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  1. iuvol

    Trendon Watford

    Did he end it or did IU? I just wonder (and that is all it is because I do not know anything about it or have any inside info) but it seemed like IU was in on Davis and Brooks and they were the priorities not Watford? Someone in the know might be able to give some insight.
  2. iuvol

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Who will the other one be besides Brooks?
  3. iuvol

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Be even a better sign if he announced his top 1. GO IU
  4. iuvol

    Romeo Langford

    Vandy has a 5 star PF coming in with Garland.
  5. iuvol

    Darius Garland

    Living in Nashville would not be like living in Bloomington and going someplace else. Many, many football players are from Nashville and go elsewhere and they announce in their schools. I am not saying he will got to IU, I don't have a feel for him on way or the other but I wouldn't write off IU because he is announcing at his high school.
  6. iuvol


    http://thespun.com/news/report-fbi-has-documents-relating-to-kansas-adidas Don't know if this will help with Langford or not.