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  1. Well, I have to trust the coaching staff and their overall ability to judge, assess, analyze high school talent. Most of us truly aren't qualified to do it to the degree that they do. You certainly have the right to question. But I'm going to let the staff do their job.
  2. Do we know for a fact that IU has not done what you say Purdue has done/ is doing? I mean, how close to this kid are you? Friend of the family?
  3. BINGO!!!!! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!! 😁 IUScott also wants the center jump after every basket rule reinstated.
  4. 😁......no, I don't believe I did, Scott. But you just keep on doing what you do. You're in a league by yourself. That's just this man's humble opinion.
  5. My goodness...you are surely the most knowledgeable person when it comes to basketball...all phases. And your level of humility is truly remarkable.
  6. Amen. This was an enormous bad joke. Crean at his worst...which was ugly.
  7. So let's Crean him from this thread...whataya say? The guy was a total goof that I prefer not to see.....EVER!!
  8. Also had a difficult appendectomy that took over three hours two days before Toronto's postseason began.
  9. Yeah, I could see that. And I'm sure a national search, the right contract etc, likely would have produced a fairly prestigious name for IU. But as we know, that road wasn't taken...unfortunately.
  10. The long lingering question was always centered on what coach would want to follow Knight and his ever present shadow.
  11. And yet many here and elsewhere agonize over these subjective stars and ratings as if they're handed down from some invisible basketball god. Steuben...you took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks!! 😁
  12. How much roster turnover do you feel was needed? I feel like the staff has been pretty aggressive on the recruiting trail. Have they been successful? That's not been answered. It's been said that the administration wouldn't allow Coach Miller to remove some players when he arrived, so who knows what restrictions still exist. I'm quite sure Coach Miller is doing everything he can to keep this rebuild moving in a positive direction.
  13. Your opinion is different than mine. 😁
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