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  1. It starts with Mcrobbie. As a foreigner he does not see the importance of American sports. A real shame!
  2. That's going to shake things up
  3. It's Memphis. Kid will get recruited over
  4. Will Wade probably pays him to make picks so LSU can seem like they're gaining momentum and are awesome recruiters
  5. I’m sure some services had him outside top 150. I was looking at rivals. Had him 4 star.
  6. Good luck to Moore. Yet again, he is proof of how recruiting services (and coaches) are capable of missing some prospects. If he was really a 4 star player coming out of high school (like many of the recruiting services had him labeled)...I think he would've been able to grab more interest and end up at a high major, not Lasalle. Lasalle will be a good spot for him where he can compete for playing time.
  7. This would be huge to get a top 50 recruit (#44 according to rivals) and consensus top 75 this late in the game. Kid has the potential to be really good
  8. Garland did dirty. Rabby and other insiders had him going to IU till last moment.believe me...nothing more than to get attention
  9. $$$$ talks. The #2 recruit to UGA....enough said
  10. Going all in. Get him and Watford as a 1-2 punch and we finish with a helluva class
  11. Gut feeling. Cole Anthony committing to UNC is good for us
  12. As ridiculous as it may sound, I’ve thought of this too on several occasions. I’m just hopeful that RMK finally making a public appearance at an IU baseball game a few weeks back changes what seems to be never-ending frustration and “what if’s “ - I’m at that point
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