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  1. rico

    2019 MLB Discussion

    "And this one belongs to the Reds." Another icon from my childhood. And then into my adulthood.
  2. rico

    New OC possibilities

    Who else has?
  3. rico

    New OC possibilities

    And I see you as the only one that objects.
  4. rico

    New OC possibilities

    Who is clamoring? You are anti-clamoring. DeBord was "proven". How in the Hell did that work out?
  5. rico


    I thought you were in Fort Wayne?
  6. rico


    LOL, I hear ya. Look on the bright side....you got a Penguin Point there.
  7. rico

    New OC possibilities

    Sight unseen, better than Debord's.
  8. rico


    There is one in Columbia City.
  9. rico

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    K-State "Nebraskaing" Oklahoma in Norman.
  10. rico


    I just don't see the rage over the place. It is nothing special. I would rather eat chicken planks at Long John Silver's. But each to their own. But it is not on my top 5 fast food places. Heck, I don't think it is in my top ten. It might sneak into my top 20, but only because I can't think of very many. Hmmmmmm.
  11. rico

    Indiana HS hoops

    My, how things have changed.
  12. rico

    Indiana HS hoops

    Yes, as far as I know. But in my day New Haven was in NEIAC.
  13. rico

    Indiana HS hoops

    Yep. http://indianahsbasketball.homestead.com/boys.html
  14. rico

    Indiana HS hoops

    That ain't true. Carroll is in the SAC as well. Elmhurst and Harding no longer are in it. As far as New Haven, they play in the Northeast 8. Don't know what other teams are in it with them other than Columbia City.
  15. rico

    Jack Tuttle Press Conference

    Any word on his eligibility status?