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  1. and led in points, rebounds, assists, and steals, but i'm open to who you think is better than those 7. they missed a combined 19 games i believe, but that also includes Green's suspension, so probably make that 15 and Romeo missing the NIT, but i guess we can count that. so 15 missed games from 7 guys. our leading scorer played every game. 2nd leading scorer only missed the last 3. 3rd missed mainly due to suspension. 4th missed 1. 5th missed none. 6th missed 3. i don't know. admittedly i haven't researched the other programs, but would think in a 35 games season others are very similar.
  2. again, definitely a solid debate, but i think it's extremely tough to say unequivocally that he would be in front of Morgan, Langford, Phinessee, Green, Smith, Durham, or Davis?
  3. yeah, there's talent for sure if we gel. Phinissee, Green, Hunter, Smith, TJD? a lot of potential punch there. really like what Davis can do as well. Brunk seems like a nice piece and of course Durham. Thompson might be good enough to play a decent role as #9? i have no idea about the Frankiln kid. does he have potential to contribute right away?
  4. nope. HUGE difference. actually exactly my point. if Langford or Morgan were out for most of the year, then i would 100% say that the problem was injuries. the point i am arguing is that someone said our whole problem was injuries. i don't think we had all that much worse of injury problems than most college programs over the course of an average year.
  5. now, i can give this point to an extent. i won't give that McRoberts was one of our top 7 players though. not sure i'd give him top 9. Romeo and Rob's injuries limited them at times. not sure you can count Davis as an injury anymore. he pretty much is what he is now, right?
  6. i suppose we can guess or assume that Hunter would have been in that top 7, but that's a pretty big assumption without him playing 1 college game. he would be in front of Morgan, Langford, Phinissee, Smith, Green, Durham, or Davis? he was a fairly well ranked recruit, but we're not talking a 5 star McD's AA here.
  7. when you have what? 13 guys on scholarship and walk-ons? should still have at least 10 quality healthy bodies in practice, right?
  8. i just don't agree about the injuries. in a demanding college bball season you're going to have injuries. look at our top 7 players and how many games and minutes they played. it's really not that bad.
  9. i will always love the Hoosiers and watch them through thick or thin, but i'm not very optimistic. i still say we had serious chemistry issues and not convinced the problems are gone. i also feel like we had 2 solid offensive players and both are now gone. i know some are Green fans, but i don't like feast or famine players a whole lot. that's just me. anyway wit Romeo and Juwan gone, it's hard to see TJD being better than either as a freshman. even harder to see who else would pick up that slack. sure, Green I suppose, but you really get the bad with the good in a big way there.
  10. man, personally i don't think so. sure we had a lot of different guys out here and there, but doesn't everyone? our top 8 guys all played 28 or more games and Green is the one at 28 and that's due to suspension not injury. we had 5 guys start 29 or more games. i guess Thompson and Hunter would be the ones who missed significant time and a case can be made that Hunter would have made a big difference, but when we were healthy and on the floor we just looked like we had no chemistry. seemed like they were reluctant to let Juwan and Romeo be the men at times.
  11. my response to all of the stats stuff is that last year's team just didn't look good to the eye test. we looked flat out ugly. really underachieved. seemed like guys took bad shots and made the wrong passes way too frequently. seemed like poor chemistry. is that on the coach? maybe? at least partially. i thought from the things i heard and saw that a lot of that was Green and Smith, but if CAM is having them both back, i guess i was wrong. now if they were the behind the scenes problems and he is having them back, then i lose faith in CAM real quick. i don't care how good they are if that's the case. i just feel like there was something much deeper than X's and O's that made us look so bad.
  12. somehow i totally missed that. that would be understandable, but still a problem if he is letting it make him a bad teammate.
  13. i think i totally missed something. what rumor from last season would give a pass on his demeanor?
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