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  1. I was really worried that Duke was going to find in their internal investigation that Nike paid Zion. Fortunately for Duke, Duke did not find anything. Obviously, no reason for the NCAA to look into this any more, since Duke was nice enough to already have investigated it. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/27555183/duke-probe-finds-no-evidence-nike-paid-zion However, BYU self reported a payment to their player and the NCAA came down hard on them. https://kutv.com/sports/college/byus-appeal-denied-by-ncaa-in-nick-emery-case
  2. Additional reading on the subject: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2019/08/12/louisville-basketball-scandal-david-grissoms-inactions-indefensible/1992527001/
  3. If De’Ron is healthy and in shape he can be a difference maker. He has great touch around the basket, great footwork, and great hands. He just need to be able to play more then a few minutes at full throttle.
  4. Thanks for the link to the corrupt programs. Not surprising. Kansas would definitely earn honarable mention. Back to topic, MSU is definitely the favorite, but no team has that crunch time scorer. That is why I think the Big Ten is very open this coming season. A healthy IU team could definitely surprise everyone.
  5. I think Archie was a very good hire. I am starting to have my concerns, but looking for a healthy season for him to prove his coaching ability. I was totally wrong on Chris Holtmann. I did not think he would be able to continue the OSU success, but kudos to him. Tony Bennett and Jay Wright seem like studs while the others seem like studs at cheating. It would be interesting to really know the inside scoop. At some point a tell-all book will be written. I am just very surprised at how well the cheating is kept secret. You would think some journalist would be able to get the inside scoop. Or, maybe there is no cheating and it simply is an easy excuse for fans like me to explain why our favorite team is not winning.
  6. Unfortunately, 8th seems reasonable, although I think the Big Ten is wide open this year. There just doesn't seem to be any team that is loaded with talent. Sucks that OSU has not missed a beat with their new coach. I hope IU can finally surprise all of us and have a much better year than expected. If Davis and Hunter are healthy, that would certainly help.
  7. Surprised that Bryant is making that much. Eric Gordon seems underpaid relative to other NBA players. He has been a stud in the league for a long time.
  8. IU self reported, which was idiotic. Sampson recruited drug users and was followed by someone who thought he was Coach Knight. That did in IU. The NCAA’s incompetence helps UL maintain their winning ways. Former player states he was given cash by asst coach on university grounds to pay for a stripper and the NCAA evidently needs more evidence.
  9. This is a very interesting analysis. Pays to look for diamonds in a diamond mine. Meaning, getting recruits in the top 50. TJD for four years sounds great to me. Surprised at how low the percentage is (10% using your estimate). Seems like our top 50’s go early, but I am probably wrong if I took the time to look at the actual numbers. Thanks for posting the info.
  10. https://www.nbadraft.net/2020mock_draft I am very surprised that there are only 7 Big Ten players listed out of 60 draft picks. Even more surprising is that Illinois has the highest projected player. Maryland has two in the first round and one in the second round. MSU has two in the second round and Penn State has one. I am hoping DeRon Davis has a breakout, healthy year and slips into the second round.
  11. I actually thought the list was pretty good. At least I had the top three the same as the author. I don't know the history prior to Quinn Buckner. I am not sure I would consider Damon a point guard, but more of a combo guard in today's world. I would not choose Smart, but don't really have a clear cut favorite to replace him. Coverdale, Lewis, Guyton, Reynolds, and some obvious point guards I am sure I am missing.
  12. I stopped listening to him a while ago. It is time to get someone else and get rid of the egotistical bully. Remember, Knight used to do some good things behind the scenes, too, but doesn't excuse all of his other antics.
  13. I am happy for him. Best of luck to him.
  14. I agree. The widespread corruption and weakness of NCAA (or their own corruption) is causing me to lose interest in college basketball and football. I don't blame any coaches and players for cheating given the reward so significantly out weighs the risk, if any at all. With no real punishment you have to choose from crossing the line similar to your competitors or losing.
  15. Idaho just became the new Cleveland State.
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