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  1. rico


    Better read up on the chicken pox a little more...just sayin'
  2. And names on the back of jerseys and "exploding" scoreboards....
  3. I do believe that Bill Veeck is the one that came up with the idea for ivy on the walls at Wrigley.
  4. rico


    I see Cuomo is upset again...seems certain states are "picking" on New York, especially Rhode Island.
  5. That be U.S. 33 and yes the IU pond was just outside of 'Busco. The Magic Wand is still there.
  6. rico


    CBS just reported that 10% of the deaths in Italy are health care workers.
  7. Absolutely nothing would surprise me at this point.
  8. rico


    It is indeed Ernie Harwell. But he was doing the game for the Giants. However, the Dodgers are the ones that traded for him because Red Barber fell ill. Ernie left the Dodgers after '49 and started broadcasting for the Giants.
  9. rico


    No. I will give a hint...he was in the booth for "The shot heard around the world."
  10. rico


    No to all...he was an icon though.
  11. rico


    Who is the only announcer in baseball history to get traded for a player?
  12. I say they should just cancel them.
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