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    Isaiah Stewart

  2. More info on these uniforms from 2014. Not a big fan of this style myself, but if we are going to say "ok" to having alternate jerseys and such, as fans, we may not like what we get most times. http://vigilantsports.com/iu-basketball-to-wear-special-adidas-uniforms-at-big-ten-tournament/
  3. Tiz10


    I would be in favor of decriminalizing it nationwide for recreational/medicinal use I would be in favor of funding research into the medicinal benefits and treatment for a variety of ailments I would be in favor of using the Hemp plant itself for a plethora of more environmentally friendly products
  4. Im indifferent on this topic, I would not be upset if they decided to apply the names to the back of the jerseys. in actuality it has no real bearing on the game, but if the players and recruits of this day and age like it then I would say at least consider it. On the flip side, I would not be upset if they continued to have no names on the back. once again it has no real bearing on the game but, If tradition and history mean that much to those involved then i will respect that decision to honor our past. however, I do like the idea of alternate jerseys with the possibility of having the names on the back of those. I align with those that feel that IUBB should catch up with the sign of the times, I think it has started with the revamped IUBB social media releases and what seems to be a state of the art training room/equipment/nutrition program. as far as the notion that recruits would base their decision on whether the names are on the jerseys to me would be such a petty item to make a decision about. i feel that other aspects would have more of an influence on them than the jerseys, but, Ive been wrong many time before lol
  5. Tiz10

    The Off-Topic Thread

    as I scrolled down and read your post, my first thought was..... 2 full Ball jars of honey for one pizza??
  6. Tiz10

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Yup, was informed of that by my NA friend down here in florida. "best pizza ever" in his opinion, but, I prefer a crispy thin crust pizza myself. Bobe's pizza in Vincennes has my favorite Pizza, Stromboli's and breadsticks hands down. If any of you are in the Vincennes area and have an appetite and some free time, check out Bobe's Pizza on 6th street, you should at least try it once.
  7. Tiz10

    The Off-Topic Thread

    In my neck of the woods we have what's called "Sir pizza". My New Albany friend swears by it.
  8. Tiz10

    Jalen Lecque Cuts IU

  9. Tiz10

    Expectations for Next Year

    My only expectation at this time is to be better than we were last year. I wish/want IU to go the the FF and win a championship next year but, i dont think I should EXPECT it this early in Archie's tenure. Better than last year entails: +Finish in the top 4 of the big ten + Winning a game in the big ten tourney, but, winning 2 games should be the norm + Make the NCAA tourney I am going to temper my expectations to these for the time being. If we accomplish those goals ive listed above this year, I will absolutely fall into the " we should be in the FF and win a championship" crowd.
  10. Tiz10

    IU Clothing on sale

    As a recipient of the IU zip up hoodie that was advertised on the old school HSN for really cheap online, I thought I would let everyone know that Adidas is having a sale on quite a bit of IU gear on their website, I have provided a link below. It appears to be limited in sizes for certain items so, some might be best as gifts rather than personal items. Just a heads up. https://www.adidas.com/us/indiana_hoosiers
  11. Tiz10

    Avengers Infinity War...

    i went to see it in the theatres, sucks to have to wait another year to continue the saga
  12. Tiz10

    Big Bold Prediction

    I realize now i was thinking of the name James Forrest, the former GT player from the early 90's.
  13. Tiz10

    Big Bold Prediction

    edited to correct. thanks.
  14. Tiz10

    Big Bold Prediction

    Eh, why not, Predictions: + We play NC State in the B1G/ACC challenge this year. (Archie's connection) + We play Villanova in the Gavitt Tip-off Games this year. (to challenge Archie with the recent best) + Jake Forrester wins the Hoosier Hysteria Dunk contest. + Clifton Moore wins the Hoosier Hysteria 3pt contest.