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  1. He punched a clipboard out of one of his assistant's (Roberts) hands. It's kinda funny to watch.
  2. I'm more apt to take delight in a Boilermaker loss when, you know, we can actually beat them for once. Until then, facts are facts - Painter owns Archie.
  3. Exactly. Let's let our hate keep us warm enough tonight to bury Ricky Jr. tonight. God bless.
  4. Thanks for this. I'm just (anecdotally) using the 9 pm start time because when I REALLY started watching every IU game back in the 80s-early 90s, it just seemed like late games at The Barn are a curse, no matter who the coach, players, or whatever. I just hate that freakin court so much. It's dark, dumb, the floor is that creepy off-white. I hate Minny.
  5. Anyone have the energy to look up a stat? W-L, IU @ The Barn with a 9 pm EST start time between 1999-2019? Kinda specific, but I have the flu and can barely type a search term into Google without coughing a lung up.
  6. A late start game at The Barn + no evidence that this team can win anything on the road, and I'm not feeling very confident. I just don't sense that this team or the coaching staff understands what's hanging in the balance. No tournament appearance for four years and no improvement in Archie's three years (by any metric) has an impact beyond just this season and Archie's tenure. We're about to lose half the fan base if we don't make this train.
  7. There are are a couple of large parking garages right by the Bluebird. I haven't tried the Village Pub yet, but I've heard good things.
  8. I never like our odds at Minny because of that stupid thing they call a "basketball court". I've watched some of our worst performances ever at The Barn.
  9. Basketball? More like Terriball, amirite?
  10. Aside from the losing part, watching games like this just isn't enjoyable in the slightest. I'm slowly but surely checking out on this season because I've seen enough garbage ball for a lifetime the past couple of months.
  11. These guys either want to make the tournament, or they don't. It's looking more and more like they could care less if there's a post-season for them.
  12. This is correct. I'm both old enough and young enough to not over-romanticize CBK's last few years at IU. The game had passed him by right around this time and he never recovered.
  13. Source? Also, is that who we really want running the program. Honest question.
  14. You're kind of missing the point. I don't think Archie has lived up to his contractual obligations at all, but where do you go from there? Honest answers only.
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