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  1. It’s probably a COVID restriction about sharing the tunnel. Wish I was joking
  2. This is hilarious. Almost sounds like an Onion story. "Drum won't fit in Notre Dame Stadium" WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue's All-American Marching Band will be without The World's Largest Drum Saturday. The legendary drum can't fit into Notre Dame Stadium, Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel reported Thursday. For the first time in 42 years — since the Carter administration — Purdue University's All-American Marching Band won't perform Saturday at halftime with The Drum, which weighs a quarter of a ton and stands at 10 feet tall. "According to a communication from the University of Notre Dame, our Band will not be permitted to take the World's Largest Drum through their tunnel and onto the football field for this Saturday's game," said Aaron Yoder, a spokesman for the university's bands and orchestras, to ESPN.com. "Notre Dame Athletics has restricted use of their main tunnel to their own football team and band, which is the only entrance large enough for the Drum. We have been told that visiting teams and bands have to use a separate tunnel that is much smaller. Our Drum is about 10 feet tall on its carriage and 565 pounds so it doesn't even come close to fitting in this other tunnel."
  3. This post was great too "You know what would have really helped with recruiting? Being prepared to play Loyola."
  4. Displaced Mormons. Another great name for a band
  5. The other story on the page is even worse: Calipari has undeniably turned things around. On Wednesday night, he secured yet another big commitment -- this time from Chris Livingston, the No. 6 prospect in the Class of 2022. The 6-foot-6 wing picked Kentucky over offers from Georgetown and Tennessee State and became a part of a three-player class that also features the prospects ranked No. 1 (Shaedon Sharpe) and No. 17 (Skyy Clark). As a result, Kentucky now has the top-ranked recruiting class in the country -- and Calipari isn't even close to being done considering UK is the perceived leader to also land the prospects ranked No. 2 (Dereck Lively II) and No. 7 (Cason Wallace), which means it's likely that the Wildcats will eventually have a recruiting class featuring the top two prospects, and four of the top seven, in the Class of 2022.
  6. Just wrapping up the gene sequencing
  7. So sorry. She looks so sweet. No matter how long they are with us, it’s always too soon. Sharing a home with a dog is one of the most heartwarming and also heartbreaking experiences we have. They’d never want us to be sad though. She was fortunate that you were there for her.
  8. Or the wrong place. I know a guy whose daughter was visiting colleges. Her pre-visit top choice college had a visitation weekend where they put the kids up in a dorm to get the full experience. After the visit, she told her Dad that she changed her mind and didn't want to attend there anymore. She said that students didn't seem happy there. She enrolled elsewhere. Later she shared that her roommate that weekend had just broken up with her boyfriend and cried all weekend. So, it really had nothing to do with the college. You never know with young kids.
  9. Right. IA ST only lost by 10 after committing 4 TOs
  10. Here are the end of season NET rankings for the non-con opponents (avg 190). Syracuse was the only team to play in the NCAAT, as an 11 seed. No teams were in the NIT. IU (67 NET) was 12-15 and finished ahead of every team except Syracuse, which is the only Quad 1 game on the non-con (based on last year). 7 of 11 games are Quad 4. E Mich 317 Quad 4 N Ill 339 Quad 4 St John's 69 Quad 2 Louisiana 186 Quad 4 Jackson St 252 Quad 4 Marshall 89 Quad 3 Syracuse 37 Quad 1 Merrimack 232 Quad 4 ND 98 Quad 2 N KY 217 Quad 4 UNC Asheville 250 Quad 4 Just the facts that, given this schedule, IU will need a strong finish in the B1G.
  11. With that OOC schedule, they'll need to go undefeated in the OOC, including a win over Syracuse (a must) and may need to finish top 5 in the B1G, with several wins over teams at the top to make the NCAAT. Half of the OOC teams were over 200 in the NET, with a couple over 300. The highest ranked team after 'Cuse (37 NET) was St Johns at 69. Syracuse will likely be the only opportunity for a Quad 1 win non-con.
  12. Speeding, driving erratically and refused field sobriety tests. https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2021/sep/07/gonzaga-basketball-coach-mark-few-cited-for-drunk-/
  13. A lot of similarities, but he deferred more last year to Ayo and others. Will be interesting if he’s The Man again
  14. Trent Frazier will hit 4 straight 3s and then miss 10 straight. But he’ll keep shooting
  15. "He shows a good ability to finish at the rim through contact as well." So, he's a good Finnish-er?
  16. Bloomington will never look better than after spending a day in Champaign
  17. Sounds like his coach is really providing solid guidance. We could only hope for this..."Noah Clowney is the one that’s going to be spending these next three or four years"
  18. "Bates ... made a contested floater from 10-feet" That's one more than Devonte Green
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