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  1. Brian Snow is the recruiting coordinator at Penn State now.
  2. If CMW goes after him, I’m all for it. It means he thinks he can make the team better!
  3. Maybe it’s a guy from the NBA…Carmelo?
  4. Dennis just posted on twitter that he’s about to announce a top 5…..
  5. If CMW thinks Dennis will improve our team then I trust him. Furthermore,If TJD were to return then we need to go all-in next year. That includes getting Dennis if it means letting someone at the end of the bench…as some have mentioned, Leal…go.
  6. Look down Montverde. Kwame is next
  7. If both commit, could mean someone is on the chopping block
  8. We'll have to find out. He's a talented player so I understand why some IU fans want him here, especially with the connection. However, I'm pretty confident he's going to a big 12 school.
  9. Should not be a surprise. This is a smart move by TJD.
  10. As I said in the Reneau thread…lock down Montverde.
  11. Josh Smith ‘04 recruit. He was the #2 recruit in the country. Signed with us but went straight to the NBA. I believe Davis had the #1 recruiting class that year. We had Josh Smith, DJ White, Robert Vaden, AJ Ratliff and James Hardy.
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