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  1. Woodson figured out how to beat father time and won more game and titles than Bobby?
  2. Only real two I can think of is Tony Stewart and Jacie Phelps
  3. I will say first where was this during the season? Next looks like someone has been working on his shot. His release still looks a little slow but it is alot better than during the season. I hope he comes back and features his shot making! It will do wonders for his game!
  4. Looks like another offer. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-4-star-2024-forward-cooper-koch-enjoying-tour-of-the-big-ten/
  5. Man that was a miss of biblical proportions! Haha.
  6. I love the look back like I hope they saw my wonderful call cause I have been practicing it all week!
  7. If Elon has anything to say about it we will have cocaine back in our coca cola!
  8. I know the NIL has been kinda played out but I read an interesting article on what may be coming down the pike. https://thespun.com/more/top-stories/report-crackdown-might-be-coming-to-major-college-sports
  9. Them are rookie numbers! You gotta pump those numbers up!
  10. Man I didn't know having a specific Sox color was so huge to a team! I mean the Reds must love red socks and the other team must love white socks. They have it in their name. I wish someone would love to have black socks cause they never get dirty! The longer you wear them the blacker they get! Geez and here I thought the jersey was the main thing to the uniform boy was I wrong it is the sock's color! Haha.
  11. That's what I am saying. I am hoping that we can get another chart going. I am kinda surprised that Woody is offering so many guards. I feel we are going to be in a major need in the center and forwards department.
  12. So any news on Dexter Dennis front?
  13. New offer! https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-hoosiers-offer-versatile-2023-guard-freddie-dilione/
  14. Ok I thought it was May 1st. Maybe there was a different deadline that was today. Thought May 1st had some significance. O well. Haha.
  15. Hey just wondering was there a deadline for TJD to decide to come back to IU or not?
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