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  1. I can't believe I missed the game!!!! Glad for this thread's play-by-play.
  2. I guess I could look it up, but did we win the last college basketball game of the season? If so, are you all thinking what I am thinking? Seeking6 needs to change his handle. It's banner time.
  3. Too many people have too many damn opinions. I know it drives clicks, and I know this forum is clearly opinion-based (which is fun to hear all your thoughts), but this is a non-story. Just my opinion. BTW-I do support this as a thread.
  4. Ending the game on 0-12 run. We aren't there yet.
  5. A lot of our shots are just toss it up and hope.
  6. We played some of our best basketball for a good stretch there. Story of the season though.
  7. We are close in so many ways, not there yet though. Finishing this off would be a big step for this team.
  8. Best type of offense, especially if we make the FTs.
  9. Gotta make their ad revenue, but yeah the stop and go action of this is not good viewing. Same with the official reviews.
  10. This team has gotten better throughout the year. If Race starts shooting, and hitting, that three from on top he will become a real handful.
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