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  1. NCHoosier32

    Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25!

    still say we'll be at least top 15
  2. NCHoosier32

    Race Thompson

  3. NCHoosier32

    Race Thompson

    ok. now i understand his situation better. makes more sense as to why people would be excited about him. i hope he's ready to be a factor. her has certainly developed physically!
  4. NCHoosier32

    Race Thompson

    the thing i'm trying to figure out is that it seems so rare to redshirt these days. obviously i get that he wouldn't have gotten time last year, but it's hard to think someone who redshirted will come in and play a big role. i know it used to happen all the time, but not anymore. so what's the story here?
  5. NCHoosier32

    Expectations for Next Year

    i would agree we shouldn't be top 10-15 in preseason, but i do think top 25 and i do think we can be a top 10-15 team when it's all said and done.
  6. NCHoosier32

    Expectations for Next Year

    i expect much more than that. i truly think top 10-15.
  7. NCHoosier32

    Big Bold Prediction

    solid prediction. there is so much parody in men's college basketball. so many good players at small schools. great coaches. upsets are so much more common.
  8. NCHoosier32

    Expectations for Next Year

    Kum Ba Yah
  9. NCHoosier32

    Expectations for Next Year

    i think with the way the landscape is in college bball these days, a top 5 recruit in the nation usually comes in and makes a huge impact. add Morgan coming back as one of the what.. top 3 players in the conference? with the other pieces we have coming back and coming in along with all the players other teams in the conference and nation lost, and i don't see any reason we can't expect a lot. definitely the PG question is big, but i don't like the argument that we are young. that is college basketball these days.
  10. NCHoosier32

    Expectations for Next Year

    last year i was the low guy on this saying temper expectations with many saying top 5 in conference and 20 + wins. this year i say top 3 in conference and top 15 in nation. minimum 2nd round of tourney.
  11. NCHoosier32

    Evan Fitzner Commits to IU

    crap, i have to admit, i did think Ben Allen when i heard this.
  12. NCHoosier32

    Evan Fitzner Commits to IU

    not saying we had a better option, but one thing i always hate to see is when we are the biggest program that was showing interest by a lot.
  13. NCHoosier32

    18-19 Roster Depth

    i guess Forrester was recruited by Pitt, GT, VT, and Xavier. not bad either. i see him listed as small as 6'7'' and as big as 6'10''. pretty big difference. Anderson was recruited by ND, Purdue, Mich St., and Michigan. i like it.
  14. NCHoosier32

    18-19 Roster Depth

    i guess to be fair, i haven't done any research on Thompson. maybe i am selling him short. it's just so rare to redshirt these days. i didn't realize he was recruited by Michigan, Marquette, Minnesota, and Iowa St. not bad. i also see that he was at least considered a top 150 kid depending on where you look. factor that in with another year of maturing physically and mentally and being in the system and maybe we have more size depth than i realized.
  15. NCHoosier32

    18-19 Roster Depth

    i've probably missed it, but any reports on how Thompson was in practice compared to Moore?