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  1. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    I’m not great at the x’s and o’s, but I really liked their intensity in this game. Throughout the entire game, they played with heart and they played through poor shooting in the first half. It was very encouraging and great to see. Can I add that I like that we don’t have all the “heads” behind the goals anymore? It’s just nice to watch the game, if you know what I mean?
  2. Northwestern Game Thread

    So nice to see A.J. in AH.
  3. Northwestern Game Thread

    I saw that, too.
  4. Northwestern Game Thread

    If I could say one thing in that team huddle, it would be this: Do NOT let up on the gas pedal!
  5. Northwestern Game Thread

    Yes!!! Nicely done.
  6. Northwestern Game Thread

    Nice, nice, nice!
  7. Northwestern Game Thread

    Uh-oh, clock issues already?
  8. Northwestern Game Thread

  9. Northwestern Game Thread

    I was just thinking the same thing! So frustrating.
  10. Northwestern Game Thread

    We’re 2 1/2 minutes in? I guess since it’s 0-0, I didn’t miss much?
  11. IU W Over PSU Post Game Thread

    Honestly felt so bad for him when he got injured for a second time. I’m a mom (looking for a smiling, winking emoji to no avail, so just pretend it’s there).
  12. IU W Over PSU Post Game Thread

    It was an enjoyable game to watch - great effort, good FT’s, just fun to watch. It was good to get the W. Now I’m sneaking in a few minutes of the Nebraska-Wisconsin game so I can hear Robbie Hummel as an analyst. He was such a talented player.
  13. IU W Over PSU Post Game Thread

    He’ll get there. Thinking positively
  14. IU W Over PSU Post Game Thread

    Definitely better at the line. And they looked comfortable.
  15. IU W Over PSU Post Game Thread

    I was afraid to say it during the game, but without knowing actual percentage, it seems our free throw shooting was better. And I don’t remember a game where there was so much looking at the monitor in the last few minutes. Nice win.