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  1. I was able to see him as a freshman while he mostly played his minutes on the JV, he was dressed for varsity also, just too many solid upperclassmen for him to get anything more than mop up duty. You could tell by his play on the JV that he was going to be the next big stud at Riley. He’s in the mold of Jaden Ivey who’s at Marian Hs in Mishawaka. Here is a link to his Dad. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=2&ved=2ahUKEwiuhdeb-93iAhUJI6wKHZkrB40QFjABegQIAhAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fballstatesports.com%2Fhof.aspx%3Fhof%3D200&usg=AOvVaw0bHKDigSmTAAbcLlQmoHEP
  2. Maybe true...but that coach is now at Southport. Not familiar with the new Riley coach at all. Wesley’s dad was a stud BBall player at Riley in the 80’s and starred at Ball state. So a lot of his coaching comes from his dad who is actually an insurance salesman for State Farm.
  3. ..you guys in here are turning on each other. Eat them alive until the divide is irreparable. This team lacks some major character that’s for sure. Not sure if they’re just trudging through this season to see it’s end, but this product is close to being worse than creams first season. IMO
  4. ??? That’s a well known fact. One on one conversations with Joe Schmoe are not considered media communication. It’s no different than him sharing it with his own son as long as there is no video/audio of previously stated.
  5. I can honestly answer that with this...CMB would never discuss a kid he is in on by giving away any direct hints. The best anyone will get out of him are those quotes that Ivey is always in the ND gyms with his guys, so one can only read into that. I will say this though, Demetrius Jackson also hung out in the ND gyms with the players and also was around the program like Ivey is, and CMB stated the exact same thing back then. There would have to be a strong pull for Jaden to want to leave this area and the school his Mom works at and played for. CMB was talking in tones that one can expect to see him as the coach at ND until retirement, so a coaching change won’t be the reason. The one thing that came up and can be hard to explain to outsiders is that ND is different from almost all other schools out there when it comes to networking after your career is done. When you hear people say that ND people take care of ND people, it’s true. So he has first hand knowledge of how ND works after his playing days are done, and that’s the case for everyone, even if you weren’t a star athlete. So in layman’s terms...that is where the value in that piece of paper from ND sets you up for life. Hence the term “it’s a 40 year decision, not a 4 year decision”. This can be a positive to take away for you though Boiler...and that is this, Devin Canady also hung around ND a lot but he wasn’t recruited all that hard, so he chose Princeton. His decision was easier for him to leave because his parents moved to Indy after he graduated, so staying close to home for him was not a factor. The difference though is CMB and his staff are making it known that they are not recruiting anyone Hard at all in the 2019 class and putting their emphasis on the 2020 class. He did say that if there was someone that fell into their lap, then they wouldn’t pass it up, but that they would prefer the right fit in a transfer or two in the 2019 class. So the players in the 2020 class know that they will be coming in and learning from mostly juniors and seniors when they arrive. And for Ivey...he’s definitely a 3-4 year player.
  6. Yes. I went to IU, my oldest(daughter) is an IU grad. Her and my oldest boy are are both finishing up their MBA this semester at ND. I worked for Blieandgoldillustrated for 8 years from 2001-2008. This convo with Brey happened today in a casual setting while we were just shooting at the hip. I’ve actually known Coach Brey for a number of years while taking part in his charities, mainly “men of heart.” On a side note, i wasn’t a writer or a beat writer at BlueandGold, i would be classified as a jack of all trades, but mostly involved with the website in talking about football and basketball recruiting, but mostly football.
  7. Jaden is from the same school as Demetrius Jackson was. Ivey is always on the ND campus playing against the ND players as his mom is the one that would love for him to be at ND. After to talking to Brey for a 20 min session the other day, his assessment of Jaden is that he is a much more polished guard than what Demetrius was because he sees the game as a true guard with amazing court sense, whereas Demetrius was always a very talented player caught up in his own head, and never truly grasped the essence of the guard spot. He also said he expects IU to offer Jaden in the future as well. The coach at Marian has been blessed over the last 10 years with players like Jackson, Devin Cannady(Princeton) and now Jaden Ivey...which he feels confident in saying that he will be the best of the 3. The Marian coach was also an assistant under Hecklinski at Anderson(the wigwam)back in the 90’s...and now they’re both coaches in the same city(Mishawaka) On a side note...he(Brey)also said he expects Brooks to be a done deal to IU. And that IU is in the same boat as his program because of the youth and being forced into the fire too soon, but that it bodes well for the future by having to use these underclassmen so much. He also said that it’s a very difficult situation bringing in a one and done player and expecting a savior in this day and age, and that’s why he avoids those kids because it disrupts continuity in the long run. He just said that he will take a team of 21-22 year olds every year and tries to structure it that way, and that this is how he has been able to beat Duke 5 Times and some of the other programs with a multitude of young phenoms.
  8. I’ve said it on this site in a couple of previous posts about Damezi, he’s just not fully ready yet for the speed of the game on defense. As a freshman he is going to have his mind preoccupied and racing which causes confusion for him. Right now on defense he has to learn to retrain his lower body and get his base wider and more maneuverable. He has his base too close together to make maximum effect on sliding his feet to keep up. He will get that figured out, and by next year his defensive posture will be improved. He knows his defense is behind where his heart wants it’s to be. I don’t expect his confidence on his 3 point shot to be where he’d like it to be until he gets comfortable on defense. His HS coaches never taught basic fundamental on defense so he was one that relied on his athleticism to get him by in HS. So my assessment is that his footwork sucks on defense right now. His help awareness is lacking in forward thinking, and i noticed it even more in this game than any other so far he needs to learn to be more forceful in looking for a body to put his on around the basket. The one that stood out for me the most was not getting in position in front of the basket and anticipating the pass to gafford down the center for the catch and dunk. He had plenty of time to anticipate that pass, or to get in front of the basket to take a charge. So his eyes need to expand more. Let’s compare his footwork next year at this time to where it is now...and just understand that he will continue to get exposed with all of these early minutes.
  9. That’s why i thought for sure that Anderson would be red shirted this year. His defense will get better in his time here because he is a kid with the right mindset. He’s all about winning. With that being said, Archie has already told us that his struggles are with defense, and learning to play defense a taotally new way is his biggest obstacle right now. I would guess his minutes will diminish as we get into conference games because he’s just not ready yet on that side of the ball. His high school coaches taught what amounts to Helter skelter defense...so the Riley team just had better athletes across the board and could afford to use only their speed and not the proper footwork or team defense that kids need at the next level. This kid will pick it up sooner rather than later though.
  10. Already have the DVR set for tomorrow night to watch the replay.
  11. Hey Rico...Damezi is from my alma. I’ve just seen him enough to know a thing or two about him. He’s wired to score, but yet a very unselfish player. I’d like to see him develop more of a mean streak in the years ahead because i do see some areas of his personality that are soft. “Quiet assassin”
  12. I’m not saying he isn’t solid, just that there was some uncertainty on his part while moving to the next level. This is only an exhibition es, but i can see him now getting spot minutes throughout the season.
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