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  1. And we continue to neglect the fact that RL had an injured thumb all year. Big deal for a scorer and shooter. But let’s not let facts get in anybody’s way. Not directed at you KDB, just speaking in generalities.
  2. Hate to scare you, but our most difficult transition was from two to three, because as you said you will be outnumbered. My wife and I both work full time (with my wife being a physician, so we are busy), and two grandmas watch our kids at our house during the week. So we are very lucky in that since, but it also means we come home to a messy house daily and constantly fighting the kids on sugar supplied by grandmas. Tough to get on grandmas when we are getting free daycare! First world problems, I know, but can get very stressful for a person with OCD when it comes to cleanliness. 🥴
  3. You don’t stress me out. Trust me. I have four kids under eight. Still don’t want to read constant negative comments and I don’t want to block/ignore anybody. Fwiw, I assumed that pick was out of sarcasm. The one post I see that is optimistic is about the furthest thing from being optimistic about. Hopefully you’ll be able to say I told you so.
  4. That response sounds like one my 5 year old would give when I get on her. I wouldn’t advocate for anything less than total free speech, but I can also “ be as critical as I want” about your pessimism. Just gets old when it’s EVERY post. Question for mods: If every single one of us ignore a poster, does their profile/username disappear by default? 😂
  5. Still waiting to read a positive, or less pessimistic post from you. I’m pretty docile and prob more pessimistic than optimistic, but you take the cake man.
  6. Galloway the kid some compared to Jerome at VA?
  7. Thanks, too much crap to decipher in this thread.
  8. Yes, so is the consensus that we are out on LQ?
  9. Good for him .... must not be very bright. I say that?
  10. Why the ..... would THIS kid want to go to Purdue....
  11. I knew it wasn’t KY. Was just being a smart a$$.
  12. Poor Brooks hanged himself.... that setting was in Kentucky right?
  13. Who is Brooks!? Keep seeing that name....
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