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  1. I remember how optimistic this board was about the future. Nobody thought that Moses would lead us to the promised land, it was just the fun of building a program step by step.
  2. He absolutely needs to go to the transfer market, and he needs to be willing to make room if necessary. Izzo said that his players were playing for the scholarship, and that planting of a flag by Izzo may very well lead them to the tourney when they were in a worse position than we were. I believe that this would be the type of thing that IU administration would not approve of.
  3. If Archie somehow comes back, I don't know how he recruits with everyone knowing that he needs to make a huge improvement or he is gone. On the other hand, he would have to view this as his last opportunity to coach at a school that often is talked about with the blue bloods, so he should swing for the fences. If the administration has tied his hands with how he coaches/recruits, then he needs to force them to stop him, even if it would be grounds for dismissal. (btw-I am not talking about paying players and using "ladies of the evening" with recruits.) He has money already, and will alway
  4. It's in a lot of people's financial interest for IU to be relevant in hoops. It's in my personal interest to keep all things in perspective. I was very happy when Crean's tenure came to an end. I know it probably needs to happen, but I will not be happy that CAM's is ending. For me it seems like a "what could've been" situation. In the end, I enjoy following sports, but can't allow myself, a grown-@$$ man, to worry too much about what happens. I will try to enjoy the enjoyable, and let go of those things that mean to only bring frustration.
  5. People keep saying that CAM has to put his players in a position to succeed. Maybe there are coaches who who push the buttons better, or have them in a different spot on the floor, but even Wooden, Knight, Auerbach, etc. needed players who could make layups, free throws, could hustle, and on and on. Coaches live and die with the players on their team, and the players that he has had will be his undoing. He has to own that, and I imagine he would. It was said that Knight could take his players and beat your players, then take your players and beat his players. Clearly hyperbole, othe
  6. There might be a coach available to hire who has had several deep tourney runs, won multiple conference titles and conference championships, and in a way it would be like Archie stays: Sean Miller😁
  7. I think "getting behind" a coach must mean one is optimistic about the future. At this point I am a "I'll believe it when I see it" kinda person. If Stevens is hired I would half expect that the fan base will be collectively jumping of a bridge when we aren't miraculously back and he is considered another missed hire. I want Archie to be the man, and am as ticked as I can be in terms of meaningless basketball that this problem is far beyond our current coach. There is no way that his time at IU accurately reflects his coaching acumen.
  8. Well, I have a problem with this quote. CAM did not win games, and some would say he is a horrible coach; however, we are running him off and all of us have got to know Christ these past four year because we have been minimally uttering "JC" under our breath watching these games. On a semi serious note, I think state schools should not have coaches, professors, or administrators who attempt to indoctrinate the students. I recognize that players could choose to play for him knowing that this is his belief, but many young men probably would feel like they could not attend unless they were
  9. Hey, if Musselman comes, do ya think Justin Smith will transfer to continue playing for him?😁
  10. My hope is a fresh start(again) for next year, so I don't think an extra game or two for the freshman would factor into what needs to happen to rebuild this program. Although I like the players and wish them well, I think a house cleaning with a heavy focus on the transfer market that gives the new coach the kitchen and the ability to shop for the ingredients is in order.
  11. In my opinion, if CAM is back than we know that there are problems with the administration in terms of doing what it can to compete in basketball. I can't see "backing up the Brinks truck" and then stopping the new coach with a continuation of policies and procedures that tie their hands. This would be monumentally stupid. If we are going to be good, there is no way that Archie is our coach. I am not saying that he can't be successful, and too may people with credibility think he can coach. It is just that a 5th of this says loud and clear that the administration and Dolson have standards t
  12. We are out classed for sure. We are not playing all that bad, we just are not there.
  13. Tough defense with unfortunate end with the and one dunk. Gotta keep our heads up.
  14. TJD has had some great poster dunks lately.
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