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  1. fun fact - the 7'2'' kid is 7'0'' Patrick Wessler. my son played on his team for travel ball.
  2. agreed. and in this culture, you're not gonna keep everyone happy. if you worry about that, you're in trouble. kids will transfer. it's just the way now. if you don't have immediate success, run somewhere else. no penalty.
  3. i don't know either, but i'd be pretty shocked if you were right on this one. i think pretty much all D1 schools carry 13 in a normal year don't they? maybe i'm wrong, but i don't think many leave schollys sitting open for no reason very often.
  4. Personally I would assume we'll have our share of blowouts early with that schedule and am very good with trying to get everyone experience. Once we get to conference play, I hope the only ones who play many meaningful minutes are TJD Race X Kopp Bates Stewart Geronimo Durr Don't really need to play more than 8 very many minutes per game. I'm good if #9 and #10 get very few minutes in a close game. I guess I hope that's Lander and Leal, but could be Galloway or RP too I guess. I just feel like the potential is there with Lander and want to see it so badly. I know nothing about Duncomb, so maybe I'm selling him short?
  5. so... even though i was devastated when Woodson was hired, i like everything that has happened since. who else was hired, transfers, people staying, recruits... all i'm saying is this is a REALLY weak non conference schedule. i think it's a pretty good idea. i think it will help us more at this point to just get wins than to play good teams and lose. we will definitely play plenty of good teams in conference. does our non conference schedule prepare us for B1G play? absolutely not. am i good with it? sure. is it a very weak non conference schedule? absolutely! ND and Syracuse aren't going to be ranked! nobody we play will other than conference.
  6. um... my point was i'm not trying to make waves. i'm fine with a weak non conference schedule. actually said i think it's a pretty good idea. just saying you can't convince me that it's not weak. do you want me to say it again?
  7. just to clarify, i'm not bitching about the schedule. honestly, i just want to win. i just can't be convinced with any numbers you throw at me that this is anything other than a very weak schedule. we can debate that we don't play many horrible teams. that's fine, but we don't play anyone who will be ranked do we? again, i don't care. just an observation. i think it's pretty smart this season. our schedule strength should be fine with the B1G season factored in and we need wins, so cool. it would be fun to have some big match-ups, but if we would have lost those and then too many in conference and not made the tourney? no thanks.
  8. we can certainly agree to disagree. i generally count on it.
  9. easily and indisputably the weakest non-conference schedule i've seen in a long time. i don't really have a problem with it. just gotta win them all and then have a respectable B1G season.
  10. i mean clearly we can't put too much into two exhibition games, but... i don't care how old a kid is. freshman, senior, whatever. put the best kids on the floor. it seems he will very likely be 1 of our 5 best players, then start him. from the start. we know we have TJD. seems pretty much a lock that X will start at PG. Bates seems like the next best lock. from there, we'll see. Kopp, Stewart, Thompson. seems like those guys should all get right around starter minutes (i know that's 6 i named). man, i'm ready for Hoosier Hysteria.
  11. very small sampling size, but he may not be ready to be penciled in as a starter?
  12. my son actually played JHS team this summer. of course they are very good. my son plays with a 7 footer who is pretty solid and they play very well as a team. they won a lot of games and very rarely lost by double digits. JHS team beat them by 20. he looked very solid, but his whole team is loaded.
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