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  1. Tennessee Tech Pre-Game Thread

    I was at that game.
  2. Darius Garland

    On to the next...
  3. Some people feel that if we land Romeo & Garland, then Al might be the odd man out next year.
  4. Darius Garland

    Just curious as to why so much stock is put into Jerry Meyers pick. I am very familiar and aware of who he is, I've been following him for years as well. Admittedly I do not follow the crystal ball predictions but still wonder why his picks carry so much clout. If he changes his pick then all the sudden we have been eliminated?
  5. Sports illustrated has IU in a play in game against Texas Tech in this early tournament prediction.
  6. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    He should do well, was hoping we wouldn't have to play against him for 4 years. One of those Indiana kids that has a chip on his shoulder & wants to prove his worth.
  7. There are 5* recruits that come from families that are wealthy already, JBJs family wouldn't need 100k from Adidas for example.
  8. Food for thought: Anyone wonder if the investigators are asking schools to come forward with info or a guilty plea because they might have the most egregious offenses? Using the names released today to break the ice & let the "big spenders" know they are coming for them & to confess before they drop bombs. In regards to the sentiment that Archie could be implicated or participate in any of these tactics, I feel it on the board. I cannot honestly say I know enough about Archie to definitively say he doesn't or wouldn't which i think creates the doubt aura on the board right now.
  9. Who will be the first coach to be fired or resign? Who will be the first domino to fall? Who's Vegas saying
  10. I seem to recall a story not too long ago about a top HS recruit in a meeting with an agent and NBA player. I believe some on here dismissed it as routine & not newsworthy. I don't remember any shoe company involvement but once again, we cannot be sure what was going on behind the scenes. Cannot be sure that conversation didn't include talk of shoe contracts. May not be related but given the magnitude of this scandal it can't be ruled out so easily.
  11. We always hope "that could never happen to us" but we really don't know what goes on behind the scenes. Interesting to know how players that got little to no cash feel or felt about the players that received large sums of money. Will that play a factor in this investigation? How will this impact the CURRENT recruiting landscape? Players that were expecting cash this year or next still have decisions to make. How will the NBA & NBAPA address this issue & it's affect on the league moving forward? This brings up a ton of questions.
  12. http://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2017/09/25/college-basketball-top-25-non-conference-games/amp/ UK has 5 games listed IU has 2 games