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  1. If Giannis can develop a respectable 3 point shot(somewhere in the high 30's) and jump shot outside of the paint he could be the best player in the league or top 3 easily. Similar to Ben Simmons, its bad when the defense is 5 feet off of Ben daring him to shoot a jump shot or 3 pointer.
  2. If Vic was playing this series, the Pacers take this series to a very min of 6 games if not 7. The Pacers need to pair another All-star level type player with Vic if we want to take that next step. This offseason is big for this team and the rehab for Vic this offseason is huge. Anxious to see what all happens
  3. Has it been confirmed that Anthony is down to IU and UNC as his two finalists? If so who has? Sorry If I have missed this info
  4. If we fans think weather will cause a major college decision we are in trouble. If we were talking about Cali or Florida then sure lol
  5. NBA experience would be my guess. Penny and Mike were both successful in the NBA
  6. Gimme Watford and one of either Harris or Quinones to go along with Franklin, TJD, Brunk and I'll be ecstatic!
  7. thought it was his ACL? @RoadToZion said he should be ready by this summer? Worst case if he's ready this summer he comes off the bench this year and potentially starts in 2020?
  8. Indiana, LSU and Memphis are being considered to Trendon as well. Very real possibility of them two playing together possibly like they have discussed
  9. Anyone with info on when the visit might be?
  10. 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ 👀
  11. Agree 100% with this above. I think we def need to hit on Brunk and either Beverley or Quinones(I prefer this kid due to his better shooting) for sure. I think Brunk shores up a big down low that will get a good run and Quinones WILL play lots of minutes. I am anxious for these next few weeks. I haven't been on as much the last few weeks but its nice to see the Brunk and Lester news.
  12. Assuming Lester does reschedule his visit, IU I would think would be a real possibility. If this kid is as good as a shooter as lots of people have said I could see him playing lots of minutes right away, especially if he is at the very minimum an average defender.
  13. Good luck Romeo. I’ll follow this kid thru the NBA for sure.
  14. Just curious but where do you think Romeo is better than Cam in an NBA scouts eyes?
  15. IMO everyone on this list(museum garland cause he only played a handful games and no clue who the international guy is) is better at this very moment than Romeo. Sprinkle in a few more not pictured and Rome could slide to the mid teens
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