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  1. dwtaylor1055

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    gotcha, I assumed it was a tourney. I saw a pic that Keion posted today on Instagram, however I just assumed it was from a vacation earlier this year. Guess I assumed wrong. Assuming IU fans travel all the way to Honolulu and Keion sees that, that's the heart, passion and desire IU fans have for top prospects from High Schools in Indiana. No better way to represent your state than with INDIANA across the chest.
  2. dwtaylor1055

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    This is a dumb question, but who are they playing in Honolulu?
  3. dwtaylor1055

    Hoosiers in the NFL

    Tegray Scales I think can succeed in the type of defense the Colts run, thinking maybe he could be a spot starter the last game against titans next to Leonard and walker?
  4. dwtaylor1055

    Trendon Watford

    that fits what Archie wants to do, interchangeable guys that are long enough to play anywhere from the shooting guard position down to the power forward.
  5. dwtaylor1055

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    That would be nice, wake up with the cookies eaten and milk drank by santa, then checking the alert on my phone that says "I Choose IU" from Keion Brooks. One can wish right?
  6. dwtaylor1055

    Trendon Watford

    If Archie sees Trendon during the upcoming 13 day stretch, that is a good thing I would imagine
  7. dwtaylor1055

    NBA Thread

    Jersey patch will be on display beginning with tonight's game vs the Cavs https://www.nba.com/pacers/pacers-motorola-announce-multi-year-partnership
  8. dwtaylor1055

    The Off-Topic Thread

    last year was a blessing in disguise. My wife and I flew to LA for vacation and attended the Rams vs Colts beatdown that the rams handed us. It was brutal and I was embarrassed lol. Scott Tolzien is hands down worse than Curtis Painter, Stephan Morris or Philip Walker is better than Tolzien. Pagano is a good guy and is better served as a defensive backs coach, not a head coach!
  9. dwtaylor1055

    Trendon Watford

    Like someone mentioned earlier in a post, if he visits IU AGAIN, we are def in contention.
  10. dwtaylor1055

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    I think they start out a little slow with missing three of their first five shots but put the after burners on, with the game virtually over by halftime. 87-59 good guys
  11. dwtaylor1055

    Signing day

    This pickup will make Penix better, competition always brings out the best.
  12. dwtaylor1055

    IU picks up Big Time QB Transfer

    assuming he will have to sit a year?
  13. dwtaylor1055

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    As long as we do not fall out of the top 25 or we are not in a three way tie for a position in the top 25 after beating a top 30 team, I will be fine.
  14. dwtaylor1055

    Trendon Watford

    TJD doing his thing
  15. dwtaylor1055

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    I have a good feeling that one of the two lose this weekend out of Steelers(at Saints) and Ravens(at Chargers). With that being said and we take care of the Giants at home, the Titans game will be very big for us which has been mentioned above could possibly be flexed to Sunday night game. What Eberflus has done with the defense to help cover up areas of concern as the season has progressed has been amazing. I am really hoping someone doesn't poach him away during the offseason. When the running game is firing on all cylinders, this team is hard to be. Hilton made another statement with playing after no practice, he's not a diva. I am tickled to death that we are in the position that we are, even if it means traveling to New England to play which I firmly believe we can win. Right now, they are not scary. No way should the pats vs phins game should have been that close and no way should the pats only score 10 points against the steelers.