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  1. Payday

    Hoosiers in the NFL

    It was not a good day for last year’s class. I’m not sure anyone besides our TE made it.
  2. Payday

    Ohio State troubles

    It may have already been covered, but it is fairly obvious that urban Meyers would win the lottery if he went and bought a ticket. Hell, he might be able to pick up a spent ticket and turn it in and win. Think about this: Urban has a crisis on his hands, he is under attack and all the media is after him. Nobody thinks he can survive. Sports networks have written him off for “toast”. The word was that the school was going to jettison him, look good to the domestic abuse activists, and then fight him in court. It was over, dirt was being thrown on the coffin. Then, like an early Christmas present and probably the only thing severe enough that could have taken the heat off of him, D.J. Durkin gifts Urban with his own media attention and makes Urban’s transgressions look mild compared to a player dying and evidence surfacing that Durkin was a contributor to the environment that allowed this young man to die. Only Urban could get that lucky, at the tragic death of a kid. You have to admit that this is probably the only thing that, in a day and age where domestic abuse is a rush to judgement and society mandates immediate punishment, could have taken any of the spotlight of Urban. And there can be no denying that without the tragedy in Maryland, and the evidence that Durkin was involved, the spotlight stays on Urban and there is no chance in hell he survives. I had an Ohio State U sports writer tell me that they had plenty of other good coaches and they would be fine, their own sportswriters had written him off. The Maryland incident allowed the OSU board and wagon circlers to take things behind a curtain, let some time pass, and then issue a mild punishment. Perhaps more importantly, the Durkin incident afforded Urban more time to unite his attorney and forces and better “enlighten” the OSU board members into just how expensive his forced departure would cost/harm the program. If Urban buys a lottery ticket and it falls out of his pocket and you see it, jump on it. Because he is the luckiest coach in college football today.
  3. Payday

    Morgan Ellison Suspended Indefinitely

    Depends on if there was blood drawn and it was caught on film, otherwise no suspension.
  4. Payday

    Morgan Ellison Suspended Indefinitely

    It is being locked down quite. But that will all end if it hasn’t already. And frankly, with the cases we have seen where athletes are accused falsely, and where they are legitimate accusations, maybe we should get back to the days where we allowed the police and authorities to follow existing laws on the books before we start punishing the kids. Let’s make sure it is legit. I believe colleges and pro football seem to have lost their way and they got sucked into a football version of shiri law, where we don’t let authorities use existing laws to deal with matters. Maybe we should roll back the expectations that programs act as some sort of social leader in dealing with issues. It is a game after all, most of these coaches are over paid middle school coaches who caught a break, why are these people expected to do anything more than put a team on the field? There is no consistency, each program handles it differently, laws are on the books to handle them, maybe we need to dial it back and anytime there is an issue the program simply states something like “it is in the hands of the authorities and we will respond once we have their conclusions”. A program like IU suffers because it deals with the issues while other programs continue to use the talent and gain advantages, clearly something is not working. Perhaps state and federal laws should come back to the forefront where people are innocent until proven guilty..........except in sports as it is right now. Who knows, too much politics and social correctness has infiltrated sports. I would prefer kids be given the benefit of the doubt but right now coaches and programs are not allowed that right. And honestly, if you have a program where authorities have dealt with issues in your program, FIRE THE DAMN COACH AND AD. Accountability at that level will change recruiting and a whole bunch of other things. Now, after this rant, with my luck a story will break tomorrow that makes the kid look like a monster and I will be attempting to hit delete. 🤪
  5. Payday

    Morgan Ellison Suspended Indefinitely

    Yes sir! But don’t forget about Majette also. I know everyone thought Ellison was talented, but I never liked what seemed to be a lack of toughness. Not bad mouthing the kid, but when I watched him it just seemed like he let bumps and bruises impact him too much. It may have just been youth. But he is talented. However, if tomorrow Gest is hit by a bus and breaks both legs, I think the kid would tape them up and try to go play. I don’t care who you are, you have love players who love the game and are just happy to have been given the chance to play for the school and play a game they love and every time I have watched Gest, along the sidelines or just interacting, he seems to be one that truly enjoys the game. Now, Gest is not going to hurt anyone outside. Ellison could burn by. But inside working, he is afraid of nobody.
  6. Payday

    Morgan Ellison Suspended Indefinitely

    I just love the way the kid plows in for yardage. Doesn’t have the breakaway speed, but he is a true old school runner.
  7. Payday

    Morgan Ellison Suspended Indefinitely

    I think there is still a weird chance that Dawkins returns. He is looking at the field, has to know it is really late, there may not be options. Then you get the real issue. Do you risk an unhappy, obviously not tied to the school, frustrated player disrupting the team if the season starts heading south.....especially a senior. No reason to think it would be a problem, but it has to be considered if you are a coach.
  8. Payday

    Morgan Ellison Suspended Indefinitely

    Gest folks! The kid will run through a wall, has another year of muscle on him, loves the place and loves the game.
  9. Payday

    Ramsey Named Starting QB

    Not saying it is gospel, but when everything disappears from living quarters, related to a person, and nobody knows anything, it usually is not a good sign. My best guess is that they told him he could have time to go visit other D2 or any other program available to him and that is what he is doing and will make his decision. There are always a lot of nervous OC coaches this time of year, there may be a place he can fall into.
  10. Payday

    Ramsey Named Starting QB

    I think everyone is trying to read this too much. He was physically the best QB out there, but there are reasons a kid will leave after graduating and is available. Guys, when you graduate from a school you create friends for life, people you will see and stay in contact with. So when you see a graduate QB available, you might want to look at everything. Very few are going to go on and lead Seattle to a Super Bowl. There may have been other factors involved.
  11. Payday

    Ramsey Named Starting QB

    You won’t get to see Dawkins play because......well......he isn’t there boys. Lol. He is gone, flew the coop, probably at a d2school, but vacated the living quarters and disappeared. Maybe they are calling trying to get him to come back, lol. I’m not sure how the graduate rule works. Can he just transfer to another d1 and keep going till late registration is closed? I don’t know, but things just got interesting for Allen who has shown no ability to manage the offense or qb’s and when Dawkins does surface there is no telling what he is going to say, but it will not be as a student at IU.
  12. Payday

    Lindy's 2018 Football Magazines are out !

    I hate the first three games. They are games they should win and that is always a concern. You have to win the games you are supposed to win and steal a game or two against those you are underdogs. Unfortunately, the other team thinks the same thing. So then you look at the areas you are young in and see if the opponent has strength there. Unfortunately the defense is young. If you hold your breath through the first three, because we aren’t going to get the high school teams this year, and win those, they are home free and headed to a bowl anless they just have awful coaches. But the first three are absolute must wins because injuries, depth, and experience will cause a few problems down the road. The good news is that maybe the coaches are smarter and don’t put a leading receiver on the kickoff coverage this year. Obviously the West comment was sarcastic, but we should see a huge coaching improvement over last year. That too might be a factor in the first three games.
  13. Payday

    3 more bowl games?

    Until such time that the advertisers cease financially supporting the tv bowl games they will continue to add games regardless of the attendance. They absolutely do not care if there are ten people in the stands as long as the tv dollars come in. Folks, they are going to ride that horse to the college football bowl horse drops to the ground and because of the NCAA dollars coming in, the ESPN and other networks dollars coming in, there isn’t one thing that can be done, sadly. But nobody who does not live in a cold weather venue is going to go to a cold weather game unless their team is playing so if they are worried about the stands, which is a small part of the income, they had better choose wisely and get teams who have a history of fans traveling well. For me, if I have a choice between the Bahama Bowl (or something like that) and cold ass Chicago with it’s new “rat capital” status, going to choose bahama and my bet is so will everyone of you.
  14. Payday

    3 more bowl games?

    ESPN had actually expected some of the bowl games to drop. There is a real concern that the diminished fan support in some games, the empty stadiums, will eventually create a tipping point where people just quit watching them. If you continue to expand you bring in new teams and there is still excitement because some of those teams don’t frequent bowls. But if you quit expanding and the excitement wanes there is a concern that it will fall off on all but the playoff games and suddenly you have advertisers and sponsors running from the sport and the perception, and revenue, is bad. But I guess as long as the economy keeps churning you will continue to have underwriters of the bowls and ten people in the stands. I think they are walking pretty close to the edge as far as number of bowls.
  15. Payday

    3 more bowl games?

    This is an interesting thread. On one hand it gives teams and their fans one last game and maybe a chance for a short vacation, not bad. But you really can’t ignor the fact that the only reason they are added is because the NCAA sees money. There is a point where saturation occurs and when you see empty stands it is disheartening and reminding that it is somewhat of a consolation game. But, we had a great time at the game in SF, the boys liked it, so I guess if there are sponsors will to support it there isn’t real harm.