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  1. Great job, excellent team. But damn, if Kaitlyn Clark isn’t the best shooter or maybe the best player in women’s college basketball, I don’t know who is. Gotta deal with her for three more years. That kid will have a 50 point game someday.
  2. Have not read all of the posts here. Just want to say that aside from not recruiting the right kids this is not Archie’s fault. MSU gave them more than enough chances to win this game. But when nobody can shoot worth a lick you just cannot beat anybody halfway decent. Add to that the lack of a take over player and refs who completely took over the game and there was no chance.
  3. What IU doesn’t have is a guy like Aaron Henry who can just do what he wants or needs to when crunch time arrives.
  4. How many Ricky tacks (both sides) can they call in one game? Then to miss an obvious over the back and call it a charge to compound the error. Atrocious!
  5. Where did these refs come from? Pee wee leagues?
  6. How was that an offensive foul on Geronimo when the defender had his arm around his neck first?
  7. No, we don't win games because we do not have a guard who can take over a game down the stretch or a shooter good enough to get hot and stay hot. Also, although i was an Archie fan, I'm no longer sure he can get "out of his system" when it becomes necessary. Add on bad free throw shooting, dumb turnovers, yada, yada.
  8. Glad, especially if he's healthy. TJD should come back, since he's not yet ready for the NBA, but he may not, given the state of the program. In any case, our biggest need is a ball handling guard, either a 1 or 2, wh can both shoot and take over a game. We just don't have one of those and you need one to win consistently.
  9. He's so up and down, but slowly gettin better. What i cannot for the life of me understand is why he can't make an easy lay up once he gets to the hoop. I don't know how many cripples he's missed, but it's rediculous.
  10. Where is Franklin? Is he hurt again?
  11. Can’t watch anymore. 27 points in first 12 minutes. 18 so far in the rest of the game. Can’t win if you can’t score and give up.
  12. Cannot win if miss free throws and open shots. Just not good enough.
  13. What else is new? Harper goes from 4-43 until now to 3-4 against IU.
  14. Why was that trip not a foul?
  15. Good grief! They were playing well. Get that team that was just on the floor off the floor. Too many freshmen at once.
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