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  1. I'd be happy if he could develop half of the ball handling skills of guys like Ochai Agbaji, 6-5 guard Kansas and his teammate Christian Braun, 6-7 guard.
  2. Now if only Miller Kopp could transform into Steve Green and Trey Galloway into John Laskowski...
  3. Phil's a gambler...plain and simple. He skated by on the insider trading issue, but my guess is that he was guilty. His gambling buddy who went to jail for the same insider trading has written a book and supposedly it paints an ugly picture of Mickelson. $40M in gambling debts over ten years...sheesh! He sounds like an arrogant individual who is getting what he deserves, in my opinion. Yeah, I'm not a fan.
  4. I think it has something to do with how many of us follow TBT. 😐
  5. Don't do it! Don't lose your mind! Your boys are going to steal this one. 😁 LOL
  6. music..."Aaah, aaah, ah...Wah, wah, wah".
  7. Jessica Walter had first dibs on the screwed up female stalker role way before Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction". 😊
  8. "The Bridges of Madison County"... now there's a movie for every Eastwood fan! Right Rico? LOL. 😂
  9. For some reason, I keep hearing Pink Floyd playing "Comfortably Numb"? Hello, is there anybody in there?....The child has grown, the dream is gone.
  10. Lots of deranged folks out there, it seems. Very sad situation.
  11. This is a major egg...enormous egg...109-65 with 6 minutes. And on the Suns court...114-68 now with 5 to go.
  12. Dallas mauling Phoenix. Doncic with 33 and 2:40 in third quarter. He had 27 at half as did the Suns. 87-47 right now.
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