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  1. For me....baseball is dead. The game is boring. I have tried to watch and I can't get beyond a couple of innings.
  2. That's what I guessed...but wanted to be sure it wasn't something that you'd heard regarding his recruitment. 😁
  3. Who makes the determination on the best 48? Norman? And once you're pushed out...who knows what you do to get back in. PGA isn't going to help you.
  4. Not really surprising, since DJ and Brooks' brother have joined. Does LIV want to limit the number of players for each event? There were 48 for the first one, but more players have joined. So how does that affect the payouts and team play, I wonder, going forward. I thought the idea was a "super league" with the best players in the world. So, does Norman have to invite a player to join?
  5. The shot from the fairway bunker on 17 was clutch...so good in that moment.
  6. It's only a matter of time for Zalatoris. He needs to continue to work on his putting, but he's gaining great experience in the majors and what it's like to be in contention on Sunday.
  7. Battle on back nine...Zalatoris, Scheffler, Fitzpatrick. Each have had the lead.
  8. The way this has gone today...it's anybody's guess, but this Open is up for grabs.
  9. I did notice that she's wearing IU colors. 😉
  10. Is Jared Jeffries a fair comparison to Booker?
  11. Maybe the responsibility of a new child will be a motivation.
  12. Certainly sounds like LIV Commissioner, Greg Norman, expects that to happen.
  13. You see it your way...that's fine. 😊
  14. And it appears that they're fine with the Saudi money they'll earn.
  15. Screw the Dodgers! If you're going to put the Yankees in the Series, then I want it against the Mets! Yeah, an all NYC series! Historic! 😋
  16. Not arguing here, okay? Where did you see, read, or hear that Phil is broke? How is this confirmed? His gambling debts covered a period from 2010-2014, as I understand. He would have made a lot of money through sponsors during that time, wouldn't he? Some sources state he has made more than 800 million during his career, at this point prior to the 200 million he receives from LIV.
  17. Two more names...Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed heavily rumored to be making the jump to the LIV tour AFTER next week's US Open.
  18. Honestly, he lacks basketball IQ and as you say, nuance. He may be a great athlete, but his overall understanding of the game is lacking. JMHO.
  19. Yeah...UW...a hotbed of basketball. Go get 'em, Keion. See ya!
  20. You never know where a future portal or grad transfer may emerge from a small program. 😊
  21. Kevin Na, ranked 33 in the world, has resigned from the PGA Tour. Going to be interesting to see what actions, legal and otherwise, are waiting down the road. Players want more freedom and more money.
  22. KC Royals now tied with the Reds for worst record in MLB...16-31.
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