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  1. In addition his team at Oregon shot 39% from 3
  2. Literally no it doesn’t. Your data means nothing because you have nothing to compare it
  3. Without data on how those kids shot without him how they shot with him can’t be used against him. Johnson got let go after all. Like Archie maybe his system was junk
  4. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/bob-knight-1.html Bob Knights stats as a player. Guess he couldn’t teach
  5. I know right. Imagine if he can help Race start hitting from outside. Him and TJD would be a deadly combination
  6. Yeah kid wanted to play for him and then signed with their greatest rival when they let him go.
  7. Hard to justify keeping two members of a staff that was so terrible
  8. Johnson Stewart Hunter Race TJD/Brunk Time off the bench besides for Brunk determined by who develops their shooting under the new regime. If Lander and Geronimo develop their shooting would be ideal.
  9. Good size and athleticism but his skills would indicate he’s never played basketball before. Archie Miller has reached out
  10. Yeah. Perhaps they should call it the Stargate
  11. Hire Archie please do we don’t have to worry about UC recruiting the state
  12. Hoping Hunter can finally be the player he’s shown flashes of
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