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  1. Maybe Dylan will enroll at IU and stay for what feels like a decade before deciding to be done with college basketball. It felt like his brother had been playing college ball for close to a decade.
  2. Thought there was a thread title mentioning NIL. G-league and overseas $ compared to NIL NIL affects my kids going to college in 16 years but I'm not gonna talk about it via the transfer portal. The NIL deal affects everything
  3. I thought this once was the Transfer Portal Thread. Must have missed a turn off of Kirkwood after a few drinks and cookies
  4. my bad lol Read too much about PU and its brainwashed me
  5. so about Dexter Dixon. Are we offering him more than Nijel Peck to come to IU? But serious, where we at with Dixon?
  6. give me DD and McNeil and unfortunately someone out the door. DD and McNeil would be more impactful to our team than the likely candidate to transfer out assuming TJD returns which we should find out soon due to the due date to pull your name out of the draft.
  7. will be good for IU to have Gabe in his ear since he's transferring to Centerville HS. Let's see if Gabe can dish out a more impressive assist before playing a game in candy stripes than what JHS did for Malik. Silly question, are each assistant assigned "specific regions"? If so, is it safe to assume that Walsh is the lead recruit for closer to IU?
  8. I think I saw where it's now up to four crystal ball picks for Oregon as of last night. Would take a major swing for this to change IMO.
  9. I would love for these to become available for purchase.
  10. Holland maybe? Too bad it wasn't red for a Mahindra Tractor, if so, Chase Briscoe may be driving it
  11. is that a John Deere out front? That's not a tank I see behind it.
  12. I love that we are getting 5 stars, but what I love more is that we are getting proven winners at the highest level in high school basketball. JHS and Malik won their high school championship, both played in the Jordan Brand Classic game, Banks was I believe voted 4A player of the year out of Georgia and Gunn plays on a top high school team in Indiana as.
  13. he's mad that those 7'4" guys they get can't dominate our 6'10" bigs like that want.
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