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  1. Spoken like a wise diplomat...or someone who has survived many years of marriage.😂
  2. What a joke. Ten years from now, I doubt the NCAA exists...drowning in a sea of corruption.
  3. It's not at all trivial if you like to watch in person.
  4. I've had a theory that Archie spent most of his first two years teaching defense and as a result, has a relatively simple offense at this stage. I expect that to change now that he's had two years, but I'm guessing Archie will always be a defense first coach. Completely a guess on my part, but it fits what I've witnessed thus far.
  5. I suspect Vonleh got bad press for shutting it down early.
  6. Unless mama slipped it into my sippy cup, that would be a negative!
  7. My first memory of the track was time trials in 1969...Mario Andretti's rookie season. Due to being 4, my memories are limited. We had a picnic in the infield (apparently before the snakepit was a thing) and I watched cars whiz by all afternoon. Exciting stuff even for a little kid.
  8. I drove to Indy TWICE for that debacle. Saw a total of 10 laps. Dad took a buddy with my tickets Tuesday and they weren't even checking tickets at the gate. He said you could sit almost anywhere.
  9. This is me as well, although I never stopped following IndyCar and never miss the 500. You remember that hilariously bad CART race held on the same day as the 500 where like half the field wrecked on the opening lap?😄
  10. Yeah, sorry @dgambill...it's Lander without the S. You're thinking of the old advice columnist.
  11. Again, great stuff, @IU878176. Kind of concerns me about Romeo's back. We know he got the hell beat out of him last season. That can't be good for his long-term spinal health. I hope he can manage his back issues as a pro. Who knows how many more years Larry Bird could have played except for his back.
  12. We know Dakich is a tool, but Snow sounds like he's about 14 years old here.
  13. Really appreciate the recaps, @tdhoosier, @IU878176 and @OGIUAndy. I'm going to have to spend some time following that podcast.
  14. Other than from the line, I'm having a tough time getting excited about his shooting percentages.
  15. Low release but he gets it off quickly.
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