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  1. Smith has really long arms and will likely continue to grow a bit. I wanted him at IU bad, but Cupps seems to be a kid we will be just as happy with.
  2. Seems like NBA quality skills and size. Wonder why the previous staff wasn't high on him.
  3. I love Furst's game. I think he will turn out to be a great 3 year guy for Purdue.
  4. Currently, IU is projected to go 16-10 (11-8), #6 in B1G, #22 overall in the T-Rank Projections with transfers Xavier Johnson & Parker Stewart getting the 2nd & 3rd highest usage. My hopes: -Top 5 finish in B1G -Beat Purdue -1-2 wins in tourney
  5. Rob has shot under 30% from 3 and under 70% from FT in his career. I love the kid, but that is not what we want starting as the SG. 1. Xavier Johnson 2. Parker Stewart 3. Galloway 4. Jerome Hunter 5. TJD Stewart and Hunter can shoot great. Xavier is an average shooter (better than Rob). What Galloway lacks in shooting, he makes up for on the break and penetrating and slashing.
  6. Enough of the Armaan talk. Its getting me sad over here. Really hope we can get Noah Locke.
  7. Wow, this thread has picked up steam, don't even have time to read it all. Earlier, I posted about a buddy that was on the staff of the sweet 16 Valpo team, very close to the Drew's to this day. I texted him over the weekend, asked if he thought Scott would take the IU job if offered. His repose, "basketball is the religion in Indiana, I think he would".
  8. I am not going to argue the stories Zion is speaking about, they may well be true. But the only first hand knowledge I have on him, is that a friend of mine was on the staff of the Sweet 16 Valpo team. He said that all of the Drew's are salt of the Earth type of people. Would give you there shirt of their back. He recently showed me a letter of recommendation Homer wrote for him. He said he is closer to Scott than Bryce, but Scott still invites him to dinner now and again after 20 years.
  9. Scott Drew - Lived in Indiana 13+ years -Only makes 400k more than Archie -Took Baylor from major sanctions and no players to a top national program -10-6 in NCAA tourney, 2 seasons were ended by eventual national champ - 25+ wins in 5 of last 12 years (IU has 2) -4 sweet 16s, 2 elite 8s in last 11 years (IU has 2 and 0) oh btw, Baylor was one of the favorites to win it all last year - Baylor has had a higher rank than IU in 9 out of last 14 years -Currently 18-0 - 44-4 in last 2 seasons
  10. Oh man, I am a huge Tonegal fan. Valpo will be hiring him next. He is a bit too religious for me tho. Coached state champions in HS. Won MAC conference 2x in 4 years. Won 2 NCAA tourney games. About to win the SEC, which means 3 conference champs in last 4 seasons. Top 10 in O and D. Offense is a modern and fun offense. Take out his first season at Bama and he is 44-6 in last 3 seasons in conference. Oh yah, and he recruits really well. I just only this week decided I would be ok with Fife. 1. MSU and Izzo clearly think he is fit to take over at MSU someday. So why TF shouldn't IU? 2. MSU's best defensive teams were the first 5 seasons he went to MSU. 3. Coached IPFW to their fist ever winning season. 4. Was never worst than 5th in conference, at a school that had just moved up to D1 and joined its first ever conference! But the real reason I became ok with him, is that I don't think he would do any worse than our last 5 seasons.
  11. Tier 1 Fife Oats S Drew (he's been clean!) Beilein (idc if he is old!) Dutcher Altman Matta (he considered Bama and UG gigs, depends on his health) Tier 2 P. Moses Musselman Wishful thinking Beard Bennett Stevens Few Wright
  12. Due to COVID and the buyout, I don't see Archie getting fired if we make the tourney. And it looks like we will just sneak in. If we meltdown and don't make the tourney, then it will take some balls from Dolson, but I think its 70% fired if that is the case.
  13. I can't tell you what the big boosters are saying or not saying to Dolson or who intrigues them beyond the season. But what I can tell you 100% is that Dolson is well aware of Oats, has had Oats' name brought up to him by others (, and is keenly evaluating the overall situation. Doesn't mean that Archie is on a hot seat and doesn't mean that Oats would currently be his #1 either. Just information to stew on.
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