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  1. It's good marketing for the team to play at least a game each year in the state's population center. No reason to leave the field clear for Butler.
  2. BoomBaby

    For a slow, rainy Midwest day

    Great news on Hunter. With the number of guys we have who can hit the open man, McRoberts could be a significant part of even the offense if he's willing and ready to take the open shot. Maybe he will be as a senior; he could be a terrific 3&D guy. To be blunt, how likely is it that the direction of Brooks's recruitment depends on whether he's for sale? His monetary value to the likes of Kentucky has probably gone up this spring.
  3. BoomBaby

    2018-19 Playing Time

    I remember in the preseason last year Archie saying something to the effect that Moore had the chance to be a star for IU one day. It was hard for me to evaluate him last season given the small amount of playing time and how he seemed completely unable to pick up the system of play, but I thought he had a chance to become a player similar to Uthoff of Iowa a few years back. His size, length, and reputed shooting ability could be a big help.
  4. I saw Don Schlundt play, too, but it was golf! 😁😉 He was a regular at Old Oakland Golf Club where I worked in the snack bar as a teenager.
  5. BoomBaby

    Kira Lewis Jr.

    Either he or Carton would seem to fill the bill. It's Carton who has the stronger frame, at least at present, though. Carton was 27 lbs. heavier than Lewis at the U18 trials, despite being two inches shorter. Interestingly, the two had identical standing reaches, and both had excellent vertical jumps.
  6. BoomBaby

    Trendon Watford

    It always fascinates me how illogical arguments resonate with so many people. In this case, it's the argument that you have to be a chicken in order to be capable of making a good omelet.
  7. BoomBaby

    Romeo Langford

    I was hoping they'd say he wasn't so good. Remember when a Kentucky player said George McGinnis wasn't so good after he only had 23 points and 14 rebounds in the first All-Star game? 53 points and 31 rebounds the second game, at Louisville.
  8. If Brooks and Jackson-Davis are back from the USA Basketball trials, that could be a good game Wednesday between the juniors and seniors. It would be nice if there were a video feed.
  9. BoomBaby

    2019 Recruiting Hub

    And has a 7'4" wingspan. Bodes well for his performance in the pack line defense, I'd say.
  10. BoomBaby

    2019 Recruiting Hub

  11. BoomBaby

    Beilein Interviewing for Pistons Job

    On the positive side regarding Beilein, he did run off Max Bielfeldt, thus allowing IU to get that absolutely critical piece to the 2016 B1G title team, which is enough to reserve a warm place in my heart for him, or at least for that action of his.
  12. BoomBaby

    Archie Miller and Huber Winery

    Archie seems impressed by him, and called him a "true point guard" last night. Romeo seems to think they'll play together a lot. You can tell the kid has a head on his shoulders. I like his chances, but I doubt he'll have the relatively seamless transition to college that Yogi had, for instance. I keep remembering the first time I saw him play. It was in the 2016 high school tourney and I tuned in to see that Romeo kid everyone was talking about, only to think that the point guard for McCutcheon was the best player on the floor (during the first half).
  13. BoomBaby

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    Fortunately, I have no doubt that Archie, unlike you, will have his best defender in his top eight.
  14. BoomBaby

    Rumor floating around.

    I'm sure Rutgers would, too.
  15. BoomBaby

    Oladipo to Drive the Indy 500 Pace Car

    I bet he would do a good job singing "Back Home Again In Indiana" now that Jim Nabors is no longer around. Just read that an IU Music grad, Jim Cornelison, sang it last year and will again this year, though.