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  1. We get IU basketball back(I still think it’ll be a challenge to finish the season due to Covid) and we are complaining and arguing over what should have been an exhibition game had Covid not effected college basketballs scheduling. This forum truly is like siblings arguing over which toy is who’s after what should have been an exhibition game in the first place lol just be glad we’re past the days of losing a buy in game like UNLV yesterday. you can only prep so much against each other in scrimmages. Let’s see how the Maui ala Asheville Invitation goes. There’s some solid
  2. I doubt even the #1 team in the country would have been up by 30 before the first tv timeout. I mean look at PU, they kept it close the entire game against Liberty even with a walking giant. Limit turnovers to no more than 10 per game and become a little more efficient at shooting the 3 ball
  3. Firmly believe Aminu and his guardian are paying attention to how teams fair prior to commitment and that’ll help their decision
  4. By practicing and seeing Big Ten games from the bench up close it would do wonders for him.
  5. Here is where I am with Aminu: We know he wants to get to the NBA its been highlighted multiple times. a few things: IU gets a lot of exposure, way more than the others currently recruiting Aminu(Texas would be 2nd in terms of exposure IMO) IUs strength program is amazing just ask Al, Race, TJD, Franklin, hell ask me and I could tell ya how good it is with Cliff Marshall by images, videos, etc. If he enrolls in Jan, he'll be able to get some academics under his belt, build strength and work on a relationships with the players and coaching staff He SHOULD be able to
  6. Just win and that solves half of these battles in itself. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Football is and recruiting is about to improve and continue to get better. More than turdue can say.
  7. Celtics still lost by giving away Hayward for nothing. No need to argue. Sure they got guys to come in and sign(ala Thompson, Teague, etc), but they lost out on other potential guys while waiting and wanting a top 5 shot blocker in the league, a promising young guard(Aaron Holiday) and/or TJ Warren in return for Hayward when every knows the Pacers weren't going to give away that much talent for one guy.
  8. Boston lost Hayward and got nothing in return 😂😂
  9. Celtics in a tricky spot. If they can’t work a deal via sign and trade, pacers should have no problem finding a trade partner for Myles that will absorb his salary then sign can sign Hayward for around 3 yr $65 mil. Or 4 yr $100 mil.
  10. Mike just likes to check in on big brother that’s all. Little brothers envy big brothers 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
  11. Whatever you pull, I'd flip real quick. These will drop tremendously in value once the first product comes out featuring these guys in NBA jerseys.
  12. The fear is a torn Achilles for Klay Thompson
  13. I think Hayward is closer to a 4 yr $80 mil. Length is key here with him givin his age and injury history
  14. only way to work for pacers would be a sign and trade. Brogdon is a good defender as is Vic, Warren is a good underrated defender. Sabonis is average or below average on defense. Hayward is worse than Sabonis on defense. Not sure its an awful unit for defense, its at least average at worst.
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