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  1. Did the CFP picture get clearer yesterday? Or murkier?
  2. Duarte for RoY... Could it be the Pacers struck gold?
  3. The Braves are the "poster child" for that old cliche. Just get into the play-offs and then anything can happen. They are also the reason I don't gamble.
  4. I am sooooooooooooooooooo ready for basketball season. I went to bed just before half and I aint got nuthin' good to say so I wont say anything at all.
  5. I wonder how his garden is doing?
  6. Yeah, they should adopt NFL rules.
  7. 1926 Kosciusko County champs---The Atwood Greyhounds
  8. He struggles to throw the ball. Looked horrid what I saw of it.
  9. The Pitt QB looks pretty damn good.
  10. Illini showing some guts with their play calling here at the end of regulation.
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