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  1. For Fks sake...did anyone really believe we were going to win this game? We are IU football...BUMS!!! ramsey Is a scrub
  2. I must admit that over the last several years I have been intrigued by some match-ups only to be disappointed. Unfortunately, I'm trying not get my hopes up on this one because simply put, we are Indiana football...we never win these games. hope springs eternal.
  3. Vegas has it somewhat close. Osu only favored by 14
  4. I hear this is a “great move.” I like it
  5. Jerome Hunter is a stud.
  6. Garland is an excellent shooter as well. Had he picked IU (assuming he wouldn't of gotten injured) with Romeo and a healthy Jerome thats a top 5 team. Oh well - the cards didn't fall that way.
  7. Thank god. Can’t come soon enough. He does not and never will care for American athletics
  8. It was a fantastic game. Forgot that Steve Blake hit a half court shot that did not count at the end of regulation. Coverdale looked like an All American - dropped 30 points. Unfortunately - like we’ve seen with so many teams the past 18 or so years - that season started off with such promise (final four aspirations) but ended in disappointment with a blow out loss to Pitt in the Rd of 32 of the tournament fun fact - this was the year after we switched our colors from red to crimson...as a result, 1/2 the arena was wearing red and the other crimson.
  9. Currently on ESPN classic. Part of the ACC/BIG challenge in 2002. This was the rematch of the title game. Great game. We won it OT. It’s airing from 3pm -5pm. Hearing the names of Newton, Coverdale, Leach, Wright, Hornsby, Moye etc...bring back some memories
  10. It starts with Mcrobbie. As a foreigner he does not see the importance of American sports. A real shame!
  11. That's going to shake things up
  12. It's Memphis. Kid will get recruited over
  13. Will Wade probably pays him to make picks so LSU can seem like they're gaining momentum and are awesome recruiters
  14. I’m sure some services had him outside top 150. I was looking at rivals. Had him 4 star.
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