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  1. Ok, I will share this with you all.... Do you follow Barstool IU on Instagram or Twitter? If so, the Throwback Thursday photos from yesterday... 😂 NOT THE BEER KEG one (or the one of the 5 guys)!! The others I can claim 😂
  2. Standing ovation!! Watched/listened to Fife’s media time and really don’t have anything to add except he just nails it. On all counts. Funny guy, gets it, determined, really liked what he said about the player/coach relationship being like that of with your kids and just knowing who’s in their ear, what are they hearing, etc. Nailed it! He is the real deal.
  3. Just saw his post on Twitter!! Very excited to have Race back!! Just a terrific player and individual.
  4. Just finished the Fife interview by DD, and it's really encouraging and great to hear the philosophical side of the coaching plan, and how this is all coming together. Very encouraging, very excited for the coming season and all the players.
  5. Listening to Dane's interview with DD right now. I'm 2 minutes into this and already loving it. As I thought he would be, glad to hear that Izzo was so supportive. And just laughing that he starts off the interview by admitting he's delayed his trip to get a car seat out. I'm first in line at Karma for tickets to his show! Hahahahaha
  6. Yes. Already playing in my head hahahaha. He'd be fabulous!
  7. Haha, yes! I did say that! He's so funny. He and Pat McAfee on the road in the off-season - I'm so there.
  8. Haha! Same!! His tweet was so classy. Just loved it and CANNOT WAIT for the season to start!!
  9. Just saw that Lander is returning! Very excited and glad he will be staying.
  10. 😂 Hahahahaha.... I watch that IU-Duke '92 game, and really just how he played throughout his career - so much passion. He's fun to watch, and he just ignites a team. And I've heard him on a radio interview and he's just a great story-teller. I've just told Mr. Stoller we may need to move to Bloomington so I can attend more games, LOL.
  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!! I am beyond excited. This is a coaching dream team being assembled here. I am so glad Fife is back in the candy stripes, back in the SSAH, and I am seriously barely containing myself, lol. I am calling it now - Fife needs his own show. Weekly bball show with Dane Fife - I am so there.
  12. Great points. Plus Fife is just a funny guy and great story-teller. He could host his own assistant coaching show; I’d definitely tune in!
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