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  1. rico

    Indiana's True Freshmen

    Makes sense. TY
  2. Yeah, I read it. Surprised he lasted this long. Danny Manning was the one, other than Fran, that caught my eye.
  3. rico

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I could go on forever about the Supreme Court. Something needs to be done about how that works. I ain't happy with them either. Where is the "checks and balances" on them?
  4. Fran at Iowa? Interesting.
  5. rico

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    I am not much of a Mike Greenburg(sp?) but I remember him saying during Vic's rookie season that he thought VO had the potential to be a very special player. He is own his way, if not already there.
  6. rico

    Indiana's True Freshmen

    Quick question. Why are those Florida schools missing on these kids?
  7. I saw Mile's post in the TJD thread about Alford. Yes, Steve is definitely on the hot seat. But who are some others? I see "Little Ricky" on it. Mullin at St. John's. Possibly Kennedy at A&M.
  8. rico

    Indiana's True Freshmen

    Great read......now I am stoked.
  9. rico

    Michigan State Pregame Thread

    I hope this game goes down in history as the one that changed IU football's fortunes.
  10. Not to derail the thread any further but I will. I met Phil's son once. I got a chuckle out of his name. My buddy and his son always referred to him as "Coach Buck". When I shook his hand he said "Nice to meet you I am Joe Buck". Yep my buddy's oldest boy played for Pendleton Heights. One helluva team the Arabians had.
  11. rico

    Fife, Crean, and Izzo

    I guess it would be considered a low mid-major? But Fife got the gig at the ripe old age of 25.
  12. rico

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I want to tell you guys something, regardless of any insults Brass Cannon might shoot out of his ass, I am a conservative. I make no bones about it. But, I do cross party lines. I have already expressed several of my viewpoints. Accepted by some, refuted by others. But that is a what a discussion is supposed to be about. I am 51 and come from a military family that also happens to be farmers. I got guns, drink beer, smoke, and watch sports. Was Trump the best answer to this country's woes? I dunno. But I am damn willing to give him a shot. He his barely into it and the left is trying to shoot him down. Hell, they did that from day 1. Pitiful. And fwiw, Trump's tariffs are costing my family a lot of money at this point. So Brass Cannon.....fire away.
  13. rico

    Fife, Crean, and Izzo

    Ummmm, Dane has been a head coach.......Fort Wayne(IPFW).
  14. rico

    Where were you?

  15. rico

    2018 Midterm Elections

    You got to remember, at that time we had just came out of WWII which actually pulled us out of the depression. Life was good in in the 50's according to my parents.