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  1. BEKA

    Anthony Leal

    Leal and BHSS knocked off #3 Floyd Central last night.
  2. BEKA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I knew this kid was going to be dope. I've been more excited about RP than any other recruit, including Romeo. This is the type of kid that really turns a program around. Humble, smart, high BBALL IQ. Just a freakin' player! Way to go Rob! Enjoy the spotlight, you deserve it.
  3. BEKA

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    It's not just the coach, it's the culture. Until IU realizes that they aren't existing in the 70s-80s any longer, it doesn't matter if we have Brad "JesusGod" Stevens or whoever. Our guys are just getting plain out-hustled, outplayed, and generally embarrassed by a team with better fundamentals.
  4. BEKA

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    I'm beginning to have questions about some stuff.
  5. The kid is a freshman, so that's a bit unfair. If he's a shooter and a natural scorer, he's definitely worth a look. Plus, from what I understand, his athleticism may be hampered by a bone growth complication. I'd at least like to keep an eye on him, lest he ends up at Butler and torches us a few years down the road.
  6. BEKA

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Butler is my second favorite team in the state behind IU. I even worked at BU for a year and really became enamored with the campus, the people, students, and just generally the way they do things. That said, I hope we stomp them by 20 this year. I'm kind of sick of the "Butler Way" as some mythical thing. It's not. Please, IU, kill Butler this year.
  7. BEKA

    Louisville pre-game thread.....

    I think with Romeo's lifelong proximity to L'ville and his gym time with some of their (probably former) players, we have an edge in the scouting department. On a neutral court or @ L'ville, I'm not feeling super confident. But with us getting healthier, playing at SSAH on a weekend before finals, a couple of hard-fought B1G wins, etc., I think we're due for another Marquette-type game. I'm going with 81-68, Hoosiers.
  8. Given the video evidence that Juwan seems more concerned about his hair than his shin, I think we're good.
  9. Maybe this is just me trying to spread sunshine (a conscious effort that I decided upon this morning), but I think this team starts to gel in this match up. A couple of tough road tests under their belts. Working through a bunch of injuries, etc. This squad is hungry to prove themselves. Not saying that it won't be a squeaker, but in my positive state of mind, I'm going with IU 68 PSU 59.
  10. Eh, trap game or not, this is a dangerous part of the schedule. This IU squad hasn't proved that they can do much of anything yet. I REALLY hope that they go into State College and kill, but I'm not holding out hope. I think we're starting to get a little more healthy, and we've had a couple of really challenging road tests already, so this game will be a good gauge of where we are as a team.
  11. I'm hoping that the squad that played Marquette shows up to this one, though I'm not confident that will happen. This is a trap game. Penn St. is coming off a hard fought loss to MD and they will be hungry for a home win. That said, they have been very inconsistent so far this year - kind of like another team I'm thinking of. If we don't hit the court focused, sharp, and wanting the win, this one could get away from us. I'm hopeful, just not feeling good about this one.
  12. BEKA

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    We NEED Justin Smith to be more aggressive and to use his athleticism. I'm of the mind that this kid's woes are almost 100% mental. He seems distracted, like his girlfriend just dumped him or something. I'm not the pile on JS train, because ultimately I think he is an extremely valuable piece to this team. But man, that kid needs to find another gear. For a dude that supposedly has a 48" vertical, he just doesn't seem to use it when it's needed most. One of the last plays of the game where ? stole it and found Justin wide open under the basket...alone. DUNK THE BALL! He just laid it in, and didn't even look comfortable doing that. I really hope this kid finds his way through the weeds, because he could be a linchpin in a pretty decent team.
  13. BEKA

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Watching PU get dismantled my UM is bringing my blood pressure down.
  14. BEKA

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    Northwestern has a legit squad. There will be no easy wins, either home or away this year, and with all of the injuries, I'm happy to take this W, ugly as it was. Some fans might think that this shouldn't have been this close, but this is the B1G. Any team can win anywhere on any given day. It's chaos season and this is why we love the game. Romeo did exactly what he was recruited for today, and that makes me pretty dang happy.
  15. I read a comment on the r/CBB subreddit from a *Duke* fan that (and I'm paraphrasing here) said, Archie is taking the first step to becoming a great coach for IU by keeping the in-state guys and locking down the borders. I am shrugging off early season struggles this year in favor of the long view. CAM has a plan and he's only implementing the first phase. All is good.