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  1. IDK. To me they always resemble a semi-pro team with rented international players https://www.foxsports.com/stories/college-basketball/no-2-gonzaga-gets-boost-from-international-contingent
  2. https://www.theonion.com/man-getting-high-and-eating-taco-bell-thousands-of-mile-1845721340
  3. My wife and I and our two dogs are enjoying our first poolside Thanksgiving dinner at our new Florida home. 82 and sunny. Couldn’t be with family due to COVID. My Mom’s locked down in assisted living and my wife has a few family members in IN who are COVID positive or awaiting test results. We’ve been texting with family and friends all morning. I picked up a family Thanksgiving meal for six from Bob Evans this AM. My wife didn’t have to cook and we have plenty for leftovers. Happy Thanksgiving to all with special thoughts and prayers for CC’s family today.
  4. I’ve been concerned all along that Lander may struggle physically as a HS senior playing at this level
  5. His family is in Nigeria. His brother is at MO ST and is a senior.
  6. Valid points. Not an ideal situation. I just suspect that if 20 had been a 3 player class and 21 was Duncomb and Lander, so far, the tone here may be different
  7. I'm with you on this Scott. I don't understand how the 2021 class is a failure because the top point guard in the 2021 class enrolled in 2020.
  8. Maybe, but Edwards was projected as the #1 pick in the 2020 draft coming out of high school
  9. He will be celebrating in quarantine https://omaha.com/sports/college/creighton/creighton-basketball-reports-positive-covid-test-results-withdraws-from-season-opening-tournament/article_53463c8f-e002-5019-a46f-9f2d000cc54e.html
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