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  1. MrsStoller

    Cast Iron Skillets

    My husband and his uncle love cooking with cast iron, especially over a fire during deer hunting season. I don’t attend those 😉 Anyway, saw this and figured y’all might enjoy it - http://www.gcica.org/ It’s the Griswold and Cast Iron Cookware Association, and they have a forum.
  2. MrsStoller

    OT: Mitochondrial Awareness Week

    Thank you for sharing this, and I’ll be thinking of you, your family, and your son this week. And donating to this research! I look forward to your future posts about this. My best to all of you.
  3. MrsStoller

    Ball State Game Thread

    Glad it wasn’t a nail-biter. Listened to first half+ as I was mowing, and it was great to hear Fish calling the game. Came inside to watch latter end of 3rd and 4th qtr, and missed Fish. Just a solid effort throughout and thoroughly enjoyable to hear/see.
  4. MrsStoller

    Ball State Pregame Thread

    I agree. I’m not great about X’s and O’s with football, but I thought the Cardinals looked good against ND.
  5. MrsStoller

    Just got out of the hospital today !!

    Glad to hear the new medicine seems to be helping, HTD!
  6. MrsStoller

    Loyola-Chicago and their.....

    I think you should start an online petition. I’ll be your first signer. Name it the Windy City Class as suggested above - Loyola, DePaul, Northwestern, Illinois, Northern Illinois, SIU, Illinois St., Bradley. Make it a total weekend package. Rename some downtown streets and get some restaurant deals and home bases. Can we make a word out of the beginning letters of those schools? (L, D, N, I, NI, SI, IS, B - Bindlins? Lol) Your idea needs to get legs because it’s a solid one. *side note: when typing the above sentence, it autocorrected to “kegs” instead of “legs”. You’ll need kegs there, too! Good reminder! 😂😂
  7. MrsStoller

    Loyola-Chicago and their.....

    Honestly that is a GREAT idea.
  8. MrsStoller

    Virginia Postgame Thread

  9. MrsStoller

    Virginia Game Thread

    I’ll take the W! But good golly!!
  10. MrsStoller

    Virginia Game Thread

    What??? Ugh!!!!
  11. MrsStoller

    Virginia Game Thread

    Double geez. Let’s go Hoosiers!
  12. MrsStoller

    Virginia Game Thread

    Good golly, I just realized there’s less than 2 minutes remaining. Come on, Hoosiers...
  13. MrsStoller

    Virginia Game Thread

    Second reference to Hurryin’ Hoosiers. Wrong sport.
  14. MrsStoller

    Virginia Game Thread

    Nice catch, Luke.
  15. MrsStoller

    Big Ten Football