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  1. Neb. Post Game

    It just looks like the whole team was sick or something. We were slow the whole game. Also guard play was subpar. My goodness. I believe we had 19 turnovers.
  2. Louisville finally got there's

    Yes. I agree though at least they got something done to them rather than nothing at all.
  3. I don't know if there is a thread but watching the halftime show on ESPN and Louisville is getting sanctions against them. Saying vacating of wins from 2011-1015 reduction of scholarships and fines levied against them. Now if they could just get North Carolina. It does seem though that there are darlings of the NCAA cough... Duke cough...Kentucky cough...North Carolina. Ugh!
  4. Iowa Game Thread

    You can tell when we took our foot off the gas too. It was apparent. Can't stop until you see double zeros.
  5. Iowa Pregame Thread

    I see Archie starting to mould Green. His plays and passing have become more mature. Yes he still makes mistakes but his passing can be awesome sometimes which in turn helps the team. Him getting more run time has helped his confidence which in turn has helped his shooting. I also love to watch when his guy starts to out play him he tries to take it personal. Freddie playing and stepping up has been really good too. I just wished he would hit free throws at like a 70% clip rather than a 50% clip. At least that is what it feels like. You can see guys coming together and making their separate parts become a whole. Also it does seem like Archie likes his mobiles to be quick and mobile because of the major hedging going on then the recovery of the hedger and helper. Hope this trend keeps up.
  6. Hoosiers In the NBA

    I feel like the Pacers are the eternal place to come to resurrect your career or start building your career. Haha. It would be cool though to get another Hoosier on our roster. I would be happy with OG and Yogi. Troy would be ok too.
  7. Minnesota Postgame Thread

    Man that was a great game to watch. I couldn't stand the announcing. Just really seemed like they focused on Minnesota alot rather than watching the game and Donny Marshall was obnoxious dealing with the candystripe pants. O well. It is becoming really evident that Green is starting to come into his own it seems like. The guys also look like they are loosening up on the offensive end. I wish though that we could make free throws. That needs rectified. Great game again though. Let's keep this up. Also I loved Archies after game press conference. He has a strong pulse on this team. He also is really competitive and hated losing at home no matter whom it is.
  8. NFL Talk

    You're right there are 3 coaches signed already. That was the level of confidence they had McDaniels was coming. Ballard has already reached out to two candidates Eagles OC Reich and Saints Asst HC Campbell. I also think Toub would be a great pick as well. I guess the Colts have dodged a bullet. As Polian put it no reason to cry over spilt milk and move right on. Ballard definitely has shown to be a good leader today. I hope the Patriots get there's soon.
  9. NFL Talk

    Yea that just happened! What the fornication is going on here! Wow seems like Kraft is just trying to screw the Colts anyway he can.
  10. Possible B1G expansion?

    So I guess the premise is how would we look at the qualifications and what is the hierarchy . Academic integrity, Monetary, new markets basketball only football only location rivalries etc. Honestly that could leave the door open for alot of schools. I personally from just a fans standpoint would want to add Kentucky and Kansas. That would first put two major powerhouses in the conference. It would then be that Kentucky had to play us every year. So it would basically tell Cal to go kick rocks that they are playing Indiana every year. Needless to say there are plenty of other schools though that could fill out the 16 for the BigTen.
  11. Rutgers Pregame Thread

    Maybe I am just being a homer but I agree with you cohete. It does seem like IU hasn't gotten much respect from the zebras this year especially. I hope they still don't have their panties in a wad from the Knight days. It's been decades let it go.
  12. Archie is our coach present and future

    I think we are one consistent scorer away from making a huge difference. Think if Morgan could have help and relief from scoring from the perimeter he could navigate down low better without it being clogged. I further think that we aren't implementing Archies offense and defense to its fullest capacity yet. Look at our free throw shooting. It seems like our defense has vastly improved but our offense and free throws have suffered some cause of the emphasis being applied to defense. One full off season will make a huge difference. Archie and the kids are still fully getting to know each other. I think this next season you will see a huge difference. Now go land Romeo so butt whoopin tour can properly commence. We gave every team a mulligan this year next year isn't looking to shape up to be that way!
  13. My bad the sweet 16 game. They were robbed in the sense that they lost after fighting to get back into the game. That was all.
  14. Michigan State Post Game Thread

    So first wow that was a good game by us except for we have no 3 point bombers no shooters. Our defense was really good almost all night except we left shooters wide open aka Langford in the corner for I believe 3 3 pointers. Next our offense was stagnant near the end of the game. There wasn't alot of movement. Alot of iso ball. Next geez o Pete you couldn't even blow on Ward or they would call a foul in the second half. Also I thought Jackson fouled out twice. Next I don't understand why Archie kept Hartman in so much. I really thought dealing with his injury he wouldn't play as much and Smith would be playing more. Honestly it seems like we are 1 scorer away from making things interesting. We were right there the whole second half except they barely pulled away late. That has happened in 5 or six games. If we would have won three of those we would be looking at a very different projection of where we would be. It does seem like Archie is able to game plan well though to keep us in games. I am looking forward to next year very much. We could be looking at a very different team next year. So all in all upset we couldn't get over the hump but very happy to see the hustle and grit we showed on a very poor shooting night.
  15. So I remember watching IU vs Duke in the 2002 final four then IU being robbed in the championship game against Maryland. Unfortunately I am not a seasoned as some of you on this board. I wish I could have seen the glory days! Although I fear hope that those days are once again around the corner!