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  1. Yep, that be the ones I saw.
  2. I ain't got no pic. I saw it on TV at the bar waiting on you.
  3. Just heard where Komet legend is Terry McDougal is wanted by the police.
  4. I like the White Sox st jerseys. I want one.
  5. That may be...but it also could be a career ender in your first gig.
  6. Meet me at the bar, I will buy the first round...
  7. I love it when posters post their opinions as absolutes with %'s. Cracks me up.
  8. I will use your Cubs as an example. This fan base is attached to RMK...and some of them weren't even alive in his hey day.
  9. IU basketball hasn't been IU basketball since the early 90's. I hate to tell that to everyone, but it is the truth. Knight's last years were shells of his first 20. I lived with that at the time because we were still making the tournament. Since his termination we are on coach #4. And coach #4 is the one that has not delivered some glimmer of hope returning to the glory days. Davis, Sampson, and Crean all delivered it in some shape or form. Archie has not. I have no idea which way the school will go with Miller. But I will stand behind what their decision is. This constant bashin
  10. You're right, I was experimenting with funny weeds.....
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