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  1. I'll be there. Taking dad on sister's season tickets.
  2. ...and the Michigan staff shows it's lack of strategic wisdom. I'm surprised Martelli wasn't yelling for them to foul. They let PSU run the shot clock all the way down with a 10 point deficit and only 47 seconds to go. It's almost like they've conceded the game.
  3. Curtis Jones is single-handedly beating Michigan at Ann Arbor. Hasn't missed a shot yet.
  4. He might have...I don't remember. What I recall is toward the end of the recruitment, there was virtually no chatter and very little visible staff activity related to Morton. Sam may have had a different take, but I didn't see much activity when searching recruiting sites in the last few weeks prior to Morton's commit. I just don't see much difference between Morton and Anthony Leal, frankly...not much difference in ranking...one shoots better and the other passes better. In light of that, I'm mystified as to why he would have been such a big priority when it's pretty clear that IU needs shooters. My guess is that IU cooled on him or simply saw he was a long shot and moved on. Based on what I've seen since then, I'm more than fine with Leal.
  5. Might be talking about last season when it appeared that Smith was moody and even disinterested at times. I'm not going to try to guess what was in his head, but with some of the tweets we saw from dad, it would be hard to imagine that Justin wasn't at least somewhat influenced by those negative public statements, I mean...he was still a teenager and Ed is still his dad. That being said, if he was influenced and having negative thoughts, I don't see much evidence of that today.
  6. I haven't paid any attention to what Morton is doing against normal high school competition but with what he showed in his last AAU season, I'm just fine with IU "missing" on him (plenty of evidence they backed off whether he was viewed as a long shot or they didn't like what they saw in development, I don't know). For sure, a reputation as a good passer, but he looks like another 20% shooter from distance.
  7. There are a few questions lingering from his last gig to make me a little skeptical about whether he does things the right way. Too lazy to look up the specifics or tax my memory but didn't he have an assistant at his last school that got caught up in the FBI sting?
  8. ...and yet he was good enough for Dollar Bill to pay for his services...
  9. I eat food off the floor as well. We live in the country and are used to a little dirt.😜
  10. The only silver lining I see here is that Kentucky's loss looks worse and worse...
  11. I wouldn't call it a good win. They look worse and worse the longer the season goes. I'll give you that MSU is a good win...at this stage, I'd say a very good win, but...it was at home. That's what keeps it from being a great win. JMO...
  12. I'm sure I looked like an IU homer saying after the Purdue win that it didn't look as good as one would think because Virginia had zero offense. Of course, Purdue fans would have none of that at the time. I wonder if they are still convinced it was a great win? Granted, any power five win is desirable, but a win over Virginia doesn't have much luster this year when they can't throw it in the ocean.
  13. I honestly had the same thought. I agree with the message but struggle a little more with the messenger. I chose to give more weight to the importance of the message in this case.
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