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  1. In roughly 72 hours, I'll either be dancing like that banana emoticon or digging into my "steely reserve" fund and moving forward, stoically. In either case, I will be enjoying two fingers of good bourbon and still be loving IUBB. Gloriana Frangipana!
  2. So, I seem to recall that Romeo was being held out of tonight's Nike Hoops Summit game due to concussion conerns (from the elbow to the face last week). Was that fake news?
  3. I'm not sure that I buy this theory. NA is equally pro UL and UK due to geography. I'm cautiously optimistic, but I don't think the gym will be swarming with pro-IU fans necessarily.
  4. Therein lies the problem. This isn't media reporting on something that has already happened, like a weather event or car accident. The fact is that no one - insiders, outsiders, and everyone in between can't be 100% sure about until a kid sits down at a press conference and puts the hat on. It's all speculation until it's not. This is why I hate those stupid Crystal Ball predictions.
  5. ^^^This^^^. I'm pulling for RL to come to IU as much as anyone here, but sometimes I think some of us need to take a deep breath and remind ourselves that we're the adults in the room. I love this board because of it's high level of CBB knowledge and civility, but I think obsessing over this recruitment is starting to go a wee bit overboard.
  6. Agree 100%. Romeo looks super bored and the play is super sloppy and uninspiring. I don't get what the point of these games are outside of "showcasing" how much work these guys need to do. Total snoozefest, this game is.
  7. Agree on the "taking KY to the woodshed" part, but when Indiana has won 31 of the last 34 games played and leads this ancient series by over 50 games, it just becomes rote and boring. KY just isn't good at producing basketball talent. Good at stealing it, sure. But their HS talent has faded into nothingness over the past 25-30 years. I'd rather actually compete with someone.
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing this series go the way of the dodo. We all know that Kentucky is no basketball state outside of UK and UL raiding the cupboards of their neighbors. I mean, the game in KY is being played in a gym with less than 3,000 seats while the IN game will be at Banker's Life FH. At this point, this series has become so one-sided, it just seems like a bad joke.
  9. Kind of a head scratcher. This is pure speculation, but perhaps De'Ron's rehab isn't coming along on the timetable set for him and/or one other player pegged for a the 4/5 is leaving. Either way, there's still plenty there to fill that part of the roster. The grad transfers that we REALLY need are at G. Maybe CAM is going for as much length as he can garner, or trying to balance classes in some way, who knows. Anyway, I kind of like following the off-season moves and trust the coaching staff to make the right decisions AND keep us die hard fans enthralled during the off months. Go Hoosiers!
  10. Kind of related to this angle...I read some interview with RL today (on ESPN, maybe? I can't remember) from Atlanta. He really emphasized how awesome Indiana high school basket ball is. How there are no small gyms and that they're packed wherever you go, etc. Maybe this is his coming down off of Cloud 9 moment. RL is so adored in this state that maybe just being "one of the guys" among a bunch of equally talented bball players kind of brought him back down to reality. Now, I don't know what kind of bearing that has on his eventual college choice, but reading about his love for his home state's top sport was pretty cool.
  11. Yeah. I wouldn't put much stock in an anonymous Twitter-person who has been on the platform for less than a year and has a total of 17 followers. Methinks this is some merry prankster.
  12. So, if Romeo really does plan on one more visit to campus, maybe the timing is good. Spring is finally springing, IHSAA tournament run is over, and IUB's campus can't be beat when the daffodils and greenery come to life. Of course, the drunk driver that smashed up the Sample Gates the other night...may want to take him through the old part of campus on another route.
  13. Agreed. Coaching down the stretch was a little shaky. Romeo was getting double/triple teamed most of the second half. You have to find a way to get him out of those situations. To be fair though, no one from NA was handling the ball particularly well. If Romeo hits his free throws, this turns out different.
  14. Shannon should have/could have iced that possession with one of his remaining timeouts. Heartbreaking.
  15. Oops. Sorry about that last post. Not used to the embedding feature here. Anyway, it was linking to this Twitter vid from last night's regional final after the game was over. Pretty cool stuff. https://twitter.com/BbalEvv/status/972660288318312448
  16. I wouldn't call it a "honeymoon" year next year, but I would opine that at least until year 3, we need to give him some latitude to do his job. That said, I do expect that we make a big jump next year with or without Romeo and/or Juwan. Part of the mythos surrounding him, and no doubt one of the reasons Glass made Archie his pick, was his ability to do so much with so little at Dayton. At the very least, I would think the IU faithful would like to see that kind of magic happen in Bloomington sooner rather than later. I don't think it's a make or break year for CAM, but it will tell us a lot about how hard he'll have to work to make the jump to the big leagues.
  17. Agreed, the kid is super smart. But it still doesn't add up. If he was really wanting to pursue a top-flight engineering degree knowing that he also had an opportunity to play in the NBA and make millions of dollars, he would have been a Purdue (ugh) lock the instant they offered him. I'm not saying that Vandy's engineering program is anything to scoff at, but if you want to be an engineer and live in Indiana, the choice seems obvious. I'm not convinced that getting an engineering degree is HIS priority. It may be his parents' priority, but I think he has other plans lined up and is trying to balance those two competing ideals. Ergo, IU is the only choice to make everyone happy.
  18. Assuming this is true, which is a huge assumption, I don't see how Vandy is the destination. Why go off scholarship but continue your education at Vandy? Even with NBA money, that's not a smart investment. He could play at IU, go the Zeller route and get a KSOB degree for next to nothing and keep a ton of doors open if his bbal career, for whatever reason, doesn't pan out. If this kid is as smart as I think he is, he's probably thinking stuff like this through. On the flipside, I was 18 once too, so....
  19. The official IU Bball Twitter account just liked this. https://twitter.com/HemenwayAlex/status/971495190530809856
  20. Purdue is a perennial "almost". If they make it to this years Sweet 16, I'll be shocked. Enjoy your "good season" Boilers. It'll be the last in a long time.
  21. I'm salivating at the possibility of Justin and Romeo running together. Man, imagine the highlight reels with those two.
  22. I don't participate in any other IU BBALL boards. I look at some of them, scroll through the threads. Some of them start off okay, but then just descend into insults, name calling, etc. Everything that I hate about the internet. I'm hooked on HSN precisely due to it's high level of bball knowledge, civility, and just general good discussions. Glad to contribute! Now, let's get Romeo (who I'm currently watching pick apart FC).
  23. Yep. Novak and McGary are quite a bit younger than me. Matt Nover was (I think) a freshman when I was a senior. I didn't know him too well, but ended up befriending him a few years after he graduated from IU and was playing professionally in Portugal. He would spend some of his summers in Bloomington working out and would occasionally come into the restaurant I worked in (I think because he was sweet on one of the waitresses). Anyway, we started chatting and talking about our hometown and had a pretty friendly relationship for awhile. Nice guy and I used to love watching those teams he played on.
  24. No slight taken. Chesterton has never been exactly a hotbed of basketball talent, although we had some decent teams in the 70s-80s. The gym where the shot of Archie was taken is from the giant new (well,new to me) high school. I've never even set foot in that gym, but it looks to be pretty well put together.
  25. My alma mater (Chesterton). Cool to see the high school hosting sectionals. Now if CHS could maybe win one one of these days.
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