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  1. Jesus...a 41-page "Fire Archie" thread? I came back too soon. In keeping with my happy strategy, did not watch Turdue. Watched Iowa via late night DVR. Refuse to watch "news" or late night talk shows...just garbage. Kind of like Iowa's defense. That game was fun to watch though. Loved our freshmen. BTW, what's Galloway's injury?
  2. I did. I respect him, but very much disagree with his take there.
  3. Agree...but you're going to likely be disappointed at their conclusion. Unless next year's team regresses significantly, they won't cut Miller loose no matter how badly you want it.
  4. I don't disagree with your take and I do have some empathy for the kid. It's the adult in the room saying "Time to be SELFISH!" that I have some contempt for. The kid is a teenager so it's not surprised he is easily misled by a smooth-talking salesman talking about those NBA millions. The adult with significant life experience should have asked more questions and been a little more skeptical. Cal has always had a slick pitch, but as his talent pool has become more diluted, he's gotten exposed as a tactician and talent developer. Slick recruiter, yes. Actual coach and developer...I do
  5. Wow. That's a side of Archie I knew nothing about. I hope for his sake he quits. My uncle chewed Red Man and he died a horrible death from esophageal cancer.
  6. Yeah...what I wouldn't give for IU to have landed Mac McClung...what a stone-cold killer. His talent was wasted at Georgetown.
  7. I didn't think Auburn was that good this year...yikes. I wish Tom the best, but man...you've got to play SOME defense to win.
  8. Wish our men could figure out Turdue like our women have...
  9. I think it was the Nebraska post-game conference where it was most noticeable. I'm with you...hard to imagine Archie chewing in a post-game press conference, but you be the judge when you watch the video. It's a little strange.
  10. It sure as heck is a surprise to me as well....but... ...I can't argue with experience. You are likely right. Just strikes me odd he started now and there is zero evidence he's a long term user.
  11. Seems like an odd habit to pick up at this stage in his life...I've heard nothing before about any tobacco use?
  12. Saved that one for my library...many thanks!
  13. Resolved. It was the DuckDuckGo browser extension. I told them they were interfering with site functionality. This was not the only site...I discovered others. Such a shame. I was wanting to use something alternative to Google and all of their snooping.
  14. I did clear history and I believe the cache as well. I skipped the cookies being too lazy to log back in but I can try that next. The only other thing I can think of is adding the Duck Duck Go search engine extension recently. Hard to believe that's the issue but I guess anything is possible.
  15. Yeah, love your company and I'm doing what I can to be a good partner there, but I detest your toiletmakers. IU is long overdue to reverse the win-loss trend in the series and I'm looking forward to silencing this obnoxious thread: https://purdue.forums.rivals.com/threads/how-many-days-has-it-been-since-iu-defeated-purdue-in-bb.190818/
  16. I hate hearing this about VO. He used to be a huge favorite of mine, but ever since hearing he wanted out of Indy and now wondering if fame hasn't gone to his head and hurt his competitive fire, my only real wish is that he shows enough to extract decent trade value. I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself, but who would have ever imagined that Sabonis might be the real asset of that trade...
  17. Seems that it was more recent than that...like in the last couple of days at the most. I just noticed a new feature today where I could get notifications from the forum sent to my desktop...hadn't noticed that before. I tested old Internet Explorer on your suggestion earlier and did not experience these issues, so it appears it is at least Chrome-specific. Makes me wonder if I'm the only Chrome user with the issue. If so, I'll have to backtrack and try to figure out what I've done recently to change my environment.
  18. I'd react with a thanks, but that's one of the problems...I can't react to any posts.
  19. MODS, I posted a couple of forum issues in tech support. just cropped up today. Install an update?
  20. Did you all install an update? Today I notice two problems... I cannot react to any post I cannot advance to the next page or jump to any page in the topic I am reading. I am using Chrome on a desktop PC.
  21. Absolutely. In the middle of a Nebraska run, throw em a curveball to break the momentum. I hate being absolutely married to a defense...and I hate seeing a complete 💩 team make a huge run against what should be a far superior team. Never let them think they have a chance. I don't understand why these kids think they can coast when they get a lead...STEP ON THEIR NECKS!!!
  22. That's likely what changes in the 2nd half...Nebraska watches the 3-point line and Trayce and Race come alive. No reason this isn't a 20-point win. Play a little defense and it's 25-30 points. Because I said that, I expect IU to win 71-69.
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