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  1. No, that’s my Serbian name.
  2. https://www.insidethehall.com/2020/06/01/2021-guard-blake-wesley-making-the-most-of-his-situation-both-on-and-off-the-court/?fbclid=IwAR36taoNhEvKShVZuTrySw5SJCL2o-VJAQZG5rGcujLDW2fFJaa87NAFBT8
  3. Bad trey shooter, below average FT shooter. Now he can be a miscast 3 or a solid college 4 somewhere else. I expect IU to play smaller with Durham at the 3 with two talented PG's in Phinisee & Lander. I'm sure if Miller had to choose between Smith and Lander, he would pick Lander. Thompson and Hunter should be solid reserve big men He was a miscast four in Indiana's offensive system and that's how he was told he'd be used again next season (assuming there actually is one). The vast majority of his shot attempts and points came in and around the paint area. He really only attempted ~80 three-pointers in ~100 games. And they certainly didn't want him dribbling and handling the ball out on the wing. IMO...The problem for Indiana is due to lack of true guard depth and talent, we essentially played with two 4-men along with a 5. All that did was clog the lane and everything around the goal. However, his NBA evaluation came back stressing that if he had any chance of getting into the league he needed to show he was a true wing player who could shoot it well and create off the dribble from the perimeter. That's simply not him to-date. At all. The kid wasn't going to be happy as a 4-man so it's best he move on and at least try to prove everyone wrong. He's obviously a super intelligent kid who originally was accepted into Stanford, Rice and Northwestern who just graduated from the Kelley School in three-years with a nearly perfect GPA. That's exceptional and his hardwork in the classroom should be commended. He's earned the right to try to live out his dream of making the NBA, I hope he makes it. Worst case, he'll earn himself a MBA while trying
  4. My premature guess at how they finish in the voting 1) Kaufman 2) Furst 3) Wesley I’m putting Wesley 3rd because he’s so far away from the indy market even though he has the most upside of the 3 down the road. I wouldn’t be shocked if he averages 32-36 a game this season if they’re allowed to play that is.
  5. I wonder if that Hahn is any relation to Jim Hahn who coached Shawn Kemp at Concord, and also coached against Damon in the 1990 state championship game at the dome.
  6. $143.9 in granger today(Costco) $1.65 at the regular gas stations.
  7. He also coached basketball at south bend Clay, and started the heroes camp in south bend. South bend Clay is also the alma mater of one Jon Gruden.
  8. I don’t think it matters as far as where he goes next. In basketball he can’t even play one minute of action or else he loses that season of eligibility.
  9. 26 gallons. Costco is always 10-20 cents cheaper than all of the gas stations around here. There is a major local supermarket that does the same with discounts at there gas stations when buying groceries. My Costco membership pats for itself within 2 months by the savings in gas.
  10. Paid $1.81 at Costco in granger today. $45 filled up my F150
  11. Landers sec. championship game link for tonight. https://www.ihsaatv.org/watch/evansville-reitz-vs-castle-4a-sectional-16-boys-basketball-championship-game-southern-indiana-sports-productions
  12. Link for Landers sectional championship game tonight. https://www.ihsaatv.org/watch/evansville-reitz-vs-castle-4a-sectional-16-boys-basketball-championship-game-southern-indiana-sports-productions
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