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  1. Romeo Langford Poll

    Vandy. Gut feeling that I don't like or understand, but I just think there was too much ground for CAM to make up in under a year. Massive credit goes to him to keeping IU in the running this long.
  2. Romeo Langford

    100% agree. This is how internet nonsense goes viral. It makes zero sense that a family, that by all accounts, are pillars of their community and have raised a fantastic, god-gifted son would go dirty this late in the game. Why would a family with a son that is set to make multiple millions of dollars in one or two years risk everything for a few bucks in some stupid college recruiting battle? This is some stupid fantastical garbage fed to fans by the likes of idiots like Dakich (and other know-nothings) for the sake of stirring the pot. As IU fans, we should be above this crap.
  3. Romeo Langford

    Not saying that the author of this article will end up being entirely wrong, but there is a glaring logical flaw in the construction of his argument. If the geographic radius of rabid IU fandom ends "somewhere around Orange County", then how do you make the leap to "boos and hatefulness" in every gym RL visits if he doesn't announce for IU? NA plays most of their games in that corner of the state. Outside of Bloomington (North and South), in what universe is this kid booed out of the gym? This is dumb. The author should replace "why the evidence suggests", with "why my opinion suggests".
  4. Romeo Langford

    You're right. Maybe I, a 50 year old man, would be a better cheerleader if I went and stood in line at a NA game for an autograph because that would make me a "true" fan of IU hoops.
  5. Romeo Langford

    I may be in the minority here, but I really just am not all that concerned about where this kid goes to school. Would I love to have him at IU? Of course! Will this make or break Archie's ability to draw top-flight talent from in-state going forward? Of course not. Like everyone else following this recruitment, I get sucked into the drama of it. But in the end, he's just a kid playing a game that he loves and is really good at. I loved watching Damon too. But he never brought us another banner, and his college career ended up being kinda meh. Still love the legend and his career though. As a fellow native Hoosier and IU alum, I'd like Romeo to come to Bloomington. If he decides that's not in his best interest, I hope the kid flourishes wherever his career takes him. I'm still loving this team next year...and the year after, and so on, with or without RL.
  6. 1993 NCAAT vs. L'ville. Calbert staring down whatisname from the Cards after blocking a shot is seared into my memory forever. Amazingest!
  7. Purdue Postgame Thread

    Played the #3 team in the nation down to the wire with a total Frankenstein roster. CAM is the real deal. I can't wait to see what he does with a full, balanced roster that he himself recruited and coached. Hard to be pissed about this game. Except for a few boneheaded plays, it looked like they were playing to win, just came up on the ass end of the final score. GG all around and hella entertaining to watch.
  8. Romeo Langford

    This is patently ridiculous on it's face. You're talking about guys that played the game 50+ years ago. Basketball, like all sports, does not exist or evolve in some sort of vacuum. Rules change. Players evolve and adjust. I'm 50 years old, and can recognize the fact that athletes today are just much better equipped to play the game as it exists TODAY. Steve Kerr shot nearly 60% from 3PT range over 30 years ago. One of the best of all time. There is no way he would do that in a modern environment because of things like different defenses, better athleticism, etc. Doesn't mean that Kerr (or Pistol Pete or whoever) don't deserve their due, but to say that kids playing the game today are lacking in fundamentals is total red herring argument.
  9. CAM getting his "hey there, howdy" welcome to the B1G grind. Izzo is really rolling out the red carpet.
  10. Well, at least watching the NA game on ESPNU was awesome. I was tepid on getting Romeo, but after watching him, oh boy, do we need him!
  11. Sure, Wiscy may be missing 3 starters, but word just came in that although Priller's boot is off, he's not dressing for the game. Final prediction. 100-0, Badgers.
  12. Romeo Langford

    There's "no way" he comes to IU even though we've made his final 3? That doesn't pass the smell test.
  13. Tennessee Tech Game Thread

    No killer instinct with this group at all. Too tentative and indecisive. Especially the seniors.
  14. ND post game thread

    Yep. I hopped off the anti-Crean bandwagon a long time ago. I think he was the right coach for the time. That said, even during his signature wins, I was never comfortable with him as an in-game coach. This win was all coaching and getting the players to buy into the system. Toughness, hustle, and grit overcame some of the team's shortcomings today. And that, that's what I love watching. Go Hoosiers!
  15. ND post game thread

    Best game I've watched in years! McRoberts deserves that open scholly...or at least whatever he wants from St. Elmo's before the ride back to B'ton.