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  1. Eastern Michigan Game Thread

    It will be refreshing to see a logical way at attacking a zone and seeing how to break it down rather than spray and pray! I hope to see a fundamental game where we work back door cuts behind the zone and get it into the middle to make them collapse to get an open shot or get their bigs in foul trouble. Also passing to make the zone shift and find the holes. It would be awesome to see a team that plays exclusively zone get dismantled and have to play man to man and see them get dismantled even more. It will be a good test and a good game. I am excited to see it.
  2. South Florida Game Thread

    And we would have three kids be dumb enough to steal stuff over in a different country right now. That to me translates to bad decision making which has no place in basketball.
  3. Trouble for KU?

    That's true mile cause all the cars nowadays are expensive . Latest news IU fan took a picture of the wreck and tipped the NCAA about a KU bumper sticker that was allegedly purchased by some misbegotten AAU coach with ties to KU. In a twist ending KU said that all those bumper stickers were available to all students to purchase so no misdoings here. So for their bumbling ineptitude and major frustration the NCAA decides to give the death penalty to Cleveland State for following all the rules to a T to show that they are still in control as long as no lawyers are involved!
  4. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    I really hope that the level of unrequited ineptitude from the NCAA hasn't seaped into the FBI. I mean seriously these are all the teams you could go after? There aren't more teams out there that have done worse? It always seems like the big fish get away.
  5. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Thank you. You put it in much more eloquent terms. I believe that the Pacers as a whole have bought into the idea of team basketball it is just now they are trying to figure out where they all fit in not to mention getting used to each other still. It is much more a joy to watch the Pacers now vs the iso ball PG era. I also hope OG becomes a huge steal. Just wish the Pacers could have picked him up.
  6. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Is it just me or is it that Victor gets fouled alot going to the hoop and never gets a foul call? It seems like Vic isn't getting the love that alot of other players do. I guess I am a homer but seriously there are some blatant fouls that never get called. It also seems like Vic is becoming the alpha and leader of the Pacers. I may be off about this but it seems like some troubles started happening when Turner came back. With Sabonis in there things flow pretty well and with Turner it seems like he is trying to find his place in the pecking order.
  7. Early Assessment

    As I have stated in the Howard game thread you see a team not fully buying in right now. The reason for that is cause of such a stark contrast in coaching philosophies and styles. One is more along the lines of a Coach Knight aka CAM and the other is more along the lines of a more nuturing coach. Sorry can't think of one right now. You see that. These guys are acting like Landon Turner did when he played for Knight. Until he had his epiphany he wasn't playing well then bam it was like a different player. CAM is much like Knight it seems like. Very hard nosed fundamental defense first with a motion offense that is predicated on passing screening very fundamental basketball and is entrenched in a half court mindset with possible chances on fast break. You are starting to see that with the freshmen and possibly the sophomores some cause they haven't had a long time to be accustomed to a certain system. So they are buying in cause it is what they know now. So it looks like it will be a process. I am just glad we are playing lower level teams to get our footing. I think as the year goes on we will see the team as a whole make a complete flip. I hope it will happen sooner rather than later.
  8. Howard Game Thread

    One thing I noticed tonight that the announcers said was look at the bench. They all look so dejected and put out by the game. It looks like they are coming to a job rather than having fun playing a sport they love. It seems like they are being mentally weak right now cause Archie seems like a hardnosed no nonsense type of guy vs Crean and they are trying to adjust to that. I feel it will be a process though and hopefully they will get their mojo back. Unless Archie hasn't worked on shooting or anything at all up til now there is no excuse for that horrible of a free throw shooting no matter the circumstances. That stat line should be the three point shooting not free throw. Next we seemed almost tired today. Rebounding was kind of ok but kind of not. It seems like you are seeing a couple guys buying into CAM. The freshmen were a pleasant surprise and I think you can see them buying in but they are freshmen and prone to mistakes. Green seems like he will be an x factor for us going forward but he needs major guidance on how to play controlled and let the game come to him. He has a talent for passing now Archie needs to take him by the hand and show him how to be a lead point guard. He has the talent to be good I think but needs lead to get there. I feel unfortunately the rest of the team will take some more time. Now onto the positives. It was great to see the team not give up. When they were challenged they stepped up and didn't let them back in the game. Next it was great to see us play well against a zone and move the ball instead of just dribble it around the 3 point line and bomb a three in hopes it goes in. Durham was great and so was Justin Smith. The defense was alot better than ISU. Robert Johnson played well. Time for him to be consistent. Green showed flashes. It was also good to see good sub patterns and see Archie use the bench as a motivating factor. Now onto the down right frustrating....the free throw shooting. Enough said. Also I am so surprised that teams feel comfortable enough and light us up from three. It is ridiculous and downright frustrating. ISU going off. Howard tonight with their circus shots near the end with a hand in their face. It is frustrating. It is time to establish that Asembly Hall is once again a place of dread a place that you subconsciously know going in you're getting an L. Until our guys exude that confidence and swagger other teams are going to keep going off on us. I guess that is one of the most frustrating things of all. I know it is early though and there is still plenty of time to establish all of that.
  9. Romeo Langford

    Not to mention we had Ron Patterson on board at that point in time which hindsight being 20/20 was a major mistake. So all slots were filled and Gary I am sure felt almost like an afterthought.
  10. Bossi from rivals predictions

    I guess the old saying of only two things come from Texas would absolutely and quite remarkably apply to Purdue as well! I'm not seeing any horns coming from Purdue!
  11. It certainly seems like Vic has taken to his new role well. It further seems like Demonte Sabonis is going to be an awesome solid player. T.J. Leaf is an offensive spark off the bench. Yes he is a rookie so he will have ups and downs. I just hope his defense comes along to complement his offense. It is going to be a frustrating year but hopes are we can stink just enough to be pushed into the high lottery. If it is close at the all star break that us being an 8 seed is likely I believe that we should get as high of draft pics as we can for Bogdonovic Collison and Young. We should mail it in then and work hard on the rebuild. Although that is how I see it this team is going to be fun to watch. They are starting to remind me of a poor man's Warriors.
  12. Horrible Day In Vegas

    I have followed in the news. That is such a tragedy. Please pray for the victims families. First and foremost. I am not trying to be a conspiracy theorist. So please don't think I am trying to take away from what is such a huge and absolutely dispicable tragedy but there are things that don't add up to me. Actual people there report multiple shooters. A woman 45 minutes before the tragedy was yelling you are all going to die. 2 windows of the hotel blown out in separate rooms. A 64 year old man that had only one minor traffic violation that was living in a retirement home just went off the reservation first. Then second why over 10 guns? How could he have even carried that many? One automatic with a huge amount of clips would be sufficent enough. Next reports from the victims said all exits were blocked off. Further from the victims stating lights from the stage were shining on them during the shooting. So all of these things don't pass the smell test to me.
  13. First I am so glad we got away from the old site. There seemed to be trolls starting to come on board and kind of ruining things. This doesn't have to deal with video but I am using an android cell phone to access HSN 03. There are three buttons at the top right of the screen I believe unread posts your profile and something else that aren't showing up and it is a little bit annoying. Just thought I would bring that to your guy's attention. I love the new site sans the three buttons issue and am so glad you guys are keeping it going. Thank you! Now to address my only other complaint... I wish and hope Alabama Football North Carolina Athletic Department Duke Basketball and Kentucky Basketball get caught up in the scandal and get the book thrown at them. I know that is beyond the mods powers but it would be so cool if it wasn't! Thanks again though for being an awesome mods!