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  1. Can't say I've ever heard of F+ but I guess it's better than an F!
  2. The short answer is no. I want to keep the incentive for innovation high in light of the Chinese bio-war threat. If we are going to allocate taxpayer dollars foolishly, I'd rather overpay for defensive medicine research for this threat, because I only see it getting bigger after China has seen the havoc they've created.
  3. I just get the vibe that Brown's parents are not helping. At. All. What was the name of that kid who was...I believe briefly at Bloomington South, and was supposed to play for IU but ended up transferring all over the country (BYU? UCLA?) but never really amounted to much? I hope Luke doesn't have parents like that kid did.
  4. In olden days, fat people were pegged as wealthy (i.e., they had the disposable income for extra food), but to be honest, I would welcome some pretty hard push to get me in shape. I don't know what form that would take as financial incentives wouldn't do it for me at all...I'm literally addicted to good food and would pay what was necessary, within reason, to get it. If anyone has any out of the box creative thinking on incentives, I'm about 45 pounds over where I need to be right now (not the root cause, but this was definitely aggravated by the pandemic) and 10 years ago when I was running 10Ks, I was 65 pounds lighter and had really excellent endurance. I wouldn't classify myself as high risk, but I'm definitely headed that way, but the mental block to reverse course is just huge. I'd welcome some creative motivational ideas, because short of my wife telling me she was leaving me, I'm not sure what gets me back on the wagon.
  5. Gonna follow my daughter and her buds bar-hopping this weekend using Life 360 and play "Old Time Rock & Roll" repetitively in every bar they go to. ...or maybe "Born in the USA"...that would be even more obnoxious.
  6. That's good to hear. I wonder if the staff may tell the HH's to back off a bit after the last video fail.
  7. So those are the only states currently with increasing case numbers?
  8. Thought you all would enjoy knowing that BTB has an 83-page thread on Luke Brown. Sounds like his parents had even moved to Florida to be close to his games. Oops.
  9. Feb. 1 will be a festive night. That's when Chris Beard will return to Texas Tech. I think 85% of the fan base hates him now. TTU fans will invariably find me and declare my estimation is too low. Ooooohhh...that's going to be fun!
  10. I'll add to the pile on here. I've not seen a lot of their stuff, but what I have seen is pure cornball. I had no idea they had access to recruits, but yeah...I'd stop that right now if my small sample is representative of their shtick. Let folks like TDH do the heavy lifting here.
  11. Dammit...I just came here to post this...HSN be quick on the draw.
  12. Wow...right on half of those kids are from Utah. I'll bet most of the rest are just displaced mormons.
  13. True. I had a close friend, vaccinated, but he had a nagging scratchy throat and a mild headache. He only went and got tested because two other guys in his small group came up positive and he was shocked when he came up positive. Got over it fairly quickly with only very mild symptoms (he even mowed his lawn), but had he not had several positives around him, he admits he would have ignored the symptoms and never even knew he was a breakthrough.
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