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  1. Romeo Langford

  2. If you don't believe your school is involved, what is the advantage of an internal review? Personally, I'm absolutely fine with the administration doing exactly what they did...conduct discussions to ensure that everyone is on the same page and aware of the expectations of following the rules. Let's say IU undertook an internal review and discovered that 5-6 years ago Kenny Johnson gave a player $500 cash for whatever reason? Let's say our internal review found that Kenny felt sorry for a broke college student and did this on his own with no one else on the coaching staff knowing about it. What advantage would discovering such knowledge give IU? Kenny is gone...the head coach ran a clean program (or at least tried). IU as a program really didn't benefit in this example so what is the positive that comes from discovering and self-reporting a violation like that? I don't see it. Unless you feel there are problems in your program that need to be stopped, I don't see the advantage of digging around to try and find dirt in your own program when there's no reason to feel it exists. It just seems like a waste of time and resources to me.
  3. Romeo Langford

    I LOL'd at the UK fan who tweeted "who cares?" Buddy, you would if you thought your school had a snowball's chance of landing him...
  4. Player profile - Rob Johnson

    I hesitate to answer and point fingers st persons no longer associated with the program, but I'll say this for coach Crean...he didn't keep players like Oladipo and Anunoby from reaching the NBA.
  5. I still respect him more than that sanctimonious prick Roy Williams. If that was ol' Roy, he's be saying how lilly-white his program is and spending $20 million to "prove" it. At least he's not sitting there acting like there's no way Kentucky has any involvment.
  6. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    The NCAA's reputation...
  7. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    Apparently, money well spent.
  8. Kansas

    Still, if the FBI indicated it had no documents under IU's FOIA request, that would be a welcome bit of news...
  9. Player profile - Rob Johnson

    I see Rojo poised to explode with a significant unnamed obstacle out of the way this season.
  10. That makes me almost wish someone would make a FOIA request related to IU just to get a sense of whether or not IU athletics are on the same level as Kansas athletics. The only telling response would be "we have no documents related to this request." Wouldn't that be sweet news to go into the weekend with? Doyel or someone, come on...make a FOIA request!
  11. I'll give you a "trophy" (thanks) for your "thumbs up".
  12. Hoosiers In the NBA

    This, running a clean program, and identifying underappreciated talent are the three things I appreciate about CTC and what he brought to Indiana. Of the eight players he put in the league, Bryant, Vonleh and Zeller were the only three I thought had strong NBA potential. Anunoby and Oladipo, and to a lesser extent, WIlliams and Ferrell (mostly due to compensating for and overcoming a lack of height) are bona-fide success stories for CTC. I hope Blackmon finds success as well, but I'm less convinced he sticks. He's going to have to play defense and be a better teammate.
  13. I've read various comments from our fans relating to the disappointment in Crean's last classes, but I've seen time and time again, Crean bring in classes that on the surface, look ordinary, but end up proving to possess much more talent than the "experts" recognize. Clifton Moore could be yet another example of a guy that didn't stand out when he committed but ultimately became a star with NBA potential. No one saw Oladipo or Anunoby coming and there's nothing Crean did better than identify underrated talent.
  14. Sorry coach...my question was very much a tongue-in-cheek reference to UNC's sham classes at the heart of their academic scandal...but it's not nearly as funny when you have to explain the joke...
  15. African and Afro-American Studies?