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  1. That was just a piece I found quickly. His whole press conference is where he talked about the quickest way to NBA millions among other things. I get considering what is best for you but the emphasis he put (more than once) on being selfish and using UK as a springboard to quickly get to the NBA millions just didn't sound very appealing to a fan who wanted to see their team win. Everyone has a some self interest, but he seemed to have a little more than usual based on his stated decision factors. ...and I get that his father probably had a lot of influence there and should really own his share of what turned out to be a poor decision. I contrast that to Trayce who, when asked about NIL and $$$ in the interview posted yesterday, said all the right things...that it was nice but not his primary motivation and he preferred teammates who wanted to win over players who wanted to get paid. I don't doubt he likes the green as most everyone does, but he at least says the right things and seems to prioritize success on the court. Hindsight being what it is, Keion probably did IU a favor. I just keep thinking what a poor decision UK ended up being for him and wondering if he'd have developed better somewhere else (not necessarily IU). Surely at some point, recruits start noticing that most UK recruits really don't develop beyond expectations and a lot of them don't even end up meeting expectations.
  2. I think curfew was confirmed at least for a couple of players.
  3. In hindsight, it probably was, but I loved the strong leadership vibe I got from him in that interview. Yeah, perhaps a little too frank at times, but the message has been sent.
  4. They were on the same wavelength. Dad tweeted it and he talked about doing what was best for him in his press conference. What a disaster of a decision.
  5. Yeah...UK was the quickest path to NBA millions (also his words). Brooks is a 3 with a broken shot or an undersized four. His 23% career rate from distance is worse than anyone on IU last year and most considered IU a poor-shooting team. The idea of him and his father at another IU school doesn't bother me in the least.
  6. That's probably what he's basing it on, but I can't imagine Ewing's coaching acumen had much to do with that. Maybe they connected on a personal level and he simply likes Ewing.
  7. I don't know what these kids are thinking, but he'll get little to no quality coaching at Georgetown.
  8. I think Scott's around Indy, so you could both make a 2-hour trip and have a nice 3-way hug.
  9. Trayce is rapidly becoming an all-time favorite for me personally. This interview just screams LEADER and MATURITY. I loved Trayce saying that drugs will not be a factor for this team and advocating for a one strike and you're out policy. Trayce is in my top ten already. This year may put him at or near the tope of the list. I still remember him assuring fans that he was a committed Hoosier before he set foot on campus during a time period when IU was sucking on the court. Just a high, high character young man. He's right up there with Cody Zeller in that regard.
  10. Yeah, Bates ranks as the most disappointing player for me last season and as a result, I'll remain skeptical about all the offseason jump hype until I see it on the floor. It's pretty obvious to me that too much of Bates' attention was focused on matters outside of basketball and to me, he failed to meet expectations as a result of his lack of focus. I'm not saying basketball should always be number one, but I have to wonder if it was even in the top three last season. I hope he balls out this season, but after the disappointment of last season, I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. He was definitely 5-star. I think 11 or 12?
  12. That's the thing though...I don't doubt there are ill-informed idiots in some IU fan forums, but this is a free forum and I really don't see much of that here, which is frankly refreshing. The few times I've ventured over to B-Town Banners, another free forum, I didn't see a lot of foolishness there either. Neither of these two have even remotely the degree of next-level stupid I see on GBI. ...and I'm glad it's there...absolutely entertaining to read and laugh at.
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