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  1. Awesome to see a picture and read your words. This is a great community because your story can be shared and valued by so many members. Enjoy..
  2. Yep....my hope rises when I see CAM take steps to inject his attitude into this program. I hope this off-season we see clear signs that he is doing this. Brunk, I think, is a culture builder.
  3. The three things you need to have a top tier program: 1)Culture 2)Culture 3)Culture
  4. If we don't make the tourney next year than I would say it might be time to take this program out behind the shed and beat it to death with a shovel. There is no way that CAM is so pedestrian as a coach that he can't get a team to the tourney in three years. It would point to the invisible hand of IU administration limiting the product of this program. I have complained about being tired of the only real hope, excitement and enthusiasm for IU basketball being in the off-season while struggling with frustration throughout the in-season. At least I can't complain about this anymore, because now the off-season is not providing the false hope. With all this, I suspect that we will be better next year and that CAM will build something better, but it really sucks when fans don't know for sure if we are going to be good. 25 years should be enough of a punishment for whatever bad karma came from RMK or from his ousting. Sorry for all the great posters on this site who bleed IU and feel light-headed from blood loss.
  5. This thread is why it is obvious that Mile is the man.
  6. Not saying Big East or SEC is elite. Clearly ACC is the best, and in focusing on the Big Ten all I am saying is that until this conference starts being serious NC threats with wins to back it up, we just are great. Maybe we are, heck.....what do I really know? I just can't feel right about a conference that can't get a banner since Bill Clinton was president and half our undergrads hadn't been born yet. People rightfully point out IU's lack of a banner since '87, but all other teams haven't gotten one since MSU in '99 and prior to that was UM in '89. Our conference has won only two since we last won. If IU is not elite, the Big Ten is not elite, no matter what the unethical Spartans might claim.
  7. Fair enough, but unless IU is a top tier team, the conference just doesn't have the status imho.
  8. I just think it does. We have gotten teams to the Final Four, but not done too well there. The Big is zero for the 2000s.
  9. The Big Ten just isn't that good. Until the conference wins a NC we can't say we really are.
  10. I want Cal to leave and UK get racked over the coals if things really are as they seem. I would not be happy that Brooks would be impacted by this, I would feel sorry that he was manipulated.
  11. Geez, I am now just realizing that IU is playing......I guess I am "taking a break from following the team" seriously.
  12. What we do seem to know at this point is that Archie can win in this league IF the players play his brand of basketball consistently. The question is will he be able to build this program's culture so that his players give the required effort. If he can do this than we will be a happy fan-base, if not he will not be at IU for the long term. I personally think he can, but what do I know? I like his approach, I like the way we perform when we compete, I like the way he talks about the game. He doesn't make me cringe, and if he ever is asked to take a shot in Hawaii on live tv, I know he would look better than another coach did a few years back. Keep working Archie, keep looking for kids like Morgan who stay for multiple years and give max effort. Nothing against Brooks, but we need players that play multiple years. If we have any OADs, they should be unstoppable on the court, a la Zion. Otherwise, give me a Morgan every day of the week.
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