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  1. Potential OC candidates

    The answer is going with the spread offense but not the fast never huddle up pace that runs the legs off the starters. The spread is fine as long as you don’t compromise communication. Besides, if you are going to go at such a fast pace you need to be a legitimate two or three deep team. It is like sending a sprinter to the track to run a relay race alone against four other sprinters, at some point he just gets tired. Go to a slower pace, get in a huddle every so often. We are just not deep enough yet to run the legs off teams like the Michigan’s, Ohio, or Wisconsin type teams and if we slow it down and have better communication we beat the teams like Maryland and Purdue without a problem. This is about playing a system that fits the players you have and not trying to force players into a system. Great coaches adjust.
  2. Many of us have made comments regarding the limited return and benefit under college football playoff system, and that was before this year concluded. UCF beat Auburn and Auburn beat Alabama and Georgia I think. I understand the issues on not increasing the team count in the playoffs, but can we please get someone in the NCAA smart enough to not allow a team like UCF to have a shot at beating the only team to beat two of your “playoff” teams? Lol, who was stupid enough, knowing UCF was unbeaten, to give them a shot at Auburn and open up that can of worms? Send them to the Bahamas bowl, anywhere but not where they can have a chance at defeating a team that beat TWO of your playoff teams. Who wouldn’t love to hear the excuse that guy came up with, the guy who did not see the danger that UCF might just beat Auburn and didn’t backroom an effort to not let UCF play Auburn, and allowed UCF a legitimate claim on the national title? Folks, UCF is undefeated and beat the team that beat two of our playoff teams and they are not going to be national champions and they didn’t even get a consideration to be in the playoff. The results were this damn good when we just let the writers and coaches vote the national champion.
  3. Linder Transferring to IU from Miami

    There is not a year that goes by where we should not bring in a top level graduate player using the prestige of the business school. It is a free asset that should be leveraged.
  4. Potential OC candidates

    As much as I hate to agree with him, I have to. I hate the spread offense. It is fine in a conference where nobody plays defense (OU) but in the big ten you are just wearing out your starters, the communications between the receivers, linemen, and backs is destroyed because there is no damn huddle, and it allows coaching blunders to go through two thirds of a game (Purdue) because we don’t get in a huddle and talk and get on the same page. I think you will see the pendulum start to swing back towards a more traditional offense throughout college football in the next few years. The spread is fine as a change of tempo, but not as your main offense and damn sure not unless you have recruited deep and you third team is as good as your first team.
  5. Taysir Mack Transfers to Pitt

    Les Miles may have ruined his career. Miles brought him in because of his abilities and because there were boosters demanding more offense, then miles would not let him run the offense. Then they were both sent out the door.
  6. Taysir Mack Transfers to Pitt

    I told Cam Cameron I had hoped he would be offered the job last year and then they hired Allen and Deboring. Maybe they should make a call to him this time around and see if he will be the OC. They also have to get a DC, the head coach needs to captain the ship, he should not be handling either side of the ball. The problem we face right now as a program is that very few high profile coordinators like the idea of going to a coach with limited experience like Allen and at a non top tier program. By top tier, I mean the Ohio, Alabama’s of the world. It is just really difficult to attract. You almost have to home grow the coaches.
  7. QB Next Year

    I think the real issue with a freshman starter is the mental side of the game. They can certainly play, but if things go south you run the real risk of destroying a young players confidence and having a team lose faith in him. There are countless examples of freshmen coming in and starting too soon and never seeing the field again. Any coach who knows what he is doing will not start a freshman just because there is so little upside. Coaches at big programs like Bama and others can afford to do it because their overall support is so significant.
  8. Richard Lagow future

    And these were in the history of the program so you may get your wish and not live long enough to see it again. Hopefully 🤣 Righ at 10,000 passing yards for his college career....but I’m sure your accomplishments are far better. Lagow finished his career first in 400-yard passing games (2), fourth in 300-yard passing games (5), sixth in passing touchdowns (34) and completions (425), seventh in attempts (733), eighth in passing yardage (5,298) and ninth in total offense (5,060) on Indiana’s career lists. He graduated with a liberal studies degree in Dec. 2017.2017 Honors: Team captain ... earned the team's LEO Award. 2017 (Senior): Started eight times and appeared in 10 games ... completed 172-of-295 (58.3 percent) for 1,936 yards, 15 touchdowns (T-9th in program history) and eight interceptions ... recorded two, three-TD games and six multi-TD games ... completed 40 passes (2nd in program history) in 65 attempts (1st in program history) for 410 yards (5th in program history) and three scores in the season opener against No. 2 Ohio State ... the 410 yards are the most ever for any Hoosier against the Buckeyes ... added 32 completions (T-9th in program history) and attempted 60 passes (3rd in program history) for 373 yards with three touchdowns in the season finale at Purdue ... went 32-of-48 (66.7) for 289 yards and two TDs in the win at Illinois ... followed that up going 17-of-28 (60.7) for 236 yards and a pair of scores in the Rutgers victory ... member of the Johnny Unitas Award, the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award and the Senior Bowl Watch Lists ... two-time IU offensive player of the game (Ohio State and Maryland) ... 12-time game captain. 2016 Honors: Honorable mention All-Big Ten (coaches) ... named IU’s Offensive Newcomer of the Year.2016 (Junior): Finished 253-of-438 (57.8 percent) for 3,362 yards with 19 passing touchdowns, 17 interceptions, two rushing TDs and one receiving score ... ranked second in the Big Ten in passing yards per game (258.6, 28th nationally), third in yards per completion (13.3, 32nd) and completions (19.4, 39th), fifth in touchdowns (19), and sixth in total offense per game (250.3) and passing efficiency (128.8) ... sits second at IU in single-season passing yardage, third in attempts, tied for third in 300-yard games (3), fourth in completions and total offense (3,176), and sixth in passing TDs ... led the Big Ten in passing plays of 10-plus yards (136, 21st nationally), was second in 40-plus (15, T-12th), 30-plus (24, T-20th) and 20-plus yarders (48, T-25th), third in 50-plus yarders (7, T-17th), and tied for third in 70-plus (2, T-19th) and 60-plus yarders (3, T-25th) ... started all 13 games ... recorded three, three-touchdown games ... set the Indiana single-game mark with 496 yards along with three scores on 28-of-47 against Wake Forest ... the 496 yards were the most the in the Big Ten and the 12th-most nationally in 2016 ... threw for 394 yards, seventh all-time in school history, with three TDs on 28-of-40 (70.0) in the victory at Rutgers ... tossed three touchdowns, including a career-long 79-yarder, and went 17-of-27 (63.0) in the Ball State win ... completed 35-of-59 for 317 yards at Northwestern ... 59 attempts are tied for fourth and 35 completions are fourth in Hoosiers lore ... posted 276 yards with two passing scores and a 5-yard receiving TD in the victory over No. 17 Michigan State ... netted 292 yards and two touchdowns against No. 10 Penn State ... went 18-of-27 (66.7) for 240 yards and one passing and rushing score in his first career start at Florida International ... IU offensive player of the week (Michigan State) ... enrolled in spring classes and participated in practice.Junior College: Quarterback for head coach Dionte Dean at Cisco (Texas) Community College ... rated the top-ranked, pocket-passing junior college quarterback by ESPN ... threw for 2,285 yards with 21 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 2015 ... completed 66 percent (175-of-265) en route to Southwest Junior College Football Conference honorable mention accolades ... in 2014, passed for 2,221 yards and averaged 353.5 per game with 17 TDs and seven interceptions.2013: Redshirted the 2013 season at Oklahoma State University.Prep/Personal: Quarterback for head coach Jaydon McCullough at Plano High School ... completed 109-of-182 and racked up 1,968 yards during his senior campaign ... rushed for 12 scores and added eight through the air ... earned first team all-district honors ... Plano advanced to the Conference 5A Division I playoffs ... parents are DeAnn and Kyle Lagow ... Richard William Lagow was born on Sept. 14, 1994.
  9. Taysir Mack Transfers to Pitt

    They were just a young staff (as far as working together) still coming together and there was a blunder in the last game that had the receiver signals and the qb signals on different channels till about mid in the third......I think there was a lot of frustration. But, that is any first year staff, it is usually resolved earlier, but I am sure that hey will be fine and everyone will get on the same channel. They get a new group, new season, and time to really hit their stride now.
  10. Cobbs Declares

    Not a problem and certainly not anything you personally have to account for, it was just a strange situation.
  11. Cobbs Declares

    They will be fine but keep in mind Hale is coming off an injury, West is coming off an injury, Phil is still green and Luke is the most experienced. This is going to be a challenge and they have to stay healthy. It has to be one of those seasons where the receivers stay healthy.
  12. Cobbs Declares

    You may be right, they don’t give the visiting team the best of seats.
  13. Cobbs Declares

    We were at the pu game, the fans we encountered were pieces of shit. One made a comment towards my wife and then cowardly shyed away when I walked up. They were the least classiest fans we encountered during any game and it is easy to understand how nobody here likes them. We ran into gracious fans at almost every stop of the big ten tour, except pu.
  14. Taysir Mack Transfers to Pitt

    Sorry guys, could not say a word. I did try to warn you there were some unfortunate surprises coming. Mack, Simmie, and Lagow were all roommates so they all lived the experience, with the coaching effort, of the season very close. You have to ask yourself how bad things have to be with the offense scheme to have a guy like Mack leave, who did have success, want out that bad. I am concerned that there are a couple of others that will be a surprise. This has nothing to do with a coach poaching a player, his mind was made up long before he had contact with them.
  15. QB Next Year

    Guys, it is a crap shoot. It is hard to understand the mental and physical toll the game takes on a big ten qb. Becoming the qb may be the easiest part, handling it afterwards is the tough part. Tronti is logically the most likely because he is the better athlete currently on campus. Ramsey was not hurt nearly as much as has been stated, but you don’t want to destroy a kid’s confidence by benching him as a freshman, especially as a new head coach. Penix might take over at mid season depending on his development and maturity of the line, which has to be better, but Ramsey always has that emotional connection to Allen having grown up around their family. Ramsey had the luxury of Mack, Simmie, two TE’s at different times, and Luke. Luke and Water are back, the rest are gone. As usual, as fans, we overlook the key ingredient and look at the qb. But this season will again boil down to the o-line and the back. If the backs come back 15 pounds heavier things will be ok. If the line is heavier and more athletic, then this is a running team and it should not matter who is the qb. With the losses on defense we have to be able to control the ball running or it will be a long season. The way PU ran on us, with a well seasoned defense on our side, I hope the greatest focus is on the defensive side of the ball or this gets ugly fast without a Charleston southern on the schedule.