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  1. Get a freakin' rebound!!!
  2. Is no one else healthy? Forrester, Moore? Fitzner canmot cut it.
  3. IUguy

    2021 Recruiting Hub

    I say check out Jalen Hardy, #6 on the list, from Henderson, NV, as another SG in this class. All he did recently in a national tournament was go for 37 and 49 points against two nationally ranked teams. This kid is special even though he is from a place away from IU's normal recruiting area.
  4. IUguy

    Michigan Pregame Thread

    If we can keep Morgan out of foul trouble, I believe this will be a close game. Except for Duke, we have played better against tougher competition than lesser competition. Even Penn State kept the game yesterday relatively close. If the defense plays like it did yesterday, then Michigan will not be able to just bomb away from the outside like the last few times we lost there. IU should take advantage of breaks, but otherwise, use some clock and keep the score somewhat down.
  5. IUguy

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    Yes, and it has definitely helped him.
  6. IUguy

    Romeo Langford

    Maybe I'm naive, but is everyone positive that Romeo will be gone after this first year? It seems to me that once Morgan is gone, Romeo would definitively become the focus of the IU offense next year. In addition, he would have a chance to substantially improve his outside shooting (he's already a beast driving inside) and would probably be a top three (at worst) choice in the following year's draft. With a focus on Romeo, and with Trace Jackson and Jerome Hunter helping to fortify the inside and Phinissee and Green improving on the outside, IU would be awfully good again next year, maybe going as far, or further in the NCAA's than they might go this year.
  7. IUguy

    2020 Recruiting Hub

    There is a kid in Las Vegas, or actually in Henderson, who Archie should start looking at. He's a sophmore at Coronado HS this year, so I think that puts him in the 2021 class. Kid's name is Jalen Hardy. We just completed the Tarkanian tournament here, which matches many of the best high school teams from around the country. Hardy, who is a shooting guard around 6' 5", was the leading scorer on the team last year as a freshman. and scored 37 and 49 points in his last two games of this top tier tournament. He is already a 4 or 5 star kid and is only going to get better. I don't know if Archie ever looks this far out west, but he should really take a good look at this kid.
  8. IUguy

    Jacksonville Game Thread

    Seems like if Davis suits up and gets in, he automatically gets hurt. Is this guy snake bit?
  9. IUguy

    Central Arkansas Game Thread

    Is it just lack of concentration or is there some flaw in the offensive sets that leads to so many seemingly unnecessary turnovers?
  10. IUguy

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    Why is Ohio State #15? What have they done to deserve a ranking?
  11. And so do I. If Scott May wasn't hurt and just a shell of himself. wIU would have beaten Kentucky and then won it all in 75. Then, two straight years undefeated.
  12. IUguy

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Wow, it's great to win and to win like that. Morgan is a beast, sometimes. Romeo needs to take over more. RP is clutch and is going to be special. What I cannot understand is why this team conrinually starts off slow. That and the turnovers make every game a nail biter. So far, so good but enough already. At least the FT's are getting better. But that last play? Maybe it's better to be lucky than to have a good play drawn up.
  13. IUguy

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Watched some of the Butler game the other day. I think something like all but 4 of their first 25 points were three pointers. This team is quite different than the Butlers of a few years ago. They live and die with the three pointer. I'm not saying to play a zone. Although that might work for awhile, it would probably screw up our cohesion on defense right now. I am saying play a very tight man to man, without fouling, but do not let yourselves be losing your man to screens. If we make Butler play inside some and hold them to 30-35% from the three while not letting them take over 20 or so, we should win this game.
  14. IUguy

    Penn St. Post game

    Maybe once Hunter is healthy, Smith's playing time will decrease. Don;t know yet what Jerome will bring to the table, but from what I've heard, it's strength, good shooting from all over, which we really need, especially from mid-range, good rebounding and defense. Now if he has a good basketball head and strong hands, he will easily leapfrog over Smith. What I don't understand about Smith, aside from his TO's, is how someone so strong, tall and athletic cannot finish a shot from underneath or near the basket. Man, just go up and dunk or get fouled instead of tossing up crazy over the head semi layups or letting yourself get blocked more than getting your shot off.
  15. IUguy

    Penn State Game Thread

    Why can't they just slow down, hold onto the ball and get up some shots? Great three by RP!