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  1. Romeo Langford

    Very, very typical USA Today drivel. You lose fifty points of I.Q. just reading it.
  2. I just wonder if there will be people on Michigan State boards five years after the fact STILL boring everyone else by saying for the thousandth time how Tom Izzo is a terrible coach who hasn't the faintest idea how to attack a zone.
  3. Grad Transfers?

    Certainly a defensible position in the case of a guard who is capable of being a primary ball-handler, given the deficiencies of Green and Durham in that regard. But Taylor is a wing, so if Langford comes and we continue to have no transfers out, in my opinion McRoberts deserves the last scholarship.
  4. Grad Transfers?

    Takes an astounding 40.7% of Evansville's shots, and probably as a result, is not particularly efficient. But was .424 from three and .864 from the FT line, so if he can play defense, he'd be a good get if we lose the Langford sweepstakes.
  5. Do you get a flu shot ?

    Bless you, my son, for making the effort. Graybeards like me, jaded by a lifetime of frustration trying to convince people to do what is in their own best interest, are too often unwilling to do so. The truth is that the overwhelming majority will believe what they want to believe, no matter what you, or any other true expert, says. Yet it is our job to try, simply because there is an occasional patient who will actually change his or her behavior in order to improve their health, and one cannot necessarily predict which ones will. That's the wonderful thing about your youthful enthusiasm.
  6. Rumor floating around.

    Why restart a series with the absolute worst offender in terms of paying players, especially now, when people are finally paying some attention to the problem? It would be as if we were condoning their conduct, and lending them some legitimacy. I'd much rather have an on-campus game with whichever of Notre Dame and Butler we don't play in the Crossroads Classic that year. But if playing Kentucky is so important to Southern Indiana types, the games should certainly be played on IU's terms.
  7. Michigan State Pregame Thread

    It certainly would be a better game if the referees actually did their job and called Michigan State's fouls. Not that IU would make their free throws, but Jackson, for instance, would probably foul out in the first half, and Ward wouldn't be far behind him. A pipe dream, I know.
  8. Actually, they didn't fire Ed DeChellis; he left voluntarily and without their prompting in order to coach at...Navy! Rather embarrassing to have your coach leave for that job.
  9. ND post game thread

    They should have had Green miss the second free throw. They would have had to throw a desperation shot from under IU's basket, rather than near mid-court.
  10. Sorry to have to explain to you that you can't win a tournament that you're not in.
  11. I'm guessing you meant '73 rather than '74. The '73 team was the team that lost to UCLA in the final four after what should have been Walton's 5th foul was instead called on Downing, who ended up fouling out. The '74 team tied for first in the Big Ten, but Michigan got the conference's only tournament berth.
  12. Garland suspended

    Please remember that the accusation is in a lawsuit, and that people can and do claim the most hideous things they can think of about those whom they are suing. I, and presumably you, have no idea whether there is any truth whatever in the allegations, so any conclusions based on the allegations are, at best, highly premature.
  13. I think a key is whether Davis gets Wagner into foul trouble, or vice versa. Neither team is deep in the post. And as always against Michigan, closeouts are critical. Really need improved defense out of the guards not named Johnson.
  14. I'm taking the longer view of this one, and thinking that the game comes at a fortuitous time in terms of promoting the team's growth. The way I see it, the pack line defense has made strides, but is nowhere near where it needs to be, and while a few of the players are starting to reach their comfort zones in the new system, most haven't. They had a relatively good game against Eastern Michigan, but still gave up 1.1 points per possession, and I think that this game will be very good for exposing what they most need to work on going forward, and will perhaps speed them along their learning curve.
  15. Al Durham, fun stat - assist leader

    Maybe he can teach Green how he does it.