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  1. My gosh, has it been over a year since this thread was started?? 😂 BUT - I remembered Powers Hamburgers from it, and today I finally made it to this fantastic place!! Thanks for the tip!
  2. Yes!! You should! Rugby is very fun to watch. Rugby World Cup is also this year - https://www.rugbyworldcup.com/
  3. MrsStoller


    Mr. Stoller is an avid deer hunter and I’ve come to appreciate venison and learn how to prepare it. Excellent!
  4. Great thread and thoughtful, insightful comments. After coffee I may try to expand more on my thoughts, but suffice to say thanks to Twitter I saw the link to vote and it couldn’t have been easier. Really hoping Mr. Davidson wins this election.
  5. This made me laugh out loud and I greatly appreciate that!
  6. Wow. I am shocked as well. He’s a good one and I wish him the best.
  7. LOL, me too! I think the … for me is a kind of pause, or to emphasize what it might sound like if I were saying it out loud - a quiet ending to the sentence, or an opportunity for the listener/reader to offer a thought or opinion. However, I used … with a teenager, and it was taken as me being either angry, upset, or something. ?? We may need to start a "text grammar" thread in the Animal House. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times (esp with teens) - you cannot hear the tone of someone's voice in a text. It drives me insane. When I "hear" Miles' posts, I hear him thoughtfully expressing what he's saying, pausing here and there either for effect, a drink, or whatever. It's like a longer pause than a comma I think.
  8. I love this forum. Only here can you get bball info, plus Bloomington Kroger shopping options and nicknames, lol.
  9. So happy for Ayden and all of you!! May you all enjoy this to the fullest! Sending you all some love from NE Indiana!
  10. Wow. Just watched it. I’m not crying, you’re crying. What an uplifting tribute to such an inspiring man.
  11. Haha, I understand. I do feel bad for them. Would have preferred a Big Ten team in the FF. They had a great run.
  12. Yes, congrats! Fun game to watch. I missed most of the second half and watched the last 7-8 minutes of regulation and the overtime, but wow they did a great job hanging in there and winning.
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