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  1. He’s not allowed to create anything for himself or take early shots. It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s that the system doesn’t do him any favors. Yeah, he was very poor but did we run a play for him the entire night? I’d be bored out of my mind if I could score 50 on a hot night.
  2. Good to see you guys too. Hoosiers run way too deep in my blood to stay away for too long. It’s basketball, even if you disagree with the style it’s still the best game in the world. I’m targeting some sort of offensive improvement and scoring balance but that looks really Iffy and one dimensional. My thing is just try to be elite at SOMETHING. right now we are at getting to the line. I can respect that From Archie. Don’t think it’ll work at all but let’s roll with it.
  3. Couple of my own rambling takeaways too. I do a lot of whining and moaning about the offense / general philosophy and rarely focus on the defense. It’s definitely a clear assist for this program and the players deserve a lot of credit for that. I had absolutely no respect at any point going into the game or during it and that has as much to do with us as it does with them. We’ve gotten 20/10 written all over us. You’re not going to beat many teams that are just a little better than you with a system that refuses to shoot the ball and turns it over as often as we do. If you won’
  4. For sure. I'm over the pettiness. That's the entire point of the post. To get over it.
  5. Ironically enough I was 90% art and 10% math for the first few years. I felt like the other side was dirty and I avoided it for as long as I could until stagnation crept in and I had no choice. I skyrocketed up the ranks after I embraced it. Big data is just a written record. It's the history of what's transpired. It's that simple. Your history is on there. Every action you take is on there. In the moment everyone of us feels like we're making good decisions most of the time. When you make small mistakes you never feel them. It's convenient to avoid the history. In our minds we aren't making m
  6. I’m not afraid! I got in comfortably but I somehow bombed my two of my better categories. I’m too old for med school. I wanted to be a surgeon and contemplated it but I ended up settling for Surgical First Assist. My scope of practice will be fairly significant though. I wanted in on the action where everything is on the line and the pressure is on. I go big man. That’s the way to go. Oh yeah! I forgot. My annoyance with IU fans started back in high school and into college when everyone seemed fine with mediocrity and living off of past glory. That’s what it was There ya go.
  7. My friend! It's good to hear from you. This place is just fantastic and I appreciate the people here that put up with my nonsense. This has been a playground of sorts and my little hideout where I can release stress and negative energy. I honestly have no idea why this is the case but I just have it out for the fan base. I don't respect them and I do think that I'm smarter than they are. It's very bizarre because emotional control is obviously something I'm very good at. I learned how to turn off anger and resentment as soon as it popped in my head over a decade ago. I've been playing it both
  8. I will gladly take that advice and I’ll try to cut it down. @ricothinks it’s self absorption and arrogance but it’s just catharsis. Is there a word for kinda sorry, but not really sorry, but also kinda sorry? It’s either you all or the cat. 😂 Thats too funny Rico saying that you wouldn’t go to me. I just got my entrance exams back.... VAI is you’re adjustment index to determine if you’re fit for the job and Im in the 99th %
  9. That's not at all true and that's an indictment on my character to be honest. I've never made it personal and I don't believe that I'm smarter than anyone here (other than Scott). I beat my own drum and post the way that I do because I'm talking to the collective rather than the individual. What you're doing is assuming that I'm lording over people and believe that I'm better than anyone. That's not true at all. I'm simply casting my net out there and if anyone wants to catch it that's fine. If they don't then that's fine too.
  10. You didn't understand it though. Your post was actually the epitome of someone who's not getting it. We did kick their ass and I'm happy as well! Cheers pal. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. Can't we all eat here? I spent two and a half hours last night on the phone discussing IU with a buddy of mine because we love the game and we love the program. No ego or stroking involved just two people bouncing ideas and opinions trying to learn more. Tonight was perfect. Everything brought up was addressed tonight. I will stroke and I'll stroke it more because it feels good! You will learn to to like it too!
  12. That's perfectly fine that you feel that way. There's a left and right brain. It's not for you but you also don't understand it. You're not interested in it so I wont engage you with it. I am though and I believe in the work that I've put in. I'll continue to share that data and I'll continue to share my conclusions until I'm proved wrong. You keep referring to me as someone who's the smartest guy in the room. That's not true. Have I put the most work into it and more thought into it than anyone else here? I'd say definitely.
  13. You think that's what it's about? Not true at all! It's all fun pal. Ideally I'd get a little more pushback and debate but nobody wants to step up to that.
  14. I'm 34. I started fooling data 20 years ago. I'm a big believer in big data. It holds the keys to everything. Whether you find the right things and are looking in the right direction is another thing.
  15. I can point out what my issues were with my eyes. I can point out the data behind it why that isn't working. I can point out the adjustments that needed to be made and then I can point out the data of how it can be done. It's called scientific theory and an hypothesis. The hypothesis was true and that's called a fact. It's really fun game! What's even more fun is when the changes start to happen that you proved needed changing. I've been doing this for 20 plus years now. It's not some random chaotic bullcrap.
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