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  1. I couldn't see Montana leaving Frisco, Favre leaving Green Bay, or Manning leaving Indy...it happens.
  2. My Cub buddy says to cut Anthony loose...he said that just a few weeks ago.
  3. Has anybody thought that Rizzo might be the problem with the team? Just a thought.
  4. That, my friend, makes a legend.
  5. I understand the frustration and the concern.
  6. As you and I have discussed...sometimes you just never know about those young arms. The Cubs(management) could envision someone in the organization having a break-out year...hell, maybe 2 guys. Their offense is there, but we shall see how their starting rotation pans out.
  7. rico

    2020 NFL Draft

    Pretty much. Cap space is always an issue. The difference being the size of the rosters.
  8. Starting to get some separation there...knock on wood.
  9. rico

    2020 NFL Draft

    That has nothing to do with it...the point is that the Bengals might be willing to receiving proven players for that #1. And if McCaffery is thrown out there along with Cam Newton?
  10. I see no reason why the Cubs shouldn't just stay status qua for now. Said it before. See how the new manager does opening the season and go from there as far as acquisitions/trades.
  11. rico

    2020 NFL Draft

    I thought it was pretty good article myself. We have been talking picks as opposed to giving up proven commodities for the #1 choice. Made me remember the Colts trading for the #1 pick to get Jeff George. Giving up Andre Rison and Chris Hinton.
  12. One thing that I will be keeping an eye on tonight is Winston's turnovers. I do believe that he is averaging about 4 a game per 40 minutes. But much like Simpson of Michigan he gets "careless" with the ball. When he turns it over a lot Sparty struggles. I think he had 10 TO's against the Boikers. Not THE key to the game, but something worth watching.
  13. rico

    2020 NFL Draft

    Pretty interesting read on Burrow, the Panthers, and the #1 pick... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2020-nfl-draft-rumors-breaking-down-whether-panthers-could-trade-for-no-1-pick-to-draft-lsus-joe-burrow/
  14. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28523427/how-north-carolina-2019-20-season-unraveled-line
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