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  1. If Brad Stevens becomes available you write a blank check and fill in the blank with whatever his agent says. Plain and simple.
  2. TJD would be leaving to make a quick buck, he's a mid 2nd rd pick at best right now. If he goes near the top in rd 2 he'd be around $1.5 mil, by year 3 he'd earn around $1.8 mil for that year. If he's near the bottom he'll be much lower than that. If he returns for one more year, can develop some sort of respectable outside shot and it moves his draft stock to say a mid 1st rd pick his first year would be approx. $2.5 mil, by year 3 he'd be at around $3 mil for that year. If he truly can develop an outside shot while returning he'll earn $3 mil or more at a min by staying one more year. I
  3. Chris Mack is an upgrade IMO. two guys from Indy on Louisville could follow too if they decide to transfer.
  4. Interesting final 7. Would be big to pair with Duncomb down low.
  5. not discounting the fact that a PU degree can provide for a family because it clearly can but cheering for them as a sports fan can be like cheering for the devil in some eyes lol. Cheering for PU sports vs getting a degree from PU are two different things, one can like attend PU but not care for PU sports.
  6. It was yellow when CAM was brought in, it was orange last season, we are on the verge of becoming red should we lose again to PU
  7. The team is too predictable with only Brogdon and Sabonis as the primary scorers. Doug and Justin have done solid jobs filling in, however, they are no more than a role player at best. LeVert returning drastically helps this team and could legit lead the team in scoring(injuries pose a slight risk here). For this team to make a run in this playoff they need Warren in the mix and I do not think he'll make it back. Myles defense is huge for this team but he's the only player on the team that would net a good return and we aren't trading Sabonis or Brogdon. Goga has shown flashe
  8. Well this is one way to force a lineup change I guess
  9. Jordan G has been MIA on the court lately maybe related to him?
  10. you don't make a splash for a FA signing at LT with the likes of Smith and Nelson due to contract extensions upcoming. They will draft a LT with one of their first two picks
  11. Window is open yes. Sign Pass Rusher via FA, sign WR via FA, resign Autry and Rhodes. Draft LT at 21 or trade back to get the 3rd rd pick you sent for Wentz. WIth your first two picks go LT and DL/CB
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