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  1. Perfect example of being tone-deaf. It's your call on how you post here, but you'll definitely get pushback posting like this.
  2. They have better players NOW...maybe not later though. With the G-league, I think you can have both. If the Pacers can get a Troy Williams for cheap and have the flexibility to move him between the G-league and the NBA as needed, I think you can give him a chance. What happens if Troy routinely looks better than Doug McDermott at a third of the money? Even if this scenario is considered unlikely, I like inexpensive backup plans. This one doesn't mean that the Pacers have to give up a better player.
  3. Again, you are missing the point. I made it clear that we are not talking about drafting Alford instead of Reggie Miller. We are talking about players like Troy Williams who are at the margins of making it in the NBA. These are cheap players who may do better playing for the Pacers than they would in markets where no one cares who they are, but at any rate, they are cheap, low-risk players who have a tie to a substantial part of the fanbase. Worse-case scenario, they flame out like a typical 2-way investment, costing the Pacers relatively little cash. Best-case, you have players that are well-known by a substantial part of the Pacer fanbase and they actually contribute for a relatively cheap contract. Best-best-case, they flourish and become real contributors making everyone happy. I'm pretty happy with the trade that brought former IU star Victor Oladipo to the Pacers, not to mention Sabonis..aren't you? Not only has Vic flourished...he's a beloved fan-favorite in Indy. ...and before you go down this rabbit hole, I. AM. NOT. SAYING. THAT. TROY. WILLIAMS. WILL. BE. ANOTHER. VICTOR. OLADIPO. He doesn't have to be anything remotely close to that to be a bargain for no more than he'll cost at this point.
  4. You're missing the point here...hell, make Troy a 2-way player and use him to fill in for injuries, etc. We're not talking starters here...not at least initially. We're talking about players who have potential but are struggling to stay in the league like Troy is. Granted, Yogi doesn't fit that description as of this time, but he might be like Vic was...misused and underutilized and at some point, available for the right price to fill a need. The Pacers lose players all the time to better salary offers. This kind of player can backfill a need when players are traded or have injuries, with the possibility of them growing into greater roles even if they are not competing for a starting job today. Just so I'm clear...I'm thinking two very different scenarios for a player like Troy vs. a player like Yogi. Yogi is more of a pipe dream/future possibility if there is possible need at the position. Troy would likely take a 2-way deal for the minimum to get a chance and would be a very low-risk/high potential move. Troy is a now suggestion and Yogi is a maybe later.
  5. IMO, 72 is nothing in this kind of setting. Look at how many points Gonzaga ran up on MSU.
  6. This is one of those players I'd love to see the Pacers take a flyer on. If a player plays for a team where he is loved, I think they respond to that, although I have nothing beyond Vic's breakout story to back that up. He'd be a low-risk pickup...going to probably make the minimum at least initially and I agree that he can play. Yogi would be another candidate. Bring in some inexpensive Hoosiers to a team where IU alumni make up a huge part of the fanbase and I see it as a win-win. The fans love them and (hopefully) the players respond to that love and play just a bit harder and with more confidence. It's an experiment that seems low-risk to me, I mean...we're not talking drafting Steve Alford in the first round here.
  7. I'm guessing you're right. Pretty poorly worded, though... "Troy Williams was among multiple players who were signed and waived Saturday."
  8. hypocrite [ hip-uh-krit ] noun a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.
  9. Yeah...would have much rather had this kid than Diarrhea.
  10. If IU's defense is a long way off, so is Marquette's shooting. 😂😂😂
  11. Certainly. Scrimmages are more for teaching than winning. I don't think MSU is in trouble because of a secret scrimmage "loss". If anything, Izzo may well use it to get their attention and bring them back down to earth. May make the team more coachable at least.
  12. That's good enough for my purposes. The tweet made it sound like they were signed and waived the same day which I found odd.
  13. ...and I see he was perfect from behind the arc.
  14. Again, I don't agree at all with you on the two plays in question. The Penn State receiver clearly created considerable separation by pushing off on the touchdown catch and no, the 4th down non-call was not in the end zone. Replay showed the defender making significant contact just before the ball arrived. Again, both replays were pretty clear and it was obvious the announcers felt calls were missed. This all happened when Penn State was rolling up a 21-point lead and I don't think there's much question, they had a little help getting there. Sure, it's possible that other calls missed were in Michigan's favor, but those two stood out to me as early calls that helped Penn State's momentum. If I cared enough about this game, I'd attempt to hunt up the video and show you exactly what I'm talking about, but at this point, I'll be satisfied to respectfully disagree and get back to IU basketball, which I'm much more interested in.
  15. I guess that answers the question about why he decommitted from Nebraska. It was a dumb early commitment anyway.
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