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  1. 2018-19 B10 opponents

    He did say Romeo would put us in contention for the top. Lets see if he updates this in a month or so after the transfers get setled.
  2. So Very Sad....

    So much for narrative that no one needs an AR15 and a 30 round mag to defend themselves- https://www.news4jax.com/news/30-rounds-fired-by-ar15-in-florida-home-invasion-shootout
  3. At first glance, Michigan seems to have a favorable draw with - Away: Illinois, Iowa, Rutgers
  4. Romeo Langford

    Unless something pops up raising doubt on his decision, what is left to say that hasn't already been said in the last 245 pages? With the wind hopefully blowing to Bloomington, we just need to sit tight and start planning the Romeo to IU celebration party. Wasn't someone going to be running around naked?
  5. Trendon Watford

    Maybe his older brother has one one he would be willing to pass along?
  6. Trendon Watford

    Seems like the Watfords were looking for a sign of increased interest and Archie delivered.
  7. New Tom Davis Article

    I started off having to wear suits and ties for 10+ years. Hated it. Nothing worse than a 90+ degree day and you are in a suit. Eventually moved to business casual and clients now feel more comfortable and relaxed as do I! I can tolerate slacks and dress shirts so not sure when and or if I'll make the move to jeans and dress shirts or polos. Now I only wear suits for weddings and funerals.
  8. Immigration!

    I'm not looking to penalize anyone nor am I arguing that we shouldn't have greater voter participation. I don't buy the argument that people in rough neighborhoods are incapable of getting an ID. In Chicago, the gangs are heavily involved in voting- http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/January-2012/Gangs-and-Politicians-An-Unholy-Alliance/. They can jump through hoops to get a link card. There are all sorts of outreach programs available. My mother was part of one. How convenient is it for the 18 year old on a farm in some remote area of the country? People wait years and spend lots of $ to enter this country legally and or become citizens to vote legally. At some point, it has to be the responsibility of the voter to want to vote and do what is required to do so legally. I didn't want to go through the chaos at the DMV to get my Drivers License, but I did. If it is the states responsibility to make it so easy and free, why does that not apply to getting a FOID Card or Concealed Carry license? Thats where the poor people are being hurt IMO. They are the least likely to be able to pay the hundreds of $ for licenses and classes. If IDs are going to be free and accessible, then ALL types of ID should be- right? Just what more needs to be done to actively help get IDs than is already being done? We both don't want people voting illegally. We both want as many people to vote as possible. It just the final details of how that happens that need ironed out.
  9. Immigration!

    How difficult is is to get an ID? They are free in WI and available at DMVs all over the state. http://elections.wi.gov/node/1917 Why is it the reponsibility of the GOP to help people get an ID? You could say it is the responsibility of the DNC just as well. Or how about the responsibilty of the voter? If you need an ID for welfare benefits, to open a bank account, cash a check, get on an airplane, who in todays society does not have an ID? I'm sure there are some but I'd imagine most are people who do not meet the qualifications to vote. Why are some states actively refusing to provide voter information to federal agencies? It comes across as they have something to hide. Are you ok with people being bribed with cash / food and put on a bus to go to vote? I don't think that is how the system is supposed to work.
  10. Immigration!

    ^^^ Agreed. Article make sense to me. Requiring an ID probably got rid of a lot of the Chicago voters (I've heard from a WI guy heavily involved in politics) that got bussed up there to vote. Hard to say at this point what the effect was. I'm sure Trump was helped in some areas while Hillary was helped be the rules in other places (CA).
  11. Home Renovation

    I used to go to Redamaks as I'd pass by a few times a month during the summer. Grew tired of their long lines and high prices so I think last year was the first summer I didn't stop there. Found other places (like Albanos) to try instead.
  12. The Noise..

    I understand the thought process behind tuning out the "noise". I never used to pay attention. Grew tired of same stuff on sports radio, then the same music being played.While I still listen to each, just not as much. That has made room for news. As I've grew in my profession, I've realized the connection between investments, the economy, economic policies, and eventually the makers of those policies. I try not to get bogged down in the news of the day stuff which is what I consider "noise" and focus on the larger themes. A lot of the market news I see is economic related and therefore I think I see a lot of the news through a different viewpoint than the papers, radio, network / cable news and talk radio that bombard everyone else. I see it as a bad news sells. Whether that is a market crash, a murder in the city, an aproaching snowstorm/ hurricane/ etc, or a political scandal that "news of the day" will drive a narrative for a short term. Eventually the "storm" blows over and fundamental conditions return.
  13. Cliff Moore

    Morgan is gone after this year which opens 30 minutes/ game of playing time. Davis in 2 years. That leaves Race, Forrester and next years post recruits (all in the 6'8"- 6'9" range) as his competition in his Sr year so there very well could be plenty of playing time for him as an upperclassman defensive terror at center that can shoot and open up the floor on offense.
  14. Announcing a new position

    No doubt Mile is the face of Hoosiernation. Thanks for all you do!
  15. Romeo Langford

    I still remember like it was yesterday the coupons for a $4.95 Mothers Bears pizza and large coke. I'd grab a stack of those coupon books the first week of the year so I had enough to last all year, lol! Next time you are in Chicago during nice weather, stop at Ranallis. Good pizza, big beer list, with a large outdoor seating area. Only downside is they are a Badger bar http://ranallislincolnpark.com/ I just stumbled on Albanos a couple years ago. Going home to IL from MI and trying to avoid the I80 traffic got hungry and tripadvisor recommended it. Have made it a point to stop by a few times now for pizza on the car ride home.