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  1. Tiz10

    The Off-Topic Thread

    12 Foot Hoops? https://www.si.com/vault/1967/12/04/611760/the-case-for-the-12foot-basket?xid=socialflow_twitter_si&utm_campaign=si-ncaabb&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com
  2. Tiz10

    Fan short for Fanatic

    " I have other college and pro teams that I support as a die hard sports fan, but nothing drums up the passion like IU and specifically IU Hoops." "I love IU. And it hurts when I don't see them do well. " THIS. I cannot tell you the exact moment I became an IU basketball fan. I can however remember where I was and can picture everything about the moment Indiana won the national championship game in 1987 as an 8 year old in southern Indiana. I dont know how or why it has taken ahold of my emotions and to be honest, my sports focus for many years but, IUBB just matters to me more than any other team or player. I work at a bar and grill on an island in Florida. I meet and work with sports fans everyday from all over the country and even the world for that matter. *(And by the way, "how would we like if they came to our work and criticized everything we did." They DO. I'm used to that after 15+ years in this industry.)* For instance, I had to serve food and drinks to an older purdue graduate while he watched the bucket game, as I had to maintain other guests I couldnt exactly watch the game but he sure wasnt shy about telling me what was going on and the outcome. My co-worker who is from Arkansas made a wager with me on the IU/ARK game and won a bottle of vodka from me... My other co-worker who is a duke fan mind you I have not worked with yet.. No bet there for obvious reasons. What I am trying to say is, Sports are a big part of peoples lives. It can bring together and divide not only Family but unknown strangers as well. People all day ask me where I am from and I tell them southern Indiana (as I still have my drawl) and most times it triggers a sports or sport related question. It's as if we cannot escape it, our passion for the team (as much as we wanna tame it at times) isnt something that can be put "outta sight = outta mind" when it's constantly being brought up. I think I had this epiphany last night when I turned the channel so I wouldnt go to sleep grumpy & have it affect my work today. I realized how invested I was, emotionally-monetarily- and time wise (asking off on days that IU plays big games) It also made me realize that I was looking through "crimson colored glasses" when comparing IUBB of then with what it has been the last 30 years. I think I am starting to see what the outsiders have been for many years now. IUBB has been "outta sight and outta mind" of the college basketball hierarchy for quite some time now. It was sad to see but it's almost as if ESPN was using us as fodder for their ratings. I am going to actively try not to invest TOO much of myself anymore, gonna try and ween myself little by little and after a while I will realize that I should expect a championship IUBB team every 40 years or so. No more all in on these "so you're saying we have a chance??!!" years I get caught up in every so often.
  3. Tiz10

    Duke Game Thread

    I am bowing out gracefully, I dont wanna go to bed bummed out. Gonna wake up & take my lumps tomorrow.
  4. Tiz10

    Duke Game Thread

    Gonna be another morning of co-workers telling me about how IU hasn't been relevant in 30 years....
  5. Tiz10

    Duke Game Thread

    Gonna be another morning of co-workers telling me about how IU hasn't been relevant in 30 years....
  6. Tiz10

    Duke Game Thread

    With performances like this on national tv, we just continue the cascade down the college basketball hierarchy for all to see.
  7. Here's what the pundits are feeling
  8. Tiz10

    Matthew Hurt

  9. Tiz10

    IU Clothing on sale

    More IU gear on sale. Hoodies and such for $20
  10. My first thought on this is: "I love it!" My second thought is: "Man, we better not get blown out." In my opinion, We have to show up for this game. If we dont, we will continue the "slide" down the perception of college basketball heirarchy. My gut feeling says the injuries and inexperience in an environment like Cameron Indoor doesn't bode too well for us. Hope i am completely wrong but.... Duke -- 81 IU -- 62
  11. Tiz10

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    The way Smith is playing today reminds me of Jeremy Hollowell.... The way this game is being officiated, I don't feel like we can overcome a deficit of 9 or more points.
  12. Tiz10

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    I almost wanna say, just let Romeo do his thang.
  13. Tiz10

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    Holy fouls Batman..... geez.