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  1. Hoosier987

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    I will also add that regardless of ranking, an Armaan commitment is very good for perception. IU getting top players in the state is becoming a strong reality and trend that other schools like PU and MSU must not enjoy continuously seeing. If we get Armaan we pulled another one from beneath the nose of Painter. Archie is quickly becoming the man to beat for Indiana kids, as it is becoming more and more clear that IU is the school in-state kids want an offer from.
  2. Hoosier987

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Unfortunately people genuinely thought the movement was special as a result hard to tell if it was sarcasm...but now I know
  3. Hoosier987

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    You're kidding?...right? The class we have coming in this year is better than the movement...but we actually have a coach who is all business and not a salesman. The movement had one 5 star ( Yogi) who was barely a five star... the movement was a product of the Tom Crean hype machine...and outside of Yogi, that class went down in flames, which proves it was all hype. Lastly, that class was comprised of 3 top 100 kids. Depending on the recruiting site, this hypothetical class would have 3 top 15 kids.
  4. Hoosier987

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I would say a class that includes Brooks, TJD, Stewart and one of Ramsey/Bouknight/Newman would go down as the greatest class ever assembled at IU
  5. Hoosier987

    Keion Brooks Jr.

  6. Hoosier987

    Race Thompson

    Lets not forgot the Race was rated #71 in the class. He's a top 75 talent with a year under his belt in the system. I expect him to contribute immediately this year.
  7. Hoosier987

    Isaiah Stewart

    kB, plus Stewart, and TJD. Everyone is worried about a PG...why??? We have phinisee!!!
  8. Yes he did. I remember the 2004-2005 season where we had the toughest non conference schedule in the country....UNC, UK(neutral), ND, @UCONN, @ Mizzou (with kareem rush, quinn snyder etc...) IIRC this was the year of the recruiting class that included VADED, WHITE, RATLIFF, HARDY and JOSH SMITH who as we all know went straight to the NBA
  9. This is correct. I believe the team wanted Davis as the HC. Davis is a massive upgrade for Detroit over Bacari Alexander and I hope in short time they give UM a run for their money in their annual games. Also, give Davis credit where credit is due - the man consistently had Texas Southern playing the toughest non-conference schedule in the country. They would go like 2-11 in non-conference and then 17-1 in the SWAC - their non conference prepared them for conference play.
  10. Yes - they won’t be that good this year. Give him and his staff another year or 2 and he’ll have them in NCAA tournament consistently like at Texas Southern
  11. Hoosier987

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    It's never too early to talk about the season. After all, midnight madness is next month
  12. Hoosier987

    IU's most unheralded player....

    De'Ron Davis
  13. Hoosier987

    IU's most unheralded player....

    Race Thompson
  14. Hoosier987

    Brandon Newman

    Beginning this season - we are the best in the State and will be for many years to come.
  15. Trust me. Edwards is in for a rude awakening when he realizes he's number 1 on everyone's scouting list. He's going to have to work twice as hard to match his numbers as last year. I liken it to Yogi when we lost Zeller, Watford, Oladipo etc... On another note, none of these experts are going to put IU as number 1 in conference for fear of being called bias, particularly after last years record. That is why on most preseason rankings we are #3 or #4. However, we will finish in the top 3 and have a good chance of finishing #1. We have the 2 best players on the court at any given time.