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  1. Why has this thread turned into another Archie thread?
  2. Down to 6 and we’ve played pretty poorly. Keep battling!
  3. Ramp up the defensive intensity. Purdue won’t make everything the whole game. Start knocking down a few shots. 2-10 from 3 won’t cut it.
  4. I can tell when Indykev scores at home, and this post was definitely not following that.
  5. A win is a win... especially on the road. We need AF back, and boy do I miss Brunk. Having another big able to battle on the boards and use a couple fouls in the Big10 would be nice. I’m not concerned about the letdown in the second half. With Leal’s emergence, a reinvigorated RP, and Hunter’s improvement, I’m encouraged. Purdue is a must win. I’m seeing where MSU is a must win too? In East Lansing? I think we can beat them, but must win?
  6. Trayce had a great look at the end of regulation and missed it. I’m sure CAM’s plan wasn’t for Al to spin into his man and get tied up either. Or have RP bring his man into play on that. We can’t put anything on CAM tonight.
  7. Had to laugh at this Fouls, sorry! When has Al ever handled it well?
  8. Guy drives me crazy. Didn’t manage that very well.
  9. What is that last possession? Senior that has no understanding of the clock. And no understanding of his abilities. So frustrating the lack of basketball IQ of some of them. That’s why Leal should keep playing because he doesn’t make stupid mistakes.
  10. 6-18 from the field with at least five bunnies missed. Too many turnovers, poor decisions with the ball. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. I don’t disagree completely, but he’s not a great shooter and his other shortcomings outweigh his confidence right now IMO. It’s one thing to need to improve on D, but it’s a totally different ballgame making the same mistakes over and over and over. He’s in year 3 at IU and his D hasn’t improved much and his IQ is terrible. Just not sure his positive outweighs his negatives.
  12. Yeah, I agree. Some on here want him to play so badly bc of his potential, but he kills us on defense and with his decision making. For what, an average shooter? He made a terrible shot tonight and didn’t even realize it was a bad shot. I hope his D improves tremendously so he becomes an asset, but right now he’s just not in my book.
  13. Ours haven’t been bad shots. We just can’t shoot. They’ve taken poor 3s AND can’t shoot. So I think we win the IQ battle so far. 🤣
  14. Good thing MD can’t shoot either.
  15. TJD really showed up. Showing how physically weak he is.
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