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  1. FKIM01

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    Winner goes to a bowl. My ideal scenario has IU winning and Brohm announcing after the game that he's going to Louisville.
  2. FKIM01

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    No surprise, it's a tale of ineffective PG play by Purdue's named point guard. One assist and two turnovers and zero 3-point attempts. For the life of me, I don't know why they think Eastern is a point guard. There are several players with more assists and better A/TO ratios on that team, but they seem determined to pound that square peg into a round hole. Carson also inefficient. 21 shots to get 26 points and 6 TO's. Boudreax much more efficient scoring. Harms with a goose egg...zero points. Only took one shot.
  3. FKIM01

    Arkansas post game

    Damezi just broke the press and had a nice assist to De'Ron. I'm just not seeing what you all are seeing with Anderson. I'd encourage you to go back and watch him with an open mind. EDIT: Now that I've seen the whole game, I will give you that Damezi played a little passive a couple of times down low when he could have helped more on the interior, but I watched the whole game and while I saw a couple of freshman mistakes, I honestly saw more mistakes from Romeo and even saw him lose his man for a wide-open 3 attempt. No question, Romeo is the jewel of the freshman class, but defensively, I don't really see him ahead of Damezi or at least not appreciably ahead of him. Damezi showed me more positives than I expected this game, given the early comments I read before watching. Kid has huge potential and all these early minutes due to injury will only help him develop faster.
  4. FKIM01

    Arkansas post game

    I'm just watching the replay and admittedly, I'm only early in the 2nd half but I'm not seeing several things mentioned here. For starters, I don't think Damezi is nearly as bad as he's being portrayed here. Thus far, I've seen him bring up the ball a couple of times without issue, steal a ball, and hit a nice mid-range jumper. He also doesn't look as lost to me on defense as he does to several of you. I've seen him defend hard and track his man even when he was helping in the paint. He's not perfect, but I think several of you are blowing his defensive problems out of proportion based on past perceptions. Maybe the last 12 minutes dramatically changes my mind, but I haven't seen IU struggle much with the press thus far, with the exception of Romeo almost losing it a couple of times (no, he should not be the primary ballhandler - not his role). Al just broke the press easily and just threw the ball too high for Juwan, or it would have been an easy two. Gafford is a beast and the guards for Arkansas hit a couple of pretty three's. Romeo has been lazy on several passes and has passed at bad low-percentage angles. He's 18. Al while hitting a couple of nice 3's has also been uncharacteristically sloppy as well. This will be a great film session to fix several things, but man...a few of our fans are way too negative over an early season game. Not their best game, but plenty to feel good about going forward. This team is just going to get better and healthier.
  5. FKIM01

    Arkansas post game

    What a pathetic life he leads...
  6. FKIM01

    Arkansas post game

    Wow...slow your roll, man. I hope you have a lot different opinion after a good night's rest. No, this is NOT a really big loss. Good grief...
  7. FKIM01

    Marquette Post game

    I like it. Thanks for sharing...was a lot of fun to watch.
  8. FKIM01

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    They should. Very different team this year. Kind of takes the luster off Michigan's big win.
  9. FKIM01

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    It mostly says about Ewing's coaching ability. Bringing him back to his alma mater is a nice story and I'd say he'll be able to recruit pretty well until players figure out he's not much of a coach.
  10. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I don't think they are. Roy won't even start Nassir Little. Elite recruits notice stuff like that and I think it's going to bite him in the butt.
  11. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Whatever makes you feel better, ya toothless bunch of hilljacks! He's blocking bridges that lead south over the Ohio River with giant hundred thousand dollar checks. 19 Son_Of_Saul, Today at 5:06 PM
  12. FKIM01

    IU vs Arkansas pre-game thread

    I'm with Knight...break that press and make them pay for throwing it at you with quick and easy scores.
  13. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    As has been referenced by others above, there are only two reasons and neither one makes MSU a contender...they either feel like they have no chance (waste of resources) or they have someone else at his position locked up and are pulling the offer.
  14. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Either way, it would appear that the Keion to MSU star is fading significantly based on new developments. If we can keep Keion from that turd south of the Ohio River, I don't see any other serious contenders. With UCLA you have distance and a bad coach, With North Carolina, you have distance and an unwillingness to start freshmen. With UK, you run the risk of being banished to the bench when the next shiny thing commits and you have no real evidence that UK's program improves draft stock. I'm feeling good about IU's chances, but you never know when a recruitment will take an unexpected twist...
  15. FKIM01

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    That would be a blow to Turdue. They were really hoping to make Nnaji their 2019 centerpiece. EDIT: He doesn't even show an MSU offer on 24/7. UK and Kansas considered co-favorites for Nnaji.