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  1. Self reporting excess phone calls that are no longer a rules violation - DEATH PENALTY
  2. The outlier is the Alfred J Loos sports complex in Addison, TX. It's a shared facility, so not really comparable Alfred J. Loos Sports Complex is a group of sporting facilities built by the Dallas Independent School District in the neighboring city of Addison. For more than 40 years, Dallas ISD schools and other events have had the luxury of playing their games here. The complex Features a football stadium, a softball field, a natatorium, and one of the largest high school gymnasiums in the country. The complex is equipped with 6 locker rooms in the field house, coaches rooms, training rooms, a hospitality room, and areas for concessions.
  3. Great to see. He should get same treatment as any other recruit. In my career I’ve always found that an employer will never treat you better than when they’re recruiting you. He should never feel that he was taken for granted for being local
  4. Seems to fit the profile. Tough, smart and a good defender
  5. There are conflicting reports whether he had actually selected IU over Illinois and DePaul at the time of his murder, but regardless, Ben Wilson’s death was tragic and senseless. Some say the best HS player ever in Illinois. Described as a really good person, he was also reportedly “Magic Johnson with a jump shot”
  6. Too much risk that Furst becomes a OAD?
  7. “You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know...morons.” Blazing Saddles
  8. No idea on CAM offers, but humorous how Illini beat writer spins it as a positive https://www.news-gazette.com/sports/good-morning-illini-nation-updates-on-all-class-of-stars/article_b9e15459-af53-57a0-98ed-206b722e8495.html
  9. Regarding Illinois, saw that Underwood offered 54 players for 2020. So far, no commits. 30 have either committed elsewhere or dropped Illinois from their lists
  10. This article illustrates how overwhelming the recruiting process can be for some of these young men. As fans focused on the team side of the process, it’s easy to overlook the player side.
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