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  1. With Garza coming back, this will be another stacked B1G season! MSU, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illannoy, Michigan, and IU it’s going to be crazy. Rutgers will also be really solid. Wow, what a potential year to play only B1G teams.
  2. That would be awesome and hope it happens!
  3. Really hope I get the chance to and will definitely report back You stay safe as well!
  4. And as long as the virus cools down, I will make sure to attend a game or two . Living on the SW side of STL will help get to check out a game of his.
  5. Good article! Do you find it interesting offering a 6’8 wing with us heavily involved in Kaufman and Miller? Or, is it just a case of going after someone who can really help the program with no worry of the other 2 recruits? Hope that makes sense lol. Great job as always!
  6. I’ve always been a bird fan, used to do some bird watching. I have a bird feeder set up by our back patio, and my oldest (3yrs) and I enjoy looking at the window. Right now, our most popular visitors are finches, and I really enjoy the “house” finch, which has a reddish head and on some parts of the body. Got really excited when we had a woodpecker visit lol. We plan on setting out some hummingbird feeders later this year or next year. Good topic!
  7. Made my famous black and bleu burgers last night, huge hit. Mixed in the bacon and blue cheese with my favorite seasoning, Chicago Steak seasoning. My 3 year old even ate all of his, which is a good sign lol. Don’t like restaurant style that out the blue cheese on top, it’s better cooking in the meat imo.
  8. Miss having a stretch 4, would love to have a Christian Watford type player on our team!
  9. Thanks for posting and great video by IUBB. Not sure I like the players out protesting in an unsafe environment, I can in no way blame them. Please stay safe if you protest (goes for all people protesting peacefully). Ready for some IU Hoops!
  10. Yes and no. We had minnows, but this was caught off a reddish pink worm with a tail (it’s been so long I can’t remember the name). So this was not caught bobber fishing
  11. Thanks for posting and can’t wait (hopefully lol). With how last season ended for everyone, we are all itching to watch our teams again. I know this is the IUBB forum, also hope for some IUFB!
  12. LISTEN, you are putting the words into posters mouth’s to prove your point. Everyone on here has discussed how this is a tragedy and there needs to be changed. Just because you don’t agree with some of us gives you no right to keep acting the way you are. You May think you are some incredible intelligent person but you are no better than any of us. Stop putting words into what people are saying and twisting things around to for your agenda. I could care less what view you have on the matter, but stop twisting things around. You are just doing it so you can look right and be better than us. Sorry Mods, just getting very tired of people posting like this to try to prove their point and make themselves look like they are smarter and better.
  13. Haha, love it Brass! It’s amazing what you can get accomplished by getting the wife to agree. She was wanting some wood projects done around the house, so I told her I needed such and such tools to complete it. Even though I wasn’t lying, I just may have been able to get more tools out of it
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