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  1. I'm nearly 60 years old now but I remember dressing in IU gear, running around with my brothers and dunking on the nerf hoop over the closet door in our room. This video brings back great memories and more importantly it has the same old school feel when IU was at the top of the basketball world. Nothing would make me happier than to watch Anthony and his comrades help return IU to the glory days !!! Thanks for sharing the video and thank you Anthony! Go Hoosiers!!!
  2. Like a good drone he will deliver; stir up the hive and bring the noise!
  3. I was busy helping a family member move furniture today and just now catching up on twitter and HSN. Excellent news today! Welcome to Hoosier Nation Trey. Archie is keeping his word and working hard recruiting the state of Indiana. He obviously can't get them all but he just may accomplish an IU first if he lands 3 in a row who have been named Mr. Basketball in Indiana.
  4. Rob is the X Factor. Movement of the three point line will work in Rob's favor as opponents rely more on drives to the basket and passing. I really think moving the line back will have a greater affect on teams than some anticipate. Take Purdue for example; Edwards and Cline could hit the three from any distance but I don't think that is true of all good shooting guards. The increased distance caused a decrease in accuracy for teams in the NIT and think that will hold true in the regular season next year too. Anything that provides a greater number of opportunities for Rob to disrupt an opponents offense will only help IU next season.
  5. A pumpkin SEED because the clock struck 12 today on this IU cinderella. I thought (and posted in chat at the end of the Rutgers game) that IU had redeemed itself regardless of the outcome against OSU. Having watched that mess of a game today I can't justify the post I made in the chat. It is not that IU lost to OSU today by 4 points but the manner in which they returned to the same nonchalant, apathetic level of effort and energy that disappointed and frustrated IU fans all season long. I expected a very challenging game today and I knew IU could come out on the wrong end of the final score. What I did not expect was the return to form of the 12 loss Hoosiers from weeks ago. Mind boggling to the point I have the same attitude about IU in the NIT as the team displayed out on the floor today . . . I may show up (to watch) or perhaps not because I just really do not care enough to put forth an effort at this point.
  6. Assistant Coach Ed S. was with UCLA before coming to IU. Fitz played in the west coast region so I'm thinking Ed most likely suggested (and perhaps played a big role in recruiting) Fitz. Still, I would think he would mention Archie but caught up in the moment.
  7. The best thing for this IU team may be one in which they make the dance and have an opportunity to win a big game and steal the spot of a #3 or #4 seed.
  8. Prediction: IU shuts down Bohannon but "Player X" off the Iowa bench (previously averaging less than 3 minutes of playing time per game) will set a new personal record for points scored in a Big Ten game. IU loses by the exact number of points scored by Player X.
  9. NEWS ALERT: Kraft caught dipping mac in the cheese!
  10. Even if not a "spark in the tender box" in terms of causing any problems, at a minimum it was indicative to those of us outside the locker room as to possible division inside the program.
  11. TJD and A. Franklin are both encouraging Brooks to join them at IU. TJD has confirmed his friendship with Brooks and a desire to play along side him. Given the current state of basketball this season at IU, I'm not sure Brooks has any intention of signing at IU. However, should he choose to do so I see no reason why the new group of recruits/players at IU should not get along and play together much better than the current divisive and apparent Crean's guys vs Archie's guys going on now. Regardless of the number of stars aside their names, I think the "togetherness" of IU basketball improves as the disgruntled players of the old regime move out and get replaced by those who currently look forward to representing IU and the coach/team they chose to play for/with.
  12. I'm grateful HSN provides an awesome forum for IU faithful. Even when debates get heated on HSN, they generally remain civil. Kudos HSN, I'm not surprised by the overwhelming number of participants given the historical nature of this IU win (first unranked IU team to be a top ten opponent on the road since the early 80's). As always I am for IU2WIN.
  13. Hell yes, this could lead to a much better overall season record for IU than I thought coming into this game. When I was young I had four sibling. Mostly, we got along great but there were some rough patches at times too. Still, I always had their back particularly when someone else was roughing them up. Some of the best times I remember happened just after two or more of us had reconciled after a battle. Perhaps this IU basketball family can reconcile and move forward together.
  14. If Dakich really has any invested interest in IU basketball he should be doing all that he can to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Instead of bashing the coaching staff, why not offer to come down to B'town and be of any assistance he can to help this IU team snap out of their funk? Of course it is possible Archie could say, "Thanks but no thanks". Instead, he adds to an increasingly divided fan base with his rants. Not that he should be singing Archie's praises or pumping up all things IU but stop feeding the derision.
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