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  1. Little 500

    https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2018/04/video-rider-talks-about-bringing-more-international-students-to-the-the-worlds-greatest-college-weekend/ Go Hoosiers!
  2. Little 500

    Cutters end 6 year drought: http://www.idsnews.com/article/2018/04/splittle500mensrecap042118 Go Hoosiers!
  3. #8 Baseball travel to OSU

    Boxscore within: http://iuhoosiers.com/news/2018/4/21/baseball-no-8-indiana-falls-to-ohio-state-5-4.aspx Go Hoosiers!
  4. Little 500

    https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2018/04/cutters-win-programs-13th-little-500-title/ Go Hoosiers!
  5. #8 Baseball travel to OSU

    Final 8th inning OSU has another reliever; IU goes K; K and GO. OSU goes FO; GO; single and FO. Now or never, Hoosiers! 9th inning IU goes K; Lloyd reaches on a fielding error; Lloyd is caught stealing and GO ends the game. Rubber match is tomorrow at 1p (EDT). * * R H E IU 4 7 2 OS 5 8 2 Go Hoosiers!
  6. #8 Baseball travel to OSU

    After 7 OSU reliever stays in (pitched last out of the 6th); IU opens with a GO; GO; Bradley singles, but FC ends the top half. Indiana needs to string some hits together. Manous in to pitch; OSU goes GO; solo shot out over LF gives tthe Buckeyes their first lead oif the series; (Boo...HIss); K and GO end the inning. * * R H E IU 4 7 2 OS 5 7 1 Go Hoosiers!
  7. #8 Baseball travel to OSU

    After 6 Kaletka walks after a K; K; Kaletha caught stealing 2nd. OSU goes foulout; HBP; GO advances the runner before a GO ends the inning. * * R H E IU 4 6 2 OS 4 6 1 Go Hoosiers!
  8. #8 Baseball travel to OSU

    After 5 IU goes down easy. OSU returns the favor. * * R H E IU 4 6 2 OS 4 6 1 Go Hoosiers!
  9. #8 Baseball travel to OSU

    After 4 Kaletha leads off with a single; K; Kaletha advances on a WP; Sowers walks; FO; both runners advance on a WP (2nd & 3rd) and K ends the side. I think IU needs to keep their bats alive and productive in this game. OSU gets a BB to open B4; advances on WP; K; GO moves the runner to 3rd (2 outs); Sloan enters in relief of Beauchamp; single ties the game and FO ends the inning. * * R H E IU 4 6 2 OS 4 6 1 Go Hoosiers!
  10. Little 500

    Thanks for posting the site, mile. I had forgotten and was just loading it at the start of the race. Go Hoosiers!
  11. Softball is rolling as well

    http://iuhoosiers.com/news/2018/4/21/softball-hoosiers-set-stolen-base-record-clinch-series-against-penn-state.aspx Go Hoosiers!
  12. Little 500

    All Other Sports board is getting it done today. Congrats to the Cutters! Go Hoosiers!
  13. #8 Baseball travel to OSU

    Radio feed seems to be OSU. My guess is the IU feeds are covering the Little 500 race. After 3 Bradley triples; Gorski walks and steals 2nd; Crail walks to fill the bases; K and DP ends the threat. OSU goes K; BB; BB; FC and an error allows an OSU run to come in; single, but runner is thrown out at the plate. * * R H E IU 4 5 2 OS 3 5 1 Go Hoosiers!
  14. #8 Baseball travel to OSU

    After 2 Bradley singles after a GO; Gorski triple and drives in a run; Crail reaches on an error and Gorski comes in with the 2nd run; SAC bunt moves Crail to 2nd; Houston single in the 3rd Hoosier run; Kaletha singles; Lloyd walks to load the bases; Sowers HBP and 4th run is in brfore FC ends the top half. Having a cup of soup; bear with me. OSU opens with a double; runner reaches on an error; K; double and single score 2 runs; PO and K end the inning. * * R H E IU 4 4 1 OS 2 4 1 Go Hoosiers!
  15. #8 Baseball travel to OSU

    After 1 IU goes 1, 2, 3. OSU singles, then goes 1, 2, 3. * * R H E IU 0 0 0 OS 0 1 0 Go Hoosiers!