortunately for PG the below is going to be the punchline of this game.
  11. I don’t know that I’ve seen a supposedly championship caliber team fold like this. They literally looked scared. Paul George just had a horrible turnover, then came down and hit the side of the backboard on a 3. Kawhi looks like a deer in headlights. This is honestly amazing to watch. There’s 4 minutes left and the Clippers have 1 basket in the 4th quarter.
  12. Kawhi and PG are a combined 10-for-33. I believe it’s 12-for-42 if you throw Lou Williams in there. Jokic is the best player on the court. I love Doc from my time working with him, but this will be his 3rd up 3-1 playoff loss in his coaching career.
  13. He’s unbelievable. I think they said the first 15+ rebound triple double through 3 quarters in NBA history. The Clippers are just crumbling under the pressure. Missing wide open 3’s, Lou Williams has missed two point blank layups during this stretch. Both Kawhi and PG are shooting terrible.
  14. Absolutely. A good possession there and the Celtics win. That possession was horrible. I can’t stand Herro (it’s a UK thing), but that was a crazy 3. Kemba was all over him and he pulls up on the break down 5 under a minute. That shot could really be the series. Also, I’m a Brad Stevens fan but he got abused by Nick Nurse and now already a bit by Spoelstra. Nurse started running double teams at Kemba and now Spoelstra is doing it too, and the Celtics have done nothing to take advantage of it. He also almost never challenges calls, while there’s almost a call a game that the
  15. Celtics blew that game in regulation. They were up 5ish with a minute plus and Tatum and Kemba (who was bad again offensively) went into hero ball the last 3-4 possessions. Just stand around and dribble then take a terrible shot. Completely blew the game. On the last possession of regulation, I understand Tatum got a good look, but it's a tied game and you have a guy in the game that hadn't played until that last possession and you're in the bonus, and you take a step back 30fter. Just drive on that guy and 50/50 you'll get a foul called and win it at the line. Just terrible. Edit:
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