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  1. I'm not a hater, but it's hard to feel sorry for a dude set to collect either: A) another $3+ million if he's allowed to stay for another year, or B) A sweet $10 mill buyout if AD/alum take action. The last job I got canned from gave me a cardboard box to pack my stuff and payed out my unused PTO @ around $1000. This is just one of those situations where it's not working out. Break up before it becomes really weird, please.
  2. Whoever ends up coaching this team next go-around needs to agree to a contract rider - lose to Purdue twice in a row and your contract is subject for renegotiation. Yes, I am serious.
  3. We need an Indiana guy, like Kurt Vonnegut or perhaps John Dillinger. Think outside the box!
  4. Agreed. It's ugly. There's no great outcome whether he goes or stays. Guys likely transferring or hitting the portal and recruiting is dead in the water. It's a special kinds of sh*t show.
  5. Just don't know how you keep CAM around for another year. It feels like dragging out a bad marriage because we signed a garbage pre-nup.
  6. Team plane just landed at BMG. I'm half inclined to drive out toward the airport and stand on the side of the road in protest, just pinching my nose like something is stinky with one hand, and a thumbs down with the other.
  7. Fair point, but: A: Harbaugh is a Golden Boy at UM, and B: He still sucks. If Archie is angling for more $, then he probably needs to pick up his pace of winning just a tad.
  8. This isn't a complicated argument from an AD/university perspective. "We don't pay you north of $3 mill/yr to be 0-6 against Purdue in your 4th year. As head coach, it's your job to figure out how to win, and if your system isn't working, you need to make the necessary adjustments or you're out of a job." I understand contractual employment, but in no other line of work would you be allowed to continually fail without being let go. I wanted this guy to work out, but there's always been some X factor missing since the day he took over. Cut bait on this guy already.
  9. What was the offensive game plan? A bunch of screen passes to Whop in traffic with nowhere to go? That sucked to listen to/watch. Defense performed admirably, but not great. Team seemed to just be sleepwalking all day. Bleh. On to next year and a Donavan McCulley as the next-gen QB.
  10. Dear Archie and IUMBB Hoosiers (and Santa), Start and finish this one strong. Get off to a good start and surprise the doubters and establish yourselves as a top team in the conference. I ask this as a Christmas wish for all of us, but especially for CC and MileHi. Get it done and start a new day for IUBB. Peace on earth, BEKA
  11. I think this team will gel nicely if we get to play most or all of the season. It's just so difficult to gauge how ANY team will react to the weirdness of playing in empty arenas and the general stress of the situation everyone is in. Good teams are going to flounder, and mediocre teams might thrive. It's just a very, very weird year. That said, nice to see some shooting and hustle on D. I loved that Geronimo inbounds steal and buzzer-beater. Kid is going to be a good one, methinks.
  12. As a younger lad, I supported myself by learning how to cook in some of Bloomington's finer eateries. I've almost always (oddly) been a morning person, so I thrived at short-order breakfast things. I'm a bit of a foodie, but breakfast is sacred to me. I love Sundays because it gives me that space to create (or recreate) dishes that I've learned over the years. Usually nothing fancy, but occasionally I'll whip up a full-meal-deal for a get together brunch - home fries, eggs, quiche, hollandaise, B&G, etc. It's my forte and now I'm hungry and need to check my breakfast food supply. 😀
  13. I do content development for corporate learning and development orgs. We work primarily with Fortune 500 companies who have their own internal learning and dev departments. I love the job because it involves a little bit of everything that I'm good at - writing, problem solving, basic design, client-engagement, etc. I could stand a few more $ in my paychecks, but the flexibility and variety of work are definite perks.
  14. I don't think the goal has ever been to have every single person in a geographical area tested. But to get to a statistically meaningful baseline, it has to be more than 2%. I'm not a public health expert or a statistician, but I would imagine at least in the range of 20-25% testing of a geographically-bounded set of a population would help us get a better grasp on what we're dealing with.
  15. Are we though? Every piece of information that I'm seeing tells me we're not nearly at the levels of testing that we need to be. Indiana, for example, has roughly 6.8 million residents. As of today, the state has tested ~130,000 people. That's less than 2% of the overall population. That's not going to cut it. We may be seeing "more testing", but on a per capita basis, we're way behind the curve. I'm not going to ascribe blame here, but this is just a fact.
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