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  1. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Tim Priller isn't going to lose you the game in the first two minutes. Look at the hole IU started in at Iowa. I think it's a nice gesture and I don't believe for a minute it would be the deciding factor between winning and losing. It's a moot point as it doesn't appear that Archie historically starts the seniors and I'm not going to second guess the coach, but if I were making the decisions, it wouldn't bother me at all to do it.
  2. FBI/NCAA news...

    I'm seriously amused that 3% that thought Crean cheated. I'll bet Painter was one. Calipari and Drew...yeah I get those two in particular, but Crean when Pitino was not mentioned?!! I guess we'll see.
  3. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    For a couple of minutes? I'm absolutely serious. Have you ever seen him play like a disaster when put in? He's limited, but he's not a turnover machine chucking up bricks. At least Priller knows his role.
  4. The Sectional Pairings

    I think Southridge is too. I was told they quit making them that way because of fire code.
  5. The Sectional Pairings

    Welcome. I don't recall why he moved on, but he missed out on an excellent 1978 Washington senior class that I think lost to Terre Haute South in the final game of the semi-state after coughing up a pretty significant lead. Bouchie as a junior started with a bunch of seniors. Good team that definitely could have won it all. The following year when Bouchie was a senior and Mr. basketball, I think they again lost to THS in the semi-state, but it was at least more expected.
  6. 2018 options

    I'll say that I saw nothing in your previous post indication any clues as to who might leave and I appreciate that you left it generic. One of my pet peeves is when transfer speculation happens and specific players are mentioned by name. Nothing says "we don't appreciate your decision to play here, the sacrifices you made to do so or your efforts while you were here." like naming players and speculating that they will leave for reasons other than graduation/playing professionally.
  7. Romeo Langford

    I left a breadcrumb trail back at the old HSN...you didn't see the link?
  8. I love your predictability and unwavering Smellermaker hate, HTD.
  9. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Priller may be limited but I don't recall him making poor decisions on the floor. I think the kid deserves a couple of minutes out of the chute for his willingness to stick around and do what was asked of him.
  10. Around the B1G/NCAA

    I doubt Troy would have warranted agent payments out of high school. He was a good recruit, but nowhere near elite.
  11. Romeo Langford

    LOL...he probably can't answer that either. The general answer though, is that people often say things in confidence that they don't want vomited all over a public fan forum...and sometimes, the kid just doesn't want his thunder stolen. I respect that.
  12. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    I wondered that as I posted. Archie is all business enough to buck tradition and not give seniors a token start, but my guess is, we see the seniors for at least a couple of minutes.
  13. Neb. Post Game

    Let the cornjerkers have their 15 minutes of fame in front of 20 years of Hoosier beatdowns.
  14. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    I predict some senior night magic. IU wins and Hartman has a good game. I'm just cringing at the idea of Newkirk starting. I'm honestly not nearly as afraid of Tim Priller.
  15. The Sectional Pairings

    Stan Neal (father of Craig - Class of '83 and recent New Mexico coach) was Bouchie's coach. I remember the name Don Rogers but he was gone by the 1978 & 1979 sectionals when Bouchie starred.