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  1. Bob, I think that in the last 15 years, as money has poured in and programs have rushed to win and put a different product on the field, we have seen a huge void open concerning the development of players and actual teaching of proper technique. Now, the technique is a failure from peewee and up, it has to be addressed or we are watching the golden age of Football. That, in my opinion, is a very serious threat to the sport because so many programs, including pro, have spent heavily and have debts to justify and need fans. The other void, the development of players, has emerged in part due to a rush to win and take already developed players. The problem is that coaching falls off because basically coaches are just hoarding athletes and using already developed, or close, guys to play a football version of the fast break. If a program went back to the basics it they could beat everyone. Put muscles on big frames and teach them your system is the way to build a program. It has the added benefit that because you are developing players you are likely to suffer fewer early defections to the nfl. I realize this is all just talk, nobody is going to listen and we are just talking, but you write it down. In the next few years you will see a program go back to the basics, quit worrying about the star ranking of a player and start developing physically and as a team, and the program will emerge and everyone will wonder how. Clemson did it, it will happen again. It would be nice if it were Indiana, it is damn sure well positioned, but it takes an AD with a long term vision and the ability to hire and replace coaches who will buy in and follow the program.
  2. It seems very unproven but everyone starts somewhere. They could not afford to make a “reach” offer after they way they bungled things. Leach, or someone like him, would have been a gamble and heads would have rolled if the production was not there. At least they can say he came from a strong background. I think you are right about the conferences and at large, and yes there will always be complaining. But four is just too restrictive and you have to let a team like UCF have their shot. If they lay an egg, fine, but they deserve a chance. As for Alabama, I will say that I think they have been under producing the last four years when you consider the players they get. I am not sure their style of offense is not too plain and predicatable and a top team can neutralize it with lesser athletes. They just have not had the same feel the last several years but they are also continually picked over for their coaching talent. People forget that Clemson got destroyed the first time they played Alabama, I think it was four or five years ago. But Clemson built their team the way I think Indiana should, they knew they could not compete head to head against the likes of Alabama recruiting so they went after the under muscle big frames with speed and quickness. Guys top tier teams pass on because they aren’t five star because they don’t have the muscle. The first time they played Alabama they were thrown around. I told my son that it might be the quickest college team I had ever seen. A year later they had more muscle and they were ready. The long winded point is that if a good coach takes the right approach, does not try to over reach, develops players, you can compete with Alabama and maybe it is not so much Alabama has fallen off as much as other programs have figured out how to play them. I have said over and over that the recruiting “star” noise is for the fans only. If a program knows what it is doing the star rank means nothing after the sophomore year.
  3. ARod to Transfer

    There where were more than a few times in Wilson’s offense where this kid looked like he had that step and spark. Between he and Natee and a couple of others that I suspect are coming, it could be a slowly developing picture that we have to get more creative with he offense and involve more players. Some game I was watching the other day the announcer commented that the team used six different backs and all carried about the same number, it may have been Clemson, and they stayed happy. I hope he finds his spot.
  4. You only have to endure it for short while. I have a very close friend whose family was a huge booster at Georgia. Everything in their sports life is Bulldog. If they weren’t such good friends it would be unbearable. However, they seem to always put a good product on the field, the school offers a very good education, so I guess we endure for a while. One of my kids played at LSU and I had to endure their craziness for four years and wonder if a graduate could earn a living outside of the state so you have it made comparatively. Put your ear plugs in and endure.
  5. There is no excuse for not expanding to eight teams. The “playoff” experiment has worked but will lose credibility unless you expand it. Rico was joking, but teams like UCF deserve a shot. It would be a body bag game, but the current format is losing credibility each year there is a team like UCF that does not make it through the door.
  6. I stand by my belief that we have to quit chasing the rank of a player and continually recruit big frame under weight kids who have good athleticism and then develope them. None of this “how many stars does he have” really matters after the sophomore season if the coach has a real player development program. We can develope second team depth and compete but we can not do it by recruiting head to head against the elite programs.
  7. Let’s see if Charlie Strong does not end up at Florida.
  8. Four years from now texas A&M will be under investigation by the NCAA. Write it down. Too much money floating around from boosters and I am not sure his moral compass is where it should be. Maybe he will prove me wrong. But that is a very frustrating job in Texas football.
  9. Richard Lagow future

    Man Rico, we hope you are right. And I don’t know how anyone plays for the packers in that cold, but we will take whatever comes his way. Thank you all. Now, can someone please fix the basketball team.....without having to resort to criminal activities?
  10. Richard Lagow future

    Thank you all of you. I have another child who played d1 at LSU and the thing I have always told the kids is that they are simply occupying the seat for a very short period and years later when they have the luxury of having been associated with the school they want to be able to look back and say they were a positive to the school. The rest is all noise on the way through life. As for the OC and transitions I have talked to the agents calling and as bad as it was having to learn all the different offensive schemes, that is one thing they say plays heavily in his favor. He had to learn six different offensive schemes in his college career, never had the same offensive coach more than a year and in two instances changed offense a few games in the season. They say it is a plus because he knows all the terminology. Who knows. There is no doubt I have been frustrated at times, and the writings showed, but this has been a good group of people and that is not the case on some boards and I hope it stays that way. A couple of you were correct, I didn’t need to be reading during the season, but it is good to talk to some of you and I enjoyed talking on the private messages because I am a football junkie. Grew up with the Selmon brothers, played ball with Dickerson and James, step father’s brother played with Bart Starr and I used to go to one of the heisman trophy winners house as a kid and played with the trophy (which back in those days it was not the most coveted trophy). I get the feeling a lot of the folks on this board are old alums and maybe even ex players so yes, I did hope that Richard passed the test because those guys are the ones whose backs helped produce today’s opportunities.
  11. Tyler Natee to transfer

    The toll a kid like that takes on a backer running up full speed and having to absorb the hit is enormous. At the end of the game it counts.
  12. Guys, While I realize there are those who might wish Richard had never arrived on campus, we have been inundated with top agents wanting to sign him and every agent has stated they think Richard will have a much better N.F.L. career so IU might well have at least some reason to be proud he was there at some point in the future. I admit I do not know this process from here out, have called on some buddies who played in the nfl for their guidance, but it does appear there is a chance for him. One of the agents listed records held by Richard (no smart asses, int’s is not one of them) and it is surprising. Even the game last Saturday, where we lost to pissants, the passing yardage ranked in the top 12 games ever at IU. When the stats are updated Richard will own three of the top ten games in IU history. Now I know these guys are promoters, but after listening to them it makes you want to cry that we did not have a run game and just a little more OC creativity this year. Hindsight is 20/20, but we could have really been good with just a few breaks. That being said, with West, Donovan, Gest, Ellison, Luke, Tasir, the TE, backs getting bigger, the line getting stronger, two new qb’s coming in, and maybe a new OC, damn..... I like what is coming back next season. And that is not even all of them. I have a friend who gambles and I told him a long time ago that if you want to increase your odds, start betting based on the second string. All big ten teams can match up with the starters, but it is when they get tired or injured that the real game is played. We have a lot of offense depth coming back, fans should be excited. And if Allen knows defense and can plug in players, who knows.
  13. Tyler Natee to transfer

    The kid gave us a spark last year, wore down linebackers when they hit him. How is it possible we did not see him one time this year? I thought he had to be hurt and then just heard he announced he was leaving.
  14. Ok, how long before we hear about Les Miles name entering the mix for coaches jobs? And there is no way Patterson would leave TCU to coach, you only have to coach one side of the ball in their conference and he makes over 4.