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  1. ButlerHoosier

    James Bouknight Commits to UConn

    I am wondering what his measurements are. Height standing reach arm length etc. He seems like a very polished offensive player. Mix that with Archie's defensive tenacity type of coaching and he seems like he has the capacity in two to three years to become a monster two way player especially adding muscle to his frame.
  2. ButlerHoosier

    BJ Boston

    Add another one to the famous names list! Just hope if you select BJ that they won't have Cockburn! Ba dump ch!
  3. ButlerHoosier

    Nimari Burnett

    Seriously University of Indiana? Get it right. Don't compare us to Illinois!
  4. ButlerHoosier

    Tom Crean/Kevin Wilson Revelations

    He is definitely doing his best Tom Arnold impression!
  5. ButlerHoosier

    Trendon Watford

    Looks like Christian is giving Miller the finger as it is going in!
  6. ButlerHoosier

    Brandon Newman

    Forgot Cody. Lol.
  7. ButlerHoosier

    Brandon Newman

    Also even if they are a big man school who does Purdue have signed on an NBA roster? We have Thomas Bryant and Noah Vonleh! Just saying out of the two schools you come to IU to be developed and become an NBA player!
  8. ButlerHoosier

    Live Period Tracker

    Haha when I saw this I thought he was having wife problems!
  9. ButlerHoosier

    Romeo Langford

    Whew Jblaz that was a nice piece you wrote there! Agree a lot! Also not to mention all he was quoting were shooting stats for the most part! O well! Time to let the product do the talking this year.
  10. ButlerHoosier

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    Ok. Just saying I can see it going many different ways which is nice. We could play big and go with Davis at the 5 and Smith and Morgan at the 3 and 4. I don't know for sure if Davis will be in playing shape not to mention if he will be able to keep up with what Archie will expect or we could go small with McRoberts at the three. All I am saying is those 4 are favorites to start. I can see Smith or Morgan being able to guard the three. I guess I will just have to disagree with you guys on that. Maybe that is what Morgan was being told he needs to be able to guard multiple positions. Meaning 3-5. Who knows. I would just prefer to go with a lineup where Smith and Morgan are not switching on much larger guys down low that often. Just my two cents! I guess I am also forgetting Evan Fitzner too! He might make a push for the starting lineup. Who knows just glad we can have these debates rather than worried cause we only have three forwards that can play and we have to use Collin Hartman as a center.
  11. ButlerHoosier

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    I don't know look at Wisconsin that had Evans Dekker and Kaminsky they made it work. I think we could make it work too especially with Archies style of play. Time will tell though.
  12. ButlerHoosier

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    I just love that we can have this debate again! I am so looking forward to this season. A year of Archie' s system under their belt. Expectations are known by the players now what is expected of the them by the coach. Expectations are much higher from a fans point of view this coming year. I feel to begin the year it is Green Langford Smith Morgan And then one other. I would love a line up of three guys 6'7" or taller. I also think it would be unfair to put Morgan on the other teams center taking that kind of punishment game after game. Time to help him shine this year. I could see Race McRoberts or Davis. Exciting new times.
  13. ButlerHoosier

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    Oladipo is All-NBA Third Team NBA All-Defensive First Team and is a finalist for Most Improved player of the year! Not bad for a team that was supposed to be in the lottery! That's not even mentioning everyone who has slept on him! He is turning heads and waking people up!
  14. ButlerHoosier

    Victor Oladipo

    Anthony Bennett was a huge bust and stopped Oladipo from going number 1 and going to the Cavs. So I guess I can't be too upset cause he might still be there years later. I will say if it wasn't for injuries Portland would have been a contender for years!
  15. ButlerHoosier

    Victor Oladipo

    Ahh didn't know both of those things. Haha. Well that is pretty cool. So he is a Hoosier.