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  1. Best game I've watched in years! McRoberts deserves that open scholly...or at least whatever he wants from St. Elmo's before the ride back to B'ton.
  2. Can't tell if this is a joke or not, but Settles is a B1G Network host. He used to kill us with his sharpshooting skills once upon a time though. Also, I think (hope) the team bounces back and takes a step forward by winning this one. 74-69 is my best guess.
  3. Not a surprise, but still disappointed. I thought he showed flashes of being a very solid player last year and really expected him to flourish. Wish him the best of luck wherever he lands.
  4. Green just does not seem to have the ability to let the game come to him - always going for flash instead of the smart play. Durham's shot is spotty, but that kid is really enjoyable to watch. 3 pt defense is awful. With all the shortcomings though, I'm still seeing a team that's taking baby steps towards getting better.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. I randomly found this board (well, the old version of it anyway) and now have migrated over here. I'm thankful for a lot of things, but among them is having a place to discuss and learn more about one of my passions - IU Bball - in a civil environment with lotsa folks who have high bball IQ. Hope everyone enjoyed their day!
  6. Not sure I agree with the suggestions that something possibly "shady" is going on. Bryce Drew, as far as I know, has never committed any major infractions nor has been suspected of being dirty somehow. Garland is a hometown kid that wants to stay home. Shittu and Garland played together and bonded on their AAU team. Voila! I get that Vanderbilt isn't a "basketball school", but sometimes the stars align and programs get better. I'd like to think that Bryce just did a really good job of selling these kids on being a part of something special, which is exactly what we're counting on Archie and his staff to do. I'd prefer he keep his hands off of Romeo, but all is fair in love and cbball recruiting.
  7. Not exactly sure why we're supposed to buy into this defensive scheme when the 3-point defense has gotten WORSE over the first four games, not better. South Florida? I mean...
  8. First half observations: 1. This team is terrible 2. CAM isn't exactly inspiring confidence that this team won't be less terrible as the season progresses.
  9. Captain Eternal Optimism here. I think we see significant improvement and buy-in from at least one of the upperclassmen along with gradual improvement from the younger guys and we pull off an upset here and there. I'm not hoping for much against Duke, but the other four games mentioned above are all winnable contests IMO. During CAM's Thursday radio show, he seemed to focus on the players being in sync, without being too down against work ethic, learning a new system, etc. As long as the players are willing to remain coachable and work towards concrete goals, I don't see any reason why they won't be a drastically different team by mid-December and find that "sync" mode. Of course, I just came from a fun work Thanksgiving party, so this may be the gravy and tryptophan talking.
  10. Agree. I love his heart, but if he's not healed by now...
  11. First half observations: Finally showing some grit Josh Newkirk is not very good, and he should not be on the floor They might actually be starting to gel a little bit I need more whiskey
  12. I may be (am) sick in the head, but I love watching seasons like this one unfold. Maybe it's the whole "change is in the air" phenomenon, but I am ultimately optimistic about getting back to some fundamentals and solid in-state recruiting. I'm an older fan, so my expectations are more realistic than the "win now" crowd. I guess I just like watching a story unfold, and this season is just Chapter One in what I believe will be a really good book that you can't put down. Ultimately, that's why I fell in love with IU BBall and want that love affair to continue. It's fun. It's a game. And I am a Hoosier to the bone. I don't think we win this one, but I will be watching like a hawk for improvements and player development, no matter how small those advances may be. Can't wait!
  13. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I'm not too disappointed with this one. First, no need to worry about available schollys for '18. Second, I'm really looking forward to seeing Phinisee play. With too many cooks in the kitchen, I fear we don't get to see the kid that jumped at the opportunity to be a Hoosier run the point and develop. I'm excited to watch him play his senior year and can't wait for him to get here.
  14. Nope. This is awful. He gets paid big bucks to not lose to these teams, first game or not. Sorry, this is an abysmal debut. This isn't "Hoosiers" the movie.
  15. First F for Archie. I hate to say this, but he doesn't have his players ready to play. This is ISU, for cripes sakes. AT HOME!
  16. Simi Shittu cancelling UNC visit most likely means he goes to Vandy. Thusly, not looking good for IU grabbing DG.
  17. But don't dribble off your knee or throw it away while running.
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