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  1. would be lots of minutes available at the 4 and 5 available after Race and TJD leaves. That has to be very appealing
  2. by doing this and letting him sign with another team, they got Ayton at a 4 year deal at $132ish mil as opposed to a 5 year max deal at approx. $160 mil, thus reducing the "commitment", I believe the Ps did this with Hibbert or something very similar when Portland matched. Phoenix is a small market team, they have a small window of opportunity for a championship. In year 3 or 4 of Aytons deal, I highly doubt they'll be contending in the WCFs again. All assuming they don't get Durant. Ayton would have been nice and expedite the rebuild, however, the asking price from suns that I saw from NBA insiders were both Cleveland and Boston 2023 1st rd pick AND Turner. No way do you do that. I think the writing is on the wall, Turner is gone either before start of season or at trade deadline. I'd like for the Ps to get at least one more 1st rd pick, especially for next years draft in return for Turner. 3 1st rd picks would be enough to trade up into the lottery along with our currently lottery projected pick. Now, bring Hield into the equation and I think you try for a 2024 1st rd pick and that'll give you two 1sts for that draft.
  3. Agree here. If we can be in the top 6 next year and move Clevelands and Bostons 1st plus maybe even another 24 1st rd pick to move into the top 5 for next year sign me up for only winning 25 or 30 games next season. Hield should gardner a 1st rd pick at the deadline or heck anytime really. Next years class is loaded. I will be somewhat disappointed if we end up in a multi team trade deal and we send out a 1st rd pick. I will say, if we have Hali, Mathurin, Duarte, Jackson, Ayton and end up with two top 6/7 lottery picks next season wow that's a heck of a young core
  4. you MUST maximize Hali and his skillset, especially if you are saying he is the leader for the team for the future. Last night on tv during Summer League, Carlisle mentioned something along the lines of Free Agents now want to come to Indiana to play with Haliburton. If this is true and you can get Ayton(I assume he is one that Rick is referring to) and bring out even more in Hali and Ayton at same time, next offseason could get real interesting if a few solid FA's want to come here.
  5. I think the Ps have a very young solid core to build around in Hali, Mathurin and Duarte. Shoot include Smith and Jackson if you wish. If Ayton takes Hali to the next level, that is a win for us, this team is so high on Hali we NEED him to reach is max potential. We have 3 1st rd picks next year, shoot maybe even another one should we move one of Hield or Turner. Next years class is deep, no reason why they couldn't package alot of our picks and move into say the top 5 at a minimum. Pair that top 5 kid with say Hali, Mathurin, Duarte, Jax, Smith and Ayton and you got a serious squad for years to come.
  6. I for one am looking forward to flying out to LA in mid Jan, wearing me candy stripes and watching IU bball play both USC and UCLA in a three night time span all while soaking in the sun and views LA has to offer.
  7. do you really think there is interest in Ayton for the Pacers? Chad Buchannan earlier on the radio this morning said they are not actively shopping Turner. Now, of course that doesn't mean they won't listen to offers for him.
  8. If wall would play some defense, him/PG/Leonard could be a nice three
  9. Don't think he is worth the max but then again, to get good players you have to over spend if you aren't located in Miami, NY, California or Boston. Haliburton/Mathurin/Duarte/Bridges/Turner would be a nice starting 5. As of now TJ/Hield/Oshae/Jackson off the bench, need more scoring. This isn't including the other two draft picks. I am also not factoring in what we get in a return for Brogdon. Think Jackson is ahead of Goga on depth chart so didn't include him.
  10. Kyrie about to take a $30 mil pay cut to join Lebron and the Lakers. Give me Durant on the Grizzlies. Ja/Durant/JJJ vs Steph/Klay/Green in the playoffs next year.
  11. I sure hope so. I hope they don't over value him and his value drastically lowers
  12. Ivey and Cade vs Haliburton and Mathurin will be a great battle for years to come in the division.
  13. Brown could have went much higher. Had he of returned for one more year at Baylor, he could have moved up into the late lottery. Major steal here. Got to move Brogdon.
  14. also some high level ESPN guys saying Pacers and Magic are teams to watch in terms of moving up and flipping their 2nd rd picks to do so. Pacers like a fair amount of guys near/at the back end of the lottery. Package 31 and 58 along with maybe a player would get it done.
  15. negative. he's more injury prone than Brogdon.
  16. Kings on the clock at 4. If you are the Pacers which option you choosing: 1.) Trade Brogdon/6th pick and either Duarte or a future 1st for Kings pick at 4 and take Ivey? 2.) Draft one of Ivey(doubt he's there at 6), Murray, Mathurin, Sharpe and trade Brogdon to either Wizards or Knicks for picks 10 or 11. Then select one of Griffin, Sochan, Daniels. I think Ivey will be good, really good, especially if he can nail down a consistent jumper. I'd lean option 2 as it has a safer floor BUT Pacers never are this high in lottery so I feel as if they NEED to take the risk and if Ivey becomes a good role player then they tried. I do not think there is much of a drop off from the group of Ivey, Murray, or Mathurin. Sharpe is a major wild card but knowing my Pacers, they'll end up with Sharpe somehow
  17. lots of big fish after the kid. Thoughts on where IU might be given the major improvement?
  18. Dyson Daniels working out of indy this week. He's 6'8" with a 6'11" wingspan. Played in NBA Ignite last season and has been compared to Josh Giddey whom of which Indiana was high on
  19. we thought this incoming class was a good one, 2023 could be an even better class and that is a great thing for us, scary for lots of other teams.
  20. Maybe Dylan will enroll at IU and stay for what feels like a decade before deciding to be done with college basketball. It felt like his brother had been playing college ball for close to a decade.
  21. Thought there was a thread title mentioning NIL. G-league and overseas $ compared to NIL NIL affects my kids going to college in 16 years but I'm not gonna talk about it via the transfer portal. The NIL deal affects everything
  22. I thought this once was the Transfer Portal Thread. Must have missed a turn off of Kirkwood after a few drinks and cookies
  23. my bad lol Read too much about PU and its brainwashed me
  24. so about Dexter Dixon. Are we offering him more than Nijel Peck to come to IU? But serious, where we at with Dixon?
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