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  1. Yeah...nothing there that you don't like in my humble opinion.
  2. Well said, Scott...And I totally agree. AAU basketball and the growth of professional basketball in terms of salaries has completely changed the game and the mindset of most kids.
  3. Hmmm...maybe Coach Miller is the true X factor.
  4. If Justin could become like Jason Richardson was a MSU, that would be great.
  5. Not seeing this. IU has been to three bowl games since 1993. Kevin Wilson lead IU to one bowl. How does all that translate into Allen being in trouble if we miss out on a bowl this year??
  6. Thanks for your observations.
  7. He's got no handles...poor lateral quickness...and is severely challenged from the arc. And I'm not sure he can even dunk!! 😜
  8. No reason that Juwan can't still do what you're saying.
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