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  1. I see zero chance of that happening. "Thad Matta over down the road at Ohio State, he's a dear friend," Miller told the gathered press in Bloomington. "He took me in, and he changed my perception of what coaching is all about. It's about our players, and he's the very, very best at convincing you how to invest your time in them rather than anything else because if they're enjoying themselves and their experience is something that is going well, then you're going to get great, great productivity back." Both Matta and the Millers have discussed their relationship in the past and that a
  2. Oh it went well beyond that. Not only was he very publicly vocal about Pierce’s innocence before he had the facts, he had his friends at Athletes in Action try to pressure the victim to drop the charges
  3. You could see it when he coached. Always thought he looked 10-15 years older, especially with his back issues
  4. Those cardboard heads can be vicious
  5. Why would the trade be finalized? Seems like a bad business decision by the Pacers
  6. No I’d love it if he’d leave his home state of TX. His teams play hard and smart. He’s also been successful with transfers, so it would be a quick build
  7. McDermott 59-68 at IA St. Losing record all four years
  8. Those are all valid points. I’ve supported Archie because it’s really important that he’s successful. But OSU, in Holtmann’s 4th year went to IL without their PG and beat IL. I just don’t see IU doing that
  9. Career winning %: Miller 64.3% Alford 65.2% Current teams: IU 8-6, 72.6 ppg, 14.4 ast/12.1 TOs, 45.9% FG%, 32.4% 3pt%, 66.6% FT% NEV 9-5, 71.1 ppg, 14.0 ast/13.4 TOs, 44.3% FG%, 35.3% 3pt%, 73.9% FT% Especially considering schedules, I fail to see a meaningful upgrade here.
  10. During the WI/Rutgers game last night the announcers said someone asked Pikiell what was wrong with his team and he answered "the schedule"
  11. Archie has never found his Scoochie Smith, who was a tough, smart pg from the Bronx. It isn't really about rankings. Smith was ranked 106th. McKinley Wright 229. How we'd love to have him.
  12. There are many examples, but I think Aaron Falzon of NW is near the top of the list. Career avg 4 ppg, 35% from 3. Hadn't played in weeks. Came off the bench to hit 6 of 7 from 3 and post career high 21 pts.
  13. Update from my county in FL Thousands of seniors waiting for vaccine As of Tuesday, 95,600 seniors have joined Manatee County’s recently launched COVID-19 Vaccine Standby Pool in hopes of receiving an extra layer of protection against the novel coronavirus. But, after 5,457 people were vaccinated during the first two weeks of the county’s drive-thru program, distribution of the vaccine has come to a standstill as the county awaited additional supplies. “We’ve been grateful to receive the doses we’ve received in Manatee County but at this time there’s not enough supply of the
  14. He was expected to commit to A&M the first time and kind of surprised when picking UConn. He never visited IU but had been to A&M. I take him at his word that he had a long relationship with them. If he had bad feelings about Hunter I don’t think he would have mentioned IU as a consideration when announcing his transfer
  15. I get that in general, but A&M has scored in the fifties in 4 of its last five games, losing three of those by 14 to 24 points. They are a bad offensive team
  16. https://www.heraldbulletin.com/sports/dayton-recruit-thinking-about-following-miller-to-iu/article_fc13a260-140e-11e7-99f1-e77f64ad1d25.html
  17. And I would add that Williams is the only PU player who would start for the top five teams in the B1G. I was not impressed with their talent level.
  18. It would surprise me if he’d take the job if Archie is fired. He seems too close to Archie. I’d love to see him come in like Martelli, but that would be a big adjustment for Archie
  19. They were in his final 3 with UConn and he visited both before committing to UConn. But it sounds like he primarily went to UConn due to Kenya Hunter. Also saw some suggestion that proximity to his home in Toronto was a factor
  20. Wasn't implying you did. Just noting that these things are really fluid and can change quickly. I will say that I question any list that has Bruce Weber as a top 25 coach.
  21. Prohm at 20? IA ST 2-7, 0-5 conference Weber 5-8, 1-4
  22. This article is very enlightening about the UCLA search. They got lucky. Cronin was way down the list. They are now 6-0 in the Pac12 in his second year. https://www.latimes.com/sports/ucla/la-sp-ucla-mick-cronin-coaching-search-20190429-story.html IU is just snake bit when it comes to hiring basketball coaches, some self-inflicted, some not. My fear is that IU's next coach will be Alford. It would be the safe pick for a new, inexperienced AD. As far as a rising name, I'd keep an eye on Nate Oats at AL.
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