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  1. So what you are saying is THD > IU > PU, the Oaken Bucket will once again return to Bloomington!
  2. Agreed. Same for Otto. However if they viewed Otto as a true center piece, I could see that deal given his age.
  3. Malcolm Brogdon for President, his interview was spot on yesterday. Brogdon is all in with making this team better, regardless of what it takes. Loves the organization, says team has worked very hard during offseason. Says Leaf is dominating in pick up games. When Victor returns, he takes back over his alpha dog role. TJ McConnell says Aaron Holiday has been a great leader this offseason. This team can be very special and it can start as early as this upcoming season
  4. Some notes from a podcast with Indy Star writer J Michael(Covers the pacers): The front office were presented a deal from Memphis for Aaron Holiday and a 1st rd pick for Mike Conley, Herb Simon and front office denied the trade Front office had a deal in place for Otto Porter Jr, Herb Simon denied the trade Memphis wanted Myles Turner in return for their 4th pick in the 1st rd, we countered with Sabonis and Memphis said no Offered Sabonis for the 10th pick but was rejected. So the front office likes Holiday but viewed Conley as a better win now chance. Glad this was denied. If we would have acquired Porter(due $100 mil YIKES) I would have thrown up! Glad we didn't give up Turner for the #4 pick. To me the Pacers view Turner as more valuable, especially given they never offered Turner for the 10th pick whereas they did for Saboins. So basically we got Brogdon(5 years younger and $10 mil cheaper than Conley) and Warren(just as effective as Otto Porter at much less money if not a touch better). By acquiring Brogdon, this pushed Lambs interest in Indy(said he wanted to play with someone like Brogdon). Chad Buchannan was on with JMV yesterday and the major take away I took was they are viewing this upcoming season as three smaller seasons and putting an emphasis that when Victor returns, Sabonis and Myles will work as a pair even better than what it will to start the season. First stretch with current team without Victor and seeing how the pairing of Myles and Sabonis does Acclimating Victor back into the rotation with the team Victor is at/near full strength for the stretch run to end the year.
  5. 1.) Oscar Robertson 2.) McGinnis or Henderson. Lets see what happens if we expand to the state of Indiana instead of just Indianapolis. Who would be the best player to come out of the state of Indiana?
  6. To my understanding he'd play SG as his number one spot but could slide to SF
  7. Bruiser Flint was the guy visiting yesterday. Can you imagine Lander and Mohammed together for the 2021 class? Wowza
  8. I think we get one PG and Garcia. Who is the other PG again beside Diarra?
  9. Also, Ballard was working with him on some mechanic issues that were apparent and become noticed after the Chargers game. Vinny kicks twice per week, last week he moved it up to three times per week. He has had a nagging knee injury dating back to the prior season. I am not sure who the first call is, I'd def give Cole Hedlund a call to come in along with other kickers to compete. Here are a few names that come to mind: Cole Hedlund(Kicked for us during this past preseason) Cody Parkey(Yes I know he missed the kick last year for the Bears HOWEVER it was tipped at the line. Also he kicked for us during the preseason a few years back and has familiarity here) Kai Forbath(veteran, bounced around a little) Josh Lambo Nick Rose
  10. Vinny set to retire today. Colts want him to stay but this is coming from Vinny. Unless something changes, #4 appears to be hanging up the cleats. What a career for Vinny!
  11. Indiana was in today to see Mohammed. Not sure which staff member(s).
  12. Some don't look at class rankings whereas some do. I know a lot can change as a good chunk of players still have yet to commit for 2020, however as of today we sit with the 3rd best class at a score of 56.86. If we add Dawson Garcia(our top priority) that pushes us to a score of 63.98(would be #1 class ranking for 2020 currently). If we add say Hassan Diarra along with Dawson to the mix it'd push us to a score of 66.03. When all the commits end up choosing a school, I feel like if we can add Dawson we have a top 10 class for 2020. If we add Diarra in addition to Dawson we might move up a spot. Very exciting with what all is going on in terms of recruiting and buzz with what Archie is doing on and off the court. I am excited for this upcoming season(I think we make the big dance and improve our win total by 3/4) but I'm even more excited about the future that Archie has IU heading.
  13. Interesting, small world Doesn't ring a bell
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