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  1. If our guards could only knock down 2-3 more 3s in a game...would make all the difference.
  2. Wasn’t his game. Rutgers was being incredibly physical with him.
  3. Would be fixed if we were able to get Lander...but that’s a big if.
  4. Phinisee is out shooting around. As is Damezi
  5. Is there going to be an Inside IU basketball with Archie Miller show tonight? He may be able to shed light on Rob.
  6. All - we’re fckn 13-3! We need to relax (myself included)
  7. Arch was hoping for some maturity....hasn’t happened yet. Yet we’re 12-3!
  8. ARchie doing a really good pre game press conference as we speak...he specifically brings up having the right mindset
  9. Crean was literally recruiting Davis to shoot 3 pointers. He had him practicing 3's.....and NO, I'm not joking
  10. I'll end with this on this thread. Who else is going to turn this program around? Don't say Chris Beard, not happening. We better hope and ROOT for Archie to succeed at IU because if he can't turn us around nobody will...maybe we're cursed.
  11. We need to stop talking about replacements...whether you like it or not, Archie is not going anywhere...Have the results been ideal so far? No, but if Archie can't get it done...nobody will. I've said this before...but if you are in the Chris Mack or Chris Holtmann camp of "if we had one of these 2 coaches we would be much better and ranked..." you're very mistaken.
  12. Listen...I know it hasn't been pretty and there's been a lot of negative talk and concern about our play...I get it...but lets take a step back -> we have played ugly basketball most of this year and still have found a way to be 12-3 (honestly, 13-2 if Al didn't get a flagrant 2 in Arkansas game)...I"m not sure how, but we have found ways to win. We'll see how our play carries over on Saturday...Onto to OSU
  13. I don't think Smith is the problem...I do think DG is a problem. For one thing, he thinks he's Lebron James.
  14. Idk...and maybe I’m wrong. I just have a weird feeling Green won’t see much action Saturday...
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