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  1. It gets worse. Besides Romeo, two incoming Big Ten freshmen are ranked by Lindy's ahead of Morgan---Smith of Maryland and Dosunmu of Illinois.
  2. According to Pomeroy, 19th in defensive efficiency in '13, and 38th in '14. Elite offensive coach, but lacking somewhat defensively. I'd contend that his suboptimal roster management is the biggest reason he's gone, resulting in uneven results from year to year. Not that roster management is easy in college basketball these days, but I feel much better about Archie in that regard. I've thought a little about this given that my son-in-law is a Georgia grad. 😊😉
  3. BoomBaby

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your take. That article was ridiculous on a whole host of levels. And I for one have had far more than enough of sanctimonious reporters who claim to speak for a whole community.
  4. BoomBaby

    Brandon Newman

    You're living in the past. Come forward to the present; it's a good time in which to live.
  5. BoomBaby

    Who starts?

    What about ball-handling and distributing? Has Durham made the major improvements he needed to make in those point guard skills?
  6. BoomBaby

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    Thinking of C.J. Walker, the Indianapolis kid/Fla. St. transfer? C.J. Jackson has played a year of junior college and two years at Ohio St., so this year will be his last.
  7. BoomBaby

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    Ohio State fans will be pleased next January when they learn that Carton committed.
  8. BoomBaby

    The all-time best individual seasons

    Gotta mention Steve Downing's 47 point, 25 rebound game to lead unranked IU to a double-overtime victory over 7th-ranked Kentucky on December 11, 1971 in Louisville, one of the best single-game performances by a Hoosier I remember.
  9. BoomBaby

    The all-time best individual seasons

    That Washington team was amazing. Wayne Pack and Louie Day, who both played D1 ball as I recall, were also on that team.
  10. BoomBaby

    The all-time best individual seasons

    Maybe in conference-only games? Benson led the team in scoring during Woodson's freshman year.
  11. BoomBaby


    IU played 19 Big Ten games that year; do you know why? They played 18 the year before and the year after, all according to sports-reference.com.
  12. BoomBaby

    Big Bold Prediction

    That was his freshman height and weight. 6'8", 230 lbs. was how he was listed last year.
  13. BoomBaby

    Brandon Newman

    I think you're right. I'd even go farther in reading the tea leaves and say Archie is looking for ball handlers, not primarily shooters, as guards in the 2019 class. I think he'd prefer a true point guard, but would, if necessary, take a combo guard that he thinks might be capable of evolving into a primary ball-handler.
  14. It's good marketing for the team to play at least a game each year in the state's population center. No reason to leave the field clear for Butler.
  15. BoomBaby

    For a slow, rainy Midwest day

    Great news on Hunter. With the number of guys we have who can hit the open man, McRoberts could be a significant part of even the offense if he's willing and ready to take the open shot. Maybe he will be as a senior; he could be a terrific 3&D guy. To be blunt, how likely is it that the direction of Brooks's recruitment depends on whether he's for sale? His monetary value to the likes of Kentucky has probably gone up this spring.