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  1. IndySportsPartizan

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Coaching staff has cooled down on Franklin, we have 3-4 PGs we are in on that are ranked higher.
  2. IndySportsPartizan

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    This was actually first reported by WANE TV. In the video below...check out how giddy Keon is around the 1:30 mark. I reported here a month or so ago that Keon's father is loving Archie and his straightforwardness. Keon and TJD will be a package deal imo, but I would be surprised if either commits within the next month. Since we all love good news, TJD's lady friend is a huge IU fan. I am not going to post proof because these people are just kiddos, but trust me on this one. TJD found a good one. FWIW this is not some Romeo's GF rumor type rumor, this is legit. TJD is 100% IU, as close to a silent commit as you can be.
  3. IndySportsPartizan

    "Under the radar" kids?

    Yes, Northside killed them. But Furst played great. At times he took it to Brooks Jr. Has a great 17ft jumpshot and some good post moves. If he can grow about 1-2 inches and get close to 7ft and gain some strength he will 100% be in the NBA some day.
  4. IndySportsPartizan

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Keon often gets the rebound and pushes the ball up the court himself. He can pull up from 3 or take it all the way to the hoop.
  5. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    Being from Fort Wayne, but also having lived basically all over the world the past 6-8 years... -I say am from Fort Wayne, if I am somewhere in the midwest and get asked -I say I am from Indy if I am elsewhere in the nation and get asked. -I say I am from Chicago or Detroit if I am anywhere else in the world and get asked. Just makes for less explaining. Either way I always will be a Hoosier through and through .
  6. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    Agreed. However, Slater has a long duration of "average days correct" at 92.
  7. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    Musa Jallow did just to fit a need of depth at OSU
  8. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    I checked in on that and its not true. Lets not forget that Jerry Meyer had Garland to IU just a week prior to him committing to Vandy. Admittedly that was different because the Garlands were playing games with people... He is likely going to Huntington Uni. Which is strange to me because he is much better than that. IU never offered and never needed to offer.
  9. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    I had been told that previously that TJD would commit in May if Romeo came. But never had I heard he would reclassify.
  10. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    Bossi and Evans choose IU, McDonald chooses Vandy https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/spring-signing-period-predicting-the-remaining-rivals150
  11. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    I don't have any info on Trendon other than what his dad says. I know Holtman is pushing hard for TJD, but I read here he still likes IU and is close to committing. But I was referring to Brooks Jr who has been swayed a lot.
  12. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    A New Albany assistant was in a twitter beef with a Kansas fan the other week. After some (a lot) of back and forth, the assistant said he would make a bet with the guy that Romeo ended up at IU. He did say he had no idea, but it was his hunch. He himself is a Louisville fan, but was saying good things about Archie (not necessarily IU tho). Btw, nothing was professional about the exchange, however I did not find it "unethical". Brooks was a strong MSU lean prior. Not anymore. The "straightforwardness" of IU's staff is refreshing for a lot of recruits families.
  13. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    The timing scared me. Still scares me. I am a 31 year old IU fan/alum. I've been conditioned to expect the worst. Fwiw, when I said "Kansas lock" it was nothing more than an emotional post regarding the timing. A half joke. These IU rumors have sources behind them. With that said, since my last past a few hours ago, I've received a number more "confirmations". Not only that, but a big 2019 5 star that has really moved towards IU since Archie took over as well. I wont be confident in Romeo till he says so himself. But its looking like its IU. That was a New Albany assistant I believe.
  14. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    I still have trouble believing Romeo to IU, even when I have sources telling me the same stuff. BUT 2 weeks ago an Eville reporter told me that Taylor was coming to IU, unless Romeo was. Taylor just committed to Northwestern. I posted this here then. Seems that things are coming together.
  15. IndySportsPartizan

    Romeo Langford

    Because I am going to pull a Jerry Meyer and change my crystal ball pick just a few hours before the announcement.