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  1. I am channeling my inner Larry Bird...Go Celtics!
  2. So it is safe to say we got another Whitko grad on here?
  3. Sadly, mushroom season has come to a close for me. Got the fishing gear ready for my 1st open water trip of the season. Geez, an Indiana annual fishing license cost me $25.50.
  4. My son's trusty dog, Lucille, babysitting my new grand-daughter.
  5. I have heard the same thing about following the rules here locally. It would seem that a lot of the homeless prefer alcohol/drugs over a place to stay.
  6. I am assuming they are outlawing camping on state owned land that isn't a campground. Seemed like this issue came up at a Goshen/Elkhart city park a few years ago here in Indiana.
  7. Sometimes that is the price of contending...
  8. According to Google, 10 in Indiana. 9 in the "Region" and the one in Valpo.
  9. Welcome to the Volunteer State... https://www.wane.com/news/public-camping-about-to-become-a-felony-in-tennessee/
  10. A garden without maters and peppers? Blasphemy.
  11. I heard somewhere that their team BA was just over .200.
  12. Snyder out as owner of WTF? https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/dan-snyder-investigation-nfl-owners-reportedly-counting-votes-as-they-grow-weary-of-commanders-owner/
  13. Votto hits a game winning homer, Reds beat the Jays 3-2.
  14. Howard not interested in Laker job? https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/lakers-rumors-michigans-juwan-howard-turns-down-l-a-interest-as-coaching-search-continues-per-report/
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