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  1. Doesn't seem like it. He intended to play after the OSU game. I think he really is sore and Archie would rather have him for the next game. We'll see soon enough! Flu - 102 degree fever.
  2. No one. If another player is added, I'm guessing Romeo.
  3. Yep...Romeo not dressed. Back stiffness.
  4. When you consider that adults behave in that manner, it's no surprise kids do. Based on what I saw at the end of the season, they apparently worked through it. Bad judgment, yes, but apparently they were able to get past it and that's a credit to both, especially Justin. For anyone dogging Justin on his attitude, he probably deserves a mental apology and some respect for being able to work past something like that. That's my last word on the matter...probably something we should put to bed sooner vs. later in the interest of not rubbing salt in the wound.
  5. That's a fair counterpoint. Archie may well agree doing post-season analysis. ...and had he known IU was going to lose 12/13 games, I'd just about bet he would have used the bench a lot more. Problem is...how do you know in advance when your kids are going to snap out of it and play. For certain he didn't want to throw winnable games and toss out a tourney invite in the process. This is one of those things that's much easier to see in hindsight.
  6. I think you could even go as far as saying he likely won't stay...but there's always that Cody Zeller chance.
  7. You have that in writing, homie? Speaking in absolutes like that often ends up making one look foolish.
  8. Ever heard of reversion to the mean? Get ready for a drought, Toiletmaker.😜😜😜
  9. Ughh...we are so overdue to restore the natural order in that relationship...
  10. I like IndyKev's number more than yours! IU obviously replaces Morgan & Fitzner...will be interesting to see how far/if it extends beyond that. A personal observation: It doesn't feel like the staff is really chasing anyone in the 2019 class that hard right now. Don't ask me what that means...could be a number of things...(1) I'm wrong and they are working 2019 a lot harder than I think, (2) staff is waiting to see what grad transfers are available, (3) staff is not convinced there is a scholarship available or (4) staff is content to leave a scholarship open. Interesting to speculate as the season winds down...
  11. Interesting to watch opinions evolve on Blackmon. Saw Kelvin Sampson offered Jalen early on but it's not reflected on 24/7. Just shows 3-star #73 in his class and the standard college list of IU, Purdue and UK. This thread started with the Sampson offer, an expectation that IU would take Jalen, and even the rumor of a package deal with Vijay and Jalen. Now it is said that Jalen is (1) too small and (2) a one-trick pony (shooter/scorer) that is (3) disinterested in defense with a credible insider saying that it's unlikely IU will even recruit Jalen. https://247sports.com/Player/Jalen-Blackmon-46050387/ His 24/7 recruit page for reference. I won't speculate yet where he ends up as he's really young, but it will be interesting to see if Kelvin's offer holds.
  12. Would love to have Lander, but if he says that his top priority is to be one and done so he can get to that NBA cash quicker, I'll be OK with him going elsewhere.
  13. I've had this ready and waiting for the %^@!$#@!!&^%! that did...
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