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  1. Stopped at Costco tonight. They had more GIBC. Snagged another Caramella and 2of the original. Their prices much lower. $9.99 for the original and $16 or so for the flavored ones. They only had 3 of the flavors. Limit 1 of those. Limit of 2 for the original. They had a lot.
  2. Usually people line up at Binnys for these. This year they had a lottery. My local grocery store was one of the outlets this year which is where I went. There were 20 people in line by 7am. I was tenth and got the last bottle of one of the varieties. Price varied from, I think, $16.99 - $26.99. I'm excited to try one. They rank a 100 on Beer Advocate with 13,000+ reviews.
  3. I think I have all 6 variations- just not the original. I'm really looking forward to the Caramella one. I'm going to try and save 1 or 2 for future years. The Kentucky fog is made with tea. Do you think that flavor will be very noticeable? I'm not a tea drinker so maybe I'll gift that one to my brother. All of sudden, I'm down to 3. I've never spent anywhere near $150 on a 6 pack before. Told my wife I just did her Christmas shopping for me. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2020/11/26/black-friday-2020-goose-islands-bourbon-county-stouts-beer/6399250002/
  4. OK, I need your help. Just scored a six pack. 6 of the 7 different 2020 releases. I see you can sell the empty bottles on ebay. My problem is how am I going to decide which one to drink and when? One says it will continue to age for 5 years so I can stash that one away. 1 for the New Years Day bowl game. How long have you been drinking the GI Bourbon County and do you just save for special occasions?
  5. One of the stores by me is advertising they are one of the few that will have the new release available tomorrow. Was planning on running over to try and get some
  6. I'll be rooting for the Illini. Hope they win big. Help our SOS when we beat them!
  7. I agree with your starters. In the game thread I had the same lineup but with Galloway in over Al. Maybe Trey works in a fast paced game but against better competition, in a half court offense, I like this group. Also provides nice balance with Lander, Galloway, Franklin, Geronimo and Brunk as backups. Our starters have to be threats to score in double figures. Rob and Al need to step up and consistently show they can do that against good competition. I would add that 1 game is a rather small sample to declare that Rob has clearly improved his shooting. He had good games last year. Let's
  8. Phinisee and Galloway reach double digits with TJD. Thompson needs to rebound better. He only had 3.
  9. Al had a decent all around game but he seems do a lot of his damage once the game has been decided. I don't see him making the pressure baskets.
  10. HCQ back in the news- https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/study-finds-84-fewer-hospitalizations-for-patients-treated-with-controversial-drug-hydroxychloroquine
  11. Franklin may get a lot of minutes closing out type games because he can hit free throws
  12. Not worried about that. He'll get his hustle points
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