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  1. As others discussed - and as I have mentioned in prior years - McRobbie is an issue. He doesn't see any benefit in American collegiate athletics. The quicker the guy is out...the better our athletic dept will be.
  2. Agreed. Mack credits the Millers. I also know some coaches in D1 - one very personally. Archie was the hottest coach out there when we hired him. Contrary to some people's belief...he was on our list before Mack and Holtman were...and we were right to take him before. If either Holtman or Mack were on our sidelines right now, I don't think much changes. IU has to have a complete culture change - almost a paradigm shift after 25 years of being mediocre...neither OSU or Louisville is dealing with that.
  3. We’ll beat UConn and Nebraska and be ranked the following week. All will be well. But...I agree a very dissatisfying loss.
  4. Not to harp much on the PU vs UVA game because UVA has possibly the worst offense I've ever witnessed but I did stroll over this morning to the UVA message board and got a big laugh out of this comment made; ArmyCav Posted on Dec 4th, 11:55 PM, , User Since 109 months ago, User Post Count: 1,878 Dec 4th, 11:55 PM 109 months 1,878 "One more thing. I don’t think I’ve seen a student body any uglier than Purdue's." Posted on Dec 4th, 11:55 PM, , User Since 109 months ago, User Post Count: 1,One more thing. I don’t think I’ve seen a student body any uglier than Purdue's.
  5. Rumor is Rob is sporting a walking boot. Maybe it wasn’t a concussion?
  6. I'm assuming you meant put a coma between mild and nothing? IN other words it's mild and nothing like last year's?....
  7. Outside of Rob wearing a helmet (which won't happen) there's not much we can do. I suppose just hope and pray to god that nothing touches his head....Thank God Rob wasn't Whop Philyor when he got tattooed with the helmet to helmet contact against PSU... I guess Rob is more prone to concussions?
  8. Rumor is he has a mild concussion. I can't imagine it had to be from the bump he received a couple games ago - that appeared very minor. Maybe it's something that happened in practice? Regardless...either Rob has terrible luck or he is brittle. Hopefully he can get healthy and stay healthy.
  9. His concussion cannot be possibly from the bop he took to the nose the other game?? That didn't look like much. If he does have a concussion, maybe he got it in practice?
  10. Not sure what it is? Concussion? Strep? Abdominal? possibly all? but Rob seems to be very prone to injury. In his 1.25 years he has missed a number of games. What concerns me the most is every once in a while you have an athlete - in college or in the pros - that just can never seem to be physically healthy throughout their career. In many ways we've seen this with De"ron Davis...a once very promising athlete who's career has been plagued by injuries. I really hope that Rob gets healthy and STAYS healthy and not be constantly riddled with injuries.
  11. IMO we need to take care of SDSU first before talking about FSU. There’s been plenty of teams that have lost to “cupcakes” this year. Let’s not be one of them.
  12. Let's not forget Archie beat Tom Izzo 2x last year..and MSU lost TJD to us...believe me, I'm sure Izzo would much rather prefer Crean to be here than Archie.
  13. As far as cupcakes go...South Dakota State is ranked higher than Stephen F Austin according to Kenpom
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