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  1. Yep. Trey has those same traits and the size as well. As far as Mr. Basketball...he is definitely at the top of discussion.
  2. Remember, we are talking what they did in high school. Not what they did when they got to college. In my book Galloway=Recker.
  3. Nope...never compared Trey to Lewis. To me they aren't comparable. Two completely different games.
  4. Take that up with Scott. All I know is I saw Luke in HS. I have watched Trey as well. Very similar players at the HS level. That is my comp.
  5. Does he need money fast? I only ask because the lady that lives across the road got in a pinch and quickly sold 12 acres of farm land for $10,000.
  6. And what be your high school?
  7. Kentucky Patriots, Steelers, and the Cowboys Cardinals, Dodgers, and the Yankees
  8. A little more on UConn and the AAC... https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/27030819/sources-uconn-expected-rejoin-big-east
  9. Pretty sure I said it early in this thread...but at the HS level Trey reminds me of Luke Recker.
  10. South Bend... https://wsbt.com/news/local/tornado-warning-in-place-for-st-joseph-county-take-cover-now
  11. And the Braves are playing some good baseball.
  12. Ugh...and I was starting to get really excited.
  13. rico


    More rain coming my way.
  14. I absolutely thought of Wichita St. when I first heard this. But now I wonder about Cincinnati?
  15. Why won't you be sharing? C'mon man!!!!!! LOL
  16. Is there a possibility that he is playing through an injury?
  17. https://www.radio.com/articles/5-mlb-rookies-amazing-stats-2019
  18. Theo? Why does Joe keep trotting Brach out there?
  19. Is Senzel going to be the NL RoY?
  20. rico


    I already thought they did? From 10% to 15%? But I also thought that was from June 1st through September 30th.
  21. I would pay some serious coin to watch that.
  22. Somebody needs to spray some Cruex on Jakich.
  23. Is Romeo gonna wear the # 0 as a Celt? I do believe that 00 has been retired.
  24. rico


    Well said...and yeah, I don't think a lot of people understand how it will affect them at the grocery store.
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