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  1. Really good interview done by Alex Bozich with Stemler regarding his 2 years at IU. Posted today on Insidethehall https://www.insidethehall.com/2020/07/06/q-a-lance-stemler-talks-iu-career-kelvin-sampson-and-the-tumultuous-2007-08-season/
  2. Who cares? We’re better without Smith. Wait till this year...I promise.
  3. I think Hunter makes a substantial leap next year. He was a stud out of high school and he now has a year under his belt. If he makes the jump -- and is the player we know he can be -- then the pieces are there to be a potential FF quality team.
  4. Regardless of our preseason rank (and we will be ranked), it seems to be potentially all coming together for a great season. If we can avoid the injury bug we have the real potential to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament. I don't want to get ahead of myself but where is the 2021 Final Four? Anyone know
  5. Don’t forget Marco Killingsworth...who knows what the White/Killingsworth combo could’ve produced if DJ didn’t get hurt.
  6. Next year's strength of schedule is gonnna be a gauntlet.
  7. thanks for sharing Mike. Keep up the great work. Jordan is going to be a good player for us.
  8. What did CREAN bring back? That’s the misconception here at IU. He didn’t bring back anything....diddly-poo. There’s so much I could get into...but it’s pointless. He brought back NOTHING
  9. I never heard much about mcCleoud in this recruitment (take it for what you will). I just know we had him and blew it. There’s a lot to the story. Just know...we had him and we didn’t get him...see cul-de-sac story above
  10. The true story about this recruitment is that we had Kyrie in the bag. We came and visited him on a visit (btw he was going to choose us). However he said he wasn’t sure yet.” Naismith panicked and ran around the family’s cul-de-sac hoping he would commit. It didn’t happen and quite frankly “creeped out” the Irving’s. This is the truth...again, I say...thank you that we have Archie
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