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  1. The sad thing is, if he’s on the staff and kept in line, no one will be convinced if recruiting improves significantly. Any legit recruiting success this staff has will be tainted with suspicion
  2. Sorry, but this is disqualifying to me. Even to those who argue everyone is doing it, not everyone is on videotape. And, this doesn't sound like a guy acting upon direction of his head coach. It sounds like a guy who's willing to do anything to be a head coach some day. Sounds like the only thing that kept Rosemond from walking out with cash and facing charges was the caliber of his recruits. Among the other coaches whom Blazer said he, Dawkins and the undercover FBI agent met with in Las Vegas were Yasir Rosemond (Alabama), Anthony Coleman (Arizona State), Amir Abdur-Rahim (Texas A&M
  3. Sounds like a lawsuit will be forthcoming
  4. Billy Donovan shopping for N KY horse farm
  5. Considered one of the best pure distance shooters in major CBB. Scouting report from Kentucky Sports Radio: #10 Noah Locke: 6’3″ 203 lbs, Junior Guard 10.8 ppg, 2.5 rpg, 0.8 apg SHOOTER!!! NO 3’s!!! 108 of 166 shots have been 3’s. Have to be there to take away the catch-and-shoot 3’s. Be tight on him at all times! Tighten up to him as the ball is dribbled towards you. DO NOT HELP!!! Absolutely no help off of him. Your only job when guarding him is to take away his 3-point attempts. You have to pick him up outside of the 3-point line and be tight. He will shoot them from deep. Re
  6. Plus, the biggest of all, getting TJD back who was planning to sign with an agent
  7. This is a material loss. AF was the best two way player on the roster last year. Just glad he didn’t go to Illinois. That would have been nauseating. Overall though, given where the program was two weeks ago, it’s manageable
  8. Yes, second in ACC in assists. Too many TOs. Coming out of HS was described as a Ferrari with no brakes. Not a great shooting %, but 79% FTs, which is always good to see from a primary ball handler
  9. Been there done that and paid my dues. Until last year, I lived my first 59 years in the Midwest, including in the snow belt of NE Ohio and the frozen tundra of Iowa. But mostly in central and eastern Indiana. Where I am now, the average high in Dec-Feb is 72, with average lows in the 50s. Plus the sun is out nearly every day. But I advise against anyone else moving here. 😀
  10. Moved to the Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch area last year and have had the same experience.
  11. As in most cases, no. They don't think, they react.
  12. Makes me think of the guy who went to Vegas in a $50,000 Cadillac and left in a $500,000 bus.
  13. Yeah, Boston is a tough sports town. I think Stevens sensed he’d gone overboard on his praise of Indiana and felt that he had to send a message to the Massholes that he’s one of them. Especially in a down year. But I agree, hopefully that ship’s sailed for good
  14. Let’s hope this wind blowing from “The Region” is better than usually being downwind
  15. I could see him playing for Counzo Martin at Mizzou. He’s from KC
  16. I believe Archie was too focused on this. It’s why he only carried 11 on the roster
  17. Looks like a Midwest winter extended weather forecast
  18. That would be surprising if Roberts accepted DOBO. He was associate head coach at UNC Greensboro and it was speculated that he would replace Wes Miller, should WM get another gig.
  19. So hypothetically, could UC or another school hire Archie and pay him $1 per year for three years and let IU subsidize the cost? It would make him an attractive candidate
  20. I thought spatchcocked chicken was a punk rock band
  21. That looks sweet. Best part of the electrics is being able to just set a temp and they maintain a constant level. Enjoy the turkey!
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