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  1. Neb. Post Game

    Perfect post bstall! Crean’s team/no defense loses that game by 25. We should be thankful we have CAM. Excited to see him get his guys in here and develop them.
  2. Nebraska Game Thread

    Never thought I’d ever say this again but please put Green on the bench. Give me Newkirk.
  3. Nebraska Game Thread

    This game is a perfect example of what getting after it on defense can do for you. Bc, outside of RJ, we were pretty bad on O, which included many boneheaded decisions/turnovers. But bc we play D, we are in it.
  4. Iowa Post Game. ROJOOO

    Was thinking the same thing. I hate to see a kid struggle so bad, but Newkirk gave away a 13 point lead over the course of two minutes. Archie knows this though. Green has taken over most of the duties.
  5. Romeo Langford

    Except the hometown team would still have more talent than “Miami”.
  6. Romeo Langford

    Yeah, I’m guessing he’s smart enough to realize he’s not the missing piece at Vandy. I don’t see Vandy being much with or without him based on what they’ll have coming back.
  7. Romeo Langford

    Again, no way in the world it makes sense for him to choose Vandy. This is too big of a decision to make based on just one other kid. Vandy is bad and won’t be much better next year. We have a chance to be really good with him at IU.
  8. Rutgers post game thread

    Probably a stretch here, but say we win 4 of the last 5 (assuming a loss at Nebraska) and make the Big10 finals.....at 20-14 does the RPI creep up enough to be on the bubble?? Guessing no with 14 losses. Never mind, we need to win the tourney.
  9. Rutgers Game Thread

    Good God guys, Moore is bad. Remove Morgan and this team might be the worst in terms of talent in my lifetime (36 years). Please tell me that Phinisee, Anderson, and Hunter can score!
  10. Romeo Langford

    The SEC almost EVERY year is weaker. This would be the first time in a long time that statement doesn’t ring true. You know that, I know that, the statistics know that. Did you mean to type SEC? The Big 12 I would say is typically not as strong as the Big10, but they’re always a lot closer, and can typically be compared with more sense. The SEC, you know better than that.
  11. Purdue Postgame Thread

    I’ve been hard on Rob before, but agree with you today. Newkirk on the other hand has worn out his welcome. Kills us way more than he helps us.
  12. Illinois Postgame Thread

    Any slight chance of making the tourney just went down the drain. Less a miracle conference tourney run, it’s time to play for next season. Green and Durham need to get more time than Newkirk from here on out. Our guard play is horrific. These two need to learn on the job. Free throw shooting? Should never be that bad at this level. I’d make those guys stay after practice and shoot until they make 20 in a row. The positive, I see purpose on both ends of the floor. We are just short-handed and not very talented right now.
  13. Romeo Langford

    I thought Al started off the year as our most impressive freshman because of his ability to play within himself as you kind of pointed to. He didn’t seem concerned about scoring and busted his butt on D (which he still does). I think he’s gotten away from playing within himself on the offensive end because he seems to be forcing more. I wonder if that’s due to coaches/players pushing him to shoot it more, or be more aggressive in general. Or maybe I’m not paying attention as well as I should be.
  14. Romeo Langford

    I see some athleticism, and I agree he’s pretty good at post entry passes. However, the majority of the time on the offensive end I see a guy who can’t shoot and a guy who seems to be in a hurry (which both can be improved). There were a couple poor decisions in the Nwestern game that stood out to me. One he dribbled almost full court to the rim and threw up a crazy shot over a bigger defender when there was no need. The other is slipping my mind right now. I think he’s solid on D and he plays hard, so I can live with his mistakes to an extent. But as of now, I see him as a reserve player, not a starter, unless he improves tremendously. In the college game, a PG has to be able to shoot/score.
  15. Romeo Langford

    Durham better improve massively if he wants to be our starting PG next year. Makes a lot of boneheaded decisions and takes a lot of bad shots. There may be potential there but it’s time to start seeing some improvement. He’s not a freshman anymore.