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  1. You know Rico, Have watched Kingsbur over the years. I just have not been able to get onboard. One of my biggest concerns with him is that it seems he has never been on a team that actually played defense. In the quality conference and pros you need to play defense. It could just be me.
  2. I think you will see the pros come for him. He has proven himself as a CEO manager type.
  3. You don’t want to get that started, there are no acceptable excuses in my mind.
  4. I’m not sure he will make it through the end of the game before someone makes him an offer. I thought they would get blown out in this game, but if you look at his record there, he might be one of the best in college football. I would take him over the Purdue coach if I had a big time program in need.
  5. Payday

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    That is the truth. I just wish I saw a competitiveness from the top, a refusal to accept average and refusal to wait and see if this guy can prove himself. It is, in my mind, the difference between a top tier program and one that struggles. A top tier program does not reach for a coach, it goes and gets a proven commodity and pays accordingly and then holds him to a higher standards. It does not wait and see if the coach can prove the AD wise by eventually winning. It is just a difference in philosophy I guess.
  6. Payday

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    Actually, we beat Michigan State when they were in the top 20 and it started their skid. Last year we paid a poor team to come in and take the Florida spot, i think it cost us a million, and there are three high schools around here that could beat them. Maybe more. As for schedule toughness, you might want to look at the teams we played last year that were ranked at one time compared to this year. In fact, Wilson’s last season saw us playing either four or five top 20 teams i think, but it has been a long time since i looked at it. The teams this year, conference and non conference, were all pretty weak compared to the big ten in most years.
  7. Payday

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    Uh, we went to bowl games, took Michigan to overtime at home, then beat Mstate, and Purdue the following year and went to a bowl that Allen blew, and since then our really good stats come at the cost of bringing in very weak high school teams. We were on the path to turning things around and have gone back to below average. We had a very favorable schedule this year, had a better online and much better back, even the strong teams in the conference were off quite a bit, and failed to make any headway. If that is what creates excitement then people will drop with heart attacks if we get rid of the high school coach and get a real personality that they players want to play for. Wilson was close to that buthis fatal flaw was being a control nut and not delegating. Sabin type team management is an absolute necessity if you are going to turn things around. The best thing about next year is a Pen will take over at QB and he won’t be controllable. In the mean time, hold the coach and AD to the same standards we hold the players to.
  8. Payday

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    He has no idea what he is doing. You can’t make a high school coach a college coach. Our wins have decreased in quality, players have already left or transferred, he brings in people nobody else wants because they have a tie to Indiana, he is going to turn the program into a local juco program. You can wait and see, it is coming, or we can make a change and hold him to a standard we would hold anyone being paid millions to run a company.
  9. Payday

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    That is a great analysis. Texas AM fired their coach last year, were not good, got a good coach who plays players and adapts to the ability he has, and he has his team hanging with LSU. AM is a second level school in Texas, behind Texas, and they still get it done. Indiana is a flagship state school, the AD just has to demand excellence and go get a real quality coach.
  10. Payday

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    I agree 100%. I was visiting with one of the top espn football producers and we had a long discussion just about the bowl games. It is an amazing financial structure. The bowl games do not rely on attendance. There are a lot of factors, but the advertising covers everything. ESPN virtually owns the bowl games and they will keep adding Bowl games as long as they have a sponsor and that sponsor buys the advertising. They do not care about the stadium occupancy.
  11. Payday

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    Well, if a player/team performs poorly there are consequences. Allen makes millions, he deserved to be held to the same standard. Yes he should be fired, should never have been hired as head coach, but it is unlikely the administration, despite paying, will hold him to the same standard we expect the players and team to be held to.
  12. Payday

    Old Oaken Bucket Game Thread

    While I understand what you are saying, that type of attitude is a concern. We could bring in anyone to raise money, there are people out there who are very good at that and could match that effort. The “trending up” is what concerns me. Glass is not new, if these programs are trending up wouldn’t you agree he holds some accountability for allowing them to trend down in the first place? And keeping someone because they took a below average program and moved it up is the same mentality that got us a bad coach and a program headed the wrong way. Allen took a horrible defense, took it over after the previous DC took the hit playing young players, and moved them to average. It wasn’t his first coaching moment where he did that. And one could argue that the players being a year older had as much to do with it as the coach. I don’t know what the answers are, and the frustration of the day probably prevents any of us from a sound decision/analysis, but Glass’ failing to have a real coaching search after Wilson left is going to continue to be a issue for him as long as the team and coach underperform.
  13. Payday

    Old Oaken Bucket Game Thread

    Lol, so no way out? Screw that, I like the roof option better, at least it forces a direction. But just in case, I’m not going first.
  14. Payday

    Old Oaken Bucket Game Thread

    Maybe it is like the movie “Vanilla Sky” and we have to jump off a roof. Who is going first? Lol
  15. Payday

    Old Oaken Bucket Game Thread

    And assuming he keeps his head straight and doesn’t transfer to a more dynamic offense, we have a RB.