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  1. warren getting more buckets. He’s taken it up a notch. If he keeps this up, it’ll be hard for opposing teams to clamp up with Warren, Victor, Myles and Brogdon all capable of dropping 20 to 25 any night. Add the great play lately of Aaron and they won’t be an easy out. Maybe just maybe Sabonis finds a way back for the playoffs and uh oh.
  2. TJ Warren took Bens lunch money and didn’t look back. Warren is a bucket getter. Averages 19ppg on a team where IMO he’d be considered the 4th best player(behind sabonis, Vic and Brogdon). He’s worked on his 3pt shooting and staying healthy(knock on wood). He shot 40% from 3 in Phoenix and is at 39.8% for this season. He only starred shooting 3s consistently starting last year. Didn’t care to shoot em at NC State or early on at Phoenix. He’s also one of the, if not best bargain at his current contract. $10.5 mil this year, $11 mil for 20/21 season and $12 mil for 21/22 season
  3. 💯It’s a tall task to play the 4 when coming back from a major injury. It’s more mental than him being able to play the 4 spot. PG can play the 4 now because he’s not worried about re injuring his leg. vic still isn’t that comfortable from his injury. He’s less hesitant to beat and bang in the paint(far less FT attempts post injury compared to pre injury)
  4. Here we go. The NBA resumes tonight. This bubble will work and a champion will be crowned in early October. Lets go Pacers! My pick for who I think will win the championship will either be the Lakers or Celtics
  5. DD is still sour about not being the head coach at IU for longer than his tenure was. Oh and the fact that he assumes he's right and never wrong gives him a big head on his shoulders. DD will hang up on callers and voice his displeasure after hanging up. JMV will discuss the situation on live broadcast but will not curse or talk down about the caller afterwards because every caller is entitled to an opinion as is DD or JMV. DD just voices his opinion very different and he lets his feelings get the best of him more times than not. How many times has he been suspended? A few that I can recall over the last 5 or 6 years. I do not recall JMV being suspended due to his radio. I will always continue listening to JMV on 1070 the fan and never DD on 1070 the fan.
  6. So far the NBA has worked, still a ways to go before the bubble season was to end but no positive covid tests thus far in the NBA so they have a realistic shot at finishing as do the NHL.
  7. TK offered by UNC today(TDH). Here they come.
  8. We could assume but we all know what happens when you assume. I fear the worst unfortunately. No insight info but a surgery out of the blue? Can't imagine it would be good. Prayers up Jerome.
  9. Saw some news about Hunter and potentially a surgery. Any insight HSN?
  10. I think the NFL may be able to survive if they take notice and notes from the MLB restart and take extra precautions. I still think a bubble is the best way to be successful like the NBA and NHL are doing
  11. I went for Engineering at USI in Evansville. 2nd year was critical in staying the course as an Engineer or switching. This is when I saw most of my fellow classmates either continue the course or switch gears
  12. Bol Bol played in his first game for the Nuggets, had 16 points, 10 rebounds and 6 blocks in a scrimmage las tonight. After the game he was scheduled for a random drug screen lol Bol Bol is 7' 2", 235 lbs. Kid is SKINNY and I mean SKINNY, like a taller version of Kevin Durant when KD first came into the league. Interesting prospect here, however, I see him battling injuries throughout his career.
  13. Domantas Sabonis has plantar fasciitis, hasn't practiced in last 6 days and appears very unlikely to suit up during any of the Pacers scrimmages. May not return Aug 1st either, return date in question. Appears as if Vic will give it a go tonight barring any "injury" concerns from practice yesterday. Coach continues to speak with high praise at how well Victor looks in practices and has had no limitations.
  14. Either of the two scare me. Louisville has been recruiting good since Mack arrived and its close to home and Virginia, well they just won a national title and seem to always be near the top as of late. The longer this goes without a commitment, the more I worry. No insight info here, however, if I had to put a percentage I'd go the following: IU - 50% UL - 25% UVA - 25%
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