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  1. Ballard is an upgrade over Grigson, is he a top 10 GM in our league yes IMO but from high praise that every is stating he should be doing better overall. BUT the talent he has missed on are positions that you just can't miss. Campbell(Ballard) vs Dorsett(Grigson) is one example. Rock Ya-Sin(Ballard) is another that is big miss. Turray along D-line is another.
  2. we take two steps forward with our moves this offseason and then take one step back with two idiots.
  3. was recently working out with Carmelo Anthony recently. Carmelo connection working out great thus far.
  4. Danica Patrick got the best of Mr Rodgers
  5. set the edge, no 50+ yard td runs please
  6. can he set the edge and prevent a 56 yd TD on the opening drive against a top 25 team on the road? If so sign me up.
  7. Indiana in again this week to see Clowney as were all the other remaining possible suiters
  8. Lots of guys still left to commit, however, I would bet we end up with a top 15 recruiting class once the end of the kids SR year comes assuming we get Clowney.
  9. Thanks to RTZ and others who bring info to the board like this. Good times ahead not only for IUFB but IUBB as well.
  10. one step forward to take two steps back always with this team lately I feel like. This will be a long season if we maintain one of the league lowest vax rates.
  11. Ask Sampson James, I'm sure he'll tell ya lol. Stacked
  12. saw he's out 5 to 10 days depending when his next two negatives return
  13. I think option B is much more feasible than option A.
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