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  1. Mackey is as tough a place to win as AH, I would guess...especially with all the mooing.
  2. I heard Charles, Shaq, and Kenny Smith pimping today's players because they don't play hurt, ie. load mgmt. last night on the NBA post game. They were laughing at Porzingis mostly and his injuries.
  3. Very true comment regarding De'Ron...and I wasn't positive in some of my comments earlier, as you said. But he's been pretty good the last couple of games. He can really help in certain situational matchups. It's great to see him contribute. 👍👍
  4. I think he's pretty darn good for the fact he's beaten Izzo three straight! That is sweet!! 😁
  5. Yeah, pretty sure he had an offer from the Hoyas.
  6. Hahaha!! That's the one. Need students to have FatHeads of this to wave during MSU FT's
  7. Court of King Crimson....great album cover. Not sure how to attach.
  8. Really?? You're gonna play the cream and crimson card here?? When I was at IU we cheered Fire up Big Red, Fire up!! Not crimson. 😁
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