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  1. ADegenerate

    2018 Midterm Elections

    So she’s stressing out about Trayce not committing yet too? 🙂
  2. ADegenerate

    2018 Midterm Elections

    You can’t back Trump and then expect balance. Lines were drawn. I mean come on.
  3. ADegenerate

    2018 Midterm Elections

    No. I want us to go further left and we will.
  4. ADegenerate

    2018 Midterm Elections

  5. ADegenerate

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I think it’s something like in only 3 of the last 30 elections the incoming president didn’t lose a branch (read this days ago, trusting my memory on a random article I read). It’s absolutely necessary this administration gets a check and generally the population makes this a reality. I think it’s absolutely of the utmost importance. I’m picturing a blood bath but the dems sure know how to f things up. Let’s hope they don’t this time.
  6. ADegenerate

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    That might be a decent shout. Think he’s too arrogant to take a job that small. Also, we have some decent hope for Walter McCarty here in Evansville. Love the hire personally.
  7. ADegenerate

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I kind of misspoke. Dislike is the better word. I thought that arrogant press conference where he implied that money wasn’t an issue amplified expectations for Donovan...then you had the stress and pressure of the Alford possibility with his we’re looking at all Indiana guys (I strongly did not want an Indiana guy) . I thought he could have gotten rid of Crean way earlier and he gave him that extension when it wasn’t warranted in my eyes. I just don’t like him. Personal opinion but I’m not stressing or complaining..Archie was my #3 after Sean and Billy. In retrospect I’d have Archie 1.
  8. ADegenerate

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    If Alford got the job I was prepared to tap out completely. Not sure I could stick to it but it was that serious. Hearing the bullshit from Dakich about needing an Indiana guy in and how an Indiana guy was next in line infuriated me. I don’t trust Glass in the slightest and I wonder just how differently this would have played out if not for Alfords sleazy handling of the Pierre case and how a small sect of fans were vocal about it.
  9. ADegenerate

    Terrence Clarke

    He's a Miller so I was cautiously optimistic about that. I think they biggest signs of that growing possibility being legitimate is the reports of how deep we've gotten with Stewart and the fact that Clarke flew in from Boston. If we land Keion then in a small way we've also taken a strongly linked 5 star MSU lean from Izzo which is an incredible progression for us.
  10. ADegenerate


    My buddy made 1.6m off of them. Mined them from the get go. I used to play poker on a bitcoin website back when one coin was around $500 and learned about them. I told everyone I knew that it was going to blow up...unfortunately I needed the cash and couldn't keep my 10. My poker buddy kept the 26 coins he won and another 6. Fortunately, I was was able to pay off my student loan last summer though and doubled my money on the loan I took out...again confident it would blow up. At this point...you may be right but I think it's primed for a jump at least one more time. I think the days of meteoric insane instant gains are over but long term I still a profit. The tech is great and I'd still personally advise to pick up a small bag and see how you feel. I picked up 2x in bitcoin and 1x in ethereum. Ethereum might be primed for one of those insane jumps but I'm not expecting it.
  11. ADegenerate


    Gauging interest for a thread. I've been dabbling with it since '13 and invest still. Anyone else an enthusiast or investor?
  12. ADegenerate

    A few things...

    You don't want to think the way that I've been conditioned to think! I'm sure most don't agree with how I see things and the irony of it is that I was an athlete before an analyst and I'm not even that adept at math or statistics...I've just been trained to hunt for the smallest edges. Being brutally honest with how you see things isn't particularly fun either but it's responsible. Play a million hands of poker and have it logged in a database while starting at the penny tables and working your way up to the high stakes $10k buy in games forces you to be brutally honest with your results and actions. I used to play poker on feel alone but that wasn't cutting it so I had to adapt. Trust me...at the highest levels you have to maximize every little edge because your opponents are doing just that. I analysed stuff like this for thousands of hours and it teaches you things that only pure data can. It's a supplement...that's all. It's used on top of what your eyes and experiences have taught you. This stuff applies to basketball just as well, believe me. The old tracking sites are gone as far as I know but I did find a site that caught a session or two of mine just to prove that I'm not bullshitting. https://www.highstakesdb.com/poker-hands.aspx?&sort=handdate&player=jwpoker4 I guess I lost $45,000 that session. Yikes! Sorry for going off topic here fellas but I needed a break from studying and kind of felt obligated to explain my way of thinking since I intend to stick around and have already started to get to know a few of you guys. BTW thanks for the info CoachSS. Outstanding update!
  13. ADegenerate

    Jahmius Ramsey

    So how do you divy out those 20-30 minutes Romeo leaves?
  14. ADegenerate

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Switch to Echofon. They don’t have that nonsense. Been using it for years. It’s so much better IMO.
  15. ADegenerate

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Let’s hope so. A lot of ppl are tipping him to break out. We need that long term. We always want the biggest jumps from our players.