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  1. IMO if Cross doesn’t commit to IU because of the previous two commitments then he should have committed before Leal and/or Trey.
  2. Romeo was wearing Nike shoes in his photo shoot recently for the NBA
  3. Very interesting if Love were to choose IU.
  4. My birthday wish was granted! 😊🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ Welcome to Hoosiernation Anthony!
  5. haha yes they are especially when playing against the Teague brothers lol
  6. All I want for my birthday is a Anthony Leal Commitment to Cream and Crimson at 4:30pm eastern time
  7. If Leal chooses IU, I would think we would def improve our chances even more with Lander if those three are close like people are sayin. Add in TJD who tries to recruit everyone to IU(I love) and our odds improve even more. best of luck Leal, I hope it’s Cream and Crimson colors you choose! ⚪️🔴⚪️🔴
  8. at this rate, we may hit over 100 pages before this kid is a sophomore in high school
  9. Still not sold on Cox, def a better run blocker but not better than Doyle or Ebron in terms of pass catching or route runner. Give me one more year of solid snaps for Cox and that may change.
  10. A few experts have brought up the idea of trading Ebron for a pick. I think his stats fall slightly this year as compared to last season with Doyle coming back healthy, adding Funchess(big upgrade over Grant), Cain returning from injury, adding Campbell and Moe Allie-Cox being talked about a lot which could keep his price tag in the area that Ballard wants moving forward. With Doyle being a bit of an injury risk, I would keep Ebron. If Doyle goes down again, IMO Cox is not ready to step in as a full time TE where as Ebron can for the most part. Yes Ebron struggles in rush blocking but he excels over Cox in pass catching even though he has the dropsies.
  11. Wonder if we made the top 10 due to lack of bigger college offers or if he truly has interest in IU, especially with us offering just over a month ago.
  12. Hilton/Funchess/Campbell/Cain is a very good WR group assuming Campbell and Cain continue to improve with being so young. Sprinkle in Doyle and Ebron and that is a heck of a group to pass the pigskin to.
  13. I agree 100% with this above, I went to USI as well.
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