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  1. Reacher

    Up up and away!

    Wonder if we will see some planned alley oops for him?
  2. Reacher

    Zeke Nnaji

    Yea, Bossi went down a notch in my eyes with that comment.
  3. Reacher

    Zeke Nnaji

    Here is something from a couple days ago on Rivals. They have him listed as 6'10" and 215lbs. Eric Bossi • BasketballRecruiting.Rivals.com @ebosshoops NEW YORK -- Top 35 rising senior Zeke Nnaji was just one of several standouts at the adidas Gauntlet Finale who had a big weekend. So, I'm opening up my scouting notebook to discuss some players who caught my eye that I didn't get to mention in either my Saturday takeaways or Sunday's live blog. 33 One of the best blends of skill, athleticism and upside as he continues to grow into his body, Nnaji was terrific each time I watched him. He runs the floor, gets good post position, finishes with soft touch and he can step out to the three-point line. He's a modern big man who can play the four or the five at a high level in college. Arizona, Indiana, Minnesota, Xavier, Baylor, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Purdue, UCLA and Creighton are among those to offer already and it wouldn't be a surprise to see blueblood involvement.
  4. Reacher

    Zeke Nnaji

    Anyone know if there is a connection to Race? Ostrom? This kid intrigues me. I want TJD but if Duke, KY, KS are watching him as well, he is one hell of a backup plan!
  5. Reacher

    18-19' summer workout video's

    Love It! hope to hear that more over the years!
  6. Reacher

    Zeke Nnaji

    Exactly what I was thinking.. What happens if commits before TJD?
  7. Reacher

    Juwan Morgan

    Nice to see that he is high on the newcomers as well. If they are providing competition in practice that is a good sign.
  8. Reacher

    Zeke Nnaji

    I'm thinking Zeke might be a better fit (more athletic, stick around longer?) than Hurt. Plus, IU can always use another Zeke! Will be interesting to see what comes from his visit. Another 6'9" player, not sure where he fits in with our roster and guys like TJD and Brooks. Is he a backup to TJD an/ or Brooks? TJD just needs to commit so we can get a little more clarity with some of these other guys. I could see him pulling a DJ Carton and going elsewhere just for more PT.
  9. I don't see how Fridays indictments has anything to do with selecting a Justice. Kavanaugh was just as likely to be selected by any Republican President. Was Trump supposed to appoint a far left Judge? Rosenstein specifically said no Americans were involved and no evidence of any "collusion". The Supreme Court is not going to impeach Trump. Its up to the voters or to elect someone else or Congress to impeach. Every day there is some new paranoia from the left and every time there is no substance. Today Trump committed "treason" by meeting with Putin? Come on. What ever came out of Obama's meeting with Putin? Why did we not get a transcript of their private conversation within 2 hours like it seems people expect now? If anything, the indictments are meaningless as these Russians will never set foot in a US courtroom. To me it's just a PR move. I don't know why we are wasting resources trying to prove Russians meddle. Accept it as fact and work on defensive countermeasures. There were all sorts of Russian spies here in the 60s during the cold war. 50 years later- nothing new. Russia meddling was actually exacerbated by Clinton/ Podesta/ DNC lack of attention to basic computer security protocols. They rolled out the red carpet for Russia and everybody else. There is no doubt that Clinton was "extremely careless" and / or "grossly negligent" with top secret info. Shouldn't these people be the ones being raided and jailed? It is not just suspicion but proven facts at this point.
  10. Reacher

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    Missed a lot being gone for the weekend. Had a feeling DJ was close to committing. From his perspective, OSU is probably the most attractive due to the immediate playing time. Maybe he realized Phinisee was better than him on his visit here? DJ was a luxury- not a necessity. What this tells me is IU, Michigan, OSU and MSU are going to be tough - on the recruiting trail and on the court- in the next few years.
  11. Reacher

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Good points. You want a player that will rise to the challenge- even against lesser competition. With IU coaches watching, You would figure they would putting forth the effort so it leads me to believe they might be physically or mentally worn down.
  12. Reacher

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    My guess is DJ wanted to get to OSU quickly for an official. Holtman may have said these dates work but he has plans to go to Peach Jam. Don't think it is a big deal or means anything (as much as I would like it to).
  13. After reading and researching the article you linked, I have found many claiming that it is a partisan piece and has been debunked. Here is one article- http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/06/dems-misuse-mcconnells-fake-supreme-court-rule-get-scolded.html. There are also comments attached to the Levy article that seem compelling if you can wade thru the garbage to find them. I'd caution everyone to look at both sides of an argument and not just take the word of a law professor or commentator on the media as gospel. This whole issue is going to end up politically charged. Thanks KoB for starting this post and getting me, and others, paying more attention to the topic.
  14. I disagree. A judges job is to be impartial and interpret the law. A congressman is supposed to represent their district. They are going to be political and bow to public opinion. How would you like to go in front of a judge with the law on your side but lose because the judge isn't abiding by the law? Sorry, that doesn't work for me. I know some judges are political and or corrupt but they should be removed for that. I view it as intellectually dishonest to presume a judge should not follow existing law/ precedent but rather do what they want/ think is popular. Ridiculous.
  15. I don't equate the actions of a member of congress to that of the judiciary. Apples to oranges. The process for selecting a Justice has nothing to do with creating / overturning laws by the Judiciary.