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  1. Not one bit of a concern. Woodson has a plan.
  2. Wow. It continues to get worse for Georgia basketball. 2 more transfers from UGA have hit the portal today. Including guard KD Johnson who averaged 13.5 PPG. Per Jeff Goodman, that makes 7 of UGA's top 8 scorers who are transferring out of UGA. Yikes!
  3. Cliff is a good guy. I'm glad he was retained. He's very well-liked among the players as well.
  5. Rosemond would be the 3rd assistant. Fife and Hunter are the heavy hitters on our staff. They would be doing the heavy lifting regarding recruiting not Rosemond.
  6. I hope I'm wrong...but I don't think it will be either of those or Drew.
  7. We were oh so close....closer than we could've ever imagined.
  8. Another close brutal loss
  9. Not much positive from this picture. Maybe Lander is working on his shot? I know it's harsh....but kid can't throw the ball into the pacific ocean let alone a hoop.
  10. Seems like AF ankle is acting up again. I'm sure he's been trying to fight through it. Archie's tenure has been a big disappointment....but man has he been dealt with significant injuries every year.
  11. Regarding Sampson...we will never know but I would not be surprised if he had one a championship or two by now.
  12. Archie will be given another year. His buyout is 10.5 million and if TJD stays we should have a breakout year. If he fails next year then we move on. I’m not sure who we can get...maybe Fife.
  13. Great win. There's plenty of things for CAM and the team to work on...but one thing I'm very happy about is that we made good in-game adjustments
  14. Killingsworth was a beast. As Vitale said of Killingsworth during the game against Duke...”he is a man playing amongst boys, he is a Goliath.” Who remembers that game he had against Sheldon Williams? Needless to say, we never saw Killingworth flex after a layup. I would’ve loved to see Killingsworth and DJ together on the floor. Strange to think... but if not for DJ’s foot injury — which kept him out that year — that could’ve been a special team.
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