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  1. I've tried Blaze. A Mod Pizza (same concept) opened near me. There are a few other similiar chains as well competing here in the Chicago market. "MOD Pizza is the fastest-growing Top 200 chain for the second consecutive year. The fast-casual pizza chain pulled away from its closest competitor, Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza, in the Latest Year, with a gain of 44.7% in the Latest Year. That came on top of MOD’s 80% increase in sales the Preceding Year. Founders Scott Svenson and Ally Svenson have built the brand around a socially conscious, people-first mission. That approach includes hiring employees who may have trouble being hired elsewhere, including people with special needs or those who have been in prison or rehab, as well as paying employees above minimum wage and donating to charitable causes."
  2. Up to page 5 now... Let's see where we end up in a couple days. Comparing posts over 5 days to 12 hours is apples and oranges... That was a nice TEAM win. Hope Franklin and Jerome take away some confidence from their play. I see them being key factors the rest of tthe season. I think this team has some upside and our shooting (or lack thereof) will determine how far that is. What is frustrating is that this is a year we could have really dominated if we had the smart play and shooting all year long due to lack of any dominant teams. Butler ranked #5? That should have been IU!
  3. Race has given us some good minutes tonight
  4. Green 1-6 for 3 points. Other 3 guards each have 5 on 5-11 shooting
  5. We are shooting 52%! NE out shooting us on 3s and free throws. Outrebounding them 26-14. A whopping 12 assists on our 18 baskets. 6 blocks. TJD my player of the half leading us in scoring w 8 pts (3-3), 8 rebounds, 3 assists and a block
  6. Inside out is working tonight. Need to bring these rims back to AH.
  7. How do they call a foul when he wasn't touched (at least on the second shot)
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