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  1. Pretty poor example since they taught how to be a good FT shooter. Granny style and he refused to do it. Also bad because you picked an absurd comparison that is not of the same scale. They need to go from 37% to 40% that’s a minor incremental improvement.
  2. Lol keep telling yourself that there’s no way for a player to improve their shooting. In the face of overwhelming evidence. Coaching is what matters. Why do you think we had the shot doctor
  3. The hard work part isn’t what they are lacking.
  4. No it won’t happen by magic. He’s going to have to work with them and it will take hard work but under good coaching they will get better
  5. I doubt it. Schilling worked with the guards his 2 years here. Flint worked with the front court. Doubt you would move him rather than hire for the opening.
  6. Well A our shooting isn’t our main problem. 37% during our last 5 losses. So not too worried. Max B was 11 of 41 from 3. A pretty bad shooter most would say. Crean got him to go 29 of 64 a lights out shooter. Grad transfers are still a thing also
  7. Yep was listening to the game. Was obvious it was a typical road game. Stupid line ups no adjustments and optional effort. Got home during halftime. My wife suggested I go upstairs and watch the game. I had no desire too.
  8. I had no clue you were so unfamiliar with basketball.
  9. And people need to quit acting like lack of shooters is why we are losing. During these last five losses we have gone 28-75 from 3. Which isn’t great but also not terrible. We are losing because optional defense, Stupid turnovers, missed FTs and our guys not shooting that much better from 2 than they do 3
  10. He will teach the kids to shoot. We could call this new position Coach as he will be coaching the kids on how to improve. He could also bring in grad transfers.
  11. Idk hiring young guys that can be here for decades hasn’t seem to work out too well.
  12. Yep maybe he can right the ship and we can find somebody willing to take over in 3-5 years
  13. Flint is in charge of the front court. Which continues to our best asset. Im impressed people are acting like 19-12 is likely.
  14. Archie has to learn to make adjustments. If your game plan isn’t working you have to adjust not keep riding it counting on it to start working.
  15. Will miss the first half driving. Will try to listen. Would love to get this Michigan is one of two Big Tens Archie hasn’t beaten plus we get this and I’ll feel good about a tourney berth happening. Assume Smith will be on Livers hope he can bring it.
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