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  1. The rough is really challenging...5 inches and no cutting scheduled. Got to hit fairways. Thomas' 5 under 65 looks impressive. Course should only get more firm, more dry, more difficult, so scoring low today is important.
  2. Oh yeah...the Packers running sweeps with Kramer, Gregg...leading for Taylor, Hornung. Jim Brown running for Cleveland... Gayle Sayers for "da Bears". Great backs everywhere. 😁
  3. I want to understand you because I'm not a football guy. So, Bell's performance after leaving the Steelers is maybe more a reflection of him as a player... or you might say, a non player, than the team he runs behind? He's a cancer, a head case, attitude problem... something along those lines? And understand, I'm not arguing here. I can agree he likely has an attitude, but I want your view of what happened after he left Pittsburgh... and joined NY.
  4. I have to believe in Bell's case that some of his performance is directly related to the difference between Steelers line execution and the Jets line execution. I mean, the Jets ain't the Steelers. 😊
  5. On this date in 1963 a bomb exploded at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama killing four young school girls.
  6. Our neighbor's daughter is a sophomore at Miami. She contracted covid and came home!! Her father tested positive a few days afterwards. Miami is/was a hotspot. Honestly, I'm glad we don't have kids.
  7. Actor Sam Waterston of Law And Order fame. "In the criminal justice system...These are their stories." DAH DAH!! RIP Detective Lenny Briscoe. 😔
  8. Mile, I can't take credit for this. I was befuddled in my thinking between Samuel and Daniel Webster. I have no knowledge of this brewery. LOL 😂
  9. Former pitcher, Sam Malone. Owner of the bar, CHEERS.
  10. Sorry, Rico...I missed this post of yours. My error. 😎
  11. "Hee yaw, hee yaw mule! Whoa! Whoa mule! WHAM!! When I say whoa...I mean whoa!"
  12. Samuel, the Old Testament prophet
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