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  1. Come on...you're spoiling all the "laugh at Purdue" fun.
  2. Appreciate the clarification. I like everyone else read "package deal" when I saw that.
  3. That's not terribly surprising given that they've exercised a bunch of personal freedom, just came off the Sturgis rally, etc., but maybe they are thinking that gets them to the end sooner...herd immunity, etc. Only time will tell, but last I knew, they were doing pretty well economically as a result. I don't envy the people having to make the decisions on where the balance between physical and economic/emotional health is struck.
  4. I agree with the large point that McRobbie was an incompetent boob and presided over an overall decline in school quality and reputation, but some of their points/demands are silly and unrealistic.
  5. I love seeing so much optimism for this kid. Not only does it speak to his character and development, it's also a huge feather in Archie's cap if Trayce plays his way into the lottery this year. I am really looking forward to basketball season and yes, I'm confident it happens. The longer this pandemic goes, the weaker it looks. Contagious, yes, but it's not killing people like it was. Play on, I say!
  6. I'll third that. He probably didn't jump more because it's hard for the rating services to admit they missed that badly on a kid.
  7. I think opting out on balance, is a mistake. Sure, there are risks in playing, but that's always been the case...what's one more risk in a sport that can literally be deadly? The downside is, you risk falling off the radar and/or being passed up by guys that are playing. I won't try to play God here because it's each player's call, but my suspicion is, it's a bad move for most who go this route.
  8. I'm going to guess that by now, coach is a father. For those of you who follow him, I'd welcome an update.
  9. Glock's blue label program is a nice gesture and especially helpful at a time when a lot of stuff is going for suggested retail and more. I'm too small to participate, but for those who qualify, it's a good deal. If you click on the link, you'll see that law enforcement, EMTs, fire fighters (paid and volunteer) and even certain security company employees qualify as well.
  10. I'd lay about the same odds as him not "running into" anyone tied to the UK basketball program while on campus.
  11. I'm with you...not a very good coach from what I saw. He was more of a caretaker in Cleveland.
  12. It beats the hell out of the abomination that is the new Facebook.
  13. I'm honestly surprised you hadn't ran across his name earlier. He got a lot of discussion with Trey Kaufman as a possible duo/either/or when he was an IU recruit. Turdue still trying to convince Kaufman to be a package deal with Furst, but it's obvious he makes a better package with Duncomb. 😜
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