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  1. Hmmmmm, never looked at it that way.
  2. I got a cousin that lives in Marathon, FLA...Cub fan and a native Hoosier. He swallows up those tickets when the Cubs are in Miami or Tampa.
  3. I got a buddy that is like that. Ironically, his name his Scott.
  4. From earlier this year... https://www.jacobtwalters.com/the-blog/the-rays-attendance-woes
  5. You touched on something there. I wonder what their attendance is when they play the Yankees as compared to when they play anybody else?
  6. And that goes to show how bad the Reds' pitching has been historically. Ugh.
  7. Did you have a beer in your hand? Just askin'.
  8. Agreed, but Mike was right there with him...get my point?
  9. Did he nail a last second "3" at the buzzer?
  10. Good post but I want to add to it a tad... When you are young sometimes(most of the time) you don't know what "cheating" is.
  11. Keep an eye on it. Some of these "obscurities" don't get noticed until the next day...or at least the Elias Sports Bureau says so.
  12. Who knows who Michael Lewis is these days? Besides that, those IU teams he played on were the downfall of Knight. Not being harsh, but Mike was there.
  13. If it bothers you that much then don't follow the games. Geez, let it go.
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