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  1. No...not in the league this year.
  2. To this country? With our pros playing? Yes.
  3. Put the crack pipe down....
  4. So you are saying they will be the 2 seed in the East?
  5. i have seen some great ones when I was young. Richard was the best I ever saw. RIP James Rodney
  6. And I thought we were talking about conference realignment? The thread title says that.
  7. No? You got to be kidding me? LOL
  8. So you are saying to look for another season around .500? <sigh>
  9. Football is some serious business in Texas, let me tell ya. LOL It does remind me when Notre Dame lined up with the ACC. I asked my "Irish" friend, "So playing Wake Forest is better than playing Michigan?"
  10. From what I have seen thus far cruising around a majority of the USC fanbase would welcome a move to the B1G.
  11. Kind of funny how back when Team USA was losing in basketball the vultures were circling...
  12. What teams are participating in this besides IU?
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