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  1. I have no tolerance for either situation.
  2. Officer charged with murder and manslaughter in Floyd's death.
  3. I also did a fair amount of seining and wading while fishing with my dad when I was young. Dad had lots of fishing stories and loved to retell them, of course, and he'd embellish them from time to time. So, he told my brother and me...and others, that he had once met a fisherman who kept his bait, hellgrammites, under his fishing hat. The guy told dad he kept his hat wet and cool so the hellgrammites were calm. LOL....as a kid, I always believed my dad and the story. But looking back now.......hahaha....I'm not so sure that wasn't my dad enjoying himself at our expense. God love him....how he loved to fish! 😁
  4. Thanks. You answered my question.
  5. Ignorance...pure and simple.
  6. Rod Serling would have a field day with this pandemic. "The Monsters Are On Maple Street" comes to mind from The Twilight Zone.
  7. Congratulations to your courageous son on his achievement. Also to your wife and you for your courage and belief. Your faith is your strength. 😊
  8. Patrick Ewing has tested positive.
  9. Jalen Rose on ESPN spoke very, very highly of Coach Sloan...His toughness as a player and how his teams played with that same discipline and toughness...And that Sloan should be recognized as a great coach...And how authentic Coach Sloan was in all aspects.
  10. I think he's reached his ceiling. His inability to significantly improve his shot says a lot to me. Same goes for ballhandling. Those things tend to limit your effectiveness. Just my opinion.
  11. Certainly sounds reasonable. I'm just not upset about the move. He got his degree and has an idea of what comes next for him. That's fine.
  12. Or maybe he just wants to move on and play in a different part of the country...different conference and coach. I can see some Peyton Ramsey in this. OK...It might be a stretch, but it could be seen as similar.
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