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  1. Nate Oats is the name to keep your eyes on over the next 400 or so days.
  2. Ehhh. 20 years as HC for D1 programs. Only 2 conference championships. Zero Sweet 16s.
  3. Mike, how does Gunn's game compare to Blake Wesley's?
  4. He is not 5'10 anymore, he is 6'1. He has also put on muscle and can dunk pretty easily now. Kid is flying under the radar nationally.
  5. I am not overly concerned. I think we have a big opportunity to bring in a really good transfer or 2. With that said, it seems like when recruits wait it out, we tend to not land them. So many of Archie's commits committed to him early: I can only think of one that really drug it out and it worked out for us (Romeo). All the others chose elsewhere.
  6. Terrible news. My condolences to his family and we have truly lost a legend.
  7. Expect to see Parker on the court this season. Will be interesting to see how his 3 point threat causes defenses to adjust their game-plans.
  8. All about how you look at it. #9 center in the nation, when we will be losing our best big next season. A transfer who made more threes in a season than any player not named James Blackmon Jr has in the past decade for IU. How "great" that transfer is we will only know in time, but we just brought in a player who might see the court this season, and fills the weakest spot on our team (shooting). Now we still have a few scholarships to bring in another recruit or transfer. Archie has done WAYYY more, with wayyy less at Dayton.
  9. The Caleb Furst level of competition thing is just propaganda by people upset he didn't choose their school. I watched him take care of Keion Brooks Jr in his very first game as a freshman. He might be in 2A but he plays plenty of big schools. This year, wins against, 4A NorthSide, 4A New Haven, 3A Silver Creek Last year, wins against, NorthSide, New Haven, Culver, Columbus North, Chesterton, Dwenger, SouthSide, Marion, Northrop Dude can ball and it sucks we missed out on him. Period. One bad AAU game against Logan does not make him overrated.
  10. I, surprisingly, have a pretty decent feeling about Aminu. No inside info. But we have been burned by other coaches being in contact "first" a few times lately. We have that edge w Aminu.
  11. My understanding is that all the playing time in the world is available for Jerome, but he needs to show more on the boards and on D.
  12. Our guard play has been so pedestrian, Aminu could come in and get big minutes day one.
  13. I don't buy that. These are 18-22 year olds. We are deep enough.
  14. This is pathetic. If we can't find someone to hit open 3s then we have a long season of the same old. Zero emotion on this team so far.
  15. Archie took Dayton to the Elite 8 with a bunch of 2 and 3 stars. But it took him a few years to get his system in. Patience gentlemen, a few missed recruits is not the end of the world.
  16. Hey ya'll, Martha the Mop Lady and I are looking for any donations so that we can hook up some less fortunate/connected kids with fan cutouts to be placed in Assembly Hall this season. If you could retweet or donate, shoot me a message. Would be pretty special for some kids who have never had a chance to go to Assembly Hall get to potentially see a cutout of themselves in the crowd when they watch the games this season!
  17. Blake is announcing today. I hope he chooses ND. ND it is.
  18. Well, 33 of the top 34 PFs have already committed elsewhere lol
  19. Mason to Creighton. His mind is 99% made up. I don't think Archie has the ability to change this one with just one final Zoom call.
  20. Wasn't sure whether to end that with .. or ?? Reports from practice are that Galloway is tearing it up. He is obv a coaches kid and just a straight killer. Seems like Archie's type of player. A lot of people over the past week are indicating that it seems like he very well may end up starting. Makes for a few interesting lineup options. Rob Al Galloway Hunter TJD Rob Al Lander Galloway TJD The Archie Special Rob Al Galloway Brunk TJD
  21. #1 player in the state in 2022. #3 PF in the nation. #16 in the nation overall. Lets prioritize this kid.
  22. It's over guys. Might as well lock the thread. Brooks, Garland, Garcia, Kaufman. Gone. Romeo, Lander, Leal, TJD, Phin. Here We lose some big ones and we win some big ones. These are 17 year old kids and if they don't want to go to the school we want them to then that does not make them any less intelligent than us. Painter can be a shit head, but he can coach and recruit and its great for the IU-PU rivalry and great for the state. Now who is the next 150+ page thread? Jalen Washington is my pick.
  23. Did the supposed leaked video/audio get played on the same radio station that his announcement was supposed to be on? And if so was it at 6pm? If that is the case then it definitely seems like a mishap but the real video.
  24. IF PU were to land him, Painter really has done a SOLID job with these last two classes. Ivey, Morton, Furst, and Kaufman would be tough.
  25. Family is playing this super close to the chest. I had "intel" a few months ago that he was CLOSE to choosing IU then, that was when the "Imminentgate" conundrum began. Imminent obviously turned into lets check out this other school that showed up (UNC). Beyond that anything I am hearing from anyone is just a gut feeling. 30th will be spooky!
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