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  1. Romeo Langford

    It probably won’t get updated until within the hour haha - but in all seriousness, if we land Romeo we have the potential to have a special season. Certainly top 20, and one of the favorites in conference
  2. Romeo Langford

    IMO I don’t see how Romeo doesn’t choose us! Iu all the way! Special season next year
  3. Romeo Langford

    Come home Romeo...come home!!!! I can almost taste it
  4. Romeo Langford

    I love this picture - no way he would be at IU if crean was still coaching. I can’t wait for next season. Folks - the season and future is bright!
  5. Archie at NC State

  6. Phinisee

    As others have mentioned - we will see how his college game translates. However, at this moment - I doubt RP is looking to stay all four years if he does what he needs to do.
  7. Poll: Where will Romeo go?

    IU all the way!
  8. Romeo Langford

    For those that don't know. Sean East is a New Albany teammate of Romeo.
  9. 18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    Phinisee Romeo Hunter/Smith Morgan Davis 1st off the bench: Hunter/Smith (whoever isn't starting)
  10. Roster turnover will be big this off season. Say bye bye to Crean's guys and hello to Archie's guys. FWIW- I don't see Green starting next year, it's Robert Phinisee.
  11. Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Here’s an idea - let’s land Romeo, TJD and Brooks. I don’t see why we couldn’t. We got as good of chance as anyone - if not the best - with these 3
  12. Regardless of how you feel about Knight, his praise of CAM is a big DEAL fwiw- never once praised Crean
  13. Yup. Sean didn't mince his words at all. Absolutely denied it, has support from AZ and is returning to the sideline -- I"m happy for him! Espn probably screwed up - they're not nearly as good as they once were.
  14. Romeo Langford

    Top 10? That team would be a top 5 team and possibly title favorites
  15. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    Leading scorer and guard for No.4 (in Juco) Vincennes. Apprently, Archie was watching him a few days ago. Him and Romeo would round out our recruiting class. Any info on Tisdale?