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  1. I’m hoping Stewart is a really good shooter, and I know Leal can shoot it at a high clip. Hunter had some moments, but I don’t trust him in other facets of the game. Really think we need an elite shooter that really knows how to play the game.
  2. Can we get a shooter please? Somebody? Anybody interested? Have to be willing to shoot a lot and play a lot! If too many shots or too much playing time is not what you’re looking for, there’s a little room for negotiation.
  3. Nobody has complained about anything else Mike Woodson has done. I don’t think it’s ridiculous to question this hire (if it happens) at all.
  4. Brooks and Bates....to close out the roster. Would be a solid roster!
  5. I know this staff has told him that he could be the man here.... IF he’s that good of a shooter!
  6. If you don’t believe you have no shot!
  7. If we’re having to “teach” kids how to shoot, we’re recruiting the wrong guys. Improve? Yes. But teach? Shooters aren’t taught in college.
  8. You may be partially correct, but every kid has to be disciplined enough when they are not being watched to lift correctly. Do you think the whole team and Cliff stand around watching one person lift at a time? A lot of self discipline that goes into lifting. Not only doing it right when nobody is watching, but also not trying to lift too much. On top of that, eating poorly can negatively affect your body as well.
  9. He was in the transfer portal too! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Not sure if it goes here, but I’ve been told that Coach Cliff got offered the opportunity to stay. Hasn’t decided yet.
  11. Clif should be questioned for why our guys can’t shoot? Really? Who was on our roster this year that came to IU a lethal shooter and likely lost their shot because of weight training? Shooters are made in the gym, not the weight room. From my understanding, he’s been offered the opportunity to keep his job by Woodson. Hasn’t decided if he’s staying or not.
  12. I’m not comfortable crowning Stewart as the lethal shooter we needed. Hope I’m wrong, but I’d prefer another guy as well that can really knock it down. Thrilled with Kenyan Hunter staying, Fife being hired, TJD coming back, and Lander returning on top of knowing that Leal, Galloway, and Duncomb are staying. Next order of business I hope. Brunk confirm he’s coming back Franklin returning Race returning Established PG (Johnson ?) Athletic wing (Brooks 🤨) Lethal shooter ?? We have unlimited schollies right? 🤣 Always works out regardless right? In all seriousness
  13. Are we swapping him for somebody else or assuming everybody will be back AND adding him? If it’s a swap I agree with you, but he isn’t the lethal shooter we need. If we add him AND a lethal shooter and an athletic wing I’m in.
  14. Talking about a big man vs a guard. And TJD is an all big 10 guy that’s already on our roster. Why bring in somebody else that isn’t a great shooter and turns it over? AD JR? 🤔
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