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  1. Waiting for my @5fouls game commentary... We're waiting.mp4
  2. Alford was an absolute stud at IU. His game, unfortunately did not translate to the pro level and hasn't really translated into an elite college coach, but you can never question how good he was at IU. He was an all-time top-10 player, IMO.
  3. Disgust for that hypocrite is all I can feel.
  4. I just don't think he delivered recruits like he was expected to. Don't take that as gospel...just me reading between the lines...
  5. I'd agree. If all you remember is Knight's last five years at IU and his time at Texas Tech, you have no appreciation for how good he was in his prime. I can't say I agreed with all his methods, but man, did he get the job done.
  6. LOL...you haven't been watching then. Cody has been featured multiple times.
  7. Well...this is a lively debate. 😂 I won't say that knight's teams were devoid of talent, but you can count me on the side of Knight getting more from less. I'd venture to guess more than a few of his players would have been less successful under other coaches. Surely that's stating the obvious here.
  8. If you were paying me, I would. 😜 Just as important as the new cases, check out the active cases...appears like they are plateauing. We are a few weeks behind them here and still in acceleration mode: Total Deaths Recoveries Active Death Rate 81,896 1,174 1,864 78,858 1.43% 96,968 1,477 2,453 93,038 1.52% 116,448 1,943 3,224 111,281 1.67% 133,240 2,363 4,378 126,499 1.77% 156,690 2,870 5,211 148,609 1.83%
  9. A bit of good news...Italy's number are definitely decelerating the last two days...here's my charting for the last five days in Italy: Total cases-deaths- -Recoveries - Active cases-death rate 80,589 8,215 10,361 62,013 10.19% 86,498 9,134 10,950 66,414 10.56% 92,472 10,023 12,384 70,065 10.84% 97,689 10,779 13,030 73,880 11.03% 101,739 11,591 14,620 75,528 11.39%
  10. That's the piece I've referenced several times here. At the 4:21 mark, Knight grabs Steve Bouchie by the hair and shows him where he wants his eyes. 😂 Steve still lives around Washington. I don't know if he drinks, but it would be fun to get him good and drunk and hear some of his Bob Knight stories.
  11. We recently swapped to RTC fiber in Washington...run everything in the office through it...computers, phones, TVs...fantastic service and I got their slowest package (50 Mbps). My neighbor has Newwave and his service has sucked recently.
  12. A tad surprised Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee hasn't gotten mention yet. Done that on a motorcycle several times. Blue Ridge Parkway through North Carolina and Virginia...did the whole 400+ miles once on a motorcycle...the last few miles at night in a driving rainstorm. Good old Indiana 66 down on the Ohio River. @milehiiu, can't remember the road names, but we did several nice roads on the motorcycle jumping off from a rental cabin in Granby, CO...Estes Park, Steamboat Springs, through Rocky Mountain National Park, up Mount Evans...great trip. Only after we came back did I learn about the legend of the Granby Killdozer...crazy stuff, but really nice people in Granby. A road on my bucket list...I looked it up after noticing it in the intro of The Shining...Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, Montana. Lord willing, I'm going to do that on the motorcycle at some point.
  13. May not seem like a lot, but this country is going the wrong way on death rate. 5 days ago it was 1.30%. Now it's 1.67%. Italy has always been bad but has gone from 9.26% to 10.84%. ...and duh...China is 100% lying about their numbers.
  14. @5fouls, love your game commentaries...keep 'em coming!
  15. I could see that. Spectacular scorer, but no interest in defense. As Courtney Witte (former Vincennes Lincoln standout, IU hooper and Pacer scout) once told a room of us, Jay couldn't guard a sidewalk.
  16. If a scientist needs to measure billions or even trillions of molecule, they might just make a logarithmic scale with each number (i.e. from 0 to 1) increase representing an increase by a factor of 10. That would mean that going from 0 to 1 means increasing 10 units, and going from 0 to 2 means increasing 100 units, because 10^2 = 100. Numbers on a logarithmic scale are representative of a factor increase in real units. Stolen from Google...I had a general idea but this from study.com said it much better.
  17. That is one of the two I use. The other one is the more famous Johns Hopkins site.
  18. Italy's death rate has crested over 10%. U.S. death rate tracking at 1.37%. Both countries still racking up new cases. ...and SMH at the IDIOT who licked a toilet seat and contracted Coronavirus. Really hard to feel sorry for people like that.
  19. He's probably realized that Penny isn't much of a coach.
  20. Our company is deemed essential so we'll be staying open with zero on site customer interaction. I told my employees we would stay locked down just as we were last week. 6 feet is no issue as we each have plenty of individual space. I also told them not to come in if they were not comfortable doing so or if they needed to take care of children. Still waiting to see if the federal government is going to help if my employees have to stay home...what a frustrating and annoying mess.
  21. I feel like I should take this to a PM, but I loved him as a teacher and he's even better as a friend. I just have to get used to calling him "Don". No gavels on Wednesdays nights...he's enjoying retirement.
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