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  1. Agreed. Kyler Murray reminds me of ARE...somewhat. ARE was simply amazing...haha!
  2. Coach Allen said that's exactly what Maryland did to Whop...bracketed him. He still had a couple of catches...and allowed others to get open.
  3. I saw that IU team beat Iowa in the last 2-3 minutes of the game. Harry Gonso to Jade Butcher...ahhh, a thing of beauty. 😁
  4. Hey, that works for me. I was only commenting on the historical nature of their program. 😊
  5. I think that comparison is 100% accurate, Rico.
  6. I was looking more at the overall program. Guess I read the original post in a different way. 😊
  7. They have tradition...national championships...history. That's what makes this a little different or step up, in my humble opinion. I agree, they haven't been really good in some time, but winning on their home field would be special for IU...anytime. Just my opinion. 😊
  8. I agree...and it seems he's somewhat fragile. He's by no means big. More like a thoroughbred. Hope he's available next game.
  9. Injuries have pretty much kept De'Ron from ever catching up. Not slamming him. It's just that he has been hurt for virtually his entire time at IU. Though not exactly the same, but I'm reminded of Glen Grunwald. Lots of expectations that went unfulfilled. I realize De'Ron still has this season, but my expectations for him are minimal, at best. I do wish him some luck, however...for he surely has had none while a Hoosier.
  10. Agree 100%. These next three are all very winnable. Not likely to beat PSU at Happy Valley...and while I REALLY want to knock off the Wolverines, it's probably going to take some breaks and really outstanding play to do it. Here's hoping because I'm there with friends who are Michigan fans. Really believe we go 7-5, but with some help maybe 8-4.
  11. Just following online...But sad we can't pick up a yard in that situation.
  12. Ohhhh....I think you got that right!!
  13. So...did Lander commit? Or turn in his sneakers?
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