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  1. Yikes. Unc lost again. That’s probably going to drop them out of the top 10. Hope the team is ready Wednesday. Have to think UnC comes in with a chip on their shoulder trying to avoid 3 straight Ls.
  2. Gonazaga looks very questionable this year. 2nd blowout this season. Still a very good win for Purdue.
  3. Also…wouldn’t be surprised if we were ranked higher than UNC come Monday.
  4. Houston will be #1. Also, as mentioned above. Unc probably wasn’t going to maintain their #1 ranking due to marginal play so far.
  5. Davis definitely battling some sort of spasms/soreness. Looks uncomfortable.
  6. Galloway out again. He’s doing warm-ups. Looks fine…nothing would suggest he’s dealing with anything major…wish he would get some run-time before UNC.
  7. Yikes. This is ugly…better get their act together.
  8. Not a big deal…but I would consider Little Rock a low-major. Mid-major would be like a team from the A-10.
  9. There was no room for Rob on this year’s team and so far his stats at Cincinnati aren’t eye popping. I’m always surprised when I hear people say we have the same team that we did last year. That’s not the case at all. Talent has increased substantially this year. We had 4 guys transfer out…not one of them transferred to a power 5 school. We replaced those 4 guys with a top notch recruiting class of which is already paying major dividends.
  10. Pretty meaningless this early but Lunardi does have us a 2 seed in his latest Bracketology and as the automatic qualifier out of the Big Ten.
  11. Seems like some of these ranked vs ranked matchups on a neutral court are getting more attention.
  12. They looked like a tourney team yesterday. Though it’s early, the big ten conference has impressed so far.
  13. I do think we win…and by a lot. But there’s always that 1-2 percent chance we don’t. Rather play the game first and not overlook them. Not saying it will happen…but I could see it being a closer game than expected in the first half due to a “letdown” after the Xavier game. Old IU teams would allow that after a nice win…I’m hopeful that won’t happen here. I think this team is different.
  14. Should be a quad 1 win. TJD and X played great. Malik did as well. Tamar and Geronimo aren't there yet.
  15. Xavier historically is tough at home. I want to see a statement victory and I think this team has the young talent combined with experience to do it. IU-79 X - 66
  16. Barring something unforeseen…this should definitely end up being a quad 1 win.
  17. Not going to happen…Bates hasn’t proven yet that he’s a starter on this team
  18. 1-7 free throw shooting simply cannot happen against a good team.
  19. Gunn looks like a point scorer. Though a short sample, he's been much more impressive than Bates.
  20. Lenoir-Ryhne 57-47. Ouch! Looks like it could be a real long year for them.
  21. Excited for the season. Race, JHS and Reneau were studs in the first half. X and Geronimo, not so much.
  22. I mean, the WKU game was kind of a fluke too. Kid missed a 41 yard fg at the end of regulation. This team was very fortunate to be 3-1 going into this game.
  23. IUFB is simply a disaster. Year after year (other than the one fluky pandemic 2020 season). Blazelak is lost and so is the majority of the coaching staff.
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