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  1. In addition to IU being improved, much of the conference had big losses so the combination of a better team playing teams not as good should be meaningful.
  2. Culvers is ok but I've grown tired of them. I'd say Freddys has replaced Steak N Shake. Stopped at Redamaks a few times and it is good but not good enough to deal with their crowds. Last few times I called ahead for carry out. If I want a good burger. I'll go to Red Robin, then 5 Guys, Bouna Beef (like their burger much better than Portillos) and then Wendys. Speaking of Portillos, their prices are getting outrageous. I got their Italian Beef over the weekend. No drink, no sides. Was $7.91. For $8, you should get a combo meal. I agree with you regarding Chick Fil A and McAlisters. Both are good, consistent quality. I do prefer Popeyes for chicken, though. Amazing how McAlisters seem to be opening everywhere.
  3. I've always liked Steak N Shake. Ok burgers but great fries and shakes. Haven't been to one in years either. I think the one I used to go to closed. Was a nice place to take my kids.
  4. Not sure who the starters will be so I hope we can get some nice summer intel on how things are going. What I do want to see is early leads, good starts to the second half, strong finishes and the bench getting decent minutes because they deserve to. That should be enough.
  5. Great news, foundation is set, expectations are up, we are primed to make some noise next March!
  6. I finished the edging of my beds, planting of annuals and Mulch last weekend.
  7. I've had the Suedo Sue. Remember the can, not the beer!
  8. I know somebody that did that last year and my neighbor just did it. He is waiting on his title as he bought it and then will go trade it in somewhere else. as @NotIThatLives said, you can trade in with another dealer but not all dealers. Call and ask up front if they will buy out the lease of XYZ. This is a case where the 30% rise in used vehicles over the past year is working out to your benefit!
  9. I thought you were talking about the movie Weird Science (1985)-
  10. This is a slippery slope. Didn't BLM express hatred? I hear a lot of political leaders calling for violence now regarding the SCOTUS leak. You seem quick to jump on something when a certain group might be to blame yet ignore other instances. JMO...
  11. That was a year ago before inflation hit. I also got a furnace so think that helped too. Told my wife we might as well get it before summer to save on our electric bills. With the computer chip shortage hitting cars, figured it would spill over. My brother got a comparable one a few months earlier for like $2k more so when I got my quote it was less than I was expecting and I gave the go ahead without looking at anyone else.
  12. I've been eating green onions from my garden for a week already. Just waiting for the Romaine to get going. Hoping this hot spell won't ruin it.
  13. My herb pot went on the patio this weekend!
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