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  1. Ahhh, how about we just beat Maryland Saturday. Okay? 😊
  2. Yeah, I'm sure they've had them, but Few seems to find those kids that are more often going to stay in school awhile and mature into really solid juniors/seniors. 😊
  3. I haven't seen much basketball yet, but I did watch some of Gonzaga vs Auburn. Boy, the Zags are fun to watch. Disciplined with terrific bb IQ... and good shooters. Few is such an exceptional coach. Love how he/they recruit and build a roster. Minimal OAD type players from what I've seen, so they always seem to have good experience.
  4. And your complaints can change exactly what?
  5. So, why bother to watch? If it's the same bad movie with a bad director, bad actors, lousy storyline... then geez guy, turn it off...or turn to another channel. Why torture yourself?? Or is it that you enjoy being critical?
  6. Anyone know if there's going to be "fan noise" piped into AH? Music? 😊
  7. This guy would be perfect, but he may be looking for a more high profile program, aka KY. But I hope we're reaching out to him right now.
  8. So, I imagine this kid wants to play professionally since his dad did. Not wanting to play defense and not wanting to take some heat for missing a shot is pretty weak. This is the problem to me...today's highly rated recruits don't want so much to be a part of a winning TEAM as to be in a position to improve MY GAME for the next level. I'm old and I get tired of the fact that this is now the state of college bb. I understand it, but I'm tired of freaking "reveals or announcements". Yeah, I know... now get off my lawn!! LOL. 😂
  9. Really appreciate your contribution of this, Scott. Good information. Thanks!
  10. Sorry, but this is one 5* who simply doesn't excite me. He's got OAD on his brain and he's a 6'3" - 6'4" wing. I just don't think we need another wing. JMHO. We need a solid big transfer in the 6'8" range or bigger. We need frontline help next year unless one of our big guys stays an extra year.
  11. I actually thought Penix would be the one. Oh well... I'm happy for both these young men! 😁
  12. Later heard he left due to illness and there's been no further update today, I guess.
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