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  1. ...And I am sure there are plenty more than the ones you named.
  2. How soon we forget........ http://www.thejaygravesreport.com/keion-brooks-dad-pulls-a-lavar-ball-on-fort-wayne-north-side-just-weeks-before-the-sectionals-selfishness/
  3. Actually I said it before he went to LaLu...when he didn't travel with Northside to a game in Elkhart. The signs were there. Anybody remember that?
  4. Not the end of the world fellas. We will be fine.
  5. Take that up with HTD...seems like he has some sort of passion about Purdue. Just as you do making that post.
  6. I am thinking at least a 4, but could get a 3.
  7. Best of luck down there tomorrow.
  8. Because UK fans don't know how to type.
  9. I would say what you are looking for very well could be a discontinued item. Or the company is no longer in business.
  10. I did some digging... https://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article227983684.html
  11. Didn't he have issues in college?
  12. https://www.wane.com/high-school-sports/blackhawk-christian-ready-to-make-history/1844549315
  13. Nothing about Scott, but I think I saw on the bleacher report had us as a #1. Along with Texas, Bama, and Belmont.
  14. I can understand that, but TJD does have a game tomorrow.
  15. https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/2019-02-22/college-basketball-experimental-rules-be-used-2019-nit
  16. I say a #1, and does anybody know what kind of experimental rules they are playing around with this year? Too lazy to look it up.
  17. That is fine, I am a "we need to do something to get us back in the game" guy.
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