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  1. Again . . . anticipated a call when there was nothing to call.
  2. I am so over refs who cannot keep up with the players and the game. God forbid I even think it but maybe it is time to add a fourth official for college basketball games. The game is happening to quickly for the refs tonight.
  3. I believe IU is the better team and should bring the bucket back home to Bloomington. There a lot of disappointed Hoosier fans (myself included) today but Michigan was playing lights out. Gotta find a way to pressure the QB. It seems the IU kicking game was unable to pin Michigan deep as has been the case much of the year. However, I like the fact IU gave up trying to return the kickoffs; not much luck in that regard this season.
  4. AT least it will be an IU Bowl Movement vs the other "B" movement long suffering IU football fans have grown accustomed to!
  5. I'll say Rob. I recorded many of the games from last year and having watched the two games against MSU again, I had forgotten just how much Rob disrupted C. Winston. Granted, he didn't shut him down but he certainly kept him from taking over the game and he was able to frustrate him into some bad shots. If RP can disrupt the game of a player with the skills of CW, he can stick with any guard in the conference. All this without mention of RP's skills on offense. Rob certainly seems a worthy candidate for most improved and perhaps even MVP for the Hoosiers.
  6. I thought going into this game IU fans would finally get a good idea where this team stacks up in terms of potential wins the rest of the season. I did not expect a W but was hopeful IU would be competitive. It turns out IU was more than competitive; IU could have and should have won the game. Like so many others, I'm disappointed in the loss particularly knowing one stop (either just before the half or on their final drive) would have sealed the deal. However, overall I think getting Penix back and seeing what he was able to do gives great hope for the remainder of the season. Watching Coach Allen get into Wommack on the sideline gives me hope we might see a better D moving forward; combine that with MP getting more game time and IU could finally wrap up a bowl bid prior to Bucket game. How any IU fan could see that as anything other than progress is beyond me. Still, that has yet to happen and it is up the the team to FINISH !!!
  7. I did not expect IU to come out and beat a top five ranked OSU; the talent simply is not there. However, a well coached team can be outmanned and still not run into the kicker, run into each other on kick returns, or jump offside to give the opponent multiple opportunities to take advantage of their superior skill at every turn.
  8. I'm with you Parakeet; Whop might have scored on that if the ball hits him in stride.
  9. Good stop and looked like another block from behind on OSU there.
  10. Congrats Scott. Enjoy that big drum and loud train . . . or not! A few years ago I had the opportunity to attend the IU football game at Wake Forest and I have to admit watching that Demon Deacon dude ride into the stadium on that oversized motorcycle was pretty cool. All that aside, I hope the Hoosiers put a hurting on PU to make the most of your birthday present.
  11. A recent notification I received from YoutubeTV indicates they also carry the BTN Alternate but it will only appear on the channel list when the Alternate is in use. Guess I'll test this at game time tomorrow.
  12. I think Penix threw only 6 interceptions (total) in High School. Granted, he is about to face a Big Ten schedule but 6 picks total against some very good competition in the Tampa Area . . . certainly gives me confidence he will not become an interception machine.
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