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  1. I only found one James and one Robert in the top 100 for 2018. Names were equally common.
  2. People tend to forget all the crap that also came out in the earlier decades. In a lot of ways I think the 00s generated some great films. Combination of CGI coming in maturity, movies being incredibly popular allowing for more passion projects and online reviews allowing good movies to get noticed. I can’t comment on the 10s as my movie watching has plummeted
  3. Is being Indiana Mr Basketball a goal you are actively working towards and how meaningful would winning that award be?
  4. Gracias An all Indiana/Top 50 class would be incredible here.
  5. Would it be prudent to start a 2021-22 topic or add 2021-22 to the title?
  6. Just because everybody does it. Doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. And besides thinking your era is better is fine but don’t live in the past And I would caution using hyperbole like “everyone”
  7. Which has no basis on being aware and behaving accordingly. But clinging to the past and believing it was better simply because it was the past is a problem.
  8. Definitely have to foster some back up options for Lander in 2021.
  9. I have no problem with OADs. Lander may very well be one depending on the PG class in 2020. Dont see anybody saying we should back off. Now certain one and Dones absolutely should be avoided. But not all
  10. Lander is talented enough to play the 2 I imagine. Rob, Lander, ???, ???, TJD With a lot of people competing for those two slots.
  11. I think it depends on the PG. Phinisee got it in a year.
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