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  1. Admit it, Rico. The sons of Mrs. Paul have you on the run. 😆😜
  2. What a great weekend! Hoosiers win on Thursday against Purdont followed by Kentucky losing this afternoon and now my Bengals pull off a divisional road win over the Titans. This is fun! 😁
  3. I don't believe he would improve. He's just not very talented. He's another product of AAU hype. JMHO
  4. LOL....he's pretty much disliked by the KY fans. Can't say that I blame them. He's very average at best.
  5. Willis is having a great game with 27 points.
  6. Jess Settles..."Hey Rock! Wanna see me pull a rabbit outta my hat!"
  7. I tell you, Rico, the sons of Mrs. Paul are out to find you. And when they find you....ooooooh...it won't be pretty!! 😬😝😂
  8. I wonder how many members are scratching their heads and thinking WTF?? 😂
  9. True...but still, you never know for sure. And if the coaching staff feels he's worth an offer...then it works for me. 😊
  10. It was a whine-fest and the f-ing curd heads ran out of cheese. And while I despise Izzo, I hate Wisconsin more...right now. LOL
  11. Stetson Bennett heard that as a senior in HS too, I bet. 😊
  12. Goode took a shot to the head going after a loose ball. 24-24 with 6 minutes in the half.
  13. And we know the recruits love it. See the photo of Miro Little with Race! 😂😁
  14. Just curious, but did Ivey and Galloway ever face each other in hs??
  15. The NBA will be a stern test, I'm thinking.
  16. Their star better find some maturity. Not the best look for the young man.
  17. He and Rob outplayed Purdue's backcourt. Big time, outplayed!! I remember seeing a post that stated Purdue's weakness was their guards/backcourt. That poster was correct. JMHO. 😊
  18. Maybe a turning point in the season.
  19. The whole Lander issue, and what we seem to see in a number of kids, is that they've played quite a lot of AAU basketball and don't appear to have been taught much basic basketball defense. JMHO
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