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  1. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    Found this on Facebook in the "Indiana All For You" group and got the original poster's permission to share. Figured we could all use the humor after Skip Bayless & his classless tweet. Enjoy!
  2. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    Here's the latest post from Romeo on Instagram!
  3. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    Well now I feel like I can breathe...Had a moment when his dad was speaking that I thought we were going to get punked and I didn't know if my heart could take it. I haven't been this excited about IU basketball & it's future in a long time. WooHoo!! In Archie & his staff I'm trusting! I hope that Romeo is the first domino to fall in what I hope will be lots of in-state players wanting to play for the Hoosiers!!! The ornery side of me wonders if we should all lift our glasses in a toast to Slick Rick Pitino for getting into trouble and paving the way for this happen. Maybe we should send him a fruit basket. LOL LOL 😜 It's a great day to be a HOOSIER!!
  4. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    Now I really feel like I'm in the movie "Hoosiers 2.0" starring Archie Miller as Norm Dale - Romeo Langford as Jimmy Chitwood and Dan Dakich as some jackass in the crowd. LOL 😜
  5. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    Northwest corner (The Region) area of IN is on Central Time too.
  6. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    Are you talking about Bobby's Colorado Steakhouse on College Ave? It may have closed for a while and changed owners as I really don't remember the history, but it is open. Just had lunch there on Friday.
  7. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    I'll break into some Macallan's tonight! Cheers!!
  8. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    FYI - Mike Miller (@MikeMillerHT) from the Bloomington Herald Times tweeted out that the heraldtimesonline.com will be live streaming the announcement too.
  9. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    Pardon the interruption, but here's an odd random thought that keeps coming to me, could the special guest be Rob Phinisee? I guess I saw it as a good sign when Phinisee attended the regionals. As I said, one of those random thoughts that keeps nagging at back of my mind. Now back to work before the boss lady finds me on HSN. 😉
  10. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    The IndyStar's HS sports twitter account (@indyhsscores) just posted a couple of pics of Romeo & his family on the red carpet tonight. Notice, he's wearing the red shoes. Guess he likes them...wonder if they come in a high top version? 😉
  11. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    FWIW -- I saw that Jake Forrester's comment was IU. And, Romeo liked it.
  12. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    This might be a little OT, but at little diversion never hurt. Romeo just posted this to Instagram. Fingers crossed that he's wearing more crimson next year. --Jeri
  13. IUredhead

    RIP Daryl Thomas

    The Indiana Men's Basketball account (@IndianaMBB) tweeted out this a little while ago. Great to see Coach Miller in attendance. Unfortunately, I don't recognize too many of the other people in the picture, except Tim Garl & maybe Keith Smart. Anyone else willing to help out with who's in the pic. #RIPDaryl
  14. IUredhead

    Romeo Langford

    Found this article from today's Louisville Courier-Journal: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/recruiting/2018/04/02/romeo-langford-kentucky-basketball-john-calipari-unc-recruiting/468987002/ Not much really new, but I find the comment by his Dad at the end of the article interesting. Makes me wonder which 3 schools he & his wife were pulling for.
  15. IUredhead

    2018 coaching vacancies

    "Georgia on my Mind" I do wish him well. It will give me a reason to watch SEC basketball and someone to cheer for against Kentucky & Vanderbilt.