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  1. We hope but need somebody to take his spot
  2. Franklin will be a senior by the time Gunn. Gets to campus
  3. To be fair our shortest tenured coach was probably the best of the bunch
  4. Interesting to note. If that’s the case and the game can’t be rescheduled it should go down as a forfeit
  5. They play both offense and defense well also.
  6. My guess probably the week before Purdue game
  7. Yep important to win this then really focus on prep for Michigan. The long prep time really paid off for us against Iowa who knows maybe lightning will strike twice. Despite the ranking I think Michigan is better than Iowa and very complete. Gotta shoot better from the line if we hope to beat them
  8. So your solution to what you describe as an overly specific thread rather than a generic catch all is to create another over specific joke thread that is really just complaining about that thread. lol. That’s like turning the sink on when your basement is flooding
  9. Issue is that Smith also looks to best fit in at the 4. Honestly just about everybody played deserving minutes last night. Just watched the run we made and man Leal was damn good as well. Kid has a killer instinct that I think we have lacked. If our Freshmen can develop like Franklin did this last offseason team will be versatile and dangerous next year.
  10. Him and Trey are both going to be good. Hopefully they make a jump like Franklin.
  11. The topic is not dumb we have underperformed preseason expectations every single year under Archie. One big win doesn’t change that. If Archie can sustain the play. Then that topic will no longer have a place
  12. Any coach who is worried because he doesn’t think he can make the tourney in 4 seasons and finish above .500 in conference is a guy I don’t want anyway.
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