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  1. MrsStoller

    Chicago State Pregame Thread

    I’m so sorry. You and your family are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. MrsStoller

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    All I know is I can’t take another 2-bottle (wine) game. Let’s just get ‘r done!
  3. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Game Thread

    Wow. One more glass.
  4. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Game Thread

    Nice. Now let’s go D.
  5. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Game Thread

    4 glasses in. Honestly these Friday night games stink; I don’t care what the B1G says.
  6. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Game Thread

    Well, I’m a bottle in.
  7. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Game Thread

    Not to pile on more, but I think I’m gonna be hungover from all this wine and not be able to clean Rico’s house tomorrow, even with the offer of free beer and wings
  8. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Game Thread

    What’s the Sox-Dodgers score?
  9. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Game Thread

    What the heck! I just... going for another glass. BRB.
  10. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Game Thread

    That’d be Mr. Stoller’s choice.
  11. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Game Thread

    I’m gonna need another bottle of wine for this game.
  12. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Pregame Thread

    Free beer and wings?? Mr Stoller and I might both come for that! 😂
  13. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Pregame Thread

    Like, what am I supposed to do on Saturday now? Yard work? Yuck. I’m still venting, lol. As you were...
  14. MrsStoller

    Minnesota Pregame Thread

    Ugh, I didn’t realize this was a Friday night game. I hate Friday night college football games. Horrible idea. But let’s get the W!
  15. Thanks much for the link, KDB! Hadn’t heard about this, so I appreciate you posting the link.