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  1. NCHoosier32

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    i understand it's only important at the end, but the higher we climb now, the better we can stay up when we get some B1G losses. when i say we climb to 19, that is what i was taking into account. looks like a great chance that teams between 21-15 will lose over the next two weeks.
  2. NCHoosier32

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    should be sitting at 19 when we play Michigan. hopefully we have a good enough showing to stay in the top 25 after that one!
  3. very very happy with 22. still not cracking the coaches poll.
  4. NCHoosier32

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    agreed. that's fair. should then climb a couple spots the next week.
  5. NCHoosier32

    Butler Postgame Thread

    honestly, i don't care about the win margins at all. it's more the eye test and getting the W. i love the idea of having a program that emphasizes defense again. my biggest problems with that game were not getting Morgan or Romeo looks early because of Durham and Smith and the lack of execution on that last play to get it to one of those guys cutting or to make a move. fact that we won makes me say all is okay for now! team needs to realize that Morgan and Langford need early touches and early looks. of course i'm Phine with Rob as well.
  6. NCHoosier32

    Butler Postgame Thread

    i do think close wins and losses have a lot to do with coaching. as a coach, i always question myself if my team loses a game in the 1-6 point range. that said, i really like that this team has won the close ones other than Arkansas. t was weird when i saw the post about the great coaches' records in close games though, so hard to figure the validity of that. i guess those guys have coached a lot of games and a lot of big games against a lot of great teams. where do we think we'll be tomorrow? #23 or #24 i guess?
  7. NCHoosier32

    76 Hoosiers the Greatest Team ever?

    yep. last undefeated team 43 years ago. well balanced team. well coached. experienced. battle tested. checks all the boxes.
  8. NCHoosier32

    Justin Smith

    oh boy. dangerous thread here! i'm just extremely frustrated because i thought this would be a breakout year for him and instead he seems to make all of the wrong decisions. no doubt that he needs to keep getting opportunity and i still think he'll come around, but i'm wondering about how it was suggested on another thread that he's not crazy about sharing the spotlight with a freshman? if that has anything to do with him pressing too much and making bad decisions, he'll lose my backing much more quickly. in the meantime, i'd love to see more minutes with him sitting and Davis playing. even Fitzner in some situations. still say we need better basketball out of that position and either Durham or Green. if we get that, we could be very very good.
  9. NCHoosier32

    Butler Postgame Thread

    i am generally the critical, grumpy old man, but i'm pretty much happy with just getting this W. when it's all said and done at this point, we are ranked and will climb at least a couple spots tomorrow. should climb a little more the next week. it is very good to see. just to stay consistent, that Arkansas loss is so haunting to me. hard to imagine what we'd be ranked in a week had we won that one! also still tough for me to watch Smith. hard to understand why we couldn't get Romeo and Morgan more involved early. obviously a horrible last possession of the game, but an unbelievable result!
  10. NCHoosier32

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    i was looking at this same thing. clearly we could lose any time. nothing is given. however, we really should win until atleast the Michigan game. if we move up 3 spots from the above losses and move up a couple more, we could settle in a little. would like to get to atleast 20 before that Michigan game.
  11. NCHoosier32

    Butler Pregame Thread

    so i haven't seen Butler play, but if they live and die by the 3, that scares me a little with the pack line D. i like our D thus far this season, but that scares me a little.
  12. NCHoosier32

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    this makes me a little happy. i want to see INDIANA in those rankings every week. still makes me say what if we beat Ark Marquette currently ranked 21. we very easily could and should be about 15.
  13. NCHoosier32

    UofL post game

    see again, obviously that didn't help, but my point all along has been that didn't surprise many people a whole lot. the Arkansas loss did. we would have gone into the Duke game ranked and that beat down wouldn't have dropped us all that much. instead we went in unranked and it just knocked us to where we weren't even on the radar to be ranked. on one hand, i understand it doesn't matter that much right now, but it sure would be nice to have 1 loss to one of the best teams in the nation, be ranked in the top 25, and looking at 4 games coming up that we should win...
  14. NCHoosier32

    UofL post game

    obviously it didn't help looking bad against those teams, but win the Arkansas one and we have 1 loss and certainly wouldn't be behind a Marquette team that we beat! they were 28 this week. i would agree that we probably should be 25, but starting the week at 35, i don't see us passing 10 teams when only about 4-5 in that range will have lost this week.