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  1. jv1972iu

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Keep it reel, Rico!! 😁
  2. jv1972iu

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Request permission for a mind meld, sir!!! 😁
  3. jv1972iu

    Butler Postgame Thread

    2 blocks, 2 steals...yeah, so Morgan's not perfect defensively...give him a break, okay. You sound like a guy yelling, "get off my grass!". He had a career high points day. I think that counts for a few defensive lapses.
  4. jv1972iu

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    "Burt, do you know me??? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!"
  5. jv1972iu

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Just how heavy are you??
  6. jv1972iu

    UofL post game

    I'm right there with you Scott!! D. Pepsi, please! 😁
  7. jv1972iu

    UofL post game

    Just accept the win and stop with the speculation. 😁
  8. jv1972iu

    UofL post game

    You wouldn't know happy if it bit you on the ass!! 😁
  9. jv1972iu

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    Hahaha...it's quite the ugly mob over at rupp rafters!! Lots of talk that it's time for Calipari to change...Or leave...Or retire. Plenty of Big Bluey-tunes going on. Hey Cal....th-th-th-that's all folks!! 🐷 😁
  10. jv1972iu

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

  11. jv1972iu

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    The drubbing that Duke gave them with players that they thought would come to KY really put them into a deep funk. They almost immediately began questioning everything about their team, recruiting, coaching. Losing to Duke is their ultimate nightmare. They know that Calipari is no match for K.
  12. jv1972iu

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

  13. jv1972iu

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    One could argue that the conferences he has coached within aren't exactly known for being great basketball conferences, IMHO. They are Conference USA, A10, SEC. Love to see him in the B1G, ACC, Big 12, even the new Big East...and see how he performs. The SEC is a football conference, as we all know. I'm not saying he's a bad coach...just not a great one, IMHO. 😁
  14. jv1972iu

    Phinisee's Finish

    Better how? Not statistically, if you read Daily Hoosier's article. Just wondered how you mean better? 😃
  15. jv1972iu

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    Or to quote one post on rupprafters..."HEY CAL! I thought WE ate first!". LOL. 😝😁