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  1. It may never have been the key point of the defense but sure as heck looked like it
  2. That’s what I thought. Little crazy to have them in the top half of the conference.
  3. Why is OSU so high. Didn’t they lose a few key pieces of a not terribly great team?
  4. You can get by with 2. Oladipo and Remy Abel were 6’5 and 6’4. And our short guards did give us a lot of issues that year.
  5. I think in general I think stats are too simplified with taking into account result. Im always reminded of Roy Hubert against the heat. He was getting blocks but they always ended up in a heat players hands for an open 3. Ive always felt Blocks should be in 3 categories. Recovered, Reset, Deadball. Deflections I would judge based on if the opposing team is less likely to score after one.
  6. He’s too short to take ALs minutes. You can’t have a guard rotation with nobody taller than 6’1
  7. He’s a talented player. But isn’t tall enough to play with Rob and Lander in a 3 guard lineup. Al is.
  8. I think it’s an important thing to keep track of. But it can’t be the sole focus of a defense. And it seemed like they were.
  9. Are we really in a position to cast aside our best returning 3 point shooter
  10. Deflections were to heavily emphasized as well. We’d Get 3 deflections on a possession but end up giving up a wide open 3.
  11. They can easily just take online courses. High profile athletes are pretty sheltered if they want as it is
  12. If there’s no season in college or pro may as well have a place to work out and get some college credits at the same time.
  13. If Power 5 breaks away do they just go to a 32 team tourney?
  14. Assuming they want to be red shirted...
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