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  1. Phinisee?

    Have to have talent too!
  2. Phinisee?

    Well, since IU should be competing for titles, they should be compared to major conference classes right? I don’t disagree with that assessment about judging them at the end, but in today’s game freshmen are counted on to contribute from the get-go. I’d imagine once CAM gets his feet under him, we won’t have to count on freshmen too much though. Or at least I hope not, bc it then means we missed on a lot of people in previous years.
  3. Phinisee?

    Not saying I haven’t been pleased with both of them, but even after seeing positives from them, where would you put the class compared to others in the country? We’ve seen positives from Smith, but not a lot of contribution. We’ve seen a lot of positives and a good amount of contribution from Durham. Moore hasn’t seen the court. Yeah, we can be optimistic about them going forward, but I think you’re reaching if you’d claim (compared to others) that this class is anything more than, I’ll give you, average.
  4. Phinisee?

    Yeah, this kid is quality I’m sure, but we have a habit of overvaluing on HSN. I remember seeing a number of people suggesting we could/would make the tournament this year. I guess it’s possible, but with a new coach, new system, below avg freshmen class, and our schedule, that’s a massive stretch and wishful thinking. We need Romeo next year, no doubt.
  5. Romeo Langford

    That should be the pitch Mile! With who we have coming back and the incoming class, Romeo is that piece that puts us over the top.
  6. Romeo Langford

    Fair point.
  7. Romeo Langford

    I could be wrong, but I THINK he was saying that the poster he was referring to had no inside info. Surely he wasn’t talking about HSN in general?
  8. Romeo Langford

    Yeah, doesn’t make sense to cater to IU to have a “more enjoyable season”, but two weeks into your season “let the cat out of the bag” that you essentially have no interest in IU, which would theoretically lead to a less enjoyable season. I appreciate any info that is passed along, but to make “absolutes” out of a situation when there is no absolute answer right now is where people get annoyed. Langford has given no indication that IU is in any less of a position than they were after HH. Some of you pessimists haven’t even given Archie a year yet. The guy nailed down three 4 star guys (two in-state) w/o coaching a game and put us in the discussion for Garland and Langford when we previously had literally ZERO chance. Relax with the negative garbage people.
  9. Romeo Langford

    What did his father say that “let the cat out of the bag”?
  10. Shittu to Vandy

    They can win all they want at Vandy, but the stands will still be half empty at most of their SEC road games.
  11. Shittu to Vandy

    Why these kids want to play in arenas (outside of UK) that are half empty is beyond me.
  12. Darius Garland

    If Garland suggested that I’ve lost any respect for the kid. Pick your school and move on. Why would you even say that?
  13. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    I agreed with this under Crean, but come on. Archie has had less than a year. He’s one of the top young coaches in college basketball and you aren’t going to give him a shot?? He put us in the Garland and Romeo sweepstakes in that time when neither was even remotely thinking of us. Chill out.
  14. Darius Garland

    Yeah, I don’t think most people play the “history” thing anymore. From a pure basketball standpoint (atmosphere, arena, conference, exposure, etc.) I’m not sure many people can spin it to the idea Vandy has any type of advantage. If they do, I think they have loose screws. The kid wanted to stay home and/or knew he’d have the opportunity to play with Shittu, and maybe others. Simple as that.
  15. Darius Garland

    High expectations.......potentially maybe.