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  1. Been off the board for a little while. Where’s it been reported that CAM is on his way out?
  2. We’ve only lost one game outside of the top 26 teams in KenPom. Think about that. Maybe we aren’t as bad as we want to believe sometimes.
  3. Nice to see that out of Lander and Leal. Lander could use a ton of work on that shot. Leal could have taken his basketball shoes home and pouted for not getting to play. Of course it’s nice to see TJD being a leader.
  4. On ball defense was bad. Too many turnovers. Basketball IQ has to get better (not being aware of the situation late, having timeouts and not calling them when we’re in trouble -RP & AD). Negatives aside - Came ready to play tonight. Shot the ball well. Dominated the game minus the turnovers (likely win by 15-20 if we limit them to 10). Defense stepped up late when needed. Made free throws again late in the game (aren’t the best, but seem to make the clutch ones). Beat a team with a lot of quality wins. Beat MSU.
  5. And we fail to call another TO when in trouble.
  6. Terrible call on AF there. Scirrato with another horrible call.
  7. Call a TO Rob! For crying out loud!
  8. Not over when JH is on the floor. Basketball IQ is important late in games.
  9. At Iowa. Providence. Stanford.
  10. I see you working @Indykev
  11. Ha ha. We’ve only given up 20 in the second half.
  12. Nice back screen. CAM gets some credit.
  13. 6 pt lead.... turnover..... 🤬
  14. 6 pt lead. Let’s try this again.
  15. Career high 17 for Mashburn. 🤦‍♂️
  16. Just do everything in our power to not take control. Afraid to win.
  17. Three straight misses from the line. Unbelievable.
  18. Say what? We don’t have enough players to play if CAM benches everybody this board wants benched!
  19. Minnesota missing shots now and we can’t rebound.
  20. We’d be up 10 at least with 5 fewer turnovers.
  21. Good grief we get up 6, and it’s like we’re immediately uncomfortable. Not used to being up I guess.
  22. Not perfect by any means, but I think this board is overreacting a little bit. They’ve gotten to the basket too easy so far, but they hit at least 5 shots they had no business making. A few of those guys are already over their season averages. At some point we deserve some luck right? We got some at Northwestern, but when else have we caught a break? The effort is there and the D will tighten up in the second half. They won’t keep making shots at the same clip. Keep battling.
  23. Dreadful today, but didn’t expect a win. I DO expect wins in the next two. 13-9 (8-7) with a top 5 SOS? Believe it or not, I think we have a chance to cause problems for teams in the tourney if we can get in. We’ll certainly be battle tested. I’m disappointed with the inconsistency more than anything, but I still see a better team than we’ve had the last three years. It’s a must we get in the tourney and then it’s a must we find some consistency and better results next year or the calls for CAM’s head will start being realistic and just IMO. Let’s beat Minnesota.
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