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  1. I think their (South Korea) key has been lots of early testing and treatment. With the curve flattened, the fatality rate is not increasing due to an overburdened medical system. I agree that this will not go away. Eventually everyone gets it. Hopefully most get the vaccine. It all about managing it now. Hopefully a few weeks is enough to get the tests out and find an effective treatment so we can begin a return to normal. Very concerned about the media, cities and states that are floating 2 months or more of lock down. I see that doing considerable more damage, on many fronts, than the virus itself. I do think the elderly will have to social distance, at a minimum, until a vaccine is out.
  2. "A cluster of three counties in rural Indiana have surging rates of confirmed cases. One of them, Decatur, population 26,000, has 30 cases with one confirmed death and another suspected, said Sean Durbin, the county’s public health emergency preparedness coordinator. Several cases were traced to large gatherings earlier in the month, including a religious retreat and a high school basketball tournament." https://apnews.com/cb56e50250328b923776408386b3a82a In hindsight, shutting down the BTT was probably the right call.
  3. Looks like the key is early testing and then the drug cocktail upon first symptoms- Thought this article on an ER Drs perspective interesting- https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/er-doctor-offers-lessons-on-treating-covid-19-patients-cheat-sheet-for-physicians-excellent-read/
  4. That's another road I didn't get to see. Was there last fall and they closed it due to a big snowstorm. The west side of GNP was partially open but the east side totally shut down. Guess I'll have to go back.
  5. Not surprised by either of these stories- https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-27/stacks-of-urns-in-wuhan-prompt-new-questions-of-virus-s-toll https://nypost.com/2020/03/28/marijuana-sales-up-50-in-new-york-city-amid-coronavirus-pandemic-dealer-says/
  6. I don't think the testing data can be extrapolated like that as currently it is only the very sick and celebrities getting tested.
  7. My wife had her Chase account hacked this week. Chase fraud recognized it and froze the account. That's when the nightmare began. Bank closes early so we called the 1-800#. My wife worried all our accounts being drained. One call of an hour+, then transferred to be disconnected. Luckily? I had dialed a second # on a different phone. That call lasted 5 hours and 50 minutes before being disconnected. Next morning went into the branch and after 3 hours finally got set up with new accounts, debit cards, etc. Their call center in India was offline and they were shortstaffed. Their business continuity plan left a lot to be desired.
  8. Are you worried about stuff like this? Please watch video- These people are in the middle of nowhere! Let the guy walk his dog!
  9. Weather has been lousy keeping a lid on things. Won't last long. https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2020/3/26/21195066/chicago-shootings-12-shot-wednesday-march-25-gun-violence Saw a pic of Sephora and some other Mag MIle shops boarded up to keep looters out. I think police are doing the bare minimum to keep from contacting people. Heard they are terribly prepared and got some donations of gloves and masks. Saw carjackings spiked in NYC after they released a bunch of prisoners. Stay safe @Lostin76 !
  10. Still $2.09 in Chicago suburbs. Hopeully going down soon- SEB analyst Bjarne Schieldrop painted a similarly gloomy picture of the outlook for oil storage, as crude prices languish close to recent lows with no sustained recovery yet in sight. “We are now looking at surplus in the second quarter of 2020 at a scale that we have never seen before,” he said, adding that with people now sitting at home in confinement that demand could fall even more. “It means that storage capacities will be breached. The oil price will then have to crash to a level where production more or less immediately is shut down. This now seems to be where we are heading,” Schieldrop warned.
  11. I heard today one reason Trump was country reopened by April 11 (except for heavily hit areas) is the concern over drinking and drug abuse. Problems that will only get worse with more people home, unemployed, etc. In addition, the longer we are closed, the more businesses that will not reopen. Do we let tens of thousands fall victim to substance abuse and suicide or maybe a smaller # to the Coronavirus? The hope is with another week or 2 to ramp up supplies, testing, etc, we can get back to normal.
  12. Makes sense. Makes more sense.
  13. Yesterday it was New Orleans as the new hotspot. Today Michigan. from 350 to 3000+cases in a week. Gold courses ruled non essential in IL and must close.. Ridiculous, IMO. Very easy to social distance on a GC.
  14. Took a flight over and never saw a thing. There was some attraction on the interior we were going to. Waterfalls? Was so foggy you couldn't see it. Couldn't see much on the drive either due to the dense fog. Total waste of a day and $.
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