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  1. Morgan's All B1G Season

    I think he has slipped of the first team with his play of late. I think the grind of the season and being forced to carry the team has worn him down physically and mentally. Will need a great finish to get back.
  2. Neb. Post Game

    That is accurate at this stage. Hoping he grows more consistent.
  3. Nebraska Game Thread

    Newkirk is not a legit PG? He just had an assist on that NE basket
  4. Nebraska Game Thread

    Time to grab another beer and tell the wife to run out and get some milk
  5. Nebraska Game Thread

    IU out toughing NE bow. Keep it up and play smart. Hate to waste this effort
  6. Nebraska Game Thread

    Smith is finishing tonight
  7. Nebraska Game Thread

    Morgan did not foul there!
  8. Nebraska Game Thread

    Green and RoJo with 2 costly turnovers
  9. Nebraska Game Thread

    We cut down the turnovers and rebound the ball we can win going away
  10. Nebraska Game Thread

    James Palmer Jr meet Robert Johnson!
  11. Nebraska Game Thread

    I wasn't feeling too good about this game. All we have to do is play a little smarter and we can beat these guys handily.
  12. Nebraska Game Thread

    RoJo exploded on that break
  13. Nebraska Game Thread

    Need Smith, Newkirk to keep it going.
  14. Nebraska Game Thread

    That's what I thought. Apparently called it off Al somehow. Would have liked a replay.