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  1. FKIM01

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    Interesting...backup SHOOTING guard...
  2. My least anticipated thing going into watching that video: Damezi has a really nice stroke. He makes it look dam ezi. Love these clips...it's like a little sugar rush in the off season.
  3. FKIM01

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Wow...that IS a big hire. I'm a little surprised St. Louis didn't find a place for him somewhere on the staff. I think he was an all-star like three seasons in a row IIRC.
  4. FKIM01

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Like St. Louis professional baseball player and Jasper native Scott Rolen?!!
  5. FKIM01

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    That's the first step to Freddie being an NBA starter next year.
  6. Hello, fellow night owl!
  7. FKIM01

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    I understand the man-crush because he played hard, but I've never bought into the hype. He's getting absolutely exposed in the summer league. It would be 10X worse against NBA regulars. GBI regulars were babbling about his +/- but I'm sure that took a hit last night and his stats are abysmal...shooting a whopping 35%. Maybe he can have a reasonably successful foreign career like Jordy Hulls or Nick Zeisloft, but that's about the ceiling I see for him.
  8. FKIM01

    Juwan Morgan

    I'll bet Juwan is thinking, "Man, every time I come over here to work out, that dude is here...creepy..."
  9. FKIM01

    Juwan Morgan

    Excellent find. I'm OK with him dissing McDonalds and I'm excited to see him at 238. No one is going to push Juwan around in the post...not that they did last year, but it's great to see him really built for the lane while having the ability to step out on people. As Hoopster said, just stay healthy and a monster season is within reach.
  10. FKIM01

    Upcoming Final Four Sites

    There...gave you a thanks trophy and a banana split...
  11. FKIM01

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    One of the refreshing things about this forum is that to my knowledge, there are no such college sports related websites on any list that I'm aware of. The only irritation I have is seeing a link for ESPN Insider or another pay service I'm not subscribed to. As far as I can see, this forum welcomes "competitor" material so long as it's properly attributed.
  12. FKIM01

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    Knicks are a bad organization anyway. Here's hoping he catches on with a better-ran franchise.
  13. FKIM01

    Matthew Hurt

    Baylor comes to mind as possibly fitting the description of getting some big recruits, having some success and then fizzling out.
  14. FKIM01

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    Reading this makes me LOL at the sparkling summer performances put up by the highly touted Smellermaker senior class. Don't see James having any chance of sticking even in the G league at this point. Rojo spending another year at IU helps his chances. Thomas looking like he has a solid chance and OG, Yogi and even Troy look like they'll stick around for awhile.
  15. FKIM01

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I see TJD as a must-get. He's an in-state 5-star who fills a team need. Keion is a perfect compliment to TJD and together with a guard like Newman would make a tremendous class but Trayce is the key and it would be a monster disappointment if he went elsewhere. I'd fall into the camp that feels like IU would lose a lot of momentum if both Brooks and Jackson-Davis went elsewhere.