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  1. Reacher

    DeRon Davis update

    I didn't think it through as far as you did in helping out Romeo and Juwan but you are right. I think he would be great to bring off the bench. Let a tired first stringer or younger second stringer have to guard him. Have Rob P out there to get him the ball. I see lots of open 3s and trips to the line for Davis.
  2. Reacher

    DeRon Davis update

    I agree. De'Ron has a role on this team and when he get on the floor I hope he is getting touches down low.
  3. Reacher

    My Sister-in-Law

    Just saw this. Sorry to hear about it. Celebrate her life and cherish your memories of her!
  4. Reacher

    The Off-Topic Thread

    One of my favorite dad moments was taking my kids out with a guy I knew who let them drive his combine. PS - not sure what the law is there but you are not supposed to drive and text here 😁
  5. Reacher

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Are you posting from a combine?
  6. Reacher

    Starting 5

    It's great to hear his shooting has improved. Hopefully that will give him the confidence to take more shots. He will get open. Just needs the confidence to pull the trigger and he can be dangerous.
  7. Reacher

    Scrimmage, not so secret

    Perhaps its just to practice in that venue. Get familiar for when other games are played there.
  8. Reacher

    Starting 5

    This is pretty much as how I see it. My only quibble is that I think Smith will also be the first backup at the 4 and get minutes there.
  9. Reacher

    2018 Midterm Elections

    My how times have changed.... Hypocrisy? Double standard? Dirty politics? https://ntknetwork.com/biden-in-1991-the-fbi-do-not-reach-conclusions-when-investigating-sexual-misconduct/
  10. Reacher

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I see, all Republicans are pro rape now. Its common knowledge they are all sexist, racist, every other ist along with hating senior citizens and the environment. Thats what the Democrats resort to whenever they are losing on the facts. Just resort to unfounded smears. Makes so much sense. An investigation has nothing to do with rape. Still looking for the evidence any poster, or national figure, condoned rape. Nobody has dismissed any trauma either. There has been a pretty unanimous call to hear Ford. The Senate has bent over backwards to accommodate her. No "victims" have been persecuted- unless that turns out to be Kavanaugh. Must be some alternate reality out there...I'd also like to know how rape keeps getting brought up in an alleged assault case.
  11. Reacher

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Not so fast. Everyone acknowledges rape is bad. Show me where anybody says otherwise? You can't? Why did you bring rape into this conversation? Has nothing to do with Kavanaugh? No need to bring Bill Clinton back into this. I'm no Stanford Ph.D., but my lowly IU education taught me enough to recognize that I could have produced a better letter and this so called expert brings up a number of points that seem valid to this non Ph.D. You can counter the argument with facts or resort to name calling.
  12. Reacher

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Another piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit- http://www.dannielleblumenthal.com/2018/09/an-open-letter-to-chairman-grassley.html
  13. Reacher

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Please tell me where I equated skipping the state of the union to sexual assualt. I was showing you some of the liberal Justices are political and have character issues of their own. The same thing that you want to put on Kavanaugh. I have news for you, Ginsburg has a known political bias. We know of no such thing for Kavanaugh. The alleged Trump sexual assault was not while in office. It is wrong in my book either way (if it happened- some claim he was just bragging). You specifically said while in office ( "C) Even regardless what he has done in office is pretty freaking bad. "). Laughing that you cannot even follow your own logic.
  14. Reacher

    2018 Midterm Elections

    OMG, all I said it was ONE factor that raises a red flag. Looks like you have come to terms Thursday will expose Ford as a fraud and are discounting it so you get your desired objective? Sad, I'm keeping an open mind and waiting to see what happens when both parties speak their piece. Willing to let the process (never called it an investigation) play out. BTW, how may high school kids do you know that were trying to be #1 in their class and remained a virgin until after college were committing sexual assaults during that time? Again ONE more piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit too neatly at this time. I don't appreciate being called a partisan hack so please refrain from calling me a hack or Mr Flynn an asshole. All indications are you the one with a severe bias and unwilling to even listen to opposing arguments. Prove me wrong- watch Hannity for a week and see if you can figure out what makes him #1 in cable news. I'll watch Maddow that entire week