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  1. kyhoosier29

    Flash vs Substance

    Actually she cheered during Calipari’s tenure. And the atmosphere, surrounding environment, fan knowledge, excitement did not compare to IU basketball. Memphis is a big city that has numerous other things to do, which pulls from the excitement unlike the college atmosphere of Bloomington. Just not remotely close IMO.
  2. kyhoosier29

    Flash vs Substance

    No way. My sister cheered there. Been to a number of games.
  3. kyhoosier29

    Zeke Nnaji Cuts IU

    Just tells me that CAM is confident in a couple other targets!
  4. kyhoosier29

    Isaiah Stewart

    Yeap, you can ALMOST win the whole thing if you go to UK.
  5. kyhoosier29

    Hoosier Hysteria - Recruit Discussion

    Confused on what you mean by DJ posted in this thread. He post a list somewhere else? Not seeing anything in this thread.
  6. kyhoosier29

    Hoosier Hysteria - Recruit Discussion

    Thanks turds. You know what I meant!
  7. kyhoosier29

    Hoosier Hysteria - Recruit Discussion

    Any chance somebody could keep a list of attendees??
  8. kyhoosier29

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Body of work with a terrible roster. One that he coached into a top 50 defensive team. Much improved talent this year.
  9. kyhoosier29

    Isaiah Stewart

    The comment about being impressed with Uk’s one and done factory kind of turns me off. Not that I wouldn’t want the kid, but wondering if he’s a fit with that mentality.
  10. kyhoosier29

    Isaiah Stewart

    I misspoke then. I thought I read on here he was attending HH. My apologies to Stewart!
  11. kyhoosier29

    Isaiah Stewart

    If he’s willing to renege on his word to us, I’m not sure I care what he does. Surely he didn’t cancel ours to go.
  12. kyhoosier29

    Ethan Morton (2020)

    Official this early?
  13. kyhoosier29

    Isaiah Stewart

    What kids did Cal develop into high draft picks? I bet you could come up with a longer list of kids that had their stock drop.
  14. kyhoosier29

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    I’m just saying that I think CAM would have taken any of the offers he has made at the time he offered. But I think he knows what the kids are feeling and knows how he can play the game so that if he does miss out on a Brooks or a TJD, then he hasn’t burned other bridges. Any commitment changes the entire situation though. So I’m sure after the Franklin commitment his thoughts changed on some of his offers.
  15. kyhoosier29

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    I’m saying it’s an art, and that no we don’t tell kids we want them only if somebody else says no, or some other similar condition. I think the way CAM goes about his offers is due to how other offers / relationships are unfolding. The kids we are going after, which ones in this ‘19 class are going to be giddy about being sloppy seconds or thirds? I think CAM goes after kids with the intention he wants them, but if it isn’t reciprocated or he doesn’t feel good about it he, in a sense, moves on. It’s a chess game or a constant moving target. Or if he starts feeling really good about one, he lays off others which pretty much sends the message. He can circle back if he needs to. Part of that game is knowing which kids would be ready to pop and which ones he has time with. And he knows that through connected relationships. It’s a dangerous game to play giving half-hearted offers out. And I don’t think CAM does that. I think he may get a sense somebody may pop, and if he’s waiting on somebody else may let that recruit know that other circumstances have changed their offer. But in the moment, no I don’t think he offers a kid like he isn’t sure he really wants him.