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  1. Well, part of the difference is that violinists usually don''t get paid for writing a song that no one will ever hear or being paid more than other more experienced musicians because they are being recruited to play for bands in other cities where they also have a music program wanting to offer a scholarship and they want the band to compete against the old school on "America's got talent"
  2. Watched the replay today. What a great game. Probably the most interesting thing was the contributions from Eyl and Hollman. That team was experienced and played like it. Looking forward to getting old and staying old.
  3. You mean fouled and they called it a block ? Sorry i'm over it I really am.
  4. It looked to me that maybe for the first time, shooters were actually stepping into shots rather than shooting flat-footed. Makes a huge difference. The pass is very important but the shot prep is just as vital.
  5. Maybe it was Nebraska having an off night, but I thought the most encouraging thing was our three point shooting defense.
  6. I said this last year, and it seems true again, but everyone but Green seems to lack confidence shooting the ball. If you aren't allowed to shoot until the shot clock is at zero, you aren't going to make many. The offense has to take open three pointers in rhythm, which may be off the first pass, not necessarily after nothing else works.
  7. Watch for the words "we're cooperating." Kansas won't and nothing will happen to them.
  8. Great film work. Thanks. Several of the errors involved not reading the double teams and failing to rotate the ball. What i would call making the easy play. But also looked as though the player rotation by IU didn't seem to take the opening created by the double team. Should not be difficult to fix.
  9. One thing, perhaps the best thing, about Utube is the old live music videos. I viewed one of "lawyers guns and money" Great stuff
  10. Does Deron have some previously undisclosed injury ?
  11. I was very pessimistic after Michigan State. Really proud of how they hung in there and won at Maryland, although you could argue that it should not have been close given the terps injuries.. Before the season I marked Nebraska down as a loss. Now I don't expect a win, but it sure seems more possible.
  12. Great article. It is one thing to have talent and another to have character. So pleased Coach is seeking to bring in great kids such as Dawson. Hope we get to see him develop first hand
  13. Northwestern has a coach that can get his team to play the same type of controlled offense and defense as does Michigan State. No I don't see that as a win. Rutgers I feel good about. Not Maryland and I'll believe beating Purdue when I see it.
  14. Sorry, but i'm afraid I don't share the optimism. That's 0 - 12 versus ranked teams. When the game was there to be one (third and two in their own side of the field in the fourth quarter, for example) they would not make the plays to win. This is going on three years and nothing is different. He was supposed to be a defensive coach, but the defense can't stop even Michigan State, which will never have a great offense, in year three. He's had the three best recruiting classes in program history but will struggle to make a bowl game (frankly I don't see it) and will not have a signature w
  15. Agree with the inside out being fools gold. Someone above pointed out, even Bennett adapted and used the 3. Duke, despite so many advantages, couldn't shoot 3s or free throws. You can win a lot of games in the regular season, but to win a championship you have to be able to shoot. And I would go further and say shooting must be the focus offensively, especially if you want to get the free throw line. I have been critical of Virginia, and they proved me wrong. However, my gut tells me Virginia's style is not sustainable, they had three games in the tournament they should have lost, an
  16. If you saw the second half of Gonzaga, you'll know that TexasTech will have seven fouls in the first five minutes against Duke. No way does Texas Tech get that many no calls against Duke. Mark it down
  17. Haven't seen the game threads, but that WSU team was better coached today.
  18. totally agree. Experience is a great teacher. Justin had a bad game against OSU but bounced back against St. Francis. Hope he continues to improve.
  19. I posted yesterday that i was encouraged by the offensive efficiency over the last few games. Guess I spoke too soon. I only got to see the first half and I was amazed at how bad we were offensively. When we weren't dribbling into traffic and turning it over we were shooting some bricks from three. Very disappointing that Archie didn't have them prepared to look for the three early. You knew OSU was going to pack the paint, but we came out totally unprepared to shoot. No confidence. Speaking of confidence, you knew Smith was going to have a bad game when he missed two relatively makeable dr
  20. Don't look now, but SI.com is now predicting Romeo as the No. 20 overall pick, although the writer acknowledges that some team may value his potential higher. Suggests Romeo has too any things to work on.
  21. Saw this story on SI.com. It doesn't really fit the topic of No.1 seeds, but it does speak to analytics and the favored teams to win based on defensive and offensive efficiency. The big takeaway for me, and its something I've seen from us the last few games, you have to produce on both offense and defense. I think the thing that has stood out to me during this winning streak is that IU is playing with confidence on offense, running and getting some easy baskets and not waiting until the shot clock runs down to take a shot. Increased offensive efficiency with continued great defense will win
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