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  1. LOL. otherwise, i'd be 100% with you. i like Few. i like he idea of Gonzaga winning it.
  2. never met a bad Purdouche fan? i have a lot of people to introduce you to
  3. i would cheer for KY over Purdouche. i would cheer for the Cowboys over Purdouche. i would cheer for China, Russia, well, you get the idea. i'm good with Butler and ND.
  4. you want them to be the first undefeated team since our 76 team?
  5. thanks Scott. i was confused about the cheering for Purdouche part.
  6. ah missed that. still can't understand what IU guy would make a great choice for our coach.
  7. i'm definitely worried about the Cubs pitching this season.
  8. yes. i would agree. how can we count 7-8 wins that didn't happen? and haven't all schools had the came challenges this season?
  9. thanks Scott, but i think he said we made the tourney. we did not make the tourney. would we have? probably. but there was no tourney. it's really not that tough.
  10. ok. i feel better now that i am on the opposite side of Scott again. regardless. it never happened, so you kinda can't count what didn't happen.
  11. no they didn't. no one did and in addition we weren't a definite lock.
  12. to be fair, i definitely think everyone should get a minimum 4 years. i was excited about Archie and i'm not as anti-Archie as many, but if it's apparent after 4 years, that's enough.
  13. you really think he was told from above how to handle the team?
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