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  1. I knew a guy years ago that had a huge belly. He attributed it to decades of steak dinners! I fight the weight loss battle constantly. Right now I'm 5 pounds heavier than where I've been most of the last 10 years. Heading into winter, that is not ideal. I don't want to have to get my suits taken out! Going out to eat is a big part of the problem. At some point, my wife and I have to start splitting entrees instead of getting our own. I'll probably get an exercise bike for the winter to keep my activity up. But, like what @HoosierFaithful said, it is diet that is most important. When I see my weight climbing, I make a conscious effort to cut out / cut back on portions, meals, snacks and so far that has sufficed. As far as a motivational idea, I'd try to find someone with your same predicament and find small ways to keep motivated. When I started in my career, my buddy and I would bet Dairy Queen on who had the best week. Friday afternoons the loser would buy. That $5/ week did more to boost my sales, and income, than any motivational speaker, professional sales ideas, etc ever could. Simple but effective- as well as a way to eat Dairy Queen every week, lol Check out the weight loss thread as well. In your case, lets say your wife was your weight loss buddy. You could make it that you got a splurge meal every week you lost 1 pound or more.
  2. An early CONGRATULATIONS to you ! Just let her know its still ok to meet up with the occasional HSN member passing through town for a beer I like Stouffers microwave lasagna!
  3. Just like many forecast, the Delta variant wave seems to be subsiding as quickly as it escalated just as we witnessed in the UK and elsewhere. Some states (like those in the Northeast) probably still haven't experienced it and will have to get through it.
  4. Get your kids exercising ! https://www.the74million.org/staggering-new-research-shows-that-child-obesity-has-soared-during-pandemic/ "According to a paper circulated last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, body mass index (a common measure of weight relative to height) in a sample of 430,000 children increased between March and November 2020 at nearly double the rate that it did before the pandemic began. The changes were especially prevalent among elementary-aged children, as well as those who were already overweight or obese." "The CDC’s findings echo those of other research released in the past few months. A study published last month by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that rates of overweight and obesity have soared among children measured in California between the ages of 5 and 17. Two others — one published in The Lancet and another appearing in the journal Pediatrics — found that the weight gain was greater for certain demographic subgroups, including Hispanic, African American, publicly insured, and low-income children."
  5. I couldn't find the source but remembered it was sourced from John Hopkins. Went to their site and found this- https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/new-cases-50-states So, yes, only a handful of states currently increasing (although it has changed a bit since last weeks chart I showed). Hard to believe it from watching the news. I guess we can start taking the masks off? The map of the states in the link a lot more informative than the chart below, IMO IN the best state in the country for magnitude of reduction (according to the state map in the link)! Daily new cases per 100k- Updated Sept 21 STATE NAME 7-DAY MOVING AVERAGE COUNT INCREASE (PAST WEEK) % INCREASE (PAST WEEK) Alabama 2612 22,013 -40.21% Alaska 750 5,836 30.84% Arizona 2513 17,945 -12.77% Arkansas 1130 9,805 -63.13% California 8430 59,071 -78.08% Colorado 1715 13,085 -13.87% Connecticut 748 5,507 6.78% Delaware 522 3,143 -1.14% District Of Columbia 229 1,792 -13.06% Florida 13707 75,998 - Georgia 4237 36,291 -40.07% Hawaii 514 3,559 -6.96% Idaho 1008 8,222 -15.43% Illinois 3004 25,219 -8.76% Indiana 3067 24,573 -27.40% Iowa 1291 13,071 - Kansas 1415 9,424 -16.28% Kentucky 3417 27,932 -16.43% Louisiana 1344 16,257 100.00% Maine 326 3,397 - Maryland 1245 8,590 3.16% Massachusetts 1692 13,436 -10.78% Michigan 3723 22,646 14.68% Minnesota 1273 14,894 -9.08% Mississippi 1252 12,025 -40.04% Missouri 1795 14,692 -33.59% Montana 712 6,404 25.02% Nebraska 221 4,707 - Nevada 896 7,577 -28.29% New Hampshire 375 3,075 -12.60% New Jersey 2133 15,800 4.81% New Mexico 567 4,566 -17.76% New York 5106 36,152 -51.90% North Carolina 5933 42,926 -50.97% North Dakota 350 3,282 19.91% Ohio 6123 47,911 -13.66% Oklahoma 2031 13,110 -27.54% Oregon 1349 11,657 -40.93% Pennsylvania 4471 32,214 -18.67% Puerto Rico 230 2,096 -20.99% Rhode Island 344 2,539 -6.77% South Carolina 4002 27,932 -65.30% South Dakota 248 3,102 -18.39% Tennessee 4742 35,723 -141.62% Texas 10201 105,645 -34.98% Utah 1286 10,186 -24.17% Vermont 211 1,500 -15.38% Virginia 3289 25,061 -3.46% Washington 2905 21,328 -21.87% West Virginia 1829 12,729 -7.51% Wisconsin 2863 21,854 50.08% Wyoming 464 3,674 23.30%
  6. Some of the most vaccinated states led the country last week with an increase in cases. The Delta variant making its way North?
  7. Somewhere I saw this and copied it. I made a wooden box with a wire and mesh bottom into a pint sized table. Filled it with cracked corn. My boys had all their John Deeres in there and played with it for 3 or 4 summers. No sandy mess and I could feed the deer at the end of the season. That was until the IDNR warned me about Chronic Wasting disease!
  8. I quoted the correction as it was recent news. The original study was linked in the first link for people that wanted to look further into it. I wanted to bring awareness to the issue. I quoted the part I thought people might want to know. I created the context so I'm not sure how it could be out of context. It was not contrary to the conclusion, it was part of the conclusion. As @dgambillpointed out, I made no conclusion. I was merely trying to bring attention to an issue I thought deserved it and provided what was, hopefully, reliable and relevant data to back that up. I think you were reading more into my post than there was.
  9. I don't have grandkids yet but I was very conscious about having my boys experience things I never did as a child. I have taken them boating, snowmobiling, ATVing, shooting and done a bunch of other stuff with them I wasn't exposed to until after college. They did get to go up in the Sugar Grove air control tower but I think I appreciated that more than they did, lol. When they were real young, I would drive them to O'Hare to watch the planes take off and land then take the tram to the international terminal for McDonalds. Between the airport, railyard next door and highway drive their, they got their fix of planes, trains, and automobiles!
  10. I didn't say pregnant women should not get vaccinated. Just that they "should be extra careful". As @dgambill pointed out, there are a lot of issues to balance (Sorry to hear of those miscarriages and thankful you finally got it worked out!). I think for something so important, we would have a much larger study.
  11. Pregnant women should be extra careful about getting the vaccine. From the New England Journal of Medicine- https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMx210017?query=recirc_curatedRelated_article “Among 827 registry participants who reported a completed pregnancy, 104 experienced spontaneous abortions and 1 had a stillbirth,”
  12. That's the type of stuff that creates mistrust. If the elites, mayors, governors, etc don't need masks, why do the rest of us? Anyways, want to trade for the mayor of Chicago? 😁
  13. I saw this- The U.N. General Assembly will ignore vaccine requirements for attendees at next week’s big meeting in New York, snubbing NYC rules for convention centers and public gatherings. And was wondering if you, @Lostin76, were ok with this. I'm fed up with the 2 sets of rules. Also don't like the segregation going on.
  14. Ever been to the creamery at Wisconsin? They have some good ice cream.
  15. That's our second fair catch on a kickoff. Their 99 TD return the difference so far. Fryfogle not looking NFL quality today
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