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  1. My point is, Archie got hammered for how he used Langford, and what I'm saying is I've watched him for 3+ seasons, now on his second organization (IU and the Celtics) and his third head coach (Archie, Stevens and now Udoka) and maybe it's a Langford issue. I've seen several Celtics over the years that play the same role/position (Nesmith, Semi Ojeleye, Javonte Green, etc.) as Langford, and while they also spend time spotting up in the corner, they also manage to find themselves involved in ball screens and up top and on the wing with the ball and being aggressive, while Langford would run from corner to corner and treat the ball like a hot potato. At some point that is on Langford. Something the announcers brought up last night is that Jaylen Brown has not only improved his shooting but what doesn't get talked about is how much he has improved his ball handling. When he was first in the league he basically only had a straight-line drive, but he's improved his ball handling so much that it is now a huge strength and he has all of the moves in his bag when coming off ball screens or being isolated. I'd guess Langford is still in the corner because he still has no left hand and isn't super capable at the NBA level of breaking anyone down off the dribble and he's just now improving his jumper to where it is respectable. Of course, some of that is due to his injury issues. But again, I more just bring this up because Archie got blasted for Langford being in the corner all of the time, but under two other head coaches I haven't seen much different from Langford.
  2. If he keeps up and builds upon what he's done early this year, then he's off the a good start of at minimum establishing himself as a legit rotation players at the NBA level. I think finally being healthy and having an entire offseason has been big for him.
  3. He runs to the corner harder than most NBA players run anywhere else.
  4. Yeah, while he was definitely more aggressive than the past two seasons and more confident with his 3pt shot, my kids and I were still joking during the game that if there was an MVP for running straight to the corner and just standing there on offense, Langford would be the GOAT! People still give Archie crap for Langford standing in the corner, but I've watched him for 3 straight seasons (1 at IU and 2 in Boston) and that's basically his go-to on every possession. But, the good news is that he does appear more confident this season, and counting the preseason his 3pt shot looks much, much improved.
  5. The bigger issue wasn't the number of shots (though I agree it's high) for Tatum, remember it was a 2OT game, it was his lack of recognition when he wasn't hitting from deep that he should he attacking to basket for easier shots and to get to the foul line. The Celtics were missing Al Horford and Josh Richardson, so getting them back will help a lot. But my two big concerns are the point guard situation and Ime Udoka. It's only one game and it's a marathon not a sprint, but Marcus Smart was awful last night as the starting guard. The Celtics need someone to control the pace and reign in the stars when they're playing like Tatum did. On Udoka, again it's one game, but he preached on several points of emphasis/changes all during training camp and the Celtics sucked at pretty much all of them. The defense was terrible. He preached about Tatum and Brown being playmakers and not just scorers and that didn't happen, and he preached about Tatum playing more inside and getting to the foul line and that didn't happen. Again, it's a marathon, not a sprint, but Udoka's team didn't look much like how he's been describing it.
  6. This Celtics-Knicks game is bonkers. Celtics up 1 in 2OT. Jaylen Brown with 46.
  7. Along with Dennis Schroeder, Romeo Langford is first off the bench for the Celtics. Good to see!
  8. Joel Embiid is going to come out the winner in this, especially if the Sixers win without Simmons. This clip is great...
  9. Apparently Doc tried to put him in a defensive drill and Ben said no. Doc asked again and Ben said no again. Then Doc told him to go home.
  10. While you'd be sabotaging your own team which doesn't make a ton of sense, I'd absolutely love to see the Sixers literally play Ben Simmons 48 minutes every game instead of suspending him. Can you imagine watching him sulk and moan up and down the court and literally never come out? I would tune into every Sixers game just to see what might happen.
  11. This is going to be fun to watch until he gets traded...
  12. I was just making a joke about how we always overreact to every bit of news and also always assume it's bad for IU.
  13. This has to be good news for VT, Fl, Bama, Georgetown, Syracuse, Arizona State, Chaminade, Montana St, etc.... And bad for IU. Right?
  14. Exactly. People are mentioning the injuries IU has had over the last decade, well IU has had about 3 different S&C Coaches over that time period, so how does this fall at Cliff Marshall's feet? Does anyone actually have any evidence that IU is more snakebitten than any other program?
  15. He's one of the top people I've seen mentioned from the PSU side.
  16. Love it! I have family on the West Coast and I love Sunday's out there. You watch the 1pm ET games over breakfast and you're not up until midnight or later watching the Sunday night games.
  17. I think it's because we're talking about being the offensive closer, the go-to-guy down the stretch. While we all hope Geronimo makes a big leap this season, I dont anyone expects him to be the bucket-getter in tight games down the stretch.
  18. Yeah, he's had a strong preseason. We'll see if it maintains when everyone comes back, as he still tends to just fade into the background offensively, but he does look much better and more confident this preseason.
  19. Midway through the 3rd Langford has 15 points with 3 made 3's.
  20. Langford with another start in the Celtics final preseason game, granted Jaylen Brown, Al Horford and Marcus Smart are all out. He has a quick 6 points on 3-for-3 shooting, and is playing really well.
  21. I hear what you're saying. There were several games last year where IU was right there, but then when the game got tight the last 5 minutes other teams had guys that could just take things into their own hands offensively. IU didn't have that. As much as we want to complain about coaching, and there was a lot to complain about, often times in close games the last 5 minutes just flat-out comes down to players making plays and making big shots, and IU hasn't had that since probably Yogi.
  22. Saw an interesting stat on Mahomes. First let me preface it with I agree with the sentiment that the league is catching up to the Chiefs, not necessarily Mahomes. Mahomes is an absolute stud, but it's incredibly hard to win in the NFL, and his salary is going to impact their roster construction. Anyways, the stats are that Patrick Mahomes in his NFL career to-date is 0-0 in Wildcard games and 0-0 in road playoff games. Outside of Super Bowls, Mahomes has never played in a playoff game outside of Arrowhead Stadium and he's never played in the playoffs before the Divisional Round. It looks like the Chiefs will face both situations this year, so it will be interesting to see how he does in a not so comfortable environment at playoff time.
  23. If the Colts pick moves to a 1st rounder, the Eagles will have 3 first round picks and as of today all 3 are slotted in the top 10. Of course a lot can change, but that's where we stand right now. Agree on everything you said about Hurts and the Eagles coach. Hurts is ok, and he's a great leader/teammate, but unless he improves a ton we're not looking at the next Russell Wilson or Dak Prescott here. I'm interested in seeing how he progresses this season, but I don't think he is the answer.
  24. I thought so too. Was surprised they didn't stick with the call on the field.
  25. He way under threw that deep ball on the first drive and way over threw Ertz on the last 3rd down play. Those happen a decent amount of times throughout each game. Don't get me wrong, I like him, he's a great leader and brings some good things, but he needs to improve on accuracy and arm strength to be a legit franchise starter. He's got some work to do.
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