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  1. So, should that call be made from the replay/review folks because of the situation (that it's the final out)?
  2. Per John Mozeliak, prez of operations, "we were struggling to get on the same page."
  3. Washington had season ending surgery on the same knee he previously had injured. Too bad for the young man. IU dodges a bullet? Saw this over on BTB. Sorry, if this was already reported.
  4. CNN reports that 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August.
  5. OT is not your friend tonight...unfortunately.
  6. Looks like you need a miracle to get into fg range. OT is staring you in the face.
  7. Going to either stop the two point conversion...or have to go down and kick a late fg.
  8. Your Colts are playing on thin ice right now.
  9. I imagine that there are anecdotes about folks having a bad reaction to all three vaccines. I heard it while waiting after my first dose of the Moderna. It caused zero difficulties for me. I'm 71, 166 lbs and seldom drink alcohol or eat red meat. At this point, get the vaccines or don't get them, I'm done caring because Covid's here to stay.
  10. So, we got lucky last year...and really weren't as good as we thought. Too much hype and we haven't actually improved?
  11. I expected embarrassment. Sorry, but I did.
  12. PSU might not embarrass us...but they'll beat us methodically.
  13. Yep...on both sides of the ball.
  14. OT for Oregon and Stanford. My guess is we miss half of the first qtr unless they hold the kickoff. Maybe ABC will/can switch games??
  15. Ridder saves UC's kicker with a TD. Two missed fgs was looking pretty big after ND's second TD.
  16. Sure looks like it...especially Coan. 😂
  17. OH...not good, Rico! Turnovers and short fields.
  18. Okay, so the Illini screwed up that trend. However...they weren't playing a BIG team. 😋
  19. Hmmm..so far BIG home teams are losing this week. 😁 Let's hope that trend continues.
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