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  1. I always wondered why BROOKS, BROOKS, BROOKS, and questioned this, but from what I understand Watford didn't want IU recruiting him. By the way, Brooks still stings
  2. Absolutely, no doubt about it, I expect TJD to start.
  3. Take posts for what they are. Some give the best info they have or their best guess. Sometimes they are right and sometimes wrong. Sometimes they might be right at that moment ( I do believe Brooks was a lock for IU at one time). Until the dotted line is signed no one really knows what is going to happen since kids do change their minds. I do get excited at times when I see this kid or that kid is leaning (or a lock) but I also try to remember it ain't over till its over. If you stop sharing rumors, best info, guesses then there will not be a site to look at. Thanks for any info that is shared even if it doesn't come true. Was on another site several years ago and a poster (who generally was right) posted a particular coach was going to be hired and it didn't come to pass. The poster who was an asset to the site took so much heat he quit posting, the site wasn't better for this for sure. THIS IS NOT TOWARDS ANY POSTER AND JUST MY OPINION. Chill out.
  4. Looking at UCLA ://thespun.com/college-hoops/report-john-calipari-showing-serious-interest-in-ucla-job?fbclid=IwAR0kCze3ibWxPr63FBkrqesW9P-Zh06Dg39rddpdQ36FTuo0L3010IeN7go
  5. Have a friend that is a big UK fan and he thinks Calipari is a horrible coach, wants him fired and has wanted this for a long time.
  6. HUGE HANDS. He was unique with his shot for sure
  7. I wanted him whether we got Brooks or not.
  8. Thank you, I get on this forum to read about recruiting.
  9. Did he end it or did IU? I just wonder (and that is all it is because I do not know anything about it or have any inside info) but it seemed like IU was in on Davis and Brooks and they were the priorities not Watford? Someone in the know might be able to give some insight.
  10. Who will the other one be besides Brooks?
  11. Be even a better sign if he announced his top 1. GO IU
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