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  1. Option D - Hang a Big Ten Championship Banner through a concerted effort to create a winning culture at IU; one in which the IU football team can compete (and WIN) against ANY other team in the conference. In addition, continual sellout crowds who are on waiting lists for tickets due to high demand to see a top notch football team.
  2. I think Purdue's win involved much more than a perfect storm. The play calling on "O", particularly the way they balanced their attack was very good. They were attacking all night long; even when it seemed OSU was one play away PU kept the foot on the gas, attacking and taking chances that paid dividends. It seems IU continually uses a plodding conservative style of play (and perhaps that is dictated by the skill level at key positions). Even in rare situations when IU has a sizable lead (see Rutger's game for example) the play calls get even more conservative, allowing the opponent opportunities to hang around. Purdue had some trick plays and surprises, but it was not like they were using a gimmick on every series; creative play calling, confidence, and effort on the part of the team. I'm an IU grad, a HOOSIER fan through and through, and as much as I despise our rivals to the North, they deserve every minute of celebration for that huge win last night. Hope to someday see IU football get another win over a highly ranked team again.
  3. iu2win

    OT: Prayers needed

    IU fans and many who post on this board sent prayers my way and helped me beat cancer six years ago. I'm sending my prayers up for you and your family. BELIEVE !!!
  4. iu2win

    RIP Daryl Thomas

    Daryl is one of my all-time favorite IU players. Rest in Peace Daryl. Prayers going up for his family.
  5. iu2win

    Rumor floating around.

    I would prefer an annual IU vs Arizona tilt. I realize there is not a rivalry "hatred" between the two as seems to be the case with Kentucky. However, a home and home with AZ would provide an opportunity to get a quality resume' win, media outlets would have interest due to the brother vs brother aspect, and the money aspect should match IU vs UK. A primary difference would likely be no fans split down the middle; given the lack of close proximity on the part of the two fan bases. Still, I can see this becoming a friendly rivalry with sportsmanship on display (neither brother would want his team disrespecting the other or the team) and that would be very refreshing considering all the past allegations/rumors/innuendo on both sides after another heated IU/UK battle.
  6. Great topic and discussion. As I was reading Scott's list of suggestions it hit me . . . how on earth did college basketball programs/conferences ever allow so many outside the universities get so much control over college basketball at all? From the NBA luring kids before they are ready to shoe companies . . . really, shoe companies??? It is high time someone step up and fix this mess!
  7. iu2win

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Feel so bad for CAM. He has no good option at PG other than 3 players all named TURNOVER!
  8. iu2win

    Nebraska Game Thread

    This is just as frustrating as the Iowa game . . . hope the outcome is the same.
  9. iu2win

    Nebraska Game Thread

    If ugly means IU is in it at the end . . . I'm all in.
  10. iu2win

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Coach is fired up. Ya think he wants this one? ha
  11. iu2win

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Smith is forcing his shot.
  12. iu2win

    More critical recruitment ?

    I say Cody. Based on the limited evidence (not yet a complete season), it seems to me CAM puts much more emphasis on overall team play vs individual performance. Therefore, I think CAM is more likely to put together a highly successful team with or without 5 star players as compared IU's former coach. However, I'm as happy as any other IU alum/fan about the possibility of having Romeo become a HOOSIER.
  13. iu2win

    Hoosier Hysteria Thread

    I stand corrected; my memory failed me in my attempt to post a sarcastic response in comparing Priller and P. Knight. Still, I'm not so sure there is great disparity in terms of overall talent between the two.
  14. iu2win

    Hoosier Hysteria Thread

    Priller just might surpass Pat Knight as the all time best at setting screens at IU.
  15. iu2win

    Bowl or bust....fire or stay?

    Well said Mile. I really had not considered past history in terms of nationally televised games. Having Game Day for the first time was impressive too. It is amazing what CTA has done with the IU defense; it is the best IU defense I've seen including Coach Mallory's teams.