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  1. BoomBaby

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    According to KenPom, the SEC is significantly worse than the B1G, Big 12, and ACC, and about on par with the Big East.
  2. BoomBaby

    Penn State Pregame Thread

    He would certainly be on the all-convict team. The thug has been arrested FOUR TIMES just since starting college. Anywhere except Penn State, and he would have been thrown out of school. And his enabler coach tried to paint him as a victim. He's not responsible for his actions, you see, because he may (or may not) have had a rougher childhood than some of the rest of us.
  3. BoomBaby

    Gavitt Tipoff Games

    Pomeroy had Georgetown at 68 and Illinois at 74, so might have been a minimal upset with home court taken into consideration. Have to think Illinois would have won if Frazier had played. BTW, how do you suffer a concussion in a "walk-through"?
  4. BoomBaby

    Green - Player Profile

    Perhaps it's mostly a matter of definition. To me, a point guard is a specialist in ball-handling and distributing before everything else. I don't recall Durham being called upon to bring the ball up the court under pressure last year, and his assist rate was only 11.9. He may have improved in those regards since last year, but I won't call him a point guard until he has a much higher assist rate. Of course, Green's assist rate went from 11.8 as a freshman to 20.7 as a sophomore, so things can change.
  5. BoomBaby

    2019 KenPom

    If memory serves, his preseason rankings take into account returning players, transfers, and only 5-star freshmen, as well as a significant weighting of the program's success in the preceding four years. That historical weighting is likely the reason why teams like Wisconsin and Purdue are ranked ahead of IU.
  6. BoomBaby

    Scrimmage, not so secret

    I wonder why a scrimmage where nobody will presumably be in the stands will be (according to Goodman) at Bankers Life. Seems like the rent would be far higher than some random gym.
  7. It gets worse. Besides Romeo, two incoming Big Ten freshmen are ranked by Lindy's ahead of Morgan---Smith of Maryland and Dosunmu of Illinois.
  8. According to Pomeroy, 19th in defensive efficiency in '13, and 38th in '14. Elite offensive coach, but lacking somewhat defensively. I'd contend that his suboptimal roster management is the biggest reason he's gone, resulting in uneven results from year to year. Not that roster management is easy in college basketball these days, but I feel much better about Archie in that regard. I've thought a little about this given that my son-in-law is a Georgia grad. 😊😉
  9. BoomBaby

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your take. That article was ridiculous on a whole host of levels. And I for one have had far more than enough of sanctimonious reporters who claim to speak for a whole community.
  10. BoomBaby

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    You're living in the past. Come forward to the present; it's a good time in which to live.
  11. BoomBaby

    Who starts?

    What about ball-handling and distributing? Has Durham made the major improvements he needed to make in those point guard skills?
  12. BoomBaby

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    Thinking of C.J. Walker, the Indianapolis kid/Fla. St. transfer? C.J. Jackson has played a year of junior college and two years at Ohio St., so this year will be his last.
  13. BoomBaby

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    Ohio State fans will be pleased next January when they learn that Carton committed.
  14. BoomBaby

    The all-time best individual seasons

    Gotta mention Steve Downing's 47 point, 25 rebound game to lead unranked IU to a double-overtime victory over 7th-ranked Kentucky on December 11, 1971 in Louisville, one of the best single-game performances by a Hoosier I remember.
  15. BoomBaby

    The all-time best individual seasons

    That Washington team was amazing. Wayne Pack and Louie Day, who both played D1 ball as I recall, were also on that team.