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  1. IUDan93

    Iowa Game Thread

    Allen may not be the guy, but aside from Hep and Mallory, have we ever felt like we have the guy. All these coaches can't be that bad, can they. Our recruiting is that of a 5-6 win team, has been for several years. If Allen can get us recruits that are better, faster, stronger, and create more depth, than we at least have more to work with. I guess a big part of the problem around our program is that we so rarely feel like we are confident in future sustained success, at least we don't feel confident by the time we get into mid October. I certainly don't know what, if anything, will change the direction of the program. It just seems we have jumped from one coach to the next to the next to the next, and here we are, exactly where we have always been.
  2. IUDan93

    Iowa Game Thread

    We will never compete until we have higher level of recruiting. By all accounts, Allen is recruiting pretty well. I think we have the 10th best class in the Big coming in with future positive signs, which says a lot that our history is so bad that we are recruiting at possibly an all time level and we are still so low in the conference rankings. I think we have to let this play out...if we are getting better players we shouldn't screw too much with things. At some point IU must stick with someone who can build something over several years, not 2-3 years, but 6-7 years. I think Allen can coach, and I think we need to give him time to grow as a head coach. What the hell do we have to lose? We have a historically bad football program. Recruiting is the only way to claw our way out from our embarrassing past. I think an average coach wins with great players way more than a great coach wins with average players. This isn't basketball where great coaching wins with average talent.
  3. IUDan93

    Matthew Hurt

    Why not make all this legal? Nobody involved seems interested in stopping it, and schools that don't cheat under the current rules (or don't cheat too much) tend to be less successful on the court. As long as there is big time money involved in college sports, and as long as students, parents, coaches, etc. are not allowed to send or receive this money in order to improve their circumstances, than you know cheating will happen. It will never end.
  4. IUDan93

    Ohio St. pregame thread...

    To pull out a win, we must win the turnover battle by more than 5, with a few of the TOs being pick six.
  5. IUDan93

    Michigan State Game Thread

    We either can be a decent offensive team, or a decent defensive team....never both.
  6. IUDan93

    Michigan State Game Thread

    No pass rush. That is all.
  7. IUDan93

    2018 Midterm Elections

    My daughter has serious anxiety too. I can fully relate brother.
  8. IUDan93

    2018 Midterm Elections

    A thoughtful post. I disagree about "privatizing" S.S. though I would be for something like investing in Index Funds. BTW-most people don't realize that there is over 2 trillion in the trust fund. In terms of "fair share" I look at it a little differently. If I think about resources that this planet provides, guys like Letterman have far more than their fair share. In comparison to millions and millions of people, I do too.
  9. IUDan93

    2018 Midterm Elections

    This is likely due to the fact that they have so much more of the money. Also, when income is lower for the working class and a small number have a vast majority of the wealth, then Social Security does not have the annual intake needed. Remember, we only pay on the first $125k or so. The more people that make well below this have less they pay in, while the uber rich pay essentially 0% in S.S.
  10. IUDan93

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Part of the problem that I haven't pointed out yet is that the govt and the economic power structure is pretty much one and the same. Credit was the means for keeping capitalism going when the working class did not have enough money to spend. Govt supported this due to the influence of those who benefited the most from capitalism. With this being said, I am not completely anti-capitalist, nor am I smart or studied enough to say that socialism (or some variation of this) would do a better job of taking care of the masses of willing workers in this country. My wife works with developmentally disabled children who need one to one aids for such things as eating, toileting, etc. These aids work tirelessly, and make about $10/hour. They often have unreliable vehicles, poor but cheap diets, and dental care is often a difficult proposition due to the cost of care outside of two cleanings a year. This, to me, is why our system is really broken. Sometimes I think, to paraphrase William Boetcker, that we build up "big men" by tearing down the "small man". I am enjoying people's thoughts on these issues, and in the end, I am glad we all root for the same team and for the same well-being of others. I wonder how this conversation would sound on the UK board.
  11. IUDan93

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I wanna say he went from 70% down to the low 30%s. I know it was %91 when JFK took office. A big issue is lowering capital gains tax too. Also, the govt began to use the S.S. trust fund to pay for federal programs so that taxes could be lowered. This, however, added to our debt because this money, unlike taxes, was borrowed.
  12. IUDan93

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I really respect this post. I am not fully on board with how America could pull of more of a socialist system, and capitalism did seem to work better in the 1950s. This may have been due to FDR and his more socialist policies that limited the effect of greed inherent in the capitalist system. I wish I knew what would work, but thoughtful post like yours has got to be more helpful to the process. Cheers.
  13. IUDan93

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I certainly do not have a comprehensive plan to fix the wealth distribution problem, though I imagine the answer lies in the tax code. Any mention of raising taxes in this country is almost always met with scorn.
  14. IUDan93

    2018 Midterm Elections

    The distribution of wealth is a problem that will need to be resolved if this country is going to move forward. How this could even be a debate is beyond me. The policies that have been put in place to ensure that money flows to the top is clearly the work of one party, while the other party stood by. The real power players have worked to divide this country on scare tactics, scapegoating, and wedge issues. All the while economic policy is adopted to favor the few over the many. Those who hate socialism, that is fine, but tell me how capitalism is working for millions upon millions of people who have little to no security in terms of income, saving and healthcare.
  15. IUDan93

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Gerrymandering is also a huge issue. Look at the national results related to the house and we should all scratch our heads as to how one party has had such a large majority.