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  1. It’s tough regarding Jerome...I hope he can make it
  2. Dominant 2nd half. Say what you want about our offensive struggles - and some of it is warranted...but there’s no question our defense has come a very long way under Archie’s coaching. Kenpom now ranks us as the 8th best defense in the country...a far cry from the defense he inherited ranked in the 100s
  3. Such sad news. This board won't be the same without Mile. Prayers to his wife and family during this very difficult time.
  4. One thing that I noticed about this team - and Archie said it as much in his postgame - this team really likes each other and playing together! Did anyone see TJD in the middle with one arm around Race and the other around Hunter as they were walking into the locker room? Seems like this team is far more attentive and executing more than last year...I bet part of that is a product of being a close unit
  5. Great bounce back game... also, keep in mind we also did it without 2 very important players (Brunk, Durham).
  6. Good point. Certainly Trayce can’t miss every lay-up he takes?
  7. Wow! Bad loss to Texas. What is even more troubling to me is that we continuously lack any ability to hit long range shots consistently. Playing hard nosed defense is great... but if you can’t put the ball in the hoop it’s pointless. What is even more staggering — is I believe — all these scholarship players on our team are consensus top 150 players or pretty close to it...many of whom are from the State of Indiana. How do we lack the ability to hit an open shot? Throw the 4 star or 5 star ratings away. I take no joy in saying this, but I’m confident I could beat these guys in a game of HORSE.
  8. We're not the ranked team -- Texas is -- but we open up as 2 point favorites according to Vegas.
  9. Predicted to finish 3rd in the Big East....
  10. IU now up to #14 in KenPom after that performance
  11. I know Kenpom projections don’t mean much so early in the year...but I’m curious...does anyone have KenPom’s projection for this game?
  12. Yup. That was part of the 30-2 run we had. Regardless of the opponent, a 30-2 run is very impressive.
  13. Andy Katz just posted his predictions for next week's games. Lets just say he's very high on the Hoosiers. He predicts us to win the Maui.
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