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  1. I missed the game, but glad I didn't see that Green played with himself. Whatever works though, right?
  2. Darn it, I thought we'd hang 100 on them.😎
  3. Ok, we need optimism, so hear it goes. Minny stinks, their coach stinks, and this is the reason their arena is called "The Barn". We are about to turn "The Barn" into a slaughterhouse. Lil' Ricky will be squealing like a pig when our boys put up 100 points on them, unofficially bringing an end to their season and Lil' Ricky's uninspiring tenure as their head basketball coach. They are a bunch of dum-dums.
  4. Here's the thing, when you talk about getting on the train, all I picture is this.......
  5. I would go so far to see that he is definitely our best offensive player.........when he is going right.
  6. Clearly Green is not our best player. However, this is true only due to his inconsistency. And not even half good, half bad inconsistency, but 20% good 80% bad. Like UConn several years back, we could beat anyone on any day if Green plays to his potential, just like Kemba Walker. In this regard, Green does have the potential to be our best and most important player. I don't care how Dakich says stuff, or care even if he says stuff. There is a point about how to deal with Green that we have been discussing for several years. Clearly we don't have all the facts, but few see Green as a positive. This is frustrating because we recognize that we need good Devonte to be a really good team. Without him, we might be better, but maybe not enough to make much of a difference. Dan has hurt feelings, which is sign that he loved IU and Knight, and felt rejected. These are the dangers of hitching your wagon to unpredictable people.
  7. This is well-deserved cynicism. Our senior guard who is also the player elected captain clearly is the key to our success, and it is obvious that he does not seem to possess the right mentality to be a leader. When he is on, everyone seems to feed off of him. When he is off, well, we know what happens. Archie knows this too and has decided, or had decided for him, that our fate is tied to Green. Most on this site would agree with your prediction, and I think very few are truly excited when we win, nor crushed with the defeats. We are resigned to the reality of our program. Best case scenario we are a top ten team in 3 years. Getting to seem like we are always 2-3 years away from best case scenarios. Realistically, we are middle of the pack in the Big Ten, and possibly starting over with a new coach.
  8. I don't know as much about the X's and O's as others on this board, so here are my thoughts that are open to critique. I think the Pack Line defense provides players like Brown help if he struggles somewhat with keeping his man in front of him. Other players sag in to rotate over if the man guarding the ball needs help. Ideally every player locks down the man with the ball, but defense is still only as good as IQ and effort. There is no defense that turns a low IQ, low energy, super-freak of an athlete into a great defender. I believe our problem right now is that our Senior Captain, a player selected by his teammates, a player who has unquestionable physical abilities, is so inconsistent, and does not seem to do all the "little" things during practice, has possibly created a situation that has a physically talented squad at-risk of missing out on the dance again. If Brown was 2-3 inches tall, or was as athletic as someone like Green, there would be no discussion about him being a fit. The one thing that it seems everyone agrees on is that this kid has all the other things coaches and fans want in their players. I don't have any clue if he would be able to play at IU; however, we all can make a list of players that had all the talent in the world be created such a bad culture that the "addition by subtraction" conversation happened. One of 13 scholarships used on a kid with guts, grit, IQ, effort is good for a team, even if they rarely see the floor.
  9. If DG can somehow end his career on an epic run, playing every game close to this one, we could go very deep. Chances are he doesn't play like this again, but his ability is there to make us a top tier team, not a team sitting on line 12 of the big ten.
  10. Why Indiana fans are good is that they acknowledge players like Garza. We respect guys like him. We still want to see him cry, though.
  11. I think we look pretty good tonight....for awhile. Maybe we are playing close, up a few points with about 5 minutes left in first half when Iowa goes on something like a 10-0 run to go into half. Although we play tough in stretches, we make too many negative plays that keeps Iowa in control. I picture us trying to claw back in, trying to get the score with 1-2 possessions, but we force a bad shot, or turn the ball over leading to a three on the other end. 5 point swings like these finally take away our intensity, and we all scratch our heads, pull our hair out, etc. as IU nation continues to wonder is it administration, coach or players. Wash, rinse, repeat. Sorry if this sounds negative and cynical, I beg one of you to copy this post and stick it back in my face after we pull out a gutsy and gritty win. Go team.
  12. Dakich starts railing on the team at about 12 min mark and Fisch comes on near the 20 min mark until about the 30 min mark. Fisch says CAM's hands are tied(or something similar). He does seem to say that this is not necessarily happening only at IU, but he does really indicate that things can't be done that need to be done in order to get the players attention. Fisch doesn't know what Archie has been told by Glass and others, but he knows that coach doesn't like what is going on with the players. Why would IU spend this kind of money and then not allow the head coach to develop the program in his image? Hell, Glass must have known that CAM was a bulldog. You don't go to an animal shelter and pick out a pit bull if you are hoping for a lap dog. And you sure shouldn't pay millions for that dog. Who the heck knows, just can't deny that Fisch has credibility.
  13. Well well, if this is close to being true, none of the conversations about players, IQ, rotations, shooting, recruiting momentum, etc. amounts to a hill of beans. We could throw $20 million at Stevens, pay for hookers, create fake classes, and still will not ever get close enough to catch a wiff of being a blue-blood caliber program. Also, if true than there is no point in continuing to give any of my time and attention to this program. This is by all intents and purposes a death sentence to IU basketball. Somebody change my mind.
  14. I am confident we don't know all that is wrong with this program. It does appear that there is a player(s) issue. If true, CAM would have to be keenly aware of this issue. I would think if he is not going to make it as our coach, he would want to go out knowing he did it his way and not leaving his career job up to anyone who is not fully on-board. I think we all would agree that IU is the "best" coaching job anyone can get in college basketball. By this I don't mean it is the best job per se, but that no coach is leaving IU for a bigger job in the NCAA. Whatever the bigger job is, nobody is getting hired there without being extremely successful here, and if successful here there is no better job. Of course, I could be wrong. We may not be very much relevant anymore. The biggest story surrounding IU for years was about Knight returning. The next story is whether or not the basketball program will ever return.
  15. I had guaranteed after the Rutgers loss that we were gonna make the tournament. I fear that the only thing I will have in common with Joe Namath is that I wear pantyhose.😉
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