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  1. HH- have any first hand stories? https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/2019-09-17-tropical-storm-imelda-texas-coast-houston-flood-forecast
  2. That was like my last GS. I think being overweight was a factor in his cancer and early death. Not that he was fat, I think he topped out around 110 before we put him on a diet and got him to 90. Strangers definitely get scared when they see him coming. Great to have around when workers (plumber, etc) have to be in your house. Not worried at all that they would ever come back some night. My current GS was adopted 2 years ago so I don't know much about his earlier life but now at age 9 (or 10?) he is an old man dog and lays next to me while I work. Shows no interest in other dogs, kids running around etc, just minds his business. Still quite the sight when he leaps into action and you can see his athletic ability even as an older dog. Again, I highly endorse a large dog as part of a comprehensive security strategy!
  3. Two of my favorites are IU game watching beer and new Brew pub beer.
  4. I went the German Shepherd route as well. I probably should put a beware of GS sign as he is not much of a barker/ watchdog. Other than that, motion activated lights are great. Plus, I like seeing when wildlife is in my backyard. Then the motion activated video. Ring, Guardzilla or others will send an alert to your phone. Might give you a warning or perhaps provide evidence later as well as a possible preventative measure.
  5. I watched most of the ASU @ MSU game. Was very entertaining. I think we can match up well with MSU. Forget the rush and rely on the passing game. Between that game and the Bears yesterday, some fun finishes this weekend.
  6. Difference in the game so far is they are making the short yardage plays to keep the drive going which leads to 37 yard TDs whereas IU cannot convert on those short yard opportunities. IU needs to answer here if they are going to stay in this one
  7. I love De'ron but he is not an above the rim type player
  8. Just out of curiosity, how do you deal with all of your ex in laws? Still friendly with most? Some you probably barely got to know. From what I heard about a few of your exes, some in laws probably love you more than their daughters.
  9. I have a German Shepherd. Reading through some of these posts, thought I'd share a little bit about my last one- Blitz. He had cancer at age 8 or so. Went the chemo route and probably bought him an extra 6 months. As he still suffered, probably wouldn't do that again. It was $$$ and more a benefit to the humans than the dog. We took him on a long weekend trip up the coast of MI to Traverse city and back stopping at all the dog friendly beaches so he could splash in Lake MI and staying at a dog friendly hotels. Provided some nice last memories of our loyal companion. He was cremated and his ashes spread out in the woods at our summer cottage in MI where he loved to run about off leash and play in the water. Our current GS was adoted a few months after his passing.
  10. I think the possibility of Cross committing sped up the time line for Geronimo. Kudos to him for seizing the opportunity.
  11. Yes! It is loads of fun. Great when you have a group of people to do it with. It is more technique than power. I was better with the two handed method but my wife excelled at the one handed. They teach you the technique and different games so any one persons skill is not so important. There are a handful of places around Chicago where you can do it now.
  12. I'd love to see an IU commitment by Garcia come soon and catch everyone by surprise. Then we can see if Cross is still interested/ has a spot. I know Archie likes him and I think there is a spot for him at IU but he will have to be patient. I'm sure the other coached recruiting him are offering immediate minutes and pointing out the logjam of wings at IU. I'd hate for Garcia to lose interest if there was no longer a spot for him.
  13. Why ruin the good talk about Geronimo by bringing up Dakich?
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