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  1. Whats he waiting for? It's after 2:30. Lets get this on
  2. My first thought as well. I believe they were mentioned with some names we were considering as well. Regardless of who they get, I have to think it will slow down that program. New coach / system will have some growing pains. An opportunity for IU to move up the ladder!
  3. Rob and Devonte. I'll take Smith over Hunter. When locked in Justin showed he can be a good defender. Whoever we have at the 4-5 should be an improvement over an undersized Morgan. I do think we can improve and top 25 should be obtainable.
  4. I'm sure you will do your best to wear your candy striped pants to all of his games !
  5. I'm thinking Rob then Green then Al. Green will be a Sr and I think the light has really turned on for him. I'm expecting big things from him. Damezi was regarded as a good shooter and we see how he had to adjust. At this point, no way of knowing if Lester will push for a starting spot or take time to get up to speed with Archies system and B1G 10 play.
  6. While I think Lester will be a good get, I don't see him starting over Rob, DeVonte and Jerome - who I predict will be our starters. Whether he starts off as a situational shooter or takes on a bigger role will be determined by his defense and how quickly he acclimates to college ball. He will be fighting for minutes with Al and Armaan. IMO, his real value is in years 2-4. I think IU is a better long term fit while Memphis is more immediate gratification.
  7. That's some high praise coming from someone with your name!
  8. He's from my hometown. A lot of local buzz about him.
  9. That's surely a factor but she didn't make her appearance until page 19. I know Neal is a Bloomington boy and that matters too. My point is Trey should be getting a little more attention. Maybe Mrs Galloway can chime in?
  10. Rob, Franklin, Quinones, Leal and Galloway has the making of a nice backcourt.
  11. Thanks. Does this mean Quinones no longer in the mix?
  12. Interesting that the Leal thread has 10x as many posts. I can't say I prefer one over the other at this point, but Trey definitely needs a little more love. Just not from Bluegrass
  13. Yes, very impressed by the 10 rebounds
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