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  1. Thanks. This is the kind of insight I was looking for. I realize it's mostly projection at this point but it's still helpful in understanding why one player gets more attention than another. How does Braden Smith project against a Jordan Hulls?
  2. I'd love to see him absolutely blow up and prove a lot of people wrong, just not at the expense of IU. Appears unlikely, but it would make a great story.
  3. Wow...I honestly thought you were using hyperbole. I'd bet against 84 Indiana players in his class being better than him, but again...I'm just an amateur in talent analysis.
  4. I'm going to ask it here...why is Braden Smith seen so much more favorably than Luke Brown? I've watched highlights of both and I'd like Hoosier Nation to sell me on why Archie likes the shorter player so much better when one of the knocks against Luke Brown was that he's not tall enough for the Big Ten. I just watched a highlight reel of Luke Brown knocking down jumper after jumper often with guys 4-5 inches taller than him guarding him. To be clear...I'm going with the premise that Archie is the professional here and we trust his judgment. I just want more than "because Archie likes him better."
  5. Yeah, I'm fine with moving it to the general basketball forum.
  6. Thanks for posting these. After re-watching, I don't get why some are so down on this kid. I see good athleticism, a nice handle, a quick release and a nice shot...the kid is a baller. I guarantee there have been worse kids play in the Big Ten than Luke Brown. We're fired up about Braden Smith but yet think this kid can't play? I'm not knocking Smith, but he's definitely shorter than Luke Brown and that was always one of the knocks on Luke...too small. Admittedly, I'm not a professional talent scout, but I don't get it. I really don't. I think we can at least eliminate the "not tall enough" argument if IU is chasing Braden Smith.
  7. Yeah, man...I think you'll be OK in the end. Meanwhile, keep looking at the bright side.
  8. Close...we do know some of the same people in his company and he works for a great company. I actually got to hear John Wooden speak courtesy of Boiler's company. I told him I wouldn't stop giving him crap for being a Toiletmaker, though.😂😂😜
  9. Yeah, I decided awhile back that reloading would be a very wise decision.
  10. It's kind of like the kid who won't touch alcohol because dad was an alcoholic. I worked for a company that was ridiculous...always demanding useless pipeline and other reports, telling me what products to offer to clients and even dictating what colors you wore in certain seasons. I intended to be everything they weren't because I got tired of having that knot of dread in my stomach every Sunday evening.
  11. I'll never know that personally but I may well know soon for my little shop.
  12. That's a very tough spot, but I know you'll land on your feet. I don't post jobs. I recruit people I already know and trust to fill them and I take care of them when they get here...good pay with bonuses, retirement plan, relaxed dress code, flexible hours and even the company buys lunch for the staff every Friday. For two months when we completely locked down the office, the company bought lunch every day and I personally picked it up to protect my staff. Besides my wife and another friend who helped me on a temporary basis, only one employee ever quit me and it's because she got married and moved to Warsaw. When I left my last employer, I had a long list of things I would never do to employees. I was literally living out the movie Office Space.
  13. I'm 99% with you there, but I'm also about justice and accountability. You don't have to be ugly and I don't think you burn a bridge with your current employer if you politely tell them that you are unhappy that they have changed the rules you were playing under in good faith. I think it's garbage that Billingsly had a good month and now his employer, who was happy to collect the fruit of his efforts doesn't want to share. ...but closely related, I have always counseled people to not quit until the next gig is in hand. A job has to be very bad for me to advise someone to go unemployed with no promise of future employment.
  14. As much crap as I give him, it would be absolutely hilarious.
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