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  1. I have two boys right now, and we are trying for a 3rd (no, @5fouls is not the father). Ages are 5 and almost 3. Having two boys have been a challenge, a lot of chaos and fighting at the house lol. My wife and I recently created a daily activity chart to try and see if a set routine would help, especially with our oldest. Dudes got a pretty bad attitude at times, but this morning was our best morning to date. He did his morning routine without issue, and was going above and beyond to help out with other stuff. Also had his best t-ball game this past Tuesday. Yes, he had his best hitting day, but also just overall attitude and having fun. He didn’t play in the dirt, and helped his friends out in the field. Hoping this daily activity chart will be a huge help. Now, for more of the fun stuff. Anyone have any funny public restroom incidents/conversations with the little ones? About a year ago, I took my oldest to the men’s room and we used the same stall as it was a busy bathroom. Out of no where he looks over and says loudly, “Wow Dad, you have a big penis!” 🤦‍♂️😁😬 Laughtererupted…… Also, if anyone farts in a public restroom myson has to announce it that someone did. Lol. Boys and farts!
  2. Love playing UNC this year. Our team will be battle tested in the non-conference, but also in conference with the schedule they gave us. IU has a lot of work to do, but top programs should be able to handle it. This will be a true test for the Hoosiers this season.
  3. Will definitely give that a look. I’m still sore from my one MBF workout earlier this week lol. BeachBody does a great job of having a good variety based on preferences and health. A good investment for all, plus, never hurts when the trainer is a good looking woman lol.
  4. Then you should definitely do the zombie 5k’s we’re people are trying to get you! Lol.
  5. I don’t care if it’s a few words here and there with my kids around, it’s just the non-stop. We went to a Cardinals game and a huge group of college kids ended up right behind us (luckily they had to move because they were in the wrong seats) and it was a constant flow of cursing.
  6. Wife and I don’t curse except on very rare occasions, and I agree with you on this. We have two young boys and can’t stand it when people have no filter, even after seeing our kids are there.
  7. I coached youth baseball for 5 and 1/2 years. I learned quickly to be upfront to parents about their actions at practice and at games, and what the consequences would be. It made a WORLD of difference and we were always receiving compliments from umpires and opposing coaches. I don’t tolerate parents yelling at umps/refs, kids, and coaches. I quit umpiring in high school (I’m 35 now) because the parents were so awful. I grew up in a small country town where everyone knew me, and it didn’t matter. Definitely an adult problem ruining youth athletics, and unfortunately only getting worse with violence towards officials growing.
  8. Nice and really like hearing that! I’ve never been a big fan of lifting weights, but need to start incorporating them more, which is why I’m doing MBF. I notice a major health benefit once I start exercising and eating better, which is my stomach/digestion. World of difference with even a little adjustment to being healthier.
  9. My issue with weight loss has always been my food intake. I eat a lot, always have, and it caught up to me after college when I quit running so much. I’m wanting to get down to 199lbs (just want to be below 200 lol), but at least below 210lbs. I’ve been fortunate to be natural at running, and luckily I really like it as well. This go around, I’m trying to mix-in these BeachBody workouts that focus on strength training too. Hoping to get some 5k’s under my belt, and then train for a couple half-marathons next year. I’m 35 and want to take advantage of this time by not hurting my health and daily lifestyle by my diet and laziness. Having kids makes it really difficult to stay in shape!
  10. Are things looking better with Booked? For awhile, it was being discussed as IU was on the outside looking in.
  11. Newell received a scholarship offer on his visit. Coach MW and staff love their Monteverde kids!
  12. Been getting out running more, but with this heatwave I did the MBF workout from BeachBody yesterday. It was leg day and I’m so sore. Weighed myself this morning at 226lbs, and I’m 6’2.
  13. I’m definitely crying inside with the market the last week. Not fun at all!
  14. Just finished purchasing the subdivision fireworks. Hope to get more donations in or I’m on the hook for a lot lol. Grand total is about $2,000. One thing I’m looking to add this year is a fun parachute firework where all the neighborhood kids go chasing them. My issue is I have found one that shoots 250, which is too much, but the other problem is the 2nd biggest is only 17 parachutes. My church is hosting a subdivision bbq for free, and then a few of us are putting on a fun parade where adults/kids can decorate golf carts, bikes, scooters, strollers, etc.
  15. So Amazon is running some deals on their holiday inflatables. Just purchased an 8ft spider inflatable that lights up for $45. I plan to put this on the roof right above our entrance overhang. Never too early for holiday decorating stuff lol.
  16. I’ve never been a big movie person, but trying to get there. I’m probably one of the few people on this planet who hasn’t seen many marvel movies. I’ve seen 3, I think. Anyway, Disney+ has a category to watch them chronologically, so I’m doing that. I’m about to start Thor, but skipped Captain Marvel. I watched the beginning and was very bored lol. Really liked the first two Iron Man’s and Captain America: The First Avenger.
  17. Three more games added that will be played in middle-late November. Miami (Ohio), Little Rock, and Jackson State. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/three-more-iu-basketball-2022-23-nonconference-foes-revealed/
  18. Getting the grill and smoker out this weekend. Plan to smoke a pork loin and bone-in chicken quarter thighs. Will try making some fun pizza burgers, been awhile since I’ve done that.
  19. For those needing a good Father’s Day Shirt, here you go
  20. I wish! Lol. I went from a fan who let the bad times and play really bother me to rolling with the punches. Prefer to be more optimistic and relaxed
  21. Really looking forward to this upcoming season. One thing that will be huge for us again is the defense. Defense alone will keep us in games, just like it did the majority of last season. With a year of experience and spending more time on offense, I think that will help push us over the edge. This team lost a lot of close games and had significant injuries (TJD played through his the best he could). With better overall talent and experience in the system, I think there will be better results. Even if shooting is only slightly better, experience in the system and better over talent will be huge factors into making it a successful season in the Big10 and nationally.
  22. One of my all time favorites was O’Fallons Kite Tail, a really nice summer beer. They replaced it with Summer Daze, which is still good, but not even close to Kite Tail. Wasn’t a fruity beer or too heavy with Hops, just a good even beer that was delicious. O’Fallon is dead to me now!
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