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  1. NCHoosier32

    2019 Recruiting

    So I really haven't checked it out or even been paying attention, but what are our odds with Stewart, Jackson-Davis, Hurt, and Brooks? I assume not good for Stewart and Hurt, but I hope good for the Indiana boys?
  2. NCHoosier32

    Your Other Starting 5

    i like talking about all-time teams, etc. of course with college players it depends on if you're talking about what they did in college or after. for instance - what Alford did in college is heads and shoulders above Vic. clearly Vic's NBA career makes it easy to say he'd be over Alford. then of course the age old question of trying to compare players of different eras. 1987 was much different than 2018. still say it's hard to imagine not putting Alford on a top 5-7 team. BTW - i never missed a game back then and you can't tell me The General let Alford get away with not playing D. he wasn't physically gifted, but he played hard, tough, smart D.
  3. NCHoosier32

    Your Other Starting 5

    no matter how much most of this board seems to hate him, i don't see how Alford could be left off pretty much any IU bball list.
  4. NCHoosier32

    Ten Man Rotation

    it really does seem more than i can ever remember that even the guys at the end of the bench are legitimate B1G caliber players. that said, i always stand by it makes a difference playing your #8 guy over your #13 for example. i think it's also important to build chemistry. that's tough to do if you're playing more than 10. as i always contend i really don't think #9 and #10 need to play a lot of minutes. it is tough with how deep we seem to be though.
  5. NCHoosier32

    New Poster

    Family first. I' sure if anyone knows that it's you!
  6. NCHoosier32

    Starting 5

    it's kind of KoB's MO if he doesn't agree with you.
  7. NCHoosier32

    Starting 5

    i don't know that you take too much from that first scrimmage. obviously everyone agrees on Langford and Morgan. so... the other 3 spots? seems that Smith is probably our 3rd best player, so i m for having him in the starting lineup. based on the scrimmage Fitz looked solid. so the question is can the 3 of them be on the floor together? i would think yes personally. Green or Durham? tough call i guess. i would still put my money on Green. Jake looked good by all accounts! as everyone is saying, McRoberts may start simply due to leadership, toughness, etc. i guess i think Morgan and Fitz shoot it well enough as "post players" to overcome Smith not being a great shooting "3." so i say Green Langford Smith Morgan Fitz still hoping Davis will be formidable down low at some point. what are the projections for him to be fully participating?
  8. NCHoosier32

    Starting 5

    what is the outlook on Davis at this point? it sounded like most thought he would never be at a point to play a lot of minutes this year right? i am really out of it i guess. is it looking like he'll be active for the start of the season?
  9. NCHoosier32

    Hoosier Hysteria

    who all should i follow for updates?
  10. NCHoosier32

    New Poster

    Man that would be AWESOME!
  11. NCHoosier32

    New Poster

    So I saw the new official team poster on Facebook. I saw they are available at Assembly Hall. We live in North Carolina and my boys would be so pumped to get one. Is there any way to order one anywhere?
  12. NCHoosier32

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Sorry if I missed this, but is there TV coverage anywhere tonight?
  13. i am usually the cautious one with expectations for the Hoosiers and generally pessimistic. i really think this is a top 25 team for sure though. i really think this should be a top 15 team. that said, preseason experts don't surprise me. we haven't been there in a while.
  14. NCHoosier32

    Little Help?

    Thanks. I was hoping there were more recent ones. He can't understand why the Hoosiers wouldn't be one of the top 2 in the B1G. Seems consistent that everyone picks MSU and Mich 1st and 2nd. Then either Purdue, MD, Nebraska, or IU? Interesting that all of these put us 4th, but one has PU ahead of us, 1 has Neb ahead of us, and on has MD ahead of us. I guess that means that for now, I'm averaging us out at 3rd.
  15. NCHoosier32

    Little Help?

    So I see the Lindy's thread, but my son is asking me where the "experts" are picking IU in the conference and in the nation preseason. Where are the ranges they have us right now? Who has some of that stuff out? Links? Thanks!