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  1. Not good news for Memphis when an assistant transfers after just one season....
  2. Might be very bottom Round 1 pick if he rides the bench and only plays say 8 mins per game. Daddy Brooks won’t like that. Lots of money lost by going towards very bottom of round 1 compared to lottery
  3. Iowa no way. Not sure ND is a big time basketball program either, football yes for sure, basketball not near the likes of IU, MSU, MU, etc in regards to basketball.
  4. That or is he Anti-IU for whatever reason lol
  5. Before LQ chooses Memphis(my opinion not insight info), appears two hard sought after targets will have been recruited over(Brooks with UK and LQ at Memphis) and may not see a substantial amount of playing time during their freshman year. If the ultimate goal for both Brooks and LQ is to get to the NBA fast, they may need to re-evaluate their school decision. If Brooks plays off the bench the entire season, no way he is a top 15 pick next season. Not sure LQ could be a lottery pick after 1 season in college regardless of where he plays BUT with an ample amount of playing time that IU could offer LQ that could help LQ get into the first round. Just my thoughts. Been quiet and just monitoring posts for a bit with work and taking care of a 3 month old.
  6. How long do people envision TJD at IU? a 1 and done? a 2-3 year player?
  7. While true, we don’t have two NBA all star coaches at IU so IU can’t sell to players that you are being coached and taught by former NBA all stars
  8. This 👆🏻. Right now its “cool” to attend Memphis due to 2 former NBA stars so lots of kids think they will prepare them the best for the next step. That’s to be determined whether they can prepare the kids to the best of their ability for the next level.
  9. Maybe we hear some more good news today after visiting LQ?
  10. While this is a valid statement, I would never turn down a boating trip during the summer at Lake Monroe
  11. Or I'll take them out on my boat on beautiful Lake Monroe
  12. GO IU GOSH DARNIT! We need different emojis!
  13. Just being sarcastic since it's been known that he will be committing that day my bad lol No source, just being silly, bored at work
  14. I think LQ will choose a school on May 10th.
  15. Kid just got offered from his hometown team, is more than likely jumping for joy with excitement behind closed doors as are momma and dad. He will enjoy the process of being recruited. Maybe other biggger name schools that’s right in line with IU come along now that IU has offered who knows. My gut says he will be wearing Candy Stripes(no inside info) Go IU! 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
  16. I really think after the visit we made a lot of ground. I think I saw in the past few pages it appears to be Memphis vs IU.
  17. HUGE GET! Tuttle or Penix will have fun throwing passes to this kid.
  18. Almost like with Franklin and Newman for this upcoming year. Both had offers, both planned on visiting, Franklin committed just before Newman visited, Newman cancels visit and chooses PU.
  19. For what its worth, Mel Kiper Jr gave the Colts an "A" for this draft. Has them as the best draft, which is very encouraging. Sure draft grades can be silly but Kiper is very respectable unlike bleacher report and others that do the same draft grades. Colts got even better and have very good depth. The WR3 competition will be exciting to watch. Cain vs Parris will be great and very competitive.
  20. Happy Monday! Waiting for some good news from the visit today with Leal
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