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  1. Thank god we have have 7 cupcakes at home to help integrate everybody together. No reason not to go into Madison 8-0. Or 7-1. Hopefully with Jerome up to game speed we can take out FSU
  2. I think it’s a good sign that our big seem ready to contribute. Our lack of a true big was one of our big issues last year. Looks like we will have a rotation of at least three legit bigs. Now if Al and Phinisee can improve their shooting and Jerome is the real deal with his shot our 3pt shooting should be adequate. With Green just needing to maintain. Then just need Phinisee to stay healthy for his running the offense and I think we have a shot to be decent.
  3. Seems pretty early for a 2021 commitment.
  4. Eh I don’t know. We will have Brunk and TJD his freshmen year. it would be a huge miss and require us to get a stud in 2021. Not sure it sets us back though
  5. Out of curiosity does that count the one game series the they introduced in what 2012. If so I think it should have an asterisk.
  6. I’d say after this inning tbh they park him maybe after the 5th if he gets out of this one quickly
  7. Everything going good so far
  8. Duke and UK aren’t going to come calling now. They both have loaded classes.
  9. My favorite current Cardinal and my second favorite from the 2000s on.
  10. Man if the Cards had a competent manager they would have wrapped up the series today and been able to save their best pitcher for the next series
  11. How much longer is this idiot going to be allowed to make moronic decisions. Quit managing like it’s July
  12. Apparently Acuna needed a pep talk after screwing up last night. Good in the short term because he hit a homer. But really sends the wrong long term message to the kid.
  13. Whoever crunches the data for the Cardinals bullpen decisions needs to be fired
  14. So you are saying we are good two go because two unknown commodities will have it covered? Eh no. We need somebody with experience and capability to put it all together.
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