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  1. As far as I can tell, Archie is a class act and we are in good hands. Marshall is a fine coach, but he is not our coach. I look forward to playing UConn, who is a once top tier program struggling to return to prominence. This sounds familiar.
  2. A more succinct way of making my point. We will not be "restful" until we have sustained success.
  3. I think the natives have been restless for years, this is why there is such a strong reaction to games like this. I think CAM is going to do well here, however, that is the part of the problem. I think most of us think better days are ahead, we just don't know for sure. For years RMK would have clunker games, stretches, even seasons. Fans knew he was capable though. Losing at home to Stephen F. Austin is a worse loss than this, I bet Duke fans were not as concerned as we are.
  4. I don't know, this team left skid marks all over the place last night.
  5. I am perplexed by Hunter. I know, I know, he sat out a year and is still knocking the rust off. The reports prior to his injury were off the charts, yet I haven't seen anything to think he is going to be impactful. Can't wait until I eat major crow on this one. We need Rob, and I think this team may have listened too much to everyone talking about how great they were. On to UConn.
  6. We have a half to improve as a team. Winning today is pretty much out of the question, but today is not the season.
  7. They very well could, usually teams don't do this for a whole game. IU will likely play better defense too.
  8. It is odd that we have been really good defensively and UW just scored close to their game average in a half.
  9. They won't score this much in 2nd half, probably down too much to come all the way back.
  10. Win the end of the half to have momentum, regroup and come out with some serious intensity.
  11. Our starting point guard is not playing. When Rob is out, we are going to lose games more often than when he plays.
  12. I think I see the problem here, you are on the wrong board.
  13. If we get it under 10 by half, I think we win this.
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