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  1. mamasa

    Now Wisconsin?

    There's no easy answer. The number of actual assaults (athlete or otherwise) is far more than the number of false claims filed. If a person is found to have falsely accused, they should be held absolutely as accountable as someone who assaults.
  2. mamasa

    Now Wisconsin?

    If you were the Wisconsin coach, what would you do? Assuming that the court system operates at the same speed it currently does.
  3. mamasa

    IUWBB host #4/5 Louisville on BTN

    I really wish I didn't have a prior commitment- would be a great game to attend!
  4. mamasa

    IU Women's Basketball report !!

    Thanks HTD for keeping the updates coming. I definitely care about IU women's basketball and hope you can ignore the ones who try to make their flame seem brighter by diminishing others'.
  5. mamasa

    Hoosier Hysteria Thread

    I get why some would think that, but honestly, if a recruit chooses a school based on this, then they haven't done their due diligence with the team/coach. IU "won" Romeo back with this new coaching staff, so he knows what CAM is all about. Garland has been in contact a lot, so he's familiar as well. The coaches and overall atmosphere have endeared IU to these two particular recruits. If another (younger) recruit didn't know much about this era of coaching, then it's good that they understand that they'd be playing for a fundamental, no frills, no flash coach. I'd hate for them to be disappointed/uncomfortable to be sold that we're a UK type of hype school, then find out opposite.
  6. mamasa

    IUWBB debut at HH

    Really wish Patberg & Wise were able to play this season!
  7. mamasa

    Hoosier Hysteria Thread

    Really wish I could make it. First in many years I haven't attended, hope it's a classic! I really wish B1G would show this later. I'm pulling for Patberg in the 3 point contest- she's a hometown girl!
  8. mamasa

    Crean to Louisville?

    On one of the 4000 different fan sites I've been reading in the last 2 days, someone also mentioned Dakich as interim (not to derail the thread). On topic, I think Crean could lay a foundation for them again, but, like IU, UL is too hot of a spotlight for him overall.
  9. mamasa


    Hoosier Sporting Goods on Washington St, (812) 376-3418, may have some in their store. I was in there mid August and thought I saw some
  10. mamasa


    I'm from Columbus also (not nearly as great as Chuck tho, lol). Last year (or year before, time flies) they offered Chucks in Olympian Orange (for Columbus East) and Bulldog Blue (for Columbus North- boo!). Very popular around town!
  11. mamasa

    It's National Cheeseburger Day !

    1/3 lb patty, formed w/ mayo (added fat) and Worcestershire sauce mixed in. Gouda and bleu cheese, a little bbq sauce
  12. mamasa

    Coach Allen hard at work

    I'd love to see more kids from the Columbus area getting looks. Hopefully after Harry Crider (Columbus East '17) "wows" everyone, we'll see more of the IU coaches/scouts!
  13. mamasa

    Favorite fast food restaurant ?

    I don't know if it's considered fast food (more fast casual), but Yat's is one of my favorites (Cajun-Creole style), but it's not that well known. I usually hit the hole in the wall taco places for my grab n go, but love me some Popeye's! Natty- the chicken and waffles at Chili's are awesome, but they're cutting 50+ items from their menu!
  14. mamasa

    Beer Lovers

    If you can get anything from Bear Republic, their stuff is awesome. Fathead Brewing and Green Flash are two great west coast ones too. As for Gumball, anything from Three Floyd's is a winner!
  15. mamasa

    Welcome to HSN 3.0

    My poor limited-capacity mind is struggling to deal with all these names from so many different eras!