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  1. Lol still upset I called the baseball team collapsing last year?
  2. Actually I’m a realist. Which has prevented me from posting 1000 times about how we were going to get Garland and Donovan with no info to substantiate it
  3. Well this 48 hours has seen the complete stall of any momentum this program had. And somehow we haven’t even lost our two best players yet.
  4. Because slime balls like Cal and Alford tell kids this to convince them to come to their school. They convince them of this lie for their own selfish reasons.
  5. Did you guys know he is charging for edits now? Used to be free.
  6. Is that a joke? Or did that really happen
  7. Possibly maybe we are better off getting a high 4 star who comes back the next year.
  8. Or he’s helping his friend get the attention he feels he deserves. I’m in the resigned to UK camp. If Keion is committed to being a OAD I think it’s best for all parties anyway.
  9. This team and Seton Hall are a great example why how a team has been playing lately should be a factor
  10. Don’t think I have ever been as angry at the refs in a win. Screwed Morgan out of a double double
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