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  1. We need to guard the perimeter. Let Colson have his share, shut the rest down.
  2. 2017 MLB discussion

    Now that is crazy!!!!!!
  3. 2017 MLB discussion

    Think the Cubs are in play?
  4. Another quality opponent, but this time on a neutral floor.
  5. 2017 MLB discussion

    Forgot about him. Any rumors as to who is interested in him?
  6. At What Point......

    The bigger question I have is how many of those top tier programs will fall off the map. Ala UNLV, DePaul, Okie St., etc.....But Archie and Holtmann are in successful situations.
  7. 2017 MLB discussion

    What other commodities do the Marlins have left?
  8. At What Point......

    Interesting take and it got me to thinking. When RMK got into the "biz", 3 legendary coaches were at the end of their careers. Wooden, Iba, and Rupp.
  9. At What Point......

    To be honest I liked Heathcoate. But if you take those Magic teams off his resume and it doesn't look stellar. Winning the championship probably gave him a job for life.
  10. 2017 MLB discussion

    Well signing FA's might the answer right now, but the Cubbies need to get some young pitchers in the minors. Maybe someone can tell me what they in their system right now?
  11. OT... Evansville Aces

    I was 10, remember hearing about it on the news. Tragic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Indiana_Flight_216
  12. At What Point......

    Because he only won one?
  13. At What Point......

    Do those look like Wisconsin numbers to you? No shot clock bro.