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  1. According to the scholarship grid on the forum, Illinois currently only has 9 on the roster next year, and the only ones who played meaningful minutes are Hawkins, Melendez, and Goode. Talk about your complete unknowns.
  2. Hah, just kidding, I'm 100% lurker these days.
  3. As an Illini fan, I’m posting here in a reverse-jinx attempt but I fear it may be too late. Illinois was up 64-50 and has now given up a 16-0 run to trail Nichols St 66-64
  4. I logged in just to say... This is an otter shock to me! I thought we Illini settled on the squirrel?! To change now would be nuts!
  5. – Big Ten assistant Likely an Illini Assistant
  6. Wow... http://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2017/10/05/university-louisville-college-basketball-adidas-tom-jurich-rick-pitinio-money/730771001/
  7. I thought for sure this was posted here already, but... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Adidas_sponsorships#North_American_colleges_and_universities
  8. Thanks - until the dust settles, I'll definitely be feeling the nerves, so...might as well laugh while I can...
  9. Been lurking the new site, but figured now's a good time to register (crazy days!). (Illini fan - been on the old HSN, Scout, and so on) Definitely not feeling warm and fuzzy on this.
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