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  1. NCHoosier32

    Minnesota Postgame Thread

    see, i admit i tend to give Romeo a pass because my thought is that jealousy is making him get the ball less and maybe also in his head and making him not be as assertive. admittedly i could be completely off and maybe it is Romeo's fault. clearly i don't know what is going on behind the scenes, but Romeo should be getting more opportunities and it can be tough on a kid if they are conscientious and are the center of all the turmoil. if i have Romeo figured all wrong, then fine.
  2. NCHoosier32

    Edward Smith at it again

    just like everyone else, i am frustrated with how bad this team is and baffled as to why. this roster is definitely better than the results we're seeing. Archie's fault? maybe. i don't know what to think at this point. i do still strongly feel it is behind the scenes stuff mostly and it makes all the sense in the world that it centers around jealousy toward Romeo and it seems Smith would be a good bet to be a big part of that. does Romeo bring it on and make it worse? my gut is no, but i have no idea. does he help make it better? no idea. a poster on here mentioned a long time ago about things he had noted that seemed like tension between Justin and Romeo at the beginning of the season and now all of this with his dad. who else is part of it? Green? who else? just a sad sad situation to waste a season with a player like Romeo.
  3. NCHoosier32

    Edward Smith at it again

    i flat out LOVE this
  4. NCHoosier32

    Decision Making

    this is my thing. saying a team is young in college bball these days seems like an excuse that most teams deal with. if you're competing to be a top 20 program, you're often going to be young as so few top players stay 4 years.
  5. NCHoosier32

    De’Ron Davis

    i understand the comparison, but Daryl was very undersized for someone who played a lot as a post. DeRon is a good sized young man.
  6. NCHoosier32

    Michigan State post game

    i'm not even close. i go 1. Purdue 2. Purdue 3. Purdue 4. Dallas Cowboys 5. KY 6. Boston Red Sox 7. St. Louis Cardinals 8. Purdue
  7. NCHoosier32

    Michigan State post game

    would have been good with a T for sure. not getting up in his face. coaches can't do that to officials.
  8. NCHoosier32

    Michigan State post game

    i agree. i thought that was waaaaaaay out of line. i hate when officials aren't held accountable.
  9. NCHoosier32

    De’Ron Davis

    i've always been a big DD fan. the year that everyone was so down on him because he was too slow for Crean's system was probably right, but we need him.
  10. NCHoosier32

    Does One Game Change How You Feel?

    no. one game really shouldn't change our perspective that much, but definitely something to get excited about. now we have 2 home games against teams that we most certainly can beat at home. win those 2 and let's start getting excited. i liked that when i had that feeling of uh oh, here comes that 15-0 run by MSU or here comes that 6 minute scoreless run of our's, we fought back. let's also remember that MSU flat out lost that game at the line.
  11. NCHoosier32

    Was Crean as hard to follow as Bobby???

    well one thing that makes some sense here is if Crean was a total "player's coach" and Archie is his opposite, it would stand to reason that some of the key guys are just not onboard and that's the main cause for the problems? i don't know.
  12. NCHoosier32

    Rutgers Post

    great great points
  13. NCHoosier32

    Internal issues or not?

    it just absolutely has to be internal issues. can't be this bad otherwise.
  14. NCHoosier32

    What has happened to this team?

    again? what did we get this time?