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  1. 😁 Bada Bing...no more curse.
  2. If you think we're cursed...then we are. I just think IU had a HOF coach, who had issues that finally caught up with him. After his removal, IU made some questionable decisions and hires of non-HOF coaches, who have performed in very mediocre ways.
  3. Really like the confidence and personality this young man exhibits. Hope IU feels like family to him. Certainly can use all the strong leadership that we can get...and he can offer.
  4. Happy Easter to all believers! Sixteen years ago my dad entered hospice on Palm Sunday and died on Pentecost. He was a farm boy who grew up on the banks of the Wabash River just outside the town of Wabash. Graduate of IU in 1928. I and one of my brothers were with him when he passed. What a gift and blessing that was! We had the organist at his church play Back Home Again In Indiana at his funeral. Always think of him at Easter...and my mom. She grew up in New Albany by way of Corydon and Laconia in southern Indiana. Both of them were saints to me. Thoughts and prayers to Colonial. Lost two brothers-in-law the week before Christmas three years ago. I can definitely relate.
  5. Yep...if weather is the deciding factor then I guess we lose out to Carolina. Let's hope there's more involved here than that.
  6. I even found a site stating that Fife was a must interview, if he would take one. Kelsey supposedly would like to come home, but I'm guessing that would be to Xavier, where he played.
  7. All I've seen is he's one of about five or six candidates. Pat Kelsey from Winthrop is also on their list. He's a local guy.
  8. Let's not forget Phinisee's concussion and Langford's wrist. Those had long-term effects, I believe.
  9. This is probably not a good comparison, but this kid immediately makes me think of Ty Jerome at Virginia. He strikes me as heady and great basketball IQ. Plus I'm guessing that he's a multiple year player versus a one year wonder.
  10. Would coach Miller have taken Jordan Hulls??
  11. While I have no proof that it will happen...and fully admit that this is cream and crimson glass through which I'm looking...I'm hopeful and expecting individual player improvement. That means improved shooting and ball handling...strength and whatever else an individual player can work on during the off season. Yeah...we all know that I'm stretching...but I'm looking for a positive since new acquisitions don't seem to be working out. 😝
  12. I would also add that AAU programs weren't a big part of young players lives and there wasn't the enormous emphasis to become a professional basketball player by every kid who received a scholarship.
  13. And who do they see UC hiring??
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