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  1. The top 1% will have those big sponsorship opportunities, I’d imagine. I just meant how the rest of the athletes could still really take advantage of this new process.
  2. This isn’t about kids making millions in most cases, but most of these kids can absolutely bring in thousands, if not 10’s of thousands a month in deals. Influencer marketing is a full-fledged industry on its own. Companies pay “yoga mom’s” with 50,000 Instagram followers a couple grand a month to be brand ambassadors. Get 4-5 companies to do that and all of the sudden you’re making 6-figures and if your accounting is setup right it’s almost tax-free, all while having your room and board paid for. How many college kids are making six figures at 18 -20 years old with almost zero expenses? Play your cards right, make smart investments, and you’re in a fantastic position coming out of school.
  3. Well said. Geronimo has that VO, Troy Williams explosiveness, maybe even more than Troy. Smith doesn’t have that.
  4. I just watched some Geronimo clips, and I’m quite comfortable saying he’s more athletic than Justin Smith, especially when you take into account that Smith’s athleticism doesn’t translate all that much to the actual game. Geronimo is much more explosive and appears to have length on Smith as well. When Geronimo dunks it’s like he’s on a 9ft rim and barely trying.
  5. I loved him as a coach and he was really good to me, but yeah he had a rep around our town of being a little aloof, etc.
  6. Wait,was he just announcing that he doesn’t know where he’s going?
  7. My top 3... #3: Duke-UNLV Final Four game when Duke beat UNLV. #2: 2002 Derek Lowe no-hitter at Fenway Park. Was the first Red Sox no-hitter at Fenway since 1965. #1: I was on the scoring crew for this game and was literally sitting at the scorers table right where Pierce hit the shot. It was awesome!
  8. Tommy Herr was my assistant basketball coach in high school. It would get us really hyped when in the pregame talk of a big game you’d looked over and see him sporting the ‘82 World Series ring.
  9. We lost two players of any real significance, both of whom were erratic and didn’t aways play hard. We replaced them with a 5* point guard and three other top 150 kids. We return a 5th year senior, a 4th year senior who will be starting for his 3rd year, a junior pg who has started for the better part of two years, a 4th year junior and a 3rd year sophomore, oh and our best player, a sophomore who was one of the best freshmen in the Big Ten last year. In this day and age of college basketball, I’ll take that experience.
  10. I mean, we have a 100+ page thread on a kid that IU was never remotely interested in recruiting...
  11. Yeah, I think it’s just much safer to stay in college right now, especially for the borderline guys. What if there isn’t a G-League next season. What if some European leagues don’t play? If you come out and don’t get signed thenvyou don’t get paid. It’s safer to stay in college with free room and board, amazing facilities, etc., and then come out next year.
  12. Yeah, I know the importance of the stat. Like I said, my college coach wouldn’t even enter the locker room at halftime without the first half deflections tabulated from our assistant. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been yelled at during halftime for not having enough deflections.
  13. Either way, he’s doing a phenomenal job as commissioner, and is making Goodell and Manfred look silly in how they’re handling their leagues in terms of Covid and in general.
  14. Agree. There can definitely be a negative to the stat because you can find yourself gambling or fouling just to try and get a finger tip on a ball, etc.
  15. Crean gets a lot of heat for deflections, but that’s a very common thing for a basketball coach to track pretty closely. I’ve heard Pitino does that as well. My college coach wouldn’t even come into the locker room at halftime until our assistant had tabulated the first half deflections for each player and the team total.
  16. Great idea. Also, most colleges are extending winter break, or at least doing online classes from Fall Break through January. They could do the entire season then.
  17. Thought I’d add that I’m loving this NBA restart. It’s awesome, there’s games all day long. Got home from work and caught a little of the Nuggets-Thunder. Sat down after dinner and now catching some of the Grizz-Pelicans and tonight you have Lakers-Jazz. I think it’s great and the NBA clearly has the best leadership of the major sports.
  18. My recollection is that Crean took a TON of heat from the fan base for his teams getting worse toward the end of the year, with 2011 and 2016 sticking out as outliers.
  19. Justin Smith is clearly athletic, but his athleticism is overrated in terms of its basketball application. His vertical is obviously incredible, but his athleticism was reduced because of his lack of skill and his lack of motor. He probably would do great in combine type of setting, but his athleticism doesn’t usually translate to the game. Basketball is a game where athleticism needs to be matched with skill and effort. For example, I can’t remember too many times where Smith used his athleticism to blow by a defender from the perimeter to get to the basket, or used his athleticism to sprint down the court for a track down block, or sprint down the court and beat guys down court for a fast break dunk. I rarely watched Smith and thought, “wow this guy is dominating with his athleticism”. He isn’t in Oladipo or Troy Williams class as a an athlete. I think Geronimo probably is, but that obviously remains to be seen. On the youth point, IU may be chronologically younger, but we only lost two regular rotation players. There can’t be many Power 5/6 schools that only lost two rotation players. Saying we lost 4 upperclassmen is a little disingenuous, given that Davis and Anderson hardly played. We basically return 4 starters, as well as Hunter, Franklin and Thompson. I guess you can argue youth in that our best player is a sophomore and potentially our next best player is a freshmen, but overall we return a lot of minutes, starts and production.
  20. I can’t beleive I took the time to do this, but comparing the last 2 decades, both IU and UI have one Final Four appearance/Title game appearance. UI has 4 Big Ten Titles to IU’s 3, but IU has two in the last decade and UI has zero in the last 15 years. As far as putting players in the NBA, IU has a huge advantage. IU currently has 9 NBA players to UI’s 2 and also leads over the 2 decade period. Not sure what all of that means? Both programs have had some highs over the last two decades, but I’d say both have been plaqued by inconsistency and instability, and neither program has been where they ‘should’ be for long stretches, though IU has had more consistency over the two decade period, even with the worst 3 year stretch in program history, while UI’s success is frontloaded to the first 5 years of the two decade period.
  21. We have the potential to have the talent to finish top 3, but as I mentioned a few times it’s going to take so,e key returners in Phinisee, Hunter, Franklin and Race not only making a leap, and they have the talent to do it, but also staying healthy. If those guys develop and stay healthy, that’s a solid, solid core to have around two 5*’s. How many Big Ten teams have two 5*’s on their roster?
  22. Yes, we’re not going to be that good. That was a great team and was in an era where for the most part upperclassmen stayed, which isn’t the case in this day and age. But, IU does have talent and if some guys develop and stay healthy, has a chance to be one of the better, more talented Big Ten teams.
  23. Remains to be seen. Lander is a freshmen for sure, but in this day and age having two 5*’s, especially at the two most important positions, is a good amount of talent. We are though relying on some guys like Phinisee, Hunter, Race and Franklin to not only improve, raise their game, and develop, but also stay healthy.
  24. No you’re not, because again in current day basketball you’re toast if you’re bigs can’t switch defensively on the perimeter. Agree on youth potentially being an issue defensively. That’s where the loss of Smith really hurts. It’s never a good thing to lose a 3-year senior starter.
  25. I love it. Surround TJD with Hunter, Durham, Franklin, Phinisee, Lander, Geronimo, etc. and let’s play fast, skilled and athletic, and force pressure on other teams. That also solves the interior depth problem to an extent, because then you have both Race and Brunk off the bench as bigs. It also still leaves the option to go big. All this talk of small, quick and fast, which I love, but Archie can still throw a Brunk, TJD, Hunter, Franklin, Lander lineup (just using that as an example) and that’s a big, long lineup.
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