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  1. I love Trey, but I'm not sure I don't love his mom even more now.
  2. Oh, I think there's definitely some truth to some coaches being able to develop players better than others and I think Crean is definitely better than average in that regard. Not sure why, but I see the evidence, which at least Crean can point to. I'd love for someone to show me the evidence that Painter develops bigs for the NBA...I just don't see any. I'll given him props for Carson Edwards if he sticks, but that's a solitary example of Painter taking a lesser-rated player and developing him to the next level. We'll see if that trend continues, but it still says nothing about him developing bigs for the NBA. I'm not against what Painter is doing at the college level, but the developing bigs line is a questionable pitch. No one was going to be able to develop Hanner Perea for the NBA. He was (1) Overrated, (2) too raw, (3) unwilling to work at it and (4) a behavioral idiot. In retrospect, that was a miss on Crean's part (although a lot of people missed on Perea) and IU would have been way ahead if Baylor's tactics had worked.
  3. I don't understand the handwringing. Pretty much every program out there offers a lot more kids than they have slots for knowing that some will go elsewhere. It's an absolute given than many kids will "get away" from any program that recruits. I'm pretty happy with the recruits that IU is getting.
  4. A retired Texas trooper...that's a real good look for law enforcement!
  5. Always nice to have the back story. That third swing makes a lot more sense now!
  6. The NCAA reminds me of that Disney movie with the sloths running the license branch...
  7. Based on Trendon Watford to LSU, apparently that doesn't really move the needle anymore.
  8. Again...that's not the statement in question. If you go back to what the recruit said in the article in question, he indicated that Painter was good at developing players, especially bigs for the NBA. That's just patently false.
  9. Not in the slightest bit concerned. It's well-known how Adidas funneled money to Romeo's dad. While some may consider it shady, it's absolutely not outside of the rules. If he already had 100K to run Romeo's team, it would be no surprise if he turned down another 20K that could cost Romeo his eligibility.
  10. I see a lot of mental gymnastics here but I still don't see any evidence Painter develops bigs for NBA success.
  11. My mistake. He's outside of the top 25 composite and I didn't recall him being a MDAA... Bryant is ranked the No. 22 senior nationally by ESPN.com, No. 30 by 247Sports.com, No. 33 by Scout.com and No. 37 by Rivals.com.
  12. IU Players in the NBA: Ogugua Anunoby SF 6-8 232 2017 Raptors - - - - Thomas Bryant C 6-11 248 2017 Wizards - - - - Yogi Ferrell G 6-0 180 2016 Kings - - - - Eric Gordon G 6-4 215 2008 Rockets - - - - Victor Oladipo G 6-4 210 2013 Pacers - - - - Noah Vonleh FC 6-9 245 2014 Timberwolves - - - - Cody Zeller F 7-0 240 2013 Hornets - - - - (not updated for Romeo Langford) Turdue players in the NBA: E'Twaun Moore - Pelicans Carson Edwards - Celtics That would be eight vs. two and three bigs vs. zero. Bryant was a very good player but not a McDonald's All-American. You can contribute his success to hard work and ignore any development edge he might have had, but if you do that, you're essentially saying that Purdue's bigs are lazy and don't work hard enough to stick. I just don't see much evidence that Painter can successfully develop players, especially bigs for success in the NBA. Sad commentary either way you look at it.
  13. No offense, but it doesn't appear that it's translated to any real NBA success for these Purdue bigs. Of the three recent ones referenced, Hammons has managed to play himself out of the league and Haas and Former McDonald's All-American Caleb Swanigan are toiling in the G league. Carl Landry was respectable but half of his college development was at Vincennes University as a juco. JuJuan Johnson played all of 36 games in his one NBA season averaging a little over 3 ppg. It would appear that there is scant evidence that Purdue's coaching staff can successfully prepare a big for NBA success. We should dispel that notion right now.
  14. Using your logic, he should go to Georgia. I'll bet this coach is better at putting players in the NBA than Painter too.
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