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  1. ButlerHoosier

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    Ok. Just saying I can see it going many different ways which is nice. We could play big and go with Davis at the 5 and Smith and Morgan at the 3 and 4. I don't know for sure if Davis will be in playing shape not to mention if he will be able to keep up with what Archie will expect or we could go small with McRoberts at the three. All I am saying is those 4 are favorites to start. I can see Smith or Morgan being able to guard the three. I guess I will just have to disagree with you guys on that. Maybe that is what Morgan was being told he needs to be able to guard multiple positions. Meaning 3-5. Who knows. I would just prefer to go with a lineup where Smith and Morgan are not switching on much larger guys down low that often. Just my two cents! I guess I am also forgetting Evan Fitzner too! He might make a push for the starting lineup. Who knows just glad we can have these debates rather than worried cause we only have three forwards that can play and we have to use Collin Hartman as a center.
  2. ButlerHoosier

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    I don't know look at Wisconsin that had Evans Dekker and Kaminsky they made it work. I think we could make it work too especially with Archies style of play. Time will tell though.
  3. ButlerHoosier

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    I just love that we can have this debate again! I am so looking forward to this season. A year of Archie' s system under their belt. Expectations are known by the players now what is expected of the them by the coach. Expectations are much higher from a fans point of view this coming year. I feel to begin the year it is Green Langford Smith Morgan And then one other. I would love a line up of three guys 6'7" or taller. I also think it would be unfair to put Morgan on the other teams center taking that kind of punishment game after game. Time to help him shine this year. I could see Race McRoberts or Davis. Exciting new times.
  4. ButlerHoosier

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    Oladipo is All-NBA Third Team NBA All-Defensive First Team and is a finalist for Most Improved player of the year! Not bad for a team that was supposed to be in the lottery! That's not even mentioning everyone who has slept on him! He is turning heads and waking people up!
  5. ButlerHoosier

    Victor Oladipo

    Anthony Bennett was a huge bust and stopped Oladipo from going number 1 and going to the Cavs. So I guess I can't be too upset cause he might still be there years later. I will say if it wasn't for injuries Portland would have been a contender for years!
  6. ButlerHoosier

    Victor Oladipo

    Ahh didn't know both of those things. Haha. Well that is pretty cool. So he is a Hoosier.
  7. ButlerHoosier

    Victor Oladipo

    I say we send a package this upcoming year for OG get him on board to go with the rest of our young talent and develope him as a two way and or a three and D player. He seems to be in the same mold as Oladipo. Get those two together and watch out. I agree with you though IUAlum. I wouldn't have passed on OG. Maybe it's because I am a homer but he has a huge upside and outside of the lottery it is a crapshoot so might as well try your best to find a gem in the rough even if he would be coming off of a surgery. Honestly Pacers have been good about that over the years but kinda have whiffed last year. Maybe Leaf will come around but still not fitting exactly what we need right now. I also give Pritchard a little break dealing with the George trade on top of starting for the first time as a GM and taking over for Larry Legend. C'est la vie! Live and learn. We are set up well though going forward.
  8. ButlerHoosier

    Victor Oladipo

    Definitely agree! Although OG was coming off of a season ending injury so didn't know how he would fare after. So I can understand the thought process behind it. Maybe we can trade for him for pretty cheap especially if Toronto blows up the roster and starts over.
  9. ButlerHoosier

    Victor Oladipo

    I agree about a shooter in the second group. I think we need a strong 3 and D or two way player with range for our starter at the small forward and move Bog back to the 2nd group. Shooter solved for the second group and a consistent defensive small forward that can put up points too so at least we dont have to hide or help Bog as much. Although he did play some pretty good D on Bron in the series.
  10. ButlerHoosier

    Victor Oladipo

    So I think next year we need a sharpshooter that can fill up points. Maybe Reddick or Barton. I am definitely thinking Reddick to be share his playoff experience in the locker room and his scoring prowess if he has a friendly contract. I think we should trade Cory Joseph out for say Yogi Ferrell cap friendly along with familiarity. We need either a starting or good backup small forward. Say Ariza Hood or Anderson. I wish we would have picked up Anunoby. Luc Mbah a Moute would be a possible good pickup for power forward backup and shed Al Jefferson's option unless he is willing to take less.
  11. ButlerHoosier

    Romeo Langford

    So what are all the pundits saying?
  12. ButlerHoosier

    Is 2019 Class Boom or Bust?

    Boom so says Po's bowels!
  13. ButlerHoosier

    Yogi Season in Review

    Awesome read. I wish the Pacers could pick him up. Maybe they can trade their horrible pick for him. Haha.
  14. ButlerHoosier

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    So hopefully the home cooking that happened tonight will follow us to our house! It was nice seeing the Pacers cut the lead despite all the questionable fouls. Especially two on Oladipo in like what 3 minutes. Onto the next one!
  15. ButlerHoosier

    All 4 signees in top 150

    Serious someone get Forrester a cheeseburger! That kid needs to put on a little muscle. Once he does that he'll be g2g! Good to go!