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  1. Archie from what I am told likes to play two points. Makes it easier to push the offense. That comes from a Dayton fan btw
  2. Would love to sell him on a red shirt year.
  3. Two big upsets. Possibility our second game could be the toughest team we face
  4. We keep throwing money at football claiming that it’s an investment to help generate more revenue (this hasn’t happened yet). We need to consider taking a fraction of that money and giving it to baseball.
  5. Mercer was the first new coach to win the Big Ten conference title in 37 years. If he didn’t win it I’m not sure what it would take. Hes legit. His worst conference finish was 2nd in his first year coaching
  6. For sure that would be an issue. Could probably get around it by hiring an established coach with a reliable pipeline.
  7. So would IU fans I think deep down. Hard to admit given the circumstances. But seriously get with the times and form a soccer program
  8. We have one less rotation guard now. And let’s be honest he was never gonna play much at SG with Romeo here. From what I hear he’s not much of a PG. wasn’t going to play over Green or Phinisee. Or maybe it just comes down the quality of programs willing to offer him a scholarship weren’t there and we honestly have 2 to spare now that we have whiffed.
  9. Dude not cool to talk about punching a guy with all his handicaps. He’s got enough going wrong for him.
  10. Need it to be within driving distance of Indy to where I can make it back that night. I think louisville is the only realistic possibility.
  11. I wish you guys would field a soccer team. Just saying not fair you avoid our best sport
  12. Hope to go to the Friday game if we get that Regional.
  13. Well he’s a Rutgers player so it was all for naught
  14. 10-3. Bottom of 8th. 3 outs away. That Welsh kid has tripled his yearly HR total in 24 hours
  15. Win and we win the conference. Lose and come in second.
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