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    Morgan Ellison Suspended Indefinitely

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    The Pale Blue Dot of IU Football

    I agree that IU football is on the rise, I have attended games in the early 90's and have seen our Hoosiers play some very talented B1G teams. I loved watching Alex Smith and John Paci play hard and with heart but, those that have followed the team through the years can see our improvement in recruiting/Offense/Defense/player development (NFL players) and coaching even. We also understand as noted by others above, that our division has historically been very tough. The casual CFB fan and football fans in general dont really see how we improved, mostly just that we lost.....our overall FB perception is still very,very low. Recruits on the other hand seem to be more open to playing for the IUFB team, as we are a P5 team with amazing facilities / revenue stream & a high scoring/fast offense and a defense that gives you an opportunity to make an impact and actually play as a Fr/So. For those familiar: ESPN has a fantasy game called "The Streak". each day they offer a variety of matchups where you pick 1 of 2 options, the goal is to have the longest streak of "wins" for each given month and win $25K with a chance to win more. Some are straight up picks and others at times are rather interesting, for example -> Saturday, "The Streak" had an option for the O$U vs. IU game: Who will score more points: IU all game or tie ---- O$U 1st half (26) (28) It seems as if the pundits didnt think too highly of our Hoosiers coming in to that game, and as you can see we didnt "win" that streak matchup either. It feels to me personally that, we are at the cusp of having a signature win against one or two of the B1G powerhouse teams and with that the recognition of rising from the cellar of the B1G to a team you have to gameplan against year after year. Does anyone else feels that if IU (with its basketball history and prestige) had a football team that annually won 8 (or more lol) games a year or possibly started producing consistent 1st- 2nd or 3rd round NFL draft picks, could be one of only a handfull of universities that could dominate Sponsorships / revenue / TV and media coverages August through March each year with mentions during April-July with our new found recruiting prowess due to that success. Wait, are these crimson colored glasses? 😎
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    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    Would you happened to have misconstrued the information from the pic I posted by chance? If I'm not mistaken, i read it as: I am currently using just under 200GB/month without excessive HD streaming. I am allowed up to 1024GB/month (with 869 remaining for september). If I was to add another 600-700GB/month same as you use (keeping the 200 GB to compensate for my gaming), I would still be under the 1024GB. It would be close though. The more i read and talk with you guys on here about this, the more I convince myself that ditching cable would be the right choice for me lol. Next August is when my cable contract is fulfilled, it seems so far away....
  4. Tiz10

    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    At this time do I RARELY stream longer than 3-4 episodes or 1 maybe 2 movies every other day or so. I work 12 hour days at least 3 days of the week myself while my GF goes to school 5 days and works a few evenings a week as well. we have a 10 yr old non verbal autistic child who streams youtube consistently while he's home along with our own phones and my PS4 as i like online gaming. that is what is contributing to our data usage which isnt much at this time. my concern is when I am solely dependent on streaming, especially in full HD everytime we turn on our tv and with our web browsing and gaming on top of that, my data usage will go up significantly. Once again, this is contingent upon my "allowed data per month" will stay the same after i cut the cord. I am unsure that if I cut the cord,and they supply internet only, if that allowance will go down or stay the same. I have seen instances of the ISP charging a certain $ amount per gig over your allowance and im sure there are different prices and penalties for the different carriers. As you can see @milehiiu I do not have "unlimited", as my provider has a cap, so for my case it seems i would have to be mindful of my usage. @KoB2011 from your experience, do you think that the amount of gigs provided to me above would be sufficient to stream full hd for a month without fear of over usage?
  5. Tiz10

    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    After looking into the available options and using the information you guys have provided here, Im getting a better understanding of what devices/plans are right for me. although, I have a few more questions for those that are enjoying cable free entertainment. upon my research i am learning about the different devices you can use to stream your content and also how the devices use your bandwidth. from what i understand, most ISP these days allow you only so much data per month. (i have provided a screenshot of my own for example, at the bottom of this page) I have read where people have noticed that they are using up all the data allowed in only a few days or weeks due to how much usage the devices require. My question now to my HSN friends that utilize these services: have you noticed and increase or spike in your data usage? has your ISP bill been a little more than other months here and there? Streaming full HD content and especially 4K content can use up a considerable amount of gigs if used excessively. Unfortunetly i am under contract with comcast until next august & im sure there will be some changes between now and then regarding prices/devices/technology/available content/efficiency and so forth but, would like to hear if anyone else has done any digging into this data usage issue. Thanks in advance.
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    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    Just a few questions if you dont mind. Not being an "apple guy", do you still have to create an iTunes account or an apple account of any kind to use the services or equipment related to apple tv? When you say "including and apple tv with 3 months prepaid" are you saying they give you an apple brand television set or is that in reference to the apple tv receiver box? If its a television itself: what size? If its just the apple tv receiver box: how much are they by themselves? How much do you pay a month for the apple tv services? Cancel anytime? Thanks in advance
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    Big Ten Football

    A friend posted this on social media and noticed, IU's mascot?
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    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    Having dealt with cable company issues recently myself, I am considering "Cutting the cord" as well. Good information in this thread so far. Anyone have any further updates on their personal experiences with the different services mentioned above? Truth be told, It seems as if I am paying close to $200 a month for cable and internet. I would like to clarify on this first: I only have basic cable. NON HD. No DVR and no premium channels except HBO which USED to be included free. (It is now $15 a month) I have 3 cable boxes in the house: Living room - Master bedroom - Kids bedroom (I pay extra for 2 of those boxes) My internet package is the tier just above the middle of the pack. nothing super fast but what SHOULD be above average speeds. (it seems to fluctuate often) I am not using the "newest technology or equipment" and am not indulging in the "advanced packages" with every channel and station nor do I have lightning fast internet service or speeds but feel I am still paying too much $ for what I am getting. I watch more movies and sports with a small handful of cable channels containing a few shows me and my GF enjoy, but other than that, I do not utilize many of the offered stations & feel streaming might be a more economical option for me. What would those on here recommend I use to stream with? Roku - Firestick - PS4 - Chromecast - any other devices i might be missing? *must say that I am NOT an apple guy, No apple tv for me* I appreciate any and all input on the topic.
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    2020 Recruiting Hub

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    Isaiah Stewart

  11. More info on these uniforms from 2014. Not a big fan of this style myself, but if we are going to say "ok" to having alternate jerseys and such, as fans, we may not like what we get most times. http://vigilantsports.com/iu-basketball-to-wear-special-adidas-uniforms-at-big-ten-tournament/
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    I would be in favor of decriminalizing it nationwide for recreational/medicinal use I would be in favor of funding research into the medicinal benefits and treatment for a variety of ailments I would be in favor of using the Hemp plant itself for a plethora of more environmentally friendly products
  13. Im indifferent on this topic, I would not be upset if they decided to apply the names to the back of the jerseys. in actuality it has no real bearing on the game, but if the players and recruits of this day and age like it then I would say at least consider it. On the flip side, I would not be upset if they continued to have no names on the back. once again it has no real bearing on the game but, If tradition and history mean that much to those involved then i will respect that decision to honor our past. however, I do like the idea of alternate jerseys with the possibility of having the names on the back of those. I align with those that feel that IUBB should catch up with the sign of the times, I think it has started with the revamped IUBB social media releases and what seems to be a state of the art training room/equipment/nutrition program. as far as the notion that recruits would base their decision on whether the names are on the jerseys to me would be such a petty item to make a decision about. i feel that other aspects would have more of an influence on them than the jerseys, but, Ive been wrong many time before lol
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    The Off-Topic Thread

    as I scrolled down and read your post, my first thought was..... 2 full Ball jars of honey for one pizza??