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  1. And after losing 5 of 6, with only a home win against Nebraska, OSU is #12
  2. This is the veteran leadership we've needed: Jackson-Davis credits his upperclassmen teammates for helping him to be in the right place. “On the court Justin (Smith) is really putting me in position on defense,” Jackson-Davis said. “I think the last few games the defense has really carried us.”
  3. That's insane. Top 10 most difficult schedules are all B1G, and all are in the top 19. Wisconsin looking good. Weakest remaining schedule (all relative) and currently 4-3, with two road wins.
  4. What I see with Devonte is that he has, so far, squandered an excellent opportunity. Whether it's attitude or personality, I don't know. But he's had 2.5 years playing for CAM, who played point guard and knows how to coach the position. CAM's best player at Dayton was Scoochie Smith, their point guard who made those teams go. He was a 6'2 180 pound guard out of the Bronx. He was ranked just outside of the top 100 out of high school. He improved every year and became their leader. His senior year, he averaged 14 pts, 3 reb and 4.5 ast. Consistently over 2/1 Ast/TO. His shooting % increased each year and ended at 47%, with 39% from 3. He's playing pro overseas. Where would this team and Green be if he had committed to be IU's Scoochie Smith? Instead he's shooting 40% and is barely over 1:1 asst/TO. So, instead of leading the team as a senior, he's losing playing time.
  5. Would be a lock, probably as a 6-8 seed. OSU was 8-12 in B1G last year and made NCAAT. Conference is deeper this year
  6. Same reason we opine on many things we know nothing about. Modern equivalent of hot stove leagues
  7. This was from an article last year. It was then assumed he was safe after they made the NCAAT last year. Richard Pitino heard the rumors, he saw the headlines and although he might have been tempted to ask, the Gophers men’s basketball coach said he never did approach athletic director Mark Coyle to inquire on whether his job might be in jeopardy. “I’ve got little kids, I like it here,” Pitino said Tuesday. “Humanize it as much as you want, but I want to be here. You read things and you hear things. It’s not a knock on the media. I understand you have to do your job and so when you see your picture up there as on the hot seat, and if he doesn’t make the tournament he’s fired, I don’t know if it’s true or not. I didn’t want to ask Mark.”
  8. Both could end up with losing records. Minny has played the Kenpom #2 schedule. If Pitino is playing for his job, he didn't get any favors.
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