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  1. Pacers nearing full health. Brogdon is doing some shooting so hopefully he returns at some point during the 4 home games upcoming, Lamb and McConnell are both due back tomorrow, Victor is practicing more and more and Sumner is nearing a return(shooting with a soft cast). Pacers about to be fully healthy barring any other injures(knock on every piece of wood in a million mile radius).
  2. I agree, I think he's got the ability to be the next GUY like Lebron is or has been over the years
  3. Luka is straight killing it, can he maintain over the course of a full season who knows but when comparing his season stats to year two of other guys like Lebron his stats are significantly better
  4. forget recruiting, we have a game to win tonight! If we win it continues to help us with recruiting. If we lose......well ya know what that’ll do for us. 🔴⚪️🔴⚪ Go IU!
  5. Well we are at 80 pages with approx. 24 hours to go, why not get to 100? LETS GO!
  6. https://www.muscoop.com/index.php?topic=59340.25 Info below is from link above: Yes, but with those press conferences, weren't they already pretty well known they were going to pick MU?? That's what I recall. I know there was Illinois and Florida with Novak, but I don't think anyone really believed he was going to pick either one. This one feels different, IF the rumors are true that as of this morning, the staffs didn't even know yet...then i don't know what to think.
  7. From that perspective yes. Would seem very odd for them to be as engaged as they were while visiting, love the fans enthusiasm, and the idea of playing for a school like IU just for assistants from MU that think Garcia would choose IU. IU may not have been relevant for the past 5 years or so HOWEVER they are still more relevant than MU, Minny or Memphis as a whole will ever be when it comes to Basketball and the history that we have.
  8. This info is from https://www.muscoop.com/index.php?topic=59340.0 Dawson Garcia will make his college choice known on Wednesday at 3:30 central time from Prior Lake HS. It will be streamed live on CBS Sports HQ and the BB coaches at the school have made their predictions. My friend says he believes MU will land the talented forward this week. The other assistants are leaning towards Minnesota. Interestingly, there is not a coach on the staff predicting Garcia will choose Indiana. I look forward to watching the big announcement on Wednesday! Very baffled by what I have underlined, thoughts?
  9. Maybe when we start winning more consistently and becoming relevant come March Madness time we will start being on the better side of this potential outcome
  10. Let me break this down emoji usage. We were tickled to death to make his final 7, was made fun of for being considered a possibility in signing Garcia, Minny was the clear cut favorite to land Garcia at one point, made up some ground and now we are in the drivers seat just patiently waiting for a commitment from Mr Garcia come Wednesday? Got It!
  11. I'm ready for Florida St. I'm ready to see what we play like against a very solid opponent.
  12. The GOAT for the regular season. jokes aside, I still like PG. Keep balling
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