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  1. Don’t disagree. A couple have “ties” to the program. Thus when program “feels” good they think IU. Need sources close to family/kid to be much more than an educated guess absent the kid having already committed to the coach/team (ie TJD)
  2. Miles was just parroting the Purdue insider with winds blowing towards WL..then when CoachSS and Chris from BtownBanners reaffirmed feelings for IU Miles quickly shifted the wind direction back towards Bloomington...he didn't have "info" just was passing along info he was reading/hearing from other boards/posters.
  3. Yeah, unless an insider has a connection with the kid/family it is all “educated guessing”.
  4. https://radio.securenetsystems.net/cwa/index.cfm?stationCallSign=WJHI985
  5. This broadcast sounds “recorded”
  6. That is why most “insiders” are wrong 😀. Werent we making fun of the Purdue Rivals insider regarding Kaufman saying he was using Painter? Guess Painter has a better “feel” than Archie and the boys
  7. My guess is the “sources” from the IU side were all connected to the team/athletic department and not the kid/family. Thus, if staff was feeling confident it was probably relayed and “our” insiders felt good. Works when staff is right. Not so much when wrong.
  8. Assuming he still comes after this fiasco
  9. Why didn't we recruit Hunter?? Kid outplayed our guards all half
  10. Thank goodness PU isn't hitting 3s like they did in Bloomington or this could be over already
  11. When Archie was hired I really thought he was the right guy. Boy how wrong I was. Seemed to be able do to more with less at UD but does less with more here at IU. Not sure where we turn???
  12. How can our guards (besides Rob) have such a loose handle and miss FTs down the stretch??
  13. Is Rob hurt again?? We could use his ball skills last 2mins..
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