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  1. Made some ribs tonight, didn’t make the pulled pork. Wasn’t too bad, I’ve made better, but I was also building shelves for our unfinished basement throughout today so I didn’t prepare the ribs or do much with them.
  2. Well that comment didn’t take long lol. She wanted to prove to herself she could do it there and back, and she did.
  3. Thanks and sounds good. Being a home owner the last 4 years, I’ve really dove in on cooking, grilling, projects, etc. Hope this will be my next venture
  4. Didn’t see an outdoor thread, so thought I would start one (sorry if there is one, didn’t see one when I searched for it). I love to fish, would like to hike more but it hard with a 3 year and 9 month old. We might go hiking tomorrow late morning after I get back from fishing lol. Where I live there are not many good places to fish, but we have a good sized pond in our subdivision. Has your typical stuff here, Bass, Crappie, and Blue Gill/Sunfish. I have caught one catfish in almost 4 years in our subdivision, which was a decent sized channel, but that’s been it. I was told catfish and crappie were fished out, but there are some good sized crapped that I catch almost every time out. Only thing that stinks is that most of the Bass are small, I’m lucky to catch one over 10 inches. I really want to get into hunting, as my in-laws are big into it. Never had much of an opportunity to, but would like to and be able to teach my kids. I love hiking in the Smokey Mountains, good waterfalls and a good variety of difficulty. I will post some pictures soon from our last trip there a couple years ago. We were supposed to go this year for vacation, but got postponed to next year because of the virus. Wasn’t worth the 8 hour drive if things were potentially going to be closed. How about everyone else?
  5. Mile, love this thread! I’ve really wanted to start making my own jerky, just haven’t but the bullet on it yet. However, I’m a big jerky fan. We have this place by our local Bass Pro, and also there is a store where we vacation in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN. Have amazing kinds of different flavors. https://www.beefjerkyoutlet.com/saintcharles
  6. Just had a short storm roll through, as it was starting to come through I may have been sitting outside drinking one of my favorite beers, Goose Island 312. Love watching storms roll in.
  7. Going to smoke some ribs and possibly a pork roast of some type tomorrow. Can’t wait! (Hopefully no bad aftertaste with the pork roast this time lol)
  8. Now this changes things lol. What I would like to see as the starting lineup: Rob Al Hunter Race TJD What I expect: Rob Lander Al TJD Brunk The one thing I like about Al at the 3 is I think that helps him defensively, might not be guarding as quick of a guy. The reason I don’t have Lander in my personal starting lineup is while he’s very good, I don’t like to put a high school senior to be as a starter. I’m trying to be careful with my expectations on him for that reason. Can’t go wrong with either, but I can’t wait to see what Race and Hunter look like this coming season. Hunter has all the skills to be a starter, but also want to be careful with him since he missed a full year of basketball. I just like TJD and Race starting together because of the energy on both ends that they seem to bring together. Brunk brings energy too, but I felt Race and TJD elevated everyone when they played together. I haven’t even mentioned Armaan, who will be a very good bench player this year at the guard spot. I really like our 8 man rotation there, and let the Freshman develop without being counted on (besides Lander).
  9. Hey STLHoosier, not trying to derail the thread but I’m a Hoosier living in SW Stl! Good to see others in STL
  10. Agreed. Hate to see him go, but I think IU will be just fine. I do feel like IU will be just fine without him, and that Jerome and Race will take his minutes and then some with their constant development.
  11. It hurts, but I don’t think it will be as significant and most think. He was a limited offensive player that was very inconsistent. I think our offense will get a boost and defense will be just fine. Makes our front court depth thin, but still have TJD, Brunk, and Race. Hunter can play the 4 if needed. Will be very interesting to see if the staff scrambled to try and find another grad transfer wing or big.
  12. I think you have to put Wisconsin and Iowa at the top for what they return, but I am curious to see if Iowa’s lack of depth will catch up to them towards the end of the Big10 season and move them down a couple slots. IU and MSU will be right behind them, with Illinois, Rutgers, and OSU fighting for the top 7 spots. Michigan is a wildcard, could be pretty darn good or very up and down, similar to IU this year.
  13. Might as well chime in on this thread. I love a lot of different styles of music and from different eras. I play the bass in our church band (play drums too). Music I mostly listen to: - Contemporary Praise and Worship - Country - 90s Punk Rock (Blink-182/etc) - 70s-90s Rock - 90s Boy Bands (Backstreet) Artists I really like: - Michael Jackson - Brooks and Dunn - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Queen - Elevation Worship
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