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  1. sorry about that. edited. i will say instead, yes, i believe a college basketball season is very possible with a slight delay. our high school season is starting in December, and i personally believe it will and should happen.
  2. wait til early November. things will start dying down quickly after.
  3. man, this is really really good to see!
  4. this ^^^ what was he supposed to say? everyone on this board acted like it was normal and no big deal. okay...
  5. every time i enter the the subbing conversation i have the same stance...18-22 year old college athletes should be able to play a lot of minutes with short breaks. there is a difference in talent level between your top 7 and 8-13 most of the time. play to win. don't sub guys just to sub. if you do, don't sit them long. play the best guys big minutes. get the other guys experience when the game is already decided.
  6. and pure entertainment! i miss Harry. this thread has my BP up just thinking about Joe Buck doing baseball games. i have started muting most baseball games due to morons like Buck and local broadcasters who can't even call a decent game because all they do is cheer for their team and complain about calls.
  7. why can't they all be like Harry Caray?
  8. i absolutely CANNOT watch ESPN other than actual games. all politics. not what i want from a sports channel. considering i am also not watching the NFL or NBA, i am kind of only left with MLB and college sports!
  9. I honestly can't even entertain the arguments for Watford's shot or the Jay Edwards shots that were games we don't even remember. They were amazing shots and great moments, but Benson's tip is at least a better argument.
  10. Smart without a doubt. Only people who would argue that are those who are too young to have been around at that time. Watford's shot was great, but in a way, pretty much a meaningless game other than beating KY as underdogs.
  11. absolutely cannot imagine it! i tried coaching one practice with one on and every time i took it off, it was such a relief to breathe freely. i cannot imagine how people can exercise, workout, or play with one on.
  12. Wow! I am not afraid to admit that video had me in tears often. The good ol days!
  13. I'm really not sure what I think will happen at this point, but we SHOULD be having sports. It's time. Our world needs to be moving back to normal.
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