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  1. Obviously Morgan is bringing it. Wonder if Archie didn't like his effort in the first half?
  2. I don't think Davis played in the second half
  3. I think McRoberts deserves credit for this run.
  4. I love to see Rob looking to score
  5. Should have invited the supermodel over for dinner to watch IU. Its worked well for me in the past
  6. We did have a 14-0 run... Now we need another.
  7. Will be interesting to see who gets minutes tonight and how the team does minus Romeo.
  8. I'm tempted to post in the Keion thread just to see if you would bump these all over again. Can't bring myself to do it, though. Bye Keion!
  9. Rob- Al- Franklin Green- Al - Damezi Hunter- Smith Smith- Race- Forrester Davis- TJD- Moore I do like Green in the 6th man role but as a Senior, I'd give him first crack at starting. Bigs take longer to develop and learn to play D so I'm letting TJD ease into things behind Davis. He can play 15 min there and be ready to replace Davis next year. We'll need Race to get comfortable on Offense, Smith to gain some confidence in his outside shot and Rob to pick some more spots to score. Everything falls into place and I think we can challenge for the top of the conference.
  10. I agree! I was optimistic Keion might join us. Now that he has moved on, its time for us to move as well. There are other recruits out there that we can get excited about. Not sure who the next will be to get 200 pages but someone will eventually. Goodbye Keion.
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