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  1. Ughh. If this team doesn't care any more than they showed tonight, I'm done. Taking a break...I have a lot better things to do than watch and discuss sh*tty basketball. -30-
  2. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    It's probably another team's forum or a paywall forum.
  3. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Heck, bring it. I find all the twists & turns very entertaining! Full disclosure...like most rumors, I don't put a lot of stock in it...but it doesn't mean we can't discuss it.
  4. FKIM01

    Romeo Langford

    What?!!! Romeo Langford is statistically better than POTY Carson Edwards?!!! Still looking for Nojel's name anywhere in those rankings, but hey...he's gonna shut Romeo out!
  5. FKIM01

    Romeo Langford

    I don't mind him being more selfish on the court as long as he leaves the housekeepers alone when he stays at motels.
  6. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Keion & friends are thoroughly enjoying this thread...guaranteed.
  7. FKIM01

    Romeo Langford

    Character-wise, he's way better than Kobe right now. I hope he stays that way.
  8. FKIM01

    Players you like, but shouldn't

    He's not because he's a boiler. He's also been very up and down as far as efficiency, but that's on his coach for failing to assemble better talent around him so opposing teams can't key on him and he doesn't feels like he has to do it all. He's not the NPOY, but yeah...he's got talent and fight. Only an idiot would say he's not a good player, but we can still hate on him for being a Toiletmaker. The difference between that and Boiler fans hating on Romeo is that they are still trying to convince themselves that he's not a special talent and that Nojel is going to shut him down.
  9. FKIM01

    Nebraska Pregame Thread

    I'm ready to see our guys get angry and curb-stomp a team and I think they are capable this game. If Nebraska wins, I'll be taking some time off from HSN. I have no interest in contributing to the ugliness.
  10. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I'm confident they read fan forums (see Nojel Eastern's mom) mostly out of curiosity and for entertainment. I'm guessing most of them don't take forums too seriously and/or realize that they represent a tiny fraction of the fanbase, albeit a passionate segment of the fanbase. I don't think comments in fan forums impact recruits for the most part, but understanding that it's possible for fan comments to influence these young men, I try to behave. Most of the time, I'm guessing recruits and our players simply laugh at the most ridiculous posts.
  11. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I'd add Shawshank to that list. Just remember Izzo = Warden Norton.
  12. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I'd guarantee Keion is laughing again if he's reading this thread.
  13. FKIM01

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    That's my frustration talking. Heck yeah...I'd like to see them get on a tear and sweep the Toiletmakers in the process. They've got the talent and the coaching. What the hell are they waiting for? I know, I know...injuries. It's time to get past that. I'm another one old enough to remember expecting to win every game and rarely being disappointed. A bad game for IU in the golden age was barely beating Wisconsin.
  14. FKIM01

    Romeo Langford

    Looks like Romeo has finally adjusted his outside shot for all the all the summer strength training he did. He's a lottery pick and he's gone. Thinking otherwise is just going to leave you disappointed in May.
  15. FKIM01

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Ughh. Just once I want to see IU exceed expectations. That is all.